Delta 9 THCp Distillate


Vivimu’s Delta 9 THCp Distillate, your gateway to a premium cannabis experience, is crafted with precision and care. Our Delta 9 THCp distillate embodies purity and potency, delivering the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria.

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Discover the remarkable effects of Vivimu’s Delta 9 THCp Distillate. Our premium distillate features the unique cannabinoid Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCp), offering an exceptional and elevated cannabis experience.

At Vivimu, we prioritize unrivaled quality. Our Delta 9 THCp Distillate undergoes meticulous extraction and distillation processes, ensuring its purity, potency, and compliance with stringent standards. Trust in the superior quality and consistency of our distillate.

Unleash your imagination and versatility with Vivimu’s Delta 9 THCp Distillate. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaporizing, or incorporating it into your preferred method of consumption, our distillate provides a potent and transformative experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

Crafted with expertise and precision, Vivimu’s Delta 9 THCp Distillate unlocks the full potential of Delta 9 THCp, delivering an extraordinary and elevated cannabis journey. Embrace the unique effects and power of Delta 9 THCp – order our Distillate now and immerse yourself in the remarkable benefits offered by Vivimu.


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  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

152 reviews for Delta 9 THCp Distillate

  1. Riley Liedtke

    Great product for unfortunately way too high of a price! Be nice to see it go down for more bulk orders.

  2. dylanelf dylanelf

    Agree that the price could be better.. id be willing to spend 200 on 5 grams than 1

  3. Patricia Merritt

    Price is higher than ∆⁸,∆¹⁰, THCo acetate, etc..

    Give it time it will eventually drop given the Demand is there

  4. Sidney Kimble

    got the .25 in the mail on Saturday. product came in a much more reasonable size glass puck than previous order from them. that impressed me. effect are great makes dabs last longer and it scratched my itch. mixed it in at 20% and is very pleasing. only reason 4 star is also the price is too high. 300g was crazy and 200g still high is why I didn’t pull the trigger on the full 1. would definitely purchase again but would like to see the price drop some also.

  5. Maciej Zukowski

    Most potent federally legal distillate available on the market! I use it in blends about 10% and it makes it stronger than d9 flower. I get a very pleasant euphoric feeling. I used it a Vivimu’s HHC/CBN blend and I got a really strong head buzz but also I got “couch locked” and got strong munchies 😀 Just two puffs get me to that perfect place for an hour at least! I work from home, early morning to late night and it doesn’t make it harder, its the opposite. It makes me more creative and if I focus on something I get really hyped about it thanks to that blend, and that makes me finish projects much quicker! Strong 10/10. For sure will buy again to keep it in my stash the whole time!

  6. Nick Demarre

    Awesome don’t need much of this forsure kinda pricey so not something to smoke daily but I’d keep a couple gs around for a very special occasion or even buy a little just to try.

  7. Zachary Daniel

    Fantastic and long lasting. I would say more potent than d9 but unique head shift. Certainly a must try! Excited for demand to increase for the price to come down so I can buy larger quantities. I’ve tried multiple products here yet to be disappointed, going to be getting more soon!

  8. Eric Kloeker

    Very strong one dab gets me very high but not stoned and tired makes me space out and think a lot even after four or five just super high only complaint is some was stuck on the lid you should switch to syringe when it comes to thcp it’s to expensive to waste


    Good way to add addtional potency to a high potency mix. Would be nice if it was a bit cheaper though.

  10. Robert Estupinan

    Interesting and potent new noid that is unique compared to the other legal options on the market currently. It seems to go well in mixes and it’s runny consistency makes it easy to work with.

  11. Brandon Guimond

    Just being the most honest I can

    After trying the delta-8 thcp I was super excited for the D9 version
    Delta 8 P was super clear and pure and could barely see it..
    The d9P was not like that..
    It honestly came in a little oxidized (assuming) and had this purple hue especially on top and tastes a tad funny. The feeling was reallyy good (felt like d9 weed) and was definitely very very strong but couldnt get passed the taste unfortunately. I mixed it up with some Abstrax Tech ™ terps and was alot better but could still taste it.

    I definitely wouldn’t stop this from future purchases of this variation (maybe when the price can be lowered more) but you guys out there reading this have to know that I ordered the very first batch ever and now the new batch looks much better (slightly pink but clear)
    Good to note for general knowledge is that the purest distillate oxidizes the quickest and so that we know Vivi is pushing out the PÜR 🔥💥🙌

  12. tfale2008 tfale2008

    Beautiful stuff!! Smooth AF and EXTREMELY powerful!!! 🤩😍🤪😜🤣😭😅
    Don’t expect to be tripping, as I’ve seen mentioned around the web, but YOU WILL be at a NEW LEVEL!! FOR SURE!
    Shipping was FAST and packaged very soundly, no way was anything in that box getting damaged. The media bottles and packaging was fine very well also.
    A+++ all the way around.
    Be back soon!

  13. Robin Baldwin

    This stuff is quite potent and should be handled carefully, accidentally took quite the nap because of it. Almost worth the price, if it was only a little cheaper I could justify buying more

  14. Andrew Licht

    Amazing stuff. I just bought more. Vivimu really is the best hands down!

  15. Anthony R

    Product was excellent. Also ordered dosilatto terps they were amazing. Receiving my order was a real treat at the end of a good day. Will be ordering again shortly

  16. Willie Thackston

    The effects are great but if added at 6%+ to blends. Only issue is that .5gs was stuck inside the lid other than that it’s a solid product.

  17. Jesse Sebok

    I had been eyeing this product wondering if i should purchase it due to the steep price range, I eventually just went for it and got a gram, it was worth every penny, regular delta 8 might be more economical in the long run but if you want a really potent noid you can add to your mix to increase it’s potency tenfold, THC-P is well worth it 5/5

  18. Jmill62788 Jmill62788

    Wow 👏 very similar effects as delta 9. Just way more intense when dabbed! I mixed the rest of it with 10 grams of delta 8 and some delta 8 thc-p, 5 grams delta 10 and some Gelato terps. I honestly think they are better than some of the delta 9 carts I’ve seen. It’s definitely worth the money to get this quality!

  19. jon809iw jon809iw

    Amazing product. Came with the labs. They hooked up the jar an extra 0.1g too! Faster than quoted shipping. Literally next morning before 12pm it was at my door While I personally felt about 2x-3x the effects of delta 9, it was much more clear-headed. When mixed with other cannabinoids, it makes those last infinitely longer. I felt satisfied for 5+hours after a dab when that only usually lasts an hour. A must try. Especially if Delta-8-thcp hasn’t been doing it for you. It was a whimsical purplish-red.

  20. Scott Berry

    Powerful and long. I didn’t wake up feeling high I was completely high. I like it with 25%THCO 50 Hhc 25 THCP. It hits a little quicker from the Hhc then I hit another level about 30 mins in and by the hour I’m grinning.

  21. William Jones

    After all the hype around this stuff, I had to try it out. And even in the small jar, a half gram still doesnt look like much. I tried a small dab, and even a while later didnt feel anything. But the next day I had a happy relaxed feeling like a valium/xanax feel but wide awake. So even in a 10% blend, it kinda hides in the background. Really a mild sativa feel that lasts a long time compared to everything I have tried. HHCP will be next on my list to try. Thanks Vivimu for quality product I can trust!!

  22. Thomas Hutchison

    I absolutely love this, I am blown away by this, has some legs for sure, starts off pretty nice and continues to climb for a couple hours it seems and then you stay there for another 4-6 hours easily. Now in a mix it also really shines, at 10% it adds a very noticable punch to any mix. At 20% and above it really kicks things off!

  23. Matt Fiorini


  24. Catgirls fourtwenty

    Will update review when price is more reasonable. Price is way too high for this, especially 70 dollars for 0.25g, even if it’s super potent. I’ll buy and try some when the price is lowered. It’s not 98%+ purity, and if the internet is to be believed, then it’s only worth it if you can be lucky enough to get the full 33x potency as some claim. Though it seems like it’s only 15x more potent for the luckiest people, and more commonly 5x more potent for the average person. I don’t know how it will be worth it to me with so many anecdotal evidences here and elsewhere, especially since I have a naturally high tolerance to any chemical, including THC.

    I’d love to try this but the price point is way to unreasonable for me right now.

    But it’s vivimu so it’s probably a great product!

  25. Timothy Norman

    Nice and strong but only if you add it to another cannabinoid, as it is not that powerful on its own!!! It pairs very nicely with HHC-O Acetate!!!

  26. Brandon Wilkinson

    Didn’t live up to the hype.

  27. Daniel Bryant

    I was over the moon for more than 24 hours on this stuff. Be careful with your dosing. Has been especially pleasant mixed with some HHC.

  28. Joseph Cheney

    This should have been sold in a syringe. I ended up mixing most of this product with other concentrates because i was losing a lot of it trying to scrape it out of the tapered jar. I guess the three stars are more or less the benefit of the doubt.

  29. TriggerGTO TriggerGTO

    Amazing potential , I even like it better on its own more than HHCp but 1:1 ratio of them added to any other mix or alone is 🔥

  30. Nick Franceschi.

    The thcp is nice and pleasant , when vaped its smooth with not much taste . Over all it is good and I would recommend it to those who want to try something new . Mine came in a small jar roughly the diameter of a nickle and a inch or less in height so waste can be kept down slightly . In my opinion it should be put in a Syringe for the price , a cheap jar waste too much , if the price drops then a small jar like the ones being used would not waste enough to be of concern so my only complaint is not the concentrate but how it is packaged that it is causing wasted product . Still vivimu is good so 5 stars but I do hope to see them packaging it better in the future .

  31. Max Berg

    I wasn’t quite sure about Delta 9 THCp, but I heard so many good things I bit the bullet and bought some, and I’m GLAD I did.

    Its a great addition to other noid mixtures, and is worth it if you have a little disposable income. I added about 5% to a HHCoA and HHC mixture and it pushed it over the edge!

  32. timothy hall

    This product is out of this world. Produces a quick head high then has body creep. Highly recommend

  33. Linda Clayson

    Got the oil on 4/20 discount; still too expensive at regular price. Beautiful amethyst colored oil with moderate viscosity. Dabbed a tiny amount after vaping delta-8-THCO. Then smoked medical cannabis. Intensified the effect of other cannabinoids, producing a strong effect that was unique and quite pleasant. Now mixing the delta-9-THCP into vape cartridges at 10%, with 40% delta-9-THC distillate, 10% delta-8 THC, 10% delta-8 THCO, 15% CBDV/THCV focus blend, 10% CBC, 5% CBG, and some live resin, pineapple diesel terpenes.

  34. quiverplayworm quiverplayworm

    Ordered on 4/20 amazing quality. The THCV/CBDV mix an amazing substitute for my ADHD meds. Like caffeine but no jitters! The D9 THCP gets you fucking zooted tho. 👽👽👽

  35. wendyatlphoto wendyatlphoto

    Absolutely excellent. Great product, wonderful company all around.

  36. Keaton Laver

    It does live up to the hype, it is stronger for sure, but lacks the magic of D9 still. A little overpriced imo.

  37. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    I got exactly what they advertised quickly. Would recommend

  38. polunu polunu

    This produced a very clear-headed high with decent pain relief, mood-lift was fantastic for me. Lasted nearly 6 hrs before I redosed with hhc, nothing has lasted that long for me

  39. Jared Foster

    Adding this at 5% to any mix takes it out the house! My next blend I’ll mix it at 10%. This noid is definitely enhanced when paired with other noids, rather than just by itself, in my experience. Great product.

  40. Paul Larsen

    This adds a kick to my sativa mixes. It’s very potent when mixed, but not as impressive alone.

  41. Brandon Boeglin

    I mixed into HHC and it gave a great buzz. By itself it made me foggy into the next day. Not in a good way neither. Over all believe I got what I ordered.

  42. Nicole Rayner

    Potent, yes, but this stuff is a PAIN to work with and extremely sticky! Nobody warned me, so here’s the warning for the rest of you. I was constantly worrying about if I was going to ruin the product with too much heat, and for this price that’s a deeply understandable worry!

    For effect I can’t assess either, because it was such a pain to mix into my THCO blend, but I enjoyed the blend afterwards – hence the three stars.

    Ultimately not worth it full price is my verdict; I bought this using the 4/20 discount. Wait for a sale unless you’re very seasoned with distillates.

  43. Jesus Solis

    Excellent, simply Excellent

  44. dabigone112 dabigone112

    I’m glad i grabbed this during the sale. It’s a great addition if you want more potent mixes, but the price is keeping me away from making it a regular in my arsenal. It definitely beats out the quality of the disposable carts i was using before, even at the same ratios. Pretty standard for Vivimu

    I’d almost prefer the small amounts of distillate to come in syringes or something like the terpenes. Just a minor nitpick though.

  45. Asher Mcnamee

    Exactly as ordered and described. Arrived super quick and it seems like my shipping was upgraded for free too. My tolerance is massive so this is something I can actually feel. It’s this cool purple hue, and it’s got a distinct hint of spiciness on the inhale when vaporized without being harsh at all. To my tolerance it feels maybe 2/3x as potent as d9, but longer lasting and more clearheaded.

  46. Daniel Pavlides

    Ordered a gram of delta 9 thcp a few weeks ago, just came back to leave review. It definitely got me on another level of high, but i also ordered a ounce of delta 8 distillate and I have to say due to price I’d rather just use a little bit more delta 8 product to get desired effect……. Was happy I got everything expected when expected as I’ve never ordered anything prior from here. I didn’t think to take photos of the product for this review, so I won’t post my now mostly empty jars.

  47. Colton Kirkpatrick

    Put it in a syringe next time, please.

  48. Tate MP

    This stuff is insane. Seriously only consider this if you have high tolerance. And only use a tiny dab. Be careful. I can’t wait to mix it with other noids.

  49. Austin Moorefield

    Not nearly as potent as advertised even when consumed via nectar collector straight out of the jar. IMHO if you’re going to splurge on one of these novelties HHCp is you’re best bet. Honestly I purchased it to get to the 1000 points to get $100 off my next order to purchase HHCp that I couldn’t normally afford. Now after being an obviously loyal customer to Vivimu or MC NC they can’t seem to figure out how allow me to make my purchase with on going discounts and my *well earned* $100 off. And this is just after I finally made an account lol track my purchases and I’ve spent over 5k with y’all before making an account my bad on that part but darn it can we figure this out I just want a gram a HHCp discounted on top of the $100 off which would bring it to like $30 or something like wow I did a lot to try and get the “good” deal i deserve according to the website and I don’t know just make it right PLEASE I’ve contacted y’all privately numerous times regarding this issue out of respect. So here’s my review. Contact me

  50. TC McKelva

    Truly a miracle worker on my nerve pain, better than what the state that I live in offers for medical Marijuana. Keep up the good work Vivimu, you’re changing people’s quality of life and I thank you very much.

  51. Frank Damiani

    I was originally using Delta 8 THC-P in cartridges and tinctures. This stuff mixed with Delta 8 THC-p & THCO… is the ultimate mix!

  52. stephen730 stephen730

    Woa! This stuff, just the tip of the small end of a standard dab tool.. It feels like I got a D9 Cart (or two) and blew threw it all the same day. But I haven’t… it’s just the tip of the dab tool. This is amazing. Worth every penny and then some for medical benefits. Such a fine taste, color, texture. Everything is so good. I’m blown away.

  53. Michael Ippolito

    Super strong, definitely lives up to the hype and gives me awesome effects. The duration is also greatly extended in my experience, so definitely keep that in mind!

  54. Aaron Isaacs

    D9 thcp is extremely powerful and mildly stimulating in my opinion. Lasts for a long long time. Not as much body load as the d8 but a stronger head high. Will buy again at a good sale!

  55. chris van Eps

    Good product but packaging needs improvement. When u are getting such a little amount a syringe or something would be more efficient to minimize loss

  56. Matthew Staples

    Very strong head high without much of a body load. Lasts an extremely long time, especially when consumed orally. I was still feeling the effects of a few mg consumed orally on the third day, with it peaking about 12 hours in. Be careful with small amounts at first.

  57. Matt Hylton

    Hugely overrated or I got a bad batch.

  58. Haitham Sharif

    Not sure what the hype is about. Took a small hit due to all the hype around it expecting to get lifted, ended up finishing basically half of my .25g in one sitting. I wouldn’t pay $10 for what I received

  59. schrineraustin schrineraustin

    This noid is very strong. I took a hit and thought I could handle it so I took another slightly bigger rice-grain dab and that was a mistake. I was put into a kush coma for the entire day, and was stoned the entire next day. I was still woozy when I woke up on the third day. This stuff is not to be messed with. I will be using this one very sparingly and I will make sure to share the experience with others hahaha

  60. ed Collins

    I also do not see the hype for the price..

  61. Bryce Wongler

    Top tier, hits like a truck

  62. Giovanni Canales

    definitely packs a punch when taken orally. i took about 12 mg and was couchlocked for the rest of the night and woke up stoned still. I’d say the whole experience lasted about 16 hours and gave me a craaaazy high

  63. pjkrk36 pjkrk36

    Very dank. Excellent Product. Shipping was super fast.

  64. Brandon Houser

    Everyone is different. For me personally, this doesn’t feel especially potent compared to the price, while others swear by it. If you find it doesn’t work for you, try vivimu’s THCPo – now THAT is potency, and doesn’t even cost much more. Good luck all !

  65. Todd Grohall

    good time

  66. Eric Woomer

    Obviously very potent, I took about half a rice grain orally and got tired of waiting so I vaped another half grain and that was enough to get the job done and that’s saying a lot. My tolerance is through the roof…I puff clouds of thco from my Tfv18 tank on regular basis and takes several clouds to feel anything. Great “novelty” to have.

  67. Jacob Hartman

    Good but hopefully thcpo is best

  68. Conner McLaughlin

    Great quality, I don’t order from anyone else.

  69. Andrew Anderson

    Definitely like D9THC in a lot of ways when added to HHC, but a lot more intense and longer lasting. Turned my normal HHC into a super stoney and more intense type D9 high. Great additive even at 1-2%.

  70. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    Definitely potent. I didn’t try this one by itself, but even just adding a little to my blend made it knock my socks of and break down my tolerance.

  71. flooptoop11 flooptoop11

    Thc-p adds an extra layer of buzz to any blend, almost getting into nod off territory. It seems to be very effective even when used as low as 10% of the blend.

  72. Michael Humphrey

    This is a great distillate to mix with HHC/HHCO for a balanced source of pain relief and psychadellic enjoyment. I often swap between HHC-P and THC-P just to vary the relief up. They also work great in edibles!

    It’s clean. Smooth and powerful. Love it.

  73. Daniel Hudson

    Excellent! 2nd time ordering this prouduct and I love it! Will deffiently be ordering more.

  74. Jonathan Harris

    Very Fine P!

  75. Joseph Wyman

    Great for an added punch!

  76. Justin Deleon

    1g came in a syringe, which made application/storage incredibly easy. Added at 20% with THCo, HCCo, & HCC/CBN blend. Very obviously potent, but not overbearing. Can’t imagine 100%, but it makes a great potentizer for even a basic blend at the ‘new’ price.

  77. Lori DeGraw

    I haven’t purchased yet but by reviews I will be buying for my boyfriend.

  78. Timothy Francis

    Excellent quality just need a few puffs great for topping off other distillate

  79. Cody T

    got this a month ago and waited to leave a review, this is probably one of the coolest noids to come out. I’ve soaked thca in some terped thcp and had one of the best smoke sesh days. would always recommend to atleast have on deck for some special occasions even

  80. Chris Moniaci

    Potent when used in 5%

  81. Caryn Hester

    Lovely. Not harsh but effective

  82. Azrael von Kohler

    mixed 10% in with d8 as well as did some dabs on its own. seriously the best dabs ive ever tried!! stronger than anything else and a good price! i was in space!!!!

  83. michael mcgraw

    good for an enterouge effect

  84. Robert Sederholm

    Great purity & taste. Excellent quality concentrate, strong but never too strong. 100% recommend, but not for new or low tolerance users.

  85. nicholson4170 nicholson4170

    This stuff is pretty good. The effects are long lasting and not intense. You will feel very mellow off this. It can also help to take the edge off of traditional cannabis. All around good product with a decent taste even.

  86. Alexander MacLellan

    Amazing at 10% in a blend!

  87. Bill Gates

    Very potent so happy to finally have it in my collection!

  88. Evan Bradley

    Was good, but only marginally better than others at cheaper prices.

  89. Jacob Elliott

    I like it very much helps with pain a lot and makes other cannabinoids last a long time and then enhances weed and abs just overall amazing

  90. Izzy Manos

    I believe the effects to be incredibly over exaggerated.

  91. jake dodge

    Very good, used it as a 10% mix and was lovely

  92. Gabe Clayton

    THCp from Vivimu was exactly what you’re expecting it to be; clean, potent. If you’re new to Alt-noids then tread lightly. A little goes a long way!

  93. Sean Flaherty

    An extended duration without a drastic peak. Could see it as good for arthritis, chronic pain, etc

  94. brandon prazmowski

    Five stars for the quality and feeling, but i feel like it’s still too expensive and overpriced. Either way if you get this, you won’t be disappointed!

  95. crpeck9073 crpeck9073

    Incredible stuff. I’ve got a heavy tolerance (I dab like 3 or 4 grams a day) but the 5 grams I got will last me close to a year! The price seemed high, but it is so worth it.

  96. Cassidy Willborn

    Idk if it’s me or the distillate, but I didn’t get anything out of this.

  97. Walter Smith

    I really enjoyed it very much. It’s 33x THC potency sounds about right. Plus it lasts way longer. Its also good in mixtures. You will develop a wicked tolerance really quickly so I’d recommend occasional use as to not lose the ability to get high.

  98. Chase Mclaughlin

    This stuff is great, put 250mg in a cart with some other distillate and a few puffs I would be good for the rest of the night, this is honestly probably my favorite cannabinoid to vape but I put it in a tincture and it was ROUGH I ended up high for at least a day and a half, so maybe do very small amounts for any sort of edibles

  99. Nicholas Thomas

    Amazing product. This stuff will knock anyone with a tolerance on their butt. It certainly did for me. It was even filled a little over the 1ml mark which is always a plus ! No flavor. 10/10 🙂

  100. Ed Quiggle Jr.

    Very potent. Very thick. Excellent

  101. Paul Klemstine

    gave me supernatural visions

  102. Nicholas Woyshner

    Very good cannabinoid, kind of tastes like banana ribbon candy on its own, be careful with this though it can have a stoney hangover well into the next day if you use too much, dilution is key.

  103. Matt Snellen

    On point! Exactly as described…Super potent

  104. Sebastian Soliz

    smooth and very potent, can take up to 20 minutes to feel

  105. Angelica Hooks

    Took a long time to ship.

  106. michaelralls23 michaelralls23

    D*** that s*** is awesome totally would buy it again if they’ll drop the price

  107. No Use

    VERY HIGH…..quality. added .2 to 5gs ofD8 and the HHC/CBN ON VIVIMU( anyone else wanna just refer to the site as “the MU”) turns out to be the BEST blend yet. foking LIT!!!

  108. Brandon Conacher

    Def needs mixed if ur not a heavyyyyyyy smoker

  109. adrian stevens

    Needs mixed but it is very strong

  110. Kelli hunt

    My nephew ordered this and I tried it the first time yesterday and I love it. Feeling the need to put my order in today for more! Ty for keeping quality products affordable prices. Helps less fortunate like myself stay well and nicely elevated. Thanks

  111. kayden Hernandez

    This stuff is strong definitely had the kick ive been looking for.

  112. David Smethie

    EXTREMELY POTENT! My only real “complaint” was the high price, even when it was on sale at the time. I believe a gram was 3 figures back a year or so ago. A year later, the p/po noids are still expensive, but at least prices have dropped significantly.

  113. Sean Kamerer-White

    This stuff is too strong to take without mixing it with something like d8 to water it down no matter how high your tolerance it will not be fun if you try to take a bunch with some dry like I did lol. A little goes a long way. a very small dab is more than enough.

  114. Buck Rodgers

    Awesome doesn’t take much to to do it

  115. Chad Battistone

    Fast Shipping – Thank you!

  116. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Great to potentiate mixes


    This had me waking up at 2 AM like GOOO GOOO GAAA GAAAAAA. Would highly recommend!

  118. Johann Steele

    It glows brightly under a black light which is pretty strange and it’s quite viscous so it needs to be heated to dispense. I think the price is still way too high and I’m hopeful it will come down over time. Potency is ok, for me it’s about the same strength as regular d9. Tastes kinda good. I think my biggest problem is the amount of time I have to wait to receive anything. Like seriously. That’s gotta change

  119. Brad Caldwell

    Excellent as a 5% addition to D8 distillate…my new favorite combo!

  120. Garrett Glover

    Batch from late Feb 2023 tasted like pickle juice when dabbed pure. I’ve tried all the really potent P’s and PO’s, THCP is my least favorite of the bunch.

  121. Barron Mbl

    CAREFUL… insanely potent

  122. Joseph Creel

    Amazing effects.

  123. Bruce Soukup

    This is like the Old days of real hashish! Thank-you from a old 70 year young smoker!

  124. Chase Higginbotham

    Will get an keep you RIPPED for nearly 24 hours, however, it’s not overwhelming like taking too many edibles. You’ll be extremely yet pleasantly stoned. I recommend to anyone who wants that next level experience. It will ruin your tolerance for about a week, FYI

  125. Jeff Gillstrom

    Strong! This is the best stuff great to add to another noid for a boost. On its on is major bake

  126. Omar Sandoval

    Holy sh*t! DO NOT underestimate this product. Pricy but packs one hell of a punch. I am a heavy D9 dabber and this was no joke! I took 4 fat dabs and boy was that a mistake! I was high… like high high… like high high HIGH…. uncomfortable high. I was legit high for a day and a half. Insane. After that lesson I dab a tiny bit at night before my bed time D9 dabs and it for sure adds to it and helps me dab less D9 for insomnia.

  127. Terry

    A Good mixer. It Kicked my d8 up a notch or three. I’ll probably explore other similar (but stronger) noids soon and see where that takes me.. 🌙

  128. mike beard

    This is the strongest I’ve ever tried way more potent than delta9. Great head high. A little pricey but worth having for special occasions a little goes a long way. Just ordered more. Thank you vivmu for a wonderful product you never disappoint.

  129. Alex Wildey

    Great product! I am buying more! FIRE!!!!

  130. michael mcgraw

    Doesn’t effect me much. THCh or HHCH are the way to go if ya want strong noids

  131. Alex Wildey

    Insane how strong this is! 🔥🔥🔥

  132. Shawn Rivard

    is anyone else mixing Delta9 THCP with Delta8 and if so at what ratios?

  133. maddox_matson maddox_matson

    Will destroy tolerance, best paired with some hhc in a blend

  134. Caryn Hester

    Not bad. Pretty standard stuff. Little pricey.

  135. Bryan

    worth every penny! 25 year everyday smoker and vaped concentrate everday for the last 5 years. This product is wicked. mixed at 10% into my normal dab sauce… omg.

  136. pgnathan213

    It is very good for a D9-p distillate, while I have had a slightly more potent version of D9-p distillate from another company for the same price. It was sold in one gram jars only and the 5-10% extra potency didn’t make up for the 30% I couldn’t easily remove from the jar for use. I get so much more out of a gram from Vivimu which are shipped in glass syringes, so I get to easily use the entire gram I paid for. I would prefer if a short tip blunt needle came with this instead of the long version I received, but that is a small matter for concern.

  137. pgnathan213

    Very good product! Not the most potent D9 THCp I’ve ever purchased but a close second for sure. I will be purchasing more from VIVIMU over the other vendor regardless of their slightly increased potency and identical pricing simply because their grams come in a jar which I’ve yet to successfully remove more than .75g of each gram I’d purchased, yet with Vivimu I received their D9 THCp in a glass syringe secured inside a plastic cylinder wrapped in bubble wrap and I was finally able to actually use the entire gram I received through an online vendor. It had cost me 25% more per gram I could consume for something maybe 5% more porent at most before I finally became aware of Vivimu. I have ordered many of the same products from multiple vendors at this point and I have yet to find any other vendor that offers such a high level of quality across such a wide offering of products and maintains that quality consistently every time on every product I’ve ordered from them, Vivimu is the one vendor I’ve come to trust on quality, and I have no desire to gamble on “shopping around” any longer now that I’ve used Vivimu so many different times with always positive and consistent results.

  138. Brandon Holland

    Vivimus thcp is wonderful. Just a few drops literally will help you blast off anywhere you wanna go. If you want something to help glue you to the couch then look no further.

  139. lawk41

    Came in syringe, easy to add to blend. I prefer HHCp over this but then again I prefer HHC over D9 as well so there’s that. Nice addition to a blend to kick it up a notch.

  140. Ej Moran

    Product worked extremely well, delivers a heavy and long lasting high that ignores your delta 9 tolerance, also delivers a heavenly body high.

  141. Kit

    Worth the money in my opinion. That might he controversial, but If you have a high tolerance, or problems with pain, it is extremely useful regardless of price.

  142. Jacob Holbrook

    Very good

  143. Jacob Holbrook


  144. Jacob Holbrook

    Amazing product

  145. J.D.

    Very strong, great if you have a high tolerance. Definitely start with a SMALL dose to see how it affects you first…

  146. Ryan Philbrook

    Wonderful product as always, the price is far more reasonable than it used to be as well. 10/10

  147. roddyroo10

    Good afff

  148. shutup

    A little pricey but well worth it! Top shelf THCp and arrived extremely fast! Awesome!

  149. shutup

    Fast Shipping and great product! Just wish I had ordered more than 1g. Will buy more soon! HIGHly recommended.

  150. titotata177 titotata177

    this stuff is awesome for stretching your mixes

  151. Tom Kite

    Holy smokes, took a dab of this uncut and i was blazed for a whole day like it was my first time all over again. this is the real deal.

  152. bbates205

    BE VERY CAREFUL! Don’t doubt the strength of this stuff. I got the dosage wrong when making gummies and had a gummy with about 8 mg in it and greened out so unbelievably hard. It’s been about 41 hours since I took the gummy and I’m not totally recovered. Make sure you know how much you’re taking!

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