THCa Badder

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Indulge in the exquisite texture and potency of Vivimu’s THCa Badder. Our premium badder showcases the pure crystalline form of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCa), offering a unique and elevated cannabis experience.

At Vivimu, we prioritize uncompromising quality. Our THCa Badder is meticulously crafted through advanced extraction techniques, ensuring the highest standards of purity, potency, and compliance with rigorous regulations. Trust in the superior quality and consistency of our badder.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary effects of Vivimu’s THCa Badder. Whether you prefer dabbing or vaporizing, our badder provides a potent and transformative experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

Crafted with expertise and precision, Vivimu’s THCa Badder unlocks the full potential of THCa, delivering remarkable and elevated effects. Embrace the unique potency and power of THCa – order our Badder now and immerse yourself in the exceptional benefits offered by Vivimu.


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39 reviews for THCa Badder

  1. Nathan Grady

    Hi. This concentrate is phenomenal. It has a very mild vanilla flavor to it and is very smooth. The potency is strong and last a long time. Thank you.

  2. William Hite

    Clean Hits smooth and is an easy-to-handle dab. I can recommend this

  3. kaplexy kaplexy

    There’s nothing I dislike about this badder. The creamy vanilla tones is perfect as is the consistency. Great effects that lasted.

  4. Matthew Rose

    Great buzz with a warm vanilla lemony flavor. Seems to have a more sedating effect than the diamonds or isolate. Good evening dabs!


    This was some good badder will but again

  6. Tim Musso


  7. Chris

    On my second jar of this. Great stuff very similar taste to quality bho. Effects last much longer than d8 ect

  8. Cody T

    Super skunky with really great effect I think anyone who likes skunky strains would enjoy this.

  9. Robert Lorie


  10. Cameron Massey

    Very good badder! Will order again!

  11. Jason Partridge

    Not as potent as I had hoped. Added a few crushed up diamonds and it was a little better

  12. Joe Brumfield

    It blew my mind,I highly recommend everyone to try this stuff is fire,looked like that wet hash rosin

  13. Jonathan Trent

    I just got a G of this today along with a G of THCa Crumble and a G of THCa Diamonds and all three of them are amazing, sad to see the 28 come and this will be gone. Normally thc will always be my favorite.

  14. Evan Bradley

    This stuff is great, I’m really bummed they’re discontinuing this.

  15. V B

    Just as good as dispensary Badder, don’t miss out!

  16. Noah Young

    Potent af

  17. Kyle Martin

    Blown away with the lemon taste and the effects are the same as dispensary’s badder.

  18. Michael Tiner

    Pretty good, but I prefer their thca diamonds. These didn’t have the best flavor/terpene blend IMO.

  19. Joseph Crispino

    This is badder is 🔥. Bought 3.5g got 3.6 g. Can’t complain…and can’t say that about my local dispensary. 3.5g there is 3.2g in hand. High quality products from Vivimu I can definitely recommend this. Thanks.
    I crammed 4g into the little white ceramic container. You get a jar when buying 3.5g.

  20. Brandon Roberts

    It’s really good.

  21. Dustin hedberg

    Great to mix with isolates

  22. Micharl Bacha

    Great flavor and very strong! Will order again

  23. William Ray

    Love this stuff

  24. nibroc850

    It has great consistency and is very potent taste and smell is subtle but high quality, overall the badder great, I will be ordering more!

  25. Carson Dresser

    Delicious flavor, and great quality. Will buy again

  26. Heath Davis-gardner


  27. cheshire6788

    Science rules. Smokes really well in my Puffco Proxy. This has been a great alternative to combustion. Product is well made – I would like to see additional flavor profiles besides the vanilla.

  28. Andrew Licht

    Taste is absolutely amazing in my opinion. I do think I decarb some of it a little too fast at too high temp when preparing for a cart as tasted bit burnt lol. But what an amazing product!

  29. Lucas Bouchard

    Has good effect/high and tastes like lemon GAS if your into that, overall good tasting

  30. niickwells niickwells

    Shipped in about a day and delivered a few days after. High is good and lasts considerable amount of time. The terpenes provide a subtle citrus flavor that is pretty pleasant.

  31. Mr.Chow

    Clean and smooth draw and pretty color could tell it was high quality

  32. Mr.Chow

    Great product and high quality

  33. Mr.Chow

    Great dabs

  34. Wade

    Excellent product. Will reorder.

  35. luke holbrook

    Clean Hits smooth and is an easy-to-handle dab. I can recommend this!

  36. roddyroo10


  37. mattheww

    I’m so glad I’ve come across Vivimu!!! The badder has great consistency and flavor. Effects are right up there as well!! Ordering other concentrates now!!

  38. mattheww

    I couldn’t believe how amazing this was. 10/10. Fabolous quality and great effects. I’m definitely becoming a Vivimu customer!!

  39. Woofie

    Holy **** this stuff slaps. Hit me hard, tastes like lemongrass, smooth, etc.

    Don’t overheat or it’ll taste awful (tho that’s true for every dab).

    Only minor complaint is that I really don’t like the smell. I’m not a huge gas skunky guy, ik some people are into that. So bear in mind I’m somewhat sensitive to it, but man this stuff is pungent. Smell dissipates super fast, but also permeates nearly everything lol. I wish it smelled like lemon grass too.

    Anyway 5/5 this stuff is amazing. Great effects

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