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Experience the extraordinary potency of Vivimu’s HHC Distillate. Our premium distillate showcases the remarkable effects of Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), offering a unique and elevated cannabis experience.

At Vivimu, we prioritize uncompromising quality. Our HHC Distillate undergoes meticulous extraction and refinement processes, ensuring its purity, potency, and compliance with stringent standards. Trust in the superior quality and consistency of our distillate.

Unleash your senses with Vivimu’s HHC Distillate. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaporizing, or incorporating it into your preferred method of consumption, our distillate provides a potent and transformative experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

Crafted with expertise and precision, Vivimu’s HHC Distillate unlocks the full potential of HHC, delivering remarkable and elevated effects. Embrace the unique potency and power of HHC – order our Distillate now and immerse yourself in the exceptional benefits offered by Vivimu.


We take pride in our swift shipping, ensuring your order arrives at your doorstep with next-day or two-day delivery options. These faster shipping options enable our customers to enjoy the benefits sooner. 

  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

445 reviews for HHC Distillate

  1. Christopher D. Winters

    All 3 P’s. Price, Packaging, Potency. Nailed them all. I have to say this is the first time I received distillate and the threads weren’t covered in spoog. I’m very happy w/ the care my order was given and will purchase again.

  2. Christopher Mai

    Takes 10-15 minutes to hit, a few inhalations from a .8ml PCKT cartridge/YUCAN Pro… could use some cannabis derived terpenes to make it shine.

  3. Joseph Brabston

    This HHC sets in a medium to deep relaxation and calming effect in the body depending on how you choose to dose. I mainly dab this, so that is my main reason for the 4/5. The hit is very smooth to inhale for me, not as smooth as thc-o but close. I gave it a 4/5 simply because of the taste which isn’t that big of a deal to me. The taste is very comparable to if you have ever gotten sunscreen lotion in your mouth just a hint though nothing extreme. Other than that, its an overall great product I would recommend.

  4. Justin Zjaba

    Just like the real thing, but lower anxiety. Same potency and effect profile. And the inhale is impeccably smooth. Shipping was lightning fast(3 days) too which is awesome, especially 2 weeks before Christmas.

  5. lhadesty lhadesty

    This pure hhc exceeded my expectations. The feeling is euphoric and physically relaxing at the same time so its perfect for playing videogames and chatting. The vapor is very smooth and there’s less coughing than with delta 8 thc. Enjoyable experience overall

  6. Nathaniel Shields

    I’ll agree with others, this HHC exceeded expectations. Very potent, while still being mellow and relaxing. Can’t wait to get some more

  7. Tyler Rock

    Order 2 grams and it came in weighing at 3.5! I appreciate the Christmas spirit! You got a customer for life. The HHC is flawless. Amber color, pull and snap consistency, and odorless. Flavorless and smooth as well I can’t even tell I’m getting a hit. So good! Thank you guys!!

  8. Steve Buffington

    2/3 HHC – 1/3 THC-O & terps is a mellow, euphoric D9-like body high. Waiting on HHC-O for more entourage experimenting. O2vape all glass ceramic @2.6V in a a Yocan Uni Pro provides tasty clouds of heavenly hemp.

  9. Erik K

    Vivimu’s HHC has been an interesting and effective noid that I found at a time where my noid tolerance is pretty high. It feels closer to D9 than D8 to me which I find as a benefit to HHC. As always with Vivimu, color, viscosity and price were all on point. Highly recommend!

  10. err fred

    I like it. It actually goes well with D8 vaped. Its comparable w/ D9. (Think high thc/high cbd feeling) Strongly medicinal and sedating, yet your mind is stable. Its not over the top psychoactive when vaped like straight D9. Its Just very, very relaxing. Dare I say…mildly euphoric? and pairs extremly well with D8 as previously mentioned.

    I’d Highly recommend…

  11. Joshua Holexa

    I absolutely love HHC and it’s been so helpful with pain and sleep. If you’re looking for a legit amazing LEGAL feeling try this. If you really want to relax and possibly sleep amazing try the hhc/cbn blend omg is it good also! I love to dab this with a little d8 or d10 even some thco . It is great for pain sleep and a general happy time. Price is great and as always rhe packaging Is literally the best I have had. I’ve ordered form about 5 very well known companies on the internet. I won’t name names but there is no French fries or dirty things in this product. It is tested and comes with full current labs and LEO letters in every package! I won’t buy anywhere else. Thank you Vivimu btw…I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THE HHCO ACETATE ❤ 😲

  12. Julian Fields

    These dabs are amazing! Very strong, smooth, no chemical taste and completely odorless. The color is a beautiful rich amber. The effects are potent and last for hours. If you like delta 8, you’ll probably love HHC.

  13. stephenstralka32 stephenstralka32

    The title says enough. I love the look and feel of HHC just after you open the little jar holding the goodness. This oil is amazing and I received a superb batch. I cannot wait to order more.

  14. Maciej Zukowski

    Most potent HHC on the market, most of my smoking friends, and daily d9 users prefer to smoke my diy carts made with this HHC and THCP

  15. Dylan Wolfsberger

    Not going to lie, I have a huge tolerance. I need use about half a gram of D8 to be where I want to be. With HHC its like the real deal! I only need a bit every few hours and if you add terps it goes even farther! Cant wait to try some HHC-O.

  16. James Thomas

    Best HHC I’ve had. Very stable will buy again.

  17. Andrew Licht

    Great hhc with fast delivery and always packaged professionally. Keep up the great work vivimu!

  18. Christopher Edynak

    Vivimu’s HHC is fantastic! I found a replacement for d9 and am not looking back.

    Used in cartridges 50% HHC 25% HHC-O and %25 THC-O and I get in the same head space and the same euphoria as I do with a good batch of d9.

    Check out clearnation full spectrum CDT = cannabis derived terpenes.

  19. Michelle Ross

    I have bought hhc before but it wasnt as smooth and effective as vivimus hhc! I use this in my tinctures and edibles as well as dab it! As a company, i trust vivimu! Thats said, the high and pain relief for this hhc is reliable. It doesnt make me anxious and helps me sleep! This is definately the closest thing to d9 without being d9 for me.

  20. JASON Cornell

    Very pleased with the level of customer service after the sale.

  21. Max Berg

    A fantastic addition to Vivimu’s offerings, and fast becoming my favorite. It hits wonderfully and is perfect on its own or when mixing with other cannabinoids. The effects are clean and awesomely pleasant.

  22. Jesse Christman

    Absolutely fantastic stuff! I keep buying over and over, my latest purchase has a new batch number which has me very excited as I have not tried it yet. When I run out of the prior batch I will review again. Great customer service, super fast shipping, not to mention the incredible science going into these products. The labs efforts are appreciated.

  23. Justin Chaffin

    Great product for a great price and great effects. Would recommend to anyone looked for quality HHC.

  24. Devin Herndon

    HHC Distillate is better than I expected. Very potent and useful in blends. Clear amber color and pretty much tasteless. Excellent service and packaging was top notch.
    Everything thing I ordered I will order again. I don’t see how it could get any better than this right here. Happy Camper

  25. Jason Williams

    So far great. My first order came from a different batch than listed on the website but when I contacted Vivimu about the issue they promptly replaced my order from the correct batch. Good company and good products, they just need to make sure the COAs stay up to date. I will continue to use and recommend this company.

  26. Raymond Michalski

    Shipping was fast and distillate was nice. I will buy again.

  27. Kenneth Kastl

    Third time buying HHC from vivimu and have been pleased every single time. Wish it was priced a little cheaper but who doesn’t lol

  28. Michael Jackson

    Amazing quality, gave me a extra .1 💙. Super fast shipping as well came a day early

  29. Ricky Douch

    Great HHC, great quality. No need to say more—I’ve had my HHC for over three months and the quality is as fresh/potent as it was the day it arrived.

  30. Brandon Guimond

    Hhc is probably one of my favorite, to me it feels the closest thing to d9. I feel d9 is a tiny bit more potent than this and hhco is even more potent then them both. Really the only thing about hhc is that is superrr thick and you will want to thin it out with something like cbc or more terps than usual. No smell or taste really like other vendors I tried. It’s very pleasant I would order again!

  31. Patricia Merritt

    Best HHC I’ve ever tried… & for a better priceG!

  32. dodell333 dodell333

    First time trying HHC and I like it. Also appreciated that the label indicates exact weight of product. I can’t verify but they report that I was given almost 10% extra.

  33. Matthew Davis

    I ordered 28 grams of the HHC and the D8 Disty. They gave me free terps of my choice and they threw in a huge spoon to mix stuff with. Its very nice. The disty it self is of high quality, was doing some dabs of it, and its amazing 10/10 great job

  34. Seth Ellicott

    Really good quality, surprisingly not a scam

  35. Justin Coutre

    No taste no smell. Feels more “complete” and potent compared to D8. Vimimu always hooks it up!


    Their Hhc I got for a bargain. I had to use outside terps because they did not have terps at the time of my purchase. However I will definitely make then my main source. They’re very quick with shipping, and responsive. Definitely top 2 vendors out of many I’ve tried

  37. jonathan lambert

    I have ordered from Vivimu over 5 times now and they always exceed expectations and sometimes even get an extra goodie or 2. Love everything about this company. Thank you all so much.

  38. Shane Hodges

    Always great products from Vivimu, shipping is fast. Definitely recommend and will be purchasing again.

  39. Margret Meehan

    good quality

  40. Nathan Leete


  41. glenn dyson

    Exactly what I ordered and it shipped out in just a couple days.

  42. Aaron Peloquin

    The stuff is surprisingly strong I recommended to anyone with struggling with opioid pain medication being affective

  43. eric dixon


  44. Laura Buskirk

    MUCH smoother on the throat than delta 8 when vaped or dabbed! Delta 8 turned me into a coughing puddle of snot. The HHC I received had a hempy odor and taste I actually prefer to terps, and I felt I’d made a wise choice using it as the base for some blends I wanted to try out. Spending a chunk of change on isolates is going to hurt even more if I put them in something that’s going to make me hack up a lung. It still made me cough, but certainly not as bad. I was surprised at the first puffs–it felt as if I hadn’t inhaled anything even though I got a nice, big cloud.

    The high, both from smoking and ingestion, feels pleasantly energetic and clear-headed. I don’t notice any anxiety or restlessness, just a calm and happy buzz that doesn’t prevent sleep. Oh yeah, and lots of giggling.

    My tolerance grew pretty fast, but nothing that couldn’t be mitigated with a day off or at least a few lighter use days. This HHC is very strong, so you need much less than you think. It’s also very hard, so you’ll need terps if you’re going to get it into a cartridge. I thinned mine with some HHCo and THCo as well

  45. ptimmermans20 ptimmermans20

    Making your own HHC cartridges and mixes using vivimu 100% pure HHC is much more potent than the brands selling hhc carts which you can tell are not pure distillate because they are runny and pure hhc is hard like a brick made of honey. Using the pure HHC is carts is almost exactly the same as d9-thc carts. And when mixed with 5-15% d9-thcp it is 5-10 times the strength of cannabis hash oil. I’m going to try a (2.5% d9-thcp/2.5% HHCp/60% HHC/15% d8-thc/15% d8-thc-o) blend. With two different 7 chain homologues to potentiate 3 different cannabinoids should cover all the effects of delta 9 thc and be multiplied 10 fold with pentyl homologues. These could sell for $100+ a g easily.
    My first DIY supplies I just got recently. 10g 100% HHC and 1g 88% THCP (85% d9-thcp/3% d8-thcp) which was great potency compared to the 80% advertised.
    HHC was 53% of the active enantiomer which is decent. The best i have seen was 59%

  46. Allen Rodgers

    HHC is one of my favorite cannabinoids, but I’ve only had it from one place and this is my first time branching out. Vivimu’s HHC definitely met my expectations. This stuff is awesome.

  47. Andrade.andrew Andrade.andrew

    Exactly what i was looking for, the best!! Potent and pure, love it. Thank you Vivimu!

  48. Ryan Ward

    Great product, I can’t speak for vaping it because I made canna capsules with it but it pairs very nicely with their CBC distillate. I did a 80% HHC and 20%CBC and put it into capsules, ate with some fat. Very nice affects I had 80mg hhc and 20mg cbc and I am very lifted. Vivimu always has fire products and amazing customer service.

  49. Sandra Whitacre

    I have had a terrible time with edibles not working for me and as of lately a real tolerance to all things cannabis so I ordered 2g of this to try to make my own edibles so I know exactly what goes in. While neither the thco or the hhc worked (I ate a gram of hhc and over half a gram of thco together) Vaping it sure did work though! HHC has a distinct feeling I get in my face and this stuff did it! I ordered thco and hhc together so after making a cart of thco and getting about halfway down I added hhc and that kicked right where it counts

  50. Daniel Bryant

    This stuff is legit. Great effects. Tastes clean.

  51. Randall Ulmer

    If d8 and d10 are not for you, then you will find this HHC to be perfect and effective. Smooth as heck and very potent

  52. James Gleason

    Top Tier Quality! Super Professional, Extremely Timely (2 days to FL). This is the real deal if your trying to step your game up. I also really enjoy the natural flavor of it. A nice break from all the fruity flavors.

  53. Ron Liezert

    Didn’t realize how thick this was till I received. I mixed 50/50 with terped thc-o, which definately flows, yet I would still have a hard time calling it a liquid. Now the effects are great, and the fact is, with it being that thick, it lasts longer in vape! Will continue purchasing both!

  54. Chris Moniaci

    This is the most pure and thick compounds I’ve come across. The delta 8 and HHC distillate do not move unless they are warm. Extreme quality products

  55. Brian Baker

    Consistently the highest quality HHC out there. Love the new small quantity containers.. haven’t had the need to contact customer support for my 3 previous orders, but I would bet that is “Top-notch ” also.

  56. adrian stevens


  57. destroyah513 destroyah513

    10/10 High quality, greatly enjoyed my purchase!

  58. A. M.

    Placed my first-ever order right before this one and I apparently I wasn’t logged into my newly-created account for some reason, so I didn’t get rewards points for my $101 main order. Secondly, this HHC arrived upside down in the box and stuck to the lid because the jar was literally placed in the box upside down. Thirdly, why didn’t you just ship all my items together? That’s why I originally thought the tracking for this number was coming before my main order. In reality, I just realized that you all were so impatient to get this clearance HHC shipped out that you skipped my new customer main order placed for $101 to fill my $29 secondary order first with only one item, and now my main order has been sitting in the warehouse of my city for TWO days literally just a few miles away, simply because it was not mailed first and/or with the second order that I made. It’s probably been sitting upside down for two days and I can’t even do anything with this secondary order of HHC until I get the rest of my first main order anyway.

  59. Joseph Cheney

    I don’t have any experience to compare it with, but the prices are pretty reasonable and i still haven’t been poisoned by them.

  60. Jordan Stitt

    I’ve gotten hhc from a couple different companies now and none compare to the quality and potency of vivimu. The color and consistency is just as described like some good snap n pull. The shipping was very fast. Will be buying more along with some hhc-o to thin it out for carts/add some more potency. I would recommend adding some terpenes as well for flavor.

  61. Darius Price

    Great quality, smooth and slight earthy taste with great effects. Vivimu always comes through with the best.

  62. 1426email 1426email

    This HHC is really good! Effects are nice, stronger than D8 for me. Much smoother on the inhale than D8 when vaping it, which I liked. Also the customer service was amazing when I contacted Vivimu about my order. Highly recommend this HHC, will definitely buy again!

  63. William Jones

    Really good base noid, much stronger than delta 8 for me. Vivimu has the best HHC I have tried so far!! Will be ordering more soon…

  64. Garth LeMessurier

    Great stuff lasted 6-8 weeks at .5 -.75g a day.

  65. Luke Gatermann

    What a great company and the products speak for themselves. Lightning fast shipping and the HHC was a great add to my noid vape blend. It’s really fun being a homemade chemist (I know not really) with these cannaboids and finding the perfect mixture for your specific needs. Thanks Vivimu!

  66. phear phear

    Very good HHC distillate. Comes in nice containers per size of order. The staff is very helpful and friendly, I cannot recommend this place enough.

    First time working with pure distillate, so I used a candle warmer to slowly heat it up to thin it out then add some terpenes and stir it for a while, then let it sit and infuse for 24 hours. Turned out great, even moved some to a vape cart with a glass syringe.

  67. Dakota Clay

    Pretty darn good, thought it would be a little stronger. But it does the job.

  68. ptimmermans200 ptimmermans200

    Even with the slightly below average potency batch of HHC they have had for months now isn’t mind blowing but it is better than most retail brand carts. I use their hhc as a base for my blends mixed with stronger noids

  69. Landon Bray

    feels similar to d9 just shorter lasting. i enjoy it a lot.

  70. Nicholas Thomas

    Quality HHC, I substitute it for my d9 thc. Works wonders guys!

  71. timothy hall

    Great service price and delivery. Definitely my go to vendor. Every time.

  72. Steven Wilson

    I buy this in bulk and its always been good. This is quality product and service.

  73. Meredith Soret

    Amazing packaging and very quick delivery product will knock you out!

  74. Bryce Williams

    A decently strong head high and euphoria similar to a sativa, this stuff has all the head high and is perfect to mix with other cannabinoids to get a more well rounded and full spectrum high.

  75. 772dallas 772dallas

    Very nice. I ate it but mainly sucked on it like candy. I ated a lot. Stayed stoned for days now. Its very relaxing. I highly recommend it.

  76. Jason Balencia

    Great. Clean quality. Didn’t notice any contaminants. Packaged very well too.

  77. Arthur Guttadauro

    Excellent stuff pleasant and uplifting so smooth compared to D8. Shipping was fast and packaging was tight and secure. Will buy again

  78. Oz Fisher

    I give 3 stars not for potency as it’s really strong to be legal,same good feeling as good BHO,but the taste is absolutely terrible,taste is literally horrid…Mix with anything you can,goes ok with D8 crumble but still bad,lasts a solid hour maybe 2 from a .3g dab(low heat,high heat makes flavor worse)…PLZ add Terps asap..I do not regret my purchase from the potency alone.

  79. michael mcgraw

    A little lighter in color than previous purchases. About to take a couple more samples, but so far the potency seems to be a little weaker than previous purchases also. Will edit when and if I find the effects affecting me differently.

  80. Sharon Smart

    I am a fan of HHC and really enjoyed finding a good sale recently. The product didn’t disappoint, made a mix with HHC, HHCO, and HHCP. Amazing!

    The shipping team even worked with me on a timing matter which was much appreciated.

  81. Brent Scott

    Good quality an received pkg sooner than expected. I’ve only tried hhc from Vivimu, I’m happy too get what I need all in one place. Thanks for the fast service. I do wish y’all could put some of the less viscous or real expensive noids in a syringe. I’ve had two bottles that were slightly opened inside the closed black zip bag. In both circumstances lost virtually entire contents. In happened with CBC. Other than that good job.

  82. Alex Wildey

    Spectacular product for the price!

  83. Seth Fleharty

    Liked it alot, I will def get more sometime.

  84. atomicbeads atomicbeads

    Nice noids! Overweight. Why go anywhere else?

  85. Seth Melvin

    Really love this stuff best quality HHC I’ve tried and the focus caps rock as well I wish I would have picked up some hhc edibles tho! Will be ordering from you guys again!

  86. Joshua Peltan

    Good quality and nice effect.

  87. Will Dang

    I LOVED my first purchase from Vivimu. 10g of HHC was bought about a month ago, and I still have about half of it left while still using it everyday comfortably. Very effective and similar to d9 to me as far as the noids go. I plan on grabbing 28g more for my next buy, it’s become my main form of recreation and relaxation.

  88. timothy shackelford

    I used to shop around. Now I just come here. The HHC is Amazing. Easy on the lungs, and a bit pricey, but that’s just because I’m spoiled rotten with 30 dollar delta 8 Oz’s.

  89. barryvest214 barryvest214

    This mixed with thc-o is incredible. Pain relief from compound femur fracture, 6 broken ribs, and about 7 vertebrae either with bulging discs or degeneration. So I know pain relief when I feel it!

  90. gstewart3469 gstewart3469

    This was my first experience with HHC, as well as with Vivimu. First off, the customer service was fantastic, they were overloaded for 4/20 and answered my call right away!

    The product:
    Upon opening, there was zero odor (as it should be) and dabbing it straight there was no real taste. The effects were immediate, very similar to D9 but more uplifting and clear headed. I am very happy with my order and would recommend Vivimu to anyone interested!

  91. Alexander Hummel

    Vivimu has never let down. No matter which products I have ordered, I have always received the cleanest, most potent, products. The HHC disty is no different. Very smooth and subtle on the come up and precise on the effects. Bravo Vivimu!

  92. Henry Brothers

    Amazing product

  93. tagalvan82 tagalvan82

    This hhc was my first vivimu purchase but definitely won’t be my last… his just fine on its own, but blended with d8, thco, & cbd and terped up was fantastic.

  94. John Mullins

    First time trying HHC and was impressed with the effects. So far I have only tried it as a blend with CBD and D8, but at 30% ratio was enough to tell the difference of the HHC present. Great packaging and shipment speed from Vivimu for a recommended product.

  95. wendyatlphoto wendyatlphoto

    Very smooth, clean.

  96. Scott Berry

    Nice D9 feel not as strong but calming. It comes on a little quicker than the others so a good base then I add something stronger.

  97. Keaton Laver

    Great HHC, strong effects like D9 but much more clear headed. My favorite cannabinoid hands down. HHC is apparently very shelf stable as well so that’s another reason I am a fan.

  98. madog1997 madog1997

    I have to say mixing this with other canaboids and terpenes makes this stuff work pretty well. Taste pretty nasty like hay and plastic though by itself. So id recommend adding terpenes at minimum.

  99. Drew Obrien


  100. Tyler Counts

    Nice smooth high and decent hit. Very relaxing high that never made me feel sluggish but very enlightened and relaxed

  101. Ryan Lowe

    Love this HHC. Stronger and smoother than D8. Blends well with 10% D9THCP.

  102. Brandon Boeglin

    I put little balls of it on flower. The buzz is great.

  103. lgrant2175 lgrant2175

    My order was arrived super fast and I am very impressed with the quality of concentrate’s I have received from Vivimu. The Hhc Distillate was nice and potent, and the prices are unbeatable. I have made three orders from Vivimu this week and am looking forward to making more!

  104. borissiroki borissiroki

    Amazing product!

  105. James Thacker

    I’ve bought HHC from a couple of places but no one can touch Vivimu’s. It’s packed and shipped well. Shipping is also fast. 2-3 days tops for me. Their HHC is top quality and very potent.

  106. M suit

    Great potency, very pleased with this product, especially at the price point. Would highly recommend!

  107. Gabriel Sanford

    Completely alleviates cravings for d9, this by itself is very relaxing. Didn’t taste too bad but it does make you cough if you vape it at a high temperature. Highly recommend this cannabininoid for beginners to dabbing because of the vitality and viscosity, much harder to drop and no having to freeze. Hit it and forget it. Great duration and good to mix with other noids from this website.

  108. Oliver Samuel

    This hhc is no joke. Be careful with your dosing. I can’t wait to add some terps to it. I took off a star because the little 2 gram glass jar has curved edges and it’s a pain to get the last bit out

  109. Kyle Martin

    Blown away by how similar this stuff feels to regular D9 Live Rosin THC.

  110. Frankie Tavares

    Ordered the 2g, it came upright and packed perfectly. Pure HHC can’t go wrong. Add terps!! 4 stars because the container itself is not labeled – should at least have a sticker and date on the cap in my opinion.

  111. john.allen2322 john.allen2322

    For me this HHC was perfect for being a base or just by itself with your terpene of choice. It gave me that zoom in type of feel with my eyes and I was focused when I needed to be. I really enjoyed this product for mixing to other blends. It shined well with hhc-O and delta-8

  112. delta8official@gmail.com

    Ordered Friday and arrived Monday! Super fast and this has the highest concentration of the 9R than anyone else has. Unbeatable in everyway. You have my continued business!

  113. Ethan Barnett


  114. Jesus Solis

    I received my order as expected, but with extra hopes and a test run, Vivimu,you have come thru for the win. In fact I placed another order after testing out my order. Great stuff guys and will be ordering more and testing out more different products of Vivimu.
    Thank you again
    Jesus Solis

  115. Eric Fiske

    HHC Is my new go-to when it comes to alt cannabinoids. I have pretty much all of these alt cannabinoids but HHC is like the KING of alt cannabinoids.

  116. Connor Hays

    Got 2g just to try it out. The stuff is super thick, definitely mix it with some other alt noids. Hhc seems to do well with THC-O and Delta 10. I enjoyed for sure will be getting more in the future.

  117. dabigone112 dabigone112

    Superb. This is the base of all my mixes now, and has yet to let me down.
    You’ll probably need to thin it down before you use it, but throwing in some terps or other distillates takes no time.
    If you’re on the fence about HHC, don’t be. It’s worth every penny.

  118. Gabriel Lugo

    Excellent and fast shipping!

  119. Joseph Rodriguez

    10/10 both the hhc and rec’d gunmies

  120. Victoria Jenks

    I’ll always keep ordering for my bulk distillate from this website!!!

  121. Cody Lee

    Exceeded all expectations

  122. Dylan Hoffman

    First let me say – only reason for 3 star is because because packaging and jar both came completely unlabeled. The bag it came in was marked with a generic ‘hhc’ sticker, but nothing about exact weight, batch number, etc… and the jar being unlabeled is risky for obvious reasons..

    But the product itself is TERRIFIC. I smoked it on its own and also mixed with other noids. So happy with both.

    On its own it smokes the same as any other distillate. Very very thick. But the affects are very very strong. Definitely closest to d9 in my opinion. Puts me RIGHT to bed.

    Careful smoking throughout the day… I’m an avid indica smoker 24/7, but this stuff I make sure I save for night.

    Overall very happy with this! Definitely buying more very soon 🙂

    A 5 star product, I just wish there was a tiny bit more time into the packaging :))))

    Love u vivimu!

  123. Asher Mcnamee

    Exactly as ordered, arrived fast, and it seems like my shipping got upgraded for free.
    HHC is not as strong as good ol’ d9 for me but it leaves a subtle but powerful body high that doesn’t leave me encumbered or very sleepy.

  124. Joseph Simpson

    Girlfriend bought me 2 grams, about to buy 2 more cuz this ish is great

  125. Lori DeGraw

    My boyfriend loved this stuff. He was very pleased with how it made him feel. I decided to order more for him because he went through it so quickly. I will continue to buy this product.

  126. gosmoke1 gosmoke1

    Great product all around smooth, tasteless perfect to blend with terps. It came on point and quickly got it.

  127. Russell Roberson

    This stuff is amazing! A mix of this with some full spectrum CBD/CBC gets me feeling extra groovy without the anxiety I used to get from D9. Highly recommended!

  128. Daniel Lassila

    Pretty good, overweight

  129. Alan Rovinelli

    Very nice. Honestly think I preferred the HHC/CBG mix over straight HHC. Super smooth!

  130. Adam Wyatt

    My favorite cannabinoid. I am very happy it is being brought to us at an affordable price with great quality. Quality and efficiency is never let down. It doesn’t matter what you purchase I no longer ask the question. Is quality there? Does anyone have it cheaper? Not that I can find.

  131. chris van Eps

    Love it fast shipping great product

  132. Christopher Norris

    Quick delivery, nice product

  133. leeeyecard leeeyecard

    Wonderful delivery, wonderful support team, and wonderful product. I found this was pretty strong – this is my go-to.

  134. Logan Miller

    It was short 2.7 grams

  135. Jared Lanzer

    quality distillate, little to no taste. smokes nice in my dab rig. very decent effects on par with D9

  136. Jeremy Wheatley

    I, like many others, have been mixing HHC with a lot of different cannabanoids because it’s mild and strong at the same time. Strong relaxing mellow effects that come on easily and aren’t overpowering. A powerful sedation yet uplifting all at once. You have to try it.

  137. geoffreygroves2018 geoffreygroves2018

    This stuff is awesome!

  138. jackhertz5 jackhertz5

    Unhappy with product. ORDER# 10197
    Fist thanks to the mail man they put it upside down in the hot mail box. I had to use a pair of pliers to get the top off, there should have been a note to heat the jar before opening to allow the material to return to the bottom and help you remove the seal.I knew that I had to heat the jar and syringe to fill my vape but you just send this out with no arrows, no perishable markings so they just don’t sit out in the hot sun which I’m sure reduces its quality more. I request a return shipping lable and a refund or will not buy from you again.

  139. joneslyndiana joneslyndiana

    Like the hhc better than THC by a mile.
    THC feels dirty in comparison.

  140. Matt Stover

    I bought the wrong thing

  141. budbro94 budbro94

    Extremely high quality all the way around. Definitely going to buy more at this price point.

  142. Christopher Bryant

    Definitely worth it 😉 the smoke slaps back like talking about

  143. Gabriel Santhany

    This is it! I’ve been looking for hhc that actually works and this is it. It’s an amazing price for a crazy amount of potent hhc I promise.

  144. Austin Goodwin

    Excellent product, thank you Vivimu.

    I am a heavy smoker with a high tolerance, and have been desperately trying to find something more affordable than going into a shop every few days. I just knew there had to be a place I could buy quality cannabinoids in bulk and thank the google gods that I was led here.

    Very much excited to get into making my own blends, edibles, and cartridges with some of the resources available here as well!

    Vivimu saved me from having to decide between having enough food and maintaining my regimen, so again, thank you.

    For anyone reading who needs some more direct wording, this is potent, and works beautifully. Not “Wow I only paid a few dollars/g” potent. I mean actually potent. I would pay dispensary prices if I didn’t know better.

  145. Chace Man

    Great wax potent

  146. relate2this relate2this

    Just purchased 10g with the 4th of July 35% discount! I love HHCO, but it takes a while to kick in, so I’m hoping this will still blow me away like HHCO, but hopefully not as long a wait. Vivimu doesn’t miss, so I can’t wait to try it!

  147. graalisbeast graalisbeast

    Absolutely fantastic product, looks even clearer now this year!

  148. Roy Tookes

    Been buying from vivimu for awhile now and I’m always satisfied. Never had an issue with any product and even with a 10 year daily tolerance to noids I have never been upset with the quality. This particular batch of hhc has no taste and a slight discreet smell when dabbed or vaped.

  149. Dakota Conley

    This is a phenomenal distillate, extremely potent 🙂 feelings include heavy, spacey, and in larger doses especially taken in edibles i get into quite a nice, sedated couch lock state. Minor issues with bank but customer service Is lightning fast with communication! Vivimu has my business:)

  150. Advocatus Diaboli

    I use this in all my mixes now!

  151. Matthew Staples

    Just a great, potent distillate. When consumed orally, it leads to zero anxiety but effects that are close to D9 in terms of an enjoyable head high and some body load.

  152. Conner Isom

    I ordered during the independence day sale, bought 28g of HHC (+ much more, yet to be tested) and recieved about a half g extra, which seems to be the norm with Vivimu!

    CoA on the site shows a roughly 50/50 R/S but the paper copy I recieved (more recent results) says it’s 74%R/21%S which is a pleasant surprise if it’s true the R isomer is the more psychoactive one. If you get the same batch start slow as it’s potent, likely more so than the d9 distillates I’ve tried. It also seemed to last slightly longer, roughly 1 1/2-2hrs with a gentle descent over another hour or so… your results may vary. These numbers are from dabbed not oral dosing and I have a decent tolerance.

    5/5, would highly reccomend grabbing this, especially while it’s on sale and a “good” batch according to online forums I’ve read. Though I’d gladly pay full price, it’s that good! Shipped fast/discreete/professionally as usual. Thanks Vivimu team, y’all are amazing!

  153. sagetemple1026 sagetemple1026

    Y’all… this stuff rlly does hit different. It’s definitely stronger than delta 8 but not quite as strong as delta 9. Still, closer to an indica delta 9 in my opinion. Def recommend.

  154. Matt Fiorini

    Best HHC out there! Customer for life!

  155. toneysan93 toneysan93

    I love HHC! Vivimu has top notch quality of course. I got it on sale too so it was definitely worth it. Also got HHCp and biscotti terps to go with it, man what a lovely mix. Highly recommend I prefer over d9.

  156. Seth Bowlin

    Love this stuff. Was the perfect dab to keep me lifted at social events, because I don’t drink.

  157. FL Silbernagel

    First time trying HHC and I’m a fan. Would recommend and buy again.

  158. skylerbrecht860 skylerbrecht860

    It came in 4 days and smokes good it doesn’t smell though so if you want flavor put terpenes in it

  159. Walter Smith

    Great product and great service. I really enjoy the effect of HHC. I find it very relaxing. Very similar to Delta 9. Not quite as potent on a mg to mg but still potent. Would highly recommend.

  160. benklaehn benklaehn

    Thank you again for and easy and pleasant experience.

  161. Morgan V

    Excellent product, excellent value

  162. jbirkmeyer24 jbirkmeyer24

    Very strong distillate. Gets me high af and the price is a game changer.

  163. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    Super thick nice . Try it if you have doubts. Great price also

  164. Nate Barton

    This stuff is wonderful

  165. John Cortes

    The 9R yield of this batch is absolutely insane! And it works wonders for mood stability, bodily pain, and won’t leave you blitzed out of your mind after the first few times. Coupled with CBG at a 3:1 ratio, it works better than Injections every could for my two types of arthritis. Awesome, dude! Simply awesome!

  166. Melanie Howell

    This is good in edibles but don’t overdo it, especially when mixed with other noids in an edible. Mixing it into a vape blend is one thing but mixing it into an edible without adjusting for ratios would increase the potency of the edible substantially. I think it is most effective for that purpose but don’t underestimate a reasonable dosage.

  167. quentin828nc quentin828nc

    Will be buying again. If you love d8 like me but would like a little more punch to the mix than definitely add this. No question.

  168. mahonejoe2 mahonejoe2

    Very strong head high. Great noid for use by itself or great when mixed.

  169. Zachary Davidson

    hits way harder than d8 love it

  170. Jason Higginbotham

    Again another perfectly clean fresh quality product from vivimu

  171. djh112200 djh112200

    Better than others

  172. Timothy Banya

    It works wonderfully for pain and sleep management. I absolutely recommend getting this product.

  173. Ronald Young

    Last time I tried vivimu’s hhc/cbn blend but this time I wanted to see how the hhc was from vivimu on it’s own without the CBN. It’s the best hhc I have ever had from any vendor. Without the CBN it is a little less sleepy but that has nothing to do with the psychoactive effects I have found so this plain hhc is great for daytime vaping.

  174. boogy3570 boogy3570

    This stuff is great. Way smoother and more enjoyable than D8 or even THC-O. It’s way better for sleeping and relaxing. If Delta-8 was a Sativa, HHC would be an Indica.

  175. Trae Simmons

    This stuff is good definitely buy

  176. hells_mullet hells_mullet

    First time HHC buyer, love the D8 distillate. checkout15 gives a little extra discount. My last D8 order, a COA came with the package along with the invoice. Got a sticker instead (as per the picture) 😂 The HHC has a deep honey color to it, over weight by a smidge, as usual 👌🏻 Can’t wait to try a dab 😉

  177. Cody T

    Strongest batch of HHC I’ve had and almost no taste or smell when unterped cant wait to buy more and mix with thcb/thch 10/10 will be back for more as usual

  178. just.glamorouss just.glamorouss

    What can i say its cheap, safe and gets u high asf. Feels like the real thing fr

  179. frozen_quack frozen_quack

    Was exactly what I expected since I’ve made other purchases. Mixed it in with my current supply after heating it up.

  180. Jason Steinberger

    So much better than D9

  181. Nathan White


  182. anthonyshawnr512 anthonyshawnr512

    Always amazing but particularly fire recently

  183. ssehie ssehie

    Great stuff

  184. pjkrk36 pjkrk36

    Product was very good. 5 Stars. Just re-ordered.

  185. Lucas Vasquez

    EXTREMELY viscous. For me this one is quite sedative. But in a nice way, if you’re ready for it. Pretty much needs to be thinned with something. Like CBC, or terpenes or whatevs. SUPER good value though, especially compared to your local smoke shop or gas station. Amazing quality and price point.

  186. Drew Ponkonin

    best hhc i had love mixing it with d8

  187. Brandon Houser

    To be frank, I get my HHC from another vendor, but I’m sold. I purchased a bit here to put me over $100 for the free shipping on another item I purchased. But – when the HHC arrived, I was surprised to find it was extremely high purity and potency. Definitely can recommend Vivimu’s HHC.

  188. Michael Randolph

    By far the best HHC I’ve ever had. Mainly use it for edibles but it dabs great too! The labs for this recent batch show an astounding amount of the more active “R-isomer”, far more than any HHC I’ve seen from any other vendor. Also came about 200mg overweight, as per usual! Vivimu continues to knock it out of the park with all their products – especially the HHC!

  189. Andrew Fowler

    Second time I have ordered the hhc had to get the oz love the consistency of this cannabinoid

  190. bmeek9607 bmeek9607

    Great product for a great price. If you enjoy this definitely check out the hhc cbn blend they have.

  191. Kenneth Smith

    HHC + thc-o = direct replacement for regular d9 flower.

    20 year user, havent bought real bud in 4 months.

    I just put HHC & thc-o on CBD flower and I save hundreds of dollars per pound.

  192. michael setlock

    Shipping was pretty slow. Product was okay, albeit a little weak

  193. Cody Kerby

    Hhc has become one of my favorite cannabanoids hands down. It has a beautiful honey color, has no taste or smell, and gives the mind and body a wonderful relaxed feeling. Recommended for bed time, or stress and anxiety. Would also recommend mixing with delta 8, and delta 9. Great product will order again!

  194. abramhammes abramhammes

    Very clean burn

  195. Nathan Bullard

    The HHC distillate was packaged well, seems to be comparable in quality to other suppliers I’ve tried. In general I find HHC to be a good compliment to Delta 8 THC distillate, it makes the feeling a bit more heady and euphoric without detracting from the relaxing body buzz.
    I don’t vape or dab, I strictly use edibles and oils/tinctures, so can’t comment on inhaled effects.

  196. Andrew Anderson

    Their HHC is on par with any others I’ve had only problem is how fast the tolerance builds. Nothing like that first or second sesh till you take a day or 2 off.

  197. cesar13sanchez07 cesar13sanchez07

    Good quality hhc

  198. Mason Kozak

    Excellent, zero problems and great quality

  199. Vincent Penna

    Excellent quality which directly equates to potency I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be making this a mainstay in every mix from now on completely replaced d9 for me seems to have a slightly stronger potency with a quick drop off and a much shorter duration the potency definitely surprised me that said your mileage may vary I’ve had three other people try it and they all had different reactions ome said it was weaker but longer lasting the other said that they could not tell the difference between HHC and THC except they said the hhc started out mild and got stronger the longer the time went by helping out at 2 hours and dropping off at the 3-hour or three and a half hour Mark extremely suddenly and completely all at once and then the other one said like me they thought it had an increased potency and psychoactivity but with an extremely short duration and a quick drop off after an hour completely fading within about 1 hour and 30 minutes

  200. Levi Wehrman

    Awesome product.

  201. Jon Fernandez

    Absolutely phenomenal HHC. Hands down the strongest HHC Iv ever tried – zero smell and the slightest of taste that is very pleasant. Fast shipping and I got it on sale so the price is also the cheapest Iv ever seen. I mean holy cow vivimu has blown my mind.

  202. Michael Harris

    Great quality and excellent pricing. Makes awesome edibles mixed into coconut oil 🙂

  203. Amanda Pickett

    Good stuff right here. Im about to dab it with flower. I hate working with it cause its so thick but man oh man youll get high trust me. Worth the work EVERYTIME.

  204. Griffin Atchison

    Giving a 4 star just because it just has some weird throat feel to it some terps would help the taste overall good but for price!

  205. Joe Lawson

    Fast shipping and great product

  206. Nick Kuhn

    Quality disty, not much noticeable odor if any

  207. Darryl Heath

    This stuff vapes really smooth in packs a punch very thick initially but a few drops of Turpines and a quick trip in the microwave and it was good to go with the Turpines into it let it sit for two days I did warm again and filled three cartridges 2 to 3 good pools gets me there and I’ve been at this a long time.

  208. Farhan Haque

    Good people over here

  209. Mark LaSalle

    As advertised, Excellent customer service, Fast shipping.

  210. Jason Ritzema

    My favorite alt noid, have purchased again

  211. Eduardo Garcia

    Recommend this to anyone any day of the week, it’s strong i decided to smoke some on top of some weed would recommend anyone to try it out this was on a bowl or on a blunt

  212. Daniel Miller

    Nice addition to a D8 blend. Very smooth and potent.

  213. Philip Kestenbaum

    It’s a good product.

  214. Ann Perna

    Love the product and top notch quality as always.

  215. Jason Michael

    I had ordered from a different company first, and then ordered from here. I got nearly double from vivimu than i did from the 1st company, for the SAME ordered weight of 28 grams. So now I know for sure that vivimu is out here making sure we get our money’s worth! Not ordering from anyone but vivimu now.

  216. Chriz Pirez

    Blended great with thco. Strong head feeling. No terps but the taste isn’t intolerable, great strength and cheap.

  217. Freeman Prasse

    I really enjoyed this. Made a tincture with it and I felt like it was more beneficial for my mental health than most experiences I’ve had using D8 tinctures

  218. Monica Guerra

    Love using this in edibles and disposables! Will buy again.

  219. Catgirls fourtwenty

    I hope they get lucky with the randomness of these batches again…that batch from (((Received: 05/25/2022
    Completed: 06/07/2022))) was absolutely the best HHC. Almost 75% of the good isomer! (R isomer) you’ll be missed :'( I wish I got more

  220. Stephan Bowen

    Taste isn’t so bad, and I used a dab straw so I would’ve known lmao. The effects of this are POTENT though. Great heady feeling if your looking for something different from d8. Great to add in mixes and infuse flower. 1 tiny dab got me feeling euphoric af.

  221. Spencer Taylor

    Potent and thick/sticky, HHC is an absolute staple noid.

  222. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    This stuff makes an AMAZING basis for any blend. I find it comparable to classic D9 THC in effects. It readily accepts other cannabinoids to be blended in, at least when it’s been heated to a liquidy consistency. I drop my sealed syringes into simmering water for a minute or two before emptying them into my sauce jar.

  223. Vaun Morris

    Great product. Never tried hhc before vivimu but thankfully I have now, it’s a great product with great felling when dabbed.

  224. Cody Parham

    The strength and quality of this HHC is TERRIBLE. Compared to other brands it is WEAK and LOW QUALITY. Have purchased 2 oz+ from Vivimu and have been disappointed every time. Will not be using this shop again.

  225. Jeremiah Smith

    Very good quality seemed much more potent than cannaclear that I purchased a week before and was not really liking the color of. This has a nice color, doesn’t smell bad or anything and dabs great. Love it.

  226. Carly Vickrey

    great quality hhc. i love it. will keep buying. not harsh at all, no flavor, just clean strong high purity hhc. nothing else just that good dank shit. my fav place to get hhc from because of all the deals

  227. Dale Goggans

    It is real thick and it’s dabs great with delta 8 and THCO

  228. Hatsune Miku

    Slightly more potient, but on par with d8. Can be very euphoric. Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing with out melting I to your couch.

  229. Jonathan Harris

    Was pleased with their 74% R isomer HHC!

  230. flooptoop11 flooptoop11

    Feels better than d8. Nice and thick too, but that’s what she said.

  231. mjshea mjshea

    Absolutely fantastic,just a little bit will send you TO THE MOON!!!

  232. Josh Wixon

    Vivimu’s hhc is top notch. Love this stuff.

  233. Jason Maeda

    Had nice effects, color was deep amber almost red.

  234. abedallah khaleq

    if your curious just pull the trigger and buy this, I didnt have a syringe so I dabbed it out of the jar and didnt think i felt anything for like 3 minutes.. but now I am feeling like I took an edible or something lmao. also a lot of people say it has no smell but if you have strong senses you might be able to smell a faint sweet smell. Also Note it comes very hard like almost crystalline but doesn’t shatter.

  235. Carlos Saenz

    Just WOW 🥺 excellent product

  236. Lucas Metz

    Favorite noid

  237. Joshua Keck

    Everything is what it’s supposed to be. Showed up basically on time. (HHC, d8, d8thc o)
    Little underwhelming when vaped but the chemicals are what they’re supposed to be.
    Mixed with real distillate from my states legal dispensary. I understood I was diluting it when I did it.
    Less anxiety/paranoid feelings for sure, but after 10 minutes the real stuff wears off and your left with a light, heady feeling. Which isn’t terrible but isn’t the main feeling you get from weed.

  238. Sam R.

    My neighbors with an autoimmune disorder love this so much more than their D9 herb!

  239. Zkap1372 Zkap1372

    The best HHC available. The 74%R batch was the best HHC I have ever had. Hope to see numbers like this again!

  240. Brett Stowers

    Preem stuff. Fast shipping.

  241. Jakob Sells

    Fast shipping and suprisingly potent and heady product

  242. Barrett Griffin

    Very pleased with the effects. Unbeatable price, with a little effort mixing in some CDTs you can save a lot of money on Dabs and Carts.

  243. Quinton Prater

    This stuff was used for a combo and it has done more than it’s job-hhc+d9o+thca isolate

  244. Miles Hackett

    Top notch quality/ potency at the best prices. Cannot go wrong

  245. Dub G

    I couldn’t be happier!

  246. Moises Curiel

    good prices and it arrived very quick! not to mention it’s shmackin

  247. Robert Scott

    I feel like I won the lottery or was “let in on” a great secret. This is the best deal I’ve ever found and you will not be disappointed. Fantastic prices, speedy shipping and a super high quality product. Stop reading this and place that order. Thank me later

  248. Leah Schwartz

    I am such a huge fan of HHC as someone who experiences physical anxiety when using THCa products. All of the head high and none of the anxiety for me! Def would recommend

  249. Justin Deleon

    Not a big fan of HHC and it’s derivatives, but friends/family enjoy it when they aren’t trying to get blasted. High is just slightly below traditional THC to, but the mixture is so incredibly viscous it’s a pain to work with. Great price.

  250. Marcus lattin

    Its alright. Not as good as I remember though which was disappointing. Also has a weird chemical taste which wasn’t there on my last purchase.

  251. Tyler Munson

    Definitely the best and most cost effective base for a cannabinoid blend on the market.

  252. VenomX Nate

    Well worth it

  253. John Alvarez

    Pretty good

  254. Ed Quiggle Jr.

    Great quality, great price, even better than delta 8. Beautiful thick red distillate. Perhaps my favorite Vivimu product.

  255. Zachary Coleman

    Love it! Fast acting with effects and feels just like normal d9 to me!

  256. Jaxson Druse

    Helps with anxiety a lot, very relaxing and calming. If you want to be relaxed and not too high but you still want to feel something try this.

  257. Alexander MacLellan

    Good stuff

  258. Bella Judd

    Absolutely love it. Gives me a nice creative, productive high that I can use while I’m doing school. Coupled with a sweet home-brewed cup of coffee, I can work through assignments without getting burnt out. *Highly* recommend!

  259. Azrael von Kohler

    great quality for such a low price! i love hhc and the distillate is similar to d9. the syringe is super helpful too!

  260. Eric Kurkjian

    Best plain noid by far for the price. Mixes perfect with with the San Fernando og terps

  261. caleb jonas

    love that you get 2 syringes with blunt tips. doesn’t smell like burnt rubber which is also nice. makes me sleepy.

  262. Taylor Martin

    Absolutely amazing distillate. Very smooth, nice effects. I like mixing with CBD, CBG, and CBC. As well as some of Vivimus CDT’s. Will be back for sure.

  263. polychrome_nebula polychrome_nebula

    HHC is one of my favorite alternative cannabinoids.

  264. cj Cj

    10 out of 10


    love it. close to d9 in my opinion. i like it better than d9 thc-o.

  266. Michael Jones

    Great customer service and distillate was A+

  267. Jaxon Thomas

    best mixed 1:1 with d8 but the mixture will be extremely viscous so terps are a must

  268. Ryan Tomaszewski

    Amazing HHC! Read the reviews before buying and they seem to say it’s about in between reg d8 and d9. This stuff blows me away for over and hour and is potent stuff. The cost for what you get with this is unbeatable. I have ordered 2 times off Vivimu and they have been quick. Only 2-4 day shipping times in the U.S.

  269. Myles Jarvis

    Clean. Hits great.

  270. John Sike

    EXTREMELY viscous, damn near a solid. Once you get it heated up and into a cart though it smacks good for the price.

  271. chase Blackshire

    It’s great but for people with high tolerance I would not recommend

  272. David Howie

    I am completely satisfied with my purchase (HHC 2g),and will be ordering more soon. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and the products and purity and potency that they offer at affordable costs. It helps medical patients like me to be able to manage their lifelong chronic conditions. Thank you thank you thank you Vivimu! Customer for life!

  273. titotata177 titotata177

    I tend to go for the thco to start as a base for my mixes but hhc is never a bad choice he’s so bro that’s the dude you want in your corner hhc is going to be good to you

  274. Adam Shoulders

    Solid quality distillate for the price, packed well and shipped in a timely manner.

  275. lithium19 lithium19

    Excellent productivity companion to my vaporized CBD.

  276. Sarah Fajardo

    Excellent product for making edibles or dabbing. Vivimu has always been good to us.

  277. Robert Sederholm

    Amazing quality. Just gets better & better recently tbh. Super solid, high quality distillate. Highly recommend.

  278. Alexander Matthews

    Quality distillate for the price, great in edibles!

  279. Greg Leaman

    I haven’t tried this HHC by itself, but it works real nice in the blend I put together!

  280. Jared Chynoweth

    Tough as a nail!!! But extremely delicious and just.. just.. try it man. It ain’t that much $ geeeeezz. Shiz is bussin bussin.

  281. juwangiddens juwangiddens

    Really good and made potent cookies

  282. bbrammer bbrammer

    Got a great batch, very stable and mixes well with very little terpenes added. Great for blending!

  283. nathan.j.hartman nathan.j.hartman

    Thick, but easy to work with once heated. I mixed with MCT oil and sunflower lecithin to make simple edibles

  284. Hudson Enlow

    The product is amazing 10/10 but I have had shipping issues a few times. Other than that an AMAZING brand to buy anything from!!!

  285. calebdotson200 calebdotson200

    Mixed 2 grams of the hhc with 3.5 grams of delta 9-O and it gives a great almost hybrid type feel. Obviously it’s flavorless so it don’t taste AMAZING but it’s literally less then $20 for 2 grams lol. Definitely worth it, love vivimu!

  286. Jonah Brown

    Such a great product that I went and ordered another ounce of it. Good ratio of r to s ratio when I got it. Pleasant effects

  287. Paul Klemstine

    good for my knees and back

  288. Jen Ross

    Very good product

  289. Emerson Perez

    Great prices for the ounce jar. It worked great and put all my lower tolerance friends on their asses

  290. Laurie Bland

    product arrived in good condition. this was my first experience with hhc so i can’t compare to other hhc products. i made tincture with it — absolutely solid at room temp btw, you need to heat it pretty well or you’ll break the syringe. the effects themselves are fantastic and just what i was hoping for, pain relief, psychedelic effects without being very sedating, good creative boost. otoh, the psychedelic effects are very intermittent — one moment i feel mostly sober, next moment my mirror is swallowing me, lol. love it overall, but this works best for me blended with another ‘noid, so i get a consistent feel and know how high i actually am.

  291. Ryan Kline

    10 stars

  292. Zachary Lovette

    The best HHC on the market, hands down. I will say I have received some different batches from Vivimu (one is a reddish, “sweet and sour sauce”-esque color and the other is a golden hay color) and while I prefer the “sweet and sour sauce” both worked as intended and I have no doubt either were top-shelf products and were the real deal. Can’t go wrong with VIvimu!

  293. Dominik T

    HHC is the closest to d9 I’ve ever had and Vivimus is top notch, not to mention it’s very affordable.

  294. Joshua Gilbert

    Smooth and potent

  295. Jullian Burton

    Couldn’t have been more satisfied! Fast shipping, quality product, at bulk prices? Can’t beat it!

  296. Crystal Wood

    It will get you lit 🤪 I make my own carts up it mixed in with terps and thco9 and d8 d10 a little cbd isolate and a little cbg isolate and some thca isolate bam it’s a beautiful thing try it go with your own amounts according to your taste can if your wanting a more couchlock effect

  297. Christopher Guarino

    Quick shipping, packaged well and very strong product. Prefer this to D8 and will be ordering again.

  298. Anonymous

    Seems to be a tad bit weaker then my last order but still better then the last company I was buying from.

  299. gabe skyler

    good stuff. potent, fast shipping, and tastes pretty good with their terps.
    I prefer hhc to d9 and this hhc is fantastic!

  300. Brandon McCoy

    Clean,and a great buzz!

  301. Sebastian Soliz

    one of my favorites on this site. very consistent as always and the shipping is always a 5/5. tasteless and clean

  302. ravenousjames ravenousjames

    My go to and what I prefer of all concentrated forms!

  303. Cooper Stertz


  304. Daniel Valdez

    The HHC was extremely hard at first, but once properly heated, I was able to work with it better. Onset was quick and effects lasted about an hour. It was very smooth and enjoyable

  305. Matthew DeCossas

    Wonderful price to performance ratio

  306. jakob alonso

    sum gas🔥🍃

  307. Travis McDonald

    Repeat customer, consistently great quality, competitive pricing, timely shipping and excellent customer service. No need to look any further because this company knows what they are doing. Very smooth, with strong long lasting effects

  308. Courtney Gaddison

    Straight up fire!

  309. Eddie Alanis

    Great price, great product. Cant wait to purchase more on my next paycheck

  310. Rick SCOTT

    Perfect. Zero taste, nothing but good stuff.

  311. mcpheecameron0 mcpheecameron0

    Fast shipping and quality product every time! Can’t miss with Vivimu!

  312. Joshua Cantu

    nice and thick, I’ve been mixing with HHCO

  313. Ryan Difrancesco

    Probably the best stuff I’ve ever found on the internet. Their quality is insanely amazing for the price. I thought this was gonna suck, then I tried it and was absolutely blown away by the quality. The shipping was 2 day air and yep you bet it was there at noon on the second day! Cannot recommend these guys enough!

  314. Jasen Adams

    Got this to blend into a base blend to thicken up and add a little more punch than delta 8. Worked great! Beautiful gold color.
    D9o and D8 included in picture.

  315. Max Fultz


  316. Kelli hunt

    I recommend this for antinflamitory pain and sleep. It’s not too heady or heavy and was smooth in my carts. Thanks to this store I’m saving while making them $!

  317. Dylan Cohen

    Pretty good if you use enough u definitely get stoned on its own it barely has a smell and the taste isn’t the best kind of a plasticy note but it is bearable the consistency is almost like shatter idk if it’s cause it’s freezing out side but I’ve had times it cracks and flies across the room but it is kind of like oobleck if you do it slow it will let in

  318. Braxton Hutchins

    It approaches a delta 9 feeling with the first 2 dabs…. And then freaking shatters the ceiling of delta 9 with the next one or 2…… I’m not sure if “too high” is a thing…… But this stuff comes with a near word of caution….. It’s probably the coolest semi-synthetic since the 2012 gas station noids….. Before they all got glcrazy dangerous

  319. Kaiyan Almatrood

    I love the quality of the hhc distillate very good consistency and color works great with terpenes in cartridges

  320. Brittany Blank

    I love the distillate itself but this order in particular I payed for 5 grams but only got 4 grams.

  321. Robert E Hart

    Really great add in with most any or by itself

  322. Maximilian Ramirez

    Hits like a truck with really good vapor production. Just make sure you watch a video on how to fill the syringe (sold separately on vivimu) if you are making carts.

  323. Anthony Tidrick

    Great product and great value stronger than delta 8 and works pretty great as a THC replacement with added terpenes

  324. Paul Childers

    I have tried this and this stuff made me feel all relaxed and my body didn’t hurt .

  325. Jayden Gatchel

    Tasted like air when hitting and just felt like a standard delta 9 distillate dab it was great. Only downside is my batch had less than the amount it was supposed to and support never answered me other than that though 10/10

  326. Cyrica Hook

    Better quality than competitor’s by far

  327. Noah Garvin

    Highest quality HHC on the market. I was using HHC from a different vendor and when I switched to Vivimu it was so much more potent.
    Mind blowing prices too!

  328. David Stover

    This stuff is awesome! Nice clean buzz

  329. J A

    Beyond blown away by the quality/price ratio. Dirt cheap, yet still higher quality than 99% of other vendors product. Heck, it might even be better than most other concentrates out there in general. Absolutely phenomenal distillate, effects will get even d9 veterans right where they need to be.

    Haven’t tried making edibles with this yet, but i’m sure it would hit just as nice. I’ve taken both small and large globs of this out of a Peak Pro, FV Carta, 510 cartridges, normal rigs, and even nectar collectors, and it works flawlessly in each and every device. Added bonus is that it doesn’t smell at all, even when vaped/smoked. Add terps if you want some smell/flavor and/or if you wanna use it in a 510 batt.

    You’ll definitely need some thinning agents if you wanna use a cart. Terps if you want some taste, CBC to enhance effects, etc anything thin will work as the HHC comes like a glassy, almost shatter-like substance. Perfect for cold starts in an e-rig or quick nectar collector dabs but can definitely take some working with or some heating up.

    Not an issue for me at all though, I am beyond satisfied with every aspect of this product. Tempted to pull the trigger on 100g!

  330. Adam Stantz

    Great by itself or a blend. Light smell and flavor in a good way. Very smooth I like to make a vacuum in the syringe and heat it on candle warmer. Makes a surgary light gold consistency.

  331. Taurean Hurst

    You get exactly what it says on the tin, a lot of grams for a really low price. Keep in mind that this is purely HHC distillate, meaning it doesn’t have any terpenes pre-mixed, so no entourage effect. Is already decarboxylated, so can be consumed directly or added to anything as an edible as-is. It’s potent, and can produce a mind-bending psychoactive high if you consume too much in one sitting, which I don’t recommend. One drag from an initial heating if you’re dabbing/vaping is enough for take-off. Is primarily a head high, although if you do a huge dose you will get an insane amount of ‘couch-lock’ and you will absolutely not be able to do anything except wait for the effects to subside. IMO is best done with terpenes of your choice added into a custom mixture, but works fine alone in small doses.

  332. Surya Shakamuri

    Slight variations in color between batches but always great quality, consistent effects. Be careful for edibles it’s way too easy to overdo. Just because this isn’t a fancy noid, doesn’t mean it’s bad, its as good as d9!

  333. Ruben Baeza

    Fast fast fast everything was great

  334. Jeff Gillstrom

    Perfect about 70 percent as strong as d9 but some people feel hhc more and they think its stronger than d9. This distillate is insanely thick be prepared for a sticky mess some heat will allow you to work with it easier. Another way to thin out is to use thco. Hhc and thco is a killa combo and extremely cheap and depending on how much thco you use it will be way stronger than regular d9.

  335. James Denton

    Exactly as described.

  336. Santiago Aran

    Id say this is a great “base” for mixing different cannabanoids. Quite viscous so I usually mix it with some runny THCo and it comes out to a great mix that is more pliable to get on the dab tool.

  337. Mike Lansing

    Ts will turn your pacemaker off no joke taste a little like bacon but I got there plus more

  338. Michael Montgomery

    Good strong stuff for a amazing price! Will definitely buy again.

  339. Tyler Jones

    Clean and reliable! Always a go-to

  340. Sarah Brown

    Distillate is cheap and amazing, this one honestly feels like a cheat code.

  341. Tina Webb

    This distillate is a crazy bang for your buck, especially with this sale. I bought 56g for 85 dollars.
    The distillate itself had a good potence, I’d say it’s comparable in potency to disposables at shops, if not a bit better.
    The taste is pretty negligible, and at first the smoke was quite smooth, but as time went on it got quite harsher, but that may be due to my gear or how I treated the oil.
    My main gripe is the consistency of HHC, that being that it’s basically rock at room temp. and requires heating for transferring.
    Other than that, the distillate is pretty good, has good effects, and is definitely a great price.

  342. Sean Kamerer-White

    Everything vivimu makes is great

  343. Andy Morgenstern

    Excellent quality and was really strong compared to Delta 8. Was a little upset it took a week to get here but would still fully recommend

  344. James White

    Shipped the next day, got here pretty quick. I have already made a couple of batches of gummies and they have come out great.

  345. steveschooley steveschooley

    Its a good value and very consistent. I used it to blend with HHCo to thicken the distillate.

  346. Robert Hinerman

    Thick and powerful. All the effects I want without and of the effects I dont.

  347. Tyler swieringa

    Amazing customer service always arrives on time!! The prices are unreal for the level of product you receive, I could not recommend this site enough!

  348. Austin Pedersen

    Excellent customer service. Reliable and prompt.

  349. Jeremy Halstead

    Great price and legal!

  350. jacob hines

    Faded af

  351. jayden Gatchel

    This stuff is gass even without terps my friends all say they cant tell the difference from the real thing other than taste and its smooth too.

  352. Joe Blair

    Tbh for the price is was excellent. Very pure. Not harsh to dab. Made good edibles. Will be a repeat buy for me. Great for blends. Haven’t vaped it yet its a bit thick.

  353. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Good HHC at a great price

  354. Gina Dobelman

    Definitely will recommend

  355. Isaac Ray

    Great stuff. No smell or flavor.

  356. Joshua Anaya

    🔥 🔥

  357. Brandon Painter

    My go to for HHC. Its cheap and the effects are top notch.

  358. George Pusey

    Strongest hhc I’ve had bar none. Bought 100g and been making carts and edibles to give to friends. Be careful though this stuff will murder your tolerance. If you like smoking weed don’t do this to often if you still wanna be able to get high.

  359. Nicholas Woyshner

    Great quality stuff, better than ∆8 as far as potency goes.
    I’d love to see more minor cannabinoids and analogues become available at Vivimu…not that the selection isn’t already great, but I’m starting to see 6-hydroxy derivatives, THCM, PHC….THC-j, THCx, HYX-11 THC, etc etc. HHC worked great thinned out with some blue dream Terps in my 510 thread oil carts.

  360. Gabriel Diez

    For the price it is imposible to rate this 5 stars. You r able to make edibles from anything and or can eat the distillate as is. 100 percent worth buying in my opinion.

  361. Crystal Henderson

    As always, quick shipping and impressive packaging. Won’t buy from anywhere else.

  362. Christian Opitz

    Great stuff

  363. amber googe

    this stuff is potent. its great on its own or in mixes. would recommend

  364. Hank Thomas

    Smooth dabs, good head rush💥 Real sticky, hard to eat.
    Truth in advertising. 4th Vivimu purchase. Going to add diamonds to some and go to Mars. 🚀

  365. Zachary Yeager

    The HHC is top notch. Would recommend to anyone. Smell is almost nonexistent and it doesn’t have any taste. Great experience but strong.

  366. Ashton Wehe

    I never got it

  367. Luis Ortega

    Best alternative

  368. Jason Glucksman

    Strong and worked well when made into an edible

  369. Adrian Vigil

    the syringe for the distillate was not in my order

  370. Eric Strickland

    Bought 5 grams for edibles. Good quality. Works much better than anticipated. Highly recommend!


    Extremely useful. used it to make edibles potency 10/10

  372. Julio Velazquez

    Less harsh than d9 with almost the effect.

  373. Barron Mbl

    THICK… but decent quality reasonable price too.

  374. Calvin Jones


  375. Andrew Wright

    HHC has been my staple for about two years and this stuff is some of the best I’ve had and I don’t need a COA to tell this stuff is pure. Had a problem with shipping and they sent me a new supply with two day shipping. Best company I’ve used by far I recommend the THCA diamonds as well the smell is insane. Would give six stars of I could.

  376. William Ray

    Great quality

  377. Tristin Bauer

    Have to cut it with something tastes terrible but works.

  378. Rocco Langieri

    sometimes you get a weird smelling and tasting batch, but if you get something orange/red almost, with no smell its always great

  379. Steven Wilson

    I didn’t know HHC could hit this smooth! I mixed up a jar with Vivimu’s cannabis derived terps at 2 drops/gram, rather than the typical recommendation of 1 drop/gram. Talk about flavor! Not harsh at all, hitting blinkers just cruisin’. Both the CDT and HHC are some of the best I’ve ever had.

    PS. I had a small concern that customer service went above and beyond to solve. I’m quite impressed with the quality of products alone, but their customer service is a cut above.

  380. vincent donelson

    Vivimu is the only company I get my HHC from very potent and clean taste ,lab tests are legit ,

  381. Megan Keller

    Amazing quality I’m so happy and will continue to buy more. Definitely smacks in the rig just alone.

  382. Brian Jude

    Great product for the price 🔥

  383. Tommy Samosuk

    I felt like I was able to see another side of myself.

  384. Lee Vetzel

    Quick ship, great stuff, wish I could figure out lab tests easier though

  385. Emily Bridges

    Great quality and even greater prices! Ordered 3 times and will continue to order from Vivimu!! Great experience so far!

  386. Tom Kavulic

    Vivimu has by far the best HHC I’ve tried for the most competitive price. Look no further you’ve found the best one.

  387. Chris Moseley

    This stuff is awesome. It’s very smooth when smoking, and the effects are very potent. It mixes well too. It’s a different lift than delta 8. It’s a longer effect and not as overwhelming. Nice daytime smoking for me. YMMV.

  388. Peter Gayduk

    Works well is potent an thick for sure

  389. Pablo Rodriguez

    Great quality, great price, neutral smell/taste, very smooth

  390. David rother

    4 stars as it is nice potency, very clean, burns well. However it contains no terpenes so is a bit bland in flavor.

  391. Jeff Dundon

    good quality and price plus quick shipping 🙂

  392. Jesse Webb

    This is my first time trying hhc. Dabbing it is pretty harsh, but it has great effects that last a few hours. I did some research on 9R vs 9S-hhc beforehand, and vivimu had the best prices and coa. Definitely buying again

  393. Omar Sandoval

    Amazing product as far a effects. I only give it 3 stars because it has a rubbery mechanical after taste and requires upwards of 10% terpenes to take that away. Wish the batch didn’t have that after taste. Could just be the aftertaste that HHC just has. Not sure. Still my go to brand. Other brands are far worse. Curious if there is a better way to deal with that

  394. Enso

    Great quality HHC Distillate. I didn’t know what to expect with hhc, but this was a great product, similar to the d8 distillate, but much more energetic. Taste is very clean as well, you can’t go wrong with this product, great quality, great price, great retailer.

  395. Chris Gant

    Solid quality at a great price!

  396. Beau W

    High quality and good delivery time

  397. Beau W

    Good quality will order again

  398. nibroc850

    First time trying HHC For the price you cant beat it, the 2 day shipping is a game changer. I like mix with other Alt-noids to make a nice dabbable concoction, Works great

  399. Caleb Peterson

    #1 product!


    Quick shipping, nice container, and the product was just as expected!

  401. Austin Buring

    excellent price
    Excellent quality.

    I stretch my HHC with a little d8 at about 2 parts to 1 part.
    Thanks! Loyal customer!

  402. Damarcos Estevez

    Hits very hard, messy to work with.

  403. Everett Janda

    Great quality definitely gets the job done!

  404. Everett Janda

    Very thick oil almost shatter like smokes perfect

  405. evanpl48

    Will be buying again for sure, but as others have said it’d be awesome to get this in a puck and not the syringe, otherwise 10/10

  406. evanpl48


  407. Hunter Hutson

    This stuff is great quality and you can’t beat it for the price. If you’re thinking about buying, do it!

  408. therealbruhmomento1 therealbruhmomento1

    Horrific plastic smell on my last order. I can tell why it was so heavily discounted now.

  409. xojose101ox

    Got my product quick and this stuff smacks. I get the rest of the comments. It’s an upgrade from d8 for sure!

  410. Damarcos Estevez

    Amazing price, hits hard.

    Watch your tolerance.

  411. Andrew Licht

    Great effects almost time to buy more

  412. jaycob

    In terms of potency delta8 is weaker than hhc and hhc is weaker than delta9. same scale for paranoia. hhc is a good middle ground. pairs well with many cannabinoids.

  413. Bryan

    5 star product.

  414. dotwell

    Nice and smooth, great stuff, mixes well into edibles with D8 D9 and H4CBD

  415. Eric Reyes

    Very fast shipping great price and the effects are good

  416. Caryn Hester

    Very good. Strong industrial oil taste

  417. Bryan

    awesome sauce

  418. Peter Foss

    Amazing. Been buying from Vivimu for forever now and still absolutely zero let downs, fast shipping and friendly fast responses if anything were to go wrong during shipping. 10 out of 10.

  419. Peter Foss

    Love it. Amazing service.

  420. Fenfren

    Got a few ounces and whew, very very nice! Made a 3g edible and ate it expecting it to be weak like other HHC experiences, but I’m absolutely blasted in orbit while writing this. Perfect for refilling my old carts to smoke too, plus made some BANGER moonrocks. Keep up the great work Team Viv🤙👍

  421. Sean Connell

    How you gonna send me two 14 gram jars hhc but not have a option to purchase 14 gram jars like bro please make the option

  422. niickwells niickwells

    Shipping was fast and efficient. While the effects are decent, if you enjoy the taste of terpenes, this might not be the concentrate for you; there’s very little flavor, or smell, and as a result, some of the experience of dabbing feels missing. If that’s a problem for you, adding some cannabis derived terps for a couple extra bucks might fix that, which I admittedly have not tried.

  423. Tony Johnson

    I expected a chemical flavor and a throat burn. I got surprisingly smooth and absolutely no flavor at all, like dabbing air. A perfect mixer for me!

  424. Tony Johnson

    Sad to see it go 😭

  425. lawk41

    Honestly the best HHC I’ve had, definitely beats the pre-filled HHC carts I’ve tried from 3chi. I prefer this HHC to D9!

  426. Caleb Strohl

    Solid stuff.

  427. Caleb Strohl

    Always a great value. This time it was very hard and kinda hard to work with.

  428. Caleb Strohl

    I prefer the stuff that is slightly more tacky/runny. Sometimes it’s more like shatter…

  429. Caleb Strohl

    My order got split into two containers and it leaked a bit, but they added terps, so that ws nice.

  430. Noe Diaz

    This was the most efficient distillate from H4cbd and delta 8 that have close to 0 effects.hhc is as strong as the real thing in vape and dry herb vape ,which is good ,but the feeling is more alert ,no heavy feeling like the real thing .still worth it ,found it about2- 4 times stronger then delta 8 since that barely had any effects.

  431. Anonymous

    Quality product and the price is fantastic. 2 grams in 2 1mL glass blunt tip dispensers for refilling cartridges or easily measuring for edibles. HHC is a fantastic cannabinoid. It’s a lot cleaner synthesis-wise compared to D8, and the effects fall somewhere between D8 and D9. I don’t necessarily recommend vaping any sort of product, but this one is smoother than D9 and exponentially smoother than D8. The effects last considerably longer than D8/D9. The colour is a nice amber similar to a dispensary D9 distillate.

  432. luke holbrook

    Takes 10-15 minutes to hit, a few inhalations from a .8ml PCKT cartridge/YUCAN Pro… could use some cannabis derived terpenes to make it shine.


  433. roddyroo10


  434. cptdoodad

    Really good stuff, even with the new higher price

  435. Austin Hicks

    Smells a little like a honey suckle blossom and tastes as so.
    Is like D8’s cool cousin with a monster truck.

  436. S Waters

    Good quality, it was a bit hard to work with until mixed with HHC-O or something of similar consistency but definitely worth it for the effects.

  437. Moras

    Really smooth stronger than d8 pretty good for the money so 4/5 thanks vivimu

  438. Moras

    Really smooth stronger than d8 pretty good for the money so

  439. Jennifer Powless

    Amazing quality and pricing

  440. Bill Bondy

    I love the HHC ! I just ordered another ounce of it. I love everything about it !

  441. Helpeople

    Much more potent than I was expecting. Pleasantly surprised

  442. quaff.legging0v

    I’m not the biggest fan of the “unnatural” derivatives coming out of the hemp market, but HHC has a special place in my heart because it was the first thing that I found to work with my anxiety before landing on THCA products. If you can’t find yourself spending the extra cash on THCA, HHC will do the job nicely. Just be warned, it tends to ruin your tolerance. Smoke this, don’t expect to feel anything from flower right away after.

  443. Keegan Cruise

    This stuff bang for your buckaroo

  444. Sarah Brown

    Convenient and cheap but decent quality.

  445. Drew Tesch

    Great quality HHC

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