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George P.
George P.HHC Distillate
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"Strongest hhc I've had bar none. Bought 100g and been making carts and edibles to give to friends. Be careful though this stuff will murder your tolerance. If you like smoking weed don't do this to often if you still wanna be able to get high."
Crystal W.
Crystal W.Cannabis Derived Terpenes
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"Spot on point smell is perfect I got the SFVog it's good I'm gonna try more I can promise you you should not be disappointed with this terp I think I'll go with ALIEN OG next for my disty cart mixs,also good for mixing with thca isolate for a DIY badder, I loved it."
Jayden G.
Jayden G. HHC Distillate
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"This stuff is gass even without terps my friends all say they cant tell the difference from the real thing other than taste and its smooth too."
Beth W.
Beth W. CBC Distillate
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"My health issues and body are very sensitive, so it's nice to find cannabichromene that's effective and doesn't give me that telltale contaminant headache. Thank you! I like adding this to my custom hemp capsules but have also found it boosts pain relief when added to a CBD topical."
Steve S.
Steve S. Cannabis Derived Terpenes
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"I have purchased several different flavors and I continue to repeat purchase the flavors I like. I prefer these over the hemp derived flavors"
Ryan W.
Ryan W. CDT Infused HHC Distillate
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"Got both runtz and og kush and loved the terps of both. Viv's always had some of the most potent HHC. I will continue to get my HHC from here"
James W.
James W. HHC Distillate
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"Shipped the next day, got here pretty quick. I have already made a couple of batches of gummies and they have come out great."

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