CBC Distillate

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to a customer favorite, our CBC Distillate. Imagine a smooth, refreshing blend designed to bring a unique experience to your soul. Crafted with care and precision, our CBC Distillate offers a delightful experience that’s as easy as it is enjoyable. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or seeking a moment of tranquility, our CBC Distillate is here to accompany you on your journey.

What Is CBC Distillate?

CBC, one of the lesser-known cannabinoids, is gaining recognition from our customers for its potential therapeutic properties. Our CBC Distillate undergoes a precise distillation process to extract the purest form of CBC, free from unwanted impurities. 

Our Best CBC Distillate

What sets our CBC Distillate apart is its potential to offer a range of benefits, including relaxation, mood enhancement, and even potential support for discomfort relief. It’s a versatile product that can be enjoyed in various ways, whether added to your favorite beverage or consumed directly.

Why Should You Choose Vivimu to Buy CBC Distillate Online?

When you choose us for your CBC Distillate needs, you’re opting for quality, transparency, safety, convenience, and innovation. Our commitment to rigorous quality standards, transparency in product information, third-party testing for safety, exceptional customer service, an easy online shopping experience, and dedication to innovation set us apart. Not to mention that we publicly post all of our product COAs so that our customers have as much information about our products as possible. 

CBC Distillate – Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CBC Distillate Safe?

Yes, our CBC distillate is safe for consumption. We prioritize the safety of our products through rigorous quality control measures, which include third-party testing by independent laboratories. These tests ensure the absence of harmful contaminants and verify the purity and potency of our CBC Distillate. You can trust that when you choose us, you’re choosing a safe and reliable option for your wellness needs.

How Is CBC Distillate Made?

Our CBC distillate is made by extracting cannabinoids from premium cannabis plants, purifying the oil, and then subjecting it to a distillation process to isolate cannabichromene (CBC). Rigorous testing ensures purity and safety before we pack it up and ship it directly to you.

How Do I Use CBC Distillate?

CBC Distillate can be consumed directly by placing it under the tongue, mixed with food or drinks, vaporized (dab), or applied topically. All you need to do is start with a low dose and adjust gradually.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects of CBC Distillate?

The potential side effects of CBC Distillate are typically mild and may include dry mouth, dizziness, and drowsiness. However, we believe it is important to know that individual responses can vary. It is important to start with a low dose and monitor your body’s reaction. In cases of adverse effects, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional. If you are using any medicines or substances, please be aware of any potential interactions. While our CBC distillate is generally well-tolerated, it’s essential to use it responsibly and in moderation.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBC Distillate?

The benefits of using our CBC distillate may include the potential for relaxation, mood enhancement, and possible relief from discomfort. It’s important, however, to consider the fact that individual responses can differ, so we recommend exploring its effects gradually and consulting a healthcare professional if necessary.

Can I Get CBC Disitllate in Bulk & Wholesale Online From Vivimu?

Yes, you can purchase our CBC distillate in bulk and wholesale quantities online from Vivimu. As well as our parent company, MC Nutraceuticals. We offer convenient options for retailers, distributors, and businesses looking to incorporate high-quality CBC Distillate into their product lines or offerings. Our bulk and wholesale ordering process is simple and seamless, allowing you to access premium CBC distillate to meet your specific needs. Contact us directly or visit our website to learn more about our bulk and wholesale purchasing options.

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  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

We take pride in our swift shipping, ensuring your order arrives at your doorstep with next-day or two-day delivery options. These faster shipping options enable our customers to enjoy the benefits sooner. 

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

138 reviews for CBC Distillate

  1. John Walker

    Really good price for CBC, and definitely does what I wanted it to do, I can notice an increase in strength in mixes with the CBC added. The jar it came was unnecessarily big but that’s not a big deal at all.

  2. John Savovic

    This CBC is great to thin out vape mixes. The price was the best I had seen, and I’m more than satisfied. I will also note the jar it came in was larger than need be!

  3. Jacob Elliott

    Really awesome cannabinoid makes mixes stronger and more medical and makes easier to get into vapes and is super cheap amazing find

  4. James Cherrier

    This CBC distillate was a great grab, especially for the price. I use CBC is all of my custom vape mixes to help the oil flow and it helps to add to the overall entourage effect. Love seeing the posted COA. Add this as another great purchase from Vivimu.

  5. Jason Miller

    This is a great price for CBC and I like the containers. I use this in tinctures and vape mixes. The effects CBC create are remarkable, it opens a new gateway.

  6. Derek Boelter

    This is pretty much a must buy. If you know what inhibitors are then you know you need it. Why have 4 stars when you can add this and get 5 stars.

  7. Eadan Trimble

    CBC so far has helped with my noid mixes tremendously. Simply adding more viscosity, a smoothness of hit, and a balance between noids. I would recommend this product if you’re having problems with your mixes being too stiff, or as a cbd alternative

  8. Erik K

    Love the quality and value of Vivimu products. Way cheaper than CBC elsewhere. This CBC is essential to enhance the effects of my other noids. Highly recommend!

  9. Matthew Donadio

    Or maybe more like a fuel additive.. Point is it works great to make to alter viscous noid mixes. Addition of CBC to other distillate causes more flow at room temp and makes the mix easier to work with. CBC is active at different receptors and is well documented to boost effects of other cannabinoids. I mostly use it in concentrations about 5-10%, have yet to experiment with high rates. From my exp feel that it jump starts the entourage effect to a higher degree than other noids.

  10. Ian Phillips

    Glad they stock CBC had some on my first order and wish I got more. Vivimu definitely has a new customer!

  11. Ricky Douch

    Great product I bought 5 grams 3 months ago and have been mixing it with my HHC. Great entourage effects and very noticeable compared to just HHC by itself. Vivimu has always put out quality products!

  12. Brandon Guimond

    I must say for a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, this one is the one. I love getting a buzz and this stuff is good at adding a great feeling to the already high that I have. On its own it’s really nice and has a great uplifting feeling that lasts a while but not high but prob the next step down from a high lol.
    I also have the soft gels and I can feel the 25mg ones. I have been taking 1 a day each morning for 3 weeks and definitely feel less groggy and less depressed!

    I have given them to my girlfriend and she likes them too for the stomach health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. She says it has helped her as well these past few weeks.

    I also have given some to my cousin that had to shovel lots of snow and he said that he had a super bad headache as he woke up (not from this) before he started shoveling and tried one then 20 min later he was feeling better and said he powered through all the snow and took no breaks like he normally would have. Truly amazing, I like it way better than cbd.

  13. James Desmond

    I like this just as much as CBT, but it is cheaper and thins distillate well.

  14. George Brown

    great to mix with other noids i mixed with thco to make a cart and it was great!

  15. timothy hall

    Great product. Clean distillate exactly as promised. Great customer service

  16. Will Friedman

    Arrived quickly and well secured in the package. CBC is an excellent cannabinoid to put in a mix for added entourage effect. If you haven’t tried this one I would highly recommend, especially considering the price.

  17. Thomas Hutchison

    One of the best cannabinoids i’ve ever tried in a blend. Adds a noticible potency to most of my cannabinoids if added at a 5-10% ratio, works great as a extra thinning agent for carts with extremely thick distillate such as d8, and adds that extra umph on top of that! Try it out, you won’t regret it!

  18. Ryan Ward

    Great for thinning mixes, and good for adding small amounts to achieve more entourage type effects………………………….9/10………

  19. 1426email 1426email

    Good stuff. Great for making thick distillates like D8 and HHC less viscous in order to use in a cart, and I notice it improves the effects of those as well.

  20. Landon Bray

    lovely stuff. good thinner for blends and also helps my joints loosen.

  21. richardbukowski richardbukowski

    CBC is a great thinner for my mixes and I only need to use it in minimal amounts under 10 or even 5% depending. Definitely a staple in my collection now

  22. TriggerGTO TriggerGTO

    Great minor cannabinoid that cleay for me qnd from what I see others say potentiates/brings out other cannabinoids benefits.

  23. Michael Sobrido

    Mixed very well with the HHC/CBN blend and some THCO.

  24. Sam R.

    Most underrated cannabinoid there is. Make a blend of 50/50 CBC with CBG, and you will have the best G.I. Tract inflammation relief, from the throat to the bum… truly! IBS-lifesaver. And it’s a neurogenic compound, so it can be reinforce the ability to learn new ways of learning (if that makes sense), with synaptic plasticity benefits — plus, it is an antidepressant due to such effects.

    Just keep out of light, open air, and heat. That way it wont degrade into CBL.

    I do, however, encourage Vivimu to offer this were within a syringe, not a tub…because it is not easy (or even possible, sometimes) to get the entire amount out of the tub, with a common luer syringe + 14g tip. It would also be nice to have a truly T-free version of this product (No D8 or D9 isomers, within such, and proven with a reasonably low LOQ/LOD on the lab COA), like many other popular vendors do carry.

  25. Catgirls fourtwenty

    Great addition to enhance any mix, and seems to have some mood boosting benefit on it’s own. Although, it seems to really only be worth it when mixed with CBD and CBG, and a little THC (optional)! But when mixed, this cannabinoid is great and worth every penny!

  26. atomicbeads atomicbeads

    HeyHey Vivimu! I noticed people leaving all kinds of reviews for products they didn’t purchase. Specifically the thcp and other ps. Sorry but I was bothered with the” reviews” bitching about the price.

  27. Brent Scott

    I get cbc from Vivimu only. I like they send me up too date lab paper work. Live the quality am live that when j make a larger order I can get free overnight shipping. That’s a really big deal for someone pinching pennies sll that’s possible. Cbc really boost the effects of other noids mixed in with it.

  28. Scott Berry

    It’s a great thinner. I use it to get Hhc into carts.

  29. Keaton Laver

    Great for thinning blends and it doesnt take much, might add to the entourage effect but its hard to tell.

  30. Linda Clayson

    Very low viscosity, but adheres to itself better than THCO so it’s easier to work with. Boosts the effect of other cannabinoids.

  31. Paul Larsen

    I mainly bought this for loosening up thick noids, but it also adds a noticable effect for my CBG/CBD back pain mix.

  32. Ethan Barnett

    I’m gonna have

  33. Aaron Isaacs

    Great for thinning out mixes and boost the analgesic effect of cannabinoids.

  34. dabigone112 dabigone112

    Does well to thin out thicker distillates, as well as improve the effect in some way. Hard to say, but you notice when it’s gone. I use it in everything now.

  35. Jesus Aguilar

    Good quality CBC. Received my sample in a small jar. The lid was somewhat deformed which caused some of my sample to leak out onto the secondary packaging envelope. Lost a good degree of sample. Not sure if my case is an isolated incident. Lid could have been deformed by some form of impact force or high temperature. Highly doubt it could have been by high temperature exposure though. Would prefer sturdier jar lids.

  36. Kelli Segnatelli

    This one is a game changer for me. I use cannabinoid blends to help with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and adding CBC in the mix is exactly what I needed.

  37. Shannon Slane

    Ive done a lot of research of the potential affects of CBC and its been listed as helping with Neuropathy, Pain, Migraine etc but i really struggled finding a quality source until vivimu was reccomend to me. Not only are the products quality and shipped quickly, but i love that i get testing results on everything i order. I have found that the CBC disillite is wonderful for thinning out some of the thicker disillites i use, but also seems to help bind some of my mixtures that includes both isolates and disillites. To date ive added this CBC into gummies, tinctures and carts all successfully. Ive added it in addition to CBD, CBN and CBG and im loving the entourage effect. While i cant pinpoint the exact effect of CBC i will say that it’s improved every product ive added it to. I’ve been adding between 20%-30% to my overall product to find the best results for me. Im very glad to have found this product and have already placed my 2nd order for it. Prior to use, if its too thick just add it to warm water for a few moments and i use glass syringes to measure and disperse the CBC.

  38. Ethan Krueger

    Wish I could say what this does. It definitely thins a distillate out well. Makes the effects last longer. And simply makes the effects of the dominant cannabanoid feel “fuller.” Will buy again

  39. sakerocket1 sakerocket1

    Need more!

  40. gstewart3469 gstewart3469

    Wonderful noid for thinning mixtures and rounding out effects

  41. Philip Kestenbaum

    This is very potent cbc. Very good for a relaxing evening.

  42. Jeremy Wheatley

    My first sample of CBC was awesome. There are several benefits to it but the one most pronounced for me was the mood elevation. As someone with a mood disorder this is a godsend. Pharmaceutical alternatives take months to produce effects this strong and the side effects are even stronger. What a find. Very happy with my first order! (^_^) thanks!

  43. Jasen Adams

    Haven’t tried this batch yet but have never disappointed great time add with my delta 8 and thcp blends. Great consistency and weight is always a tad over. Can’t wait to try your delta 8 distillate and other terpenes as well!

  44. Chris Moniaci

    Smooth and makes my mixes last forever. Mixed with CBT is amazing as well

  45. Conner Isom

    CBC is a staple in every blend I make, at minimum 4% usually 6-7% though, for carts. Alone it isn’t special but when combined with CBT/CBN/CBD/etc (along with d8 or hhc + the o’s/p’s if your high tolly or need a long duration) it beats any legal state live resin delta 9 cart I’ve tried by a huge margin.

    Yeah CBC/CBT is really expensive, but a small amount goes a long way. CBC seems to noticably prolong the effects for me. CBC+CBT are a must for any cart blend IMO.

    Also – I ordered HHCo with CBT(? Or CBC, doesn’t matter) and the HHCo had leake during shipping, only 4g max of the 10g was salvageable. Vivimu reshipped 10g HHCo no questions asked, and gave a 30% off coupon (plus a cools sticker) for the trouble!

    Sorry for being long winded, my knockout blend is kicking in lol… and I love sharing what I’ve learned works for my reasons of use. I hope this helps someone, these 2 are worth the hefty price tag, especially paired with d8/hhc.

    As always, thanks Vivimu, y’all rock. Keep up the great work

  46. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    Quality and customer service
    Go vivi

  47. Paul Balkam

    Excellent. I added it to my magic mix. The low viscosity is a big deal. It also seems to make the vape a bit more mellow. Hopefully the entourage thing will be enhanced, but it can only be better to have it in there. I would at least like to have the option for a syringe instead of a jar.

  48. Zachary Davidson

    nice mixer for cannabinoid blends

  49. nathanielwfosteriii nathanielwfosteriii

    Very nice adder to different formulas. And… a great price and service as always.

  50. RS

    This has no COA link — it says “error 404” on the COA section of this page (no link to the COA page either).

  51. Chace Man

    Very nice dabs

  52. Lucas Vasquez

    GREAT for thinning out the viscosity of a mix, while simultaneously thickening its effects.

  53. Drew Ponkonin

    Love mix it with hhc and d8

  54. Matthew Staples

    Really like how this can thin out a mix while enhancing effects.

  55. Cody T

    Thinned out my Thcb and Thcv very well and gave them a nice sweet taste ontop. if this isn’t a staple in your mixes you’re missing out.. atleast 3% 10/10 thank you vivimu

  56. abramhammes abramhammes

    Makes mixes more potent

  57. John Herron

    Does the trick!

  58. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    Amazing for my relaxation and sleeping blend based on HHC. Dissolved well. Arrived overweight significantly. Vivimu just can’t stop winning.

  59. John Cortes

    This is the highest quality CBC distillate I’ve been able to find. It’s a staple in all my mixes. It really makes other noids last longer, and does dampens any comedown that may be happening. It also helps when you’re feeling sick or sore. And it’s amazing for your skin of you blend it into your favorite face cream.

  60. flooptoop11 flooptoop11

    CBC really enhances the duration of other cannibinoids. I can tell a difference when I dont add it. Usually put it in at around 10% of the blend.

  61. Adam Wyatt

    Great enterouge effect. Helps thin out mixes. Great price as always

  62. Jared Foster

    I need to order more! CBC is a game changer for nerve pain. I don’t realize just how much it helps relieve pain and tension until I run out. It’s great for potentiating mixes too.

  63. Leah Schwartz

    Now that small volumes come in syringes I am unstoppable!!! This product is so good for increasing liquidity for placing concentrates into a cart. I love that it also seems to improve the overall effects of mixes.

  64. Caleb Anton

    Really easy to add to a mix

  65. Jessica McKevitt

    This was easy to work with and I was able to incorporate it into some of my DIY armchair mixology easily. A must have for any wellness concepts, especially chronic pain! Really contributes to analgesic properties of broad and full spectrum preparations.

  66. brandon prazmowski

    Excellent noid to boost any mix. Gives me great pain relief on its own and even better with other noids or THC. CBC is essential to life imo. It does so many things for us.

  67. Jake Pogue

    Great for thinning out thick mixes and adding entourage effects

  68. Tyler Munson

    Definitely a good component for pain relief and stretching out your entourage.

  69. VenomX Nate

    Great product for mixing

  70. Shae Rudisill

    Great quality Distillate. I’m surprised it’s liquid at room temp, but I’m glad bc it’s easier to work with for making droppers which is what I got it for. I’ll be getting more!

  71. Richard Hambrick

    Great for mixing and thinning.

  72. Bella Judd

    Seems pretty nice quality to me. I honestly just bought this out of curiosity but I’m very glad I did. Apparently it’s supposed to help with acne and I’m pleased to see that my bothersome acne has cleared up significantly! Not completely gone but it’s the best it’s been in years. Highly recommend trying this!

  73. Azrael von Kohler

    hits like a strong sedative! would not recommend for big solo dabs this is definitely more of a mixer. eased my anxiety straight away tho

  74. Brian Baker

    A “must-have” in every disty and iso mixer’s repertoire.

  75. Alexander MacLellan

    Perfect addition to any noid mix!

  76. Cedric Bado

    This company is a game changer. Plus they have the best prices on the market. Quality is undeniable

  77. Pablo Rodriguez

    It’s a very cost-effective way to thin out distillate without adding taste, it does seem to prolong the effects a bit.

  78. Sean Flaherty

    Fantastic for thinning viscous noids

  79. Brooks Hawkins

    I received my 3.5g of CBC in a concentrate container with a plastic lid lol. I was expecting a vial, or even better a syringe. I know Christmas is coming up so there’s probably a run on things, but…..not the ideal way to receive CBC.

  80. Kenneth Bailey

    Fantastic for melting down other cannabinoid oil.

  81. Marcus Pasay

    Always a great minor to add to my mixes. Comes just as advertised.

  82. Jonathan Greever

    I use this in a blend with CBT and CBG in an HHC base and terps to make an effective medicine for my neuropathy. I get relief from constantly feeling like my toes are a little too close to a campfire.

  83. Brandon Hebert

    Great for thinning out carts for a good price and quality shit

  84. Erin Meyer

    I wish it came in the pictured syringe and it would be nice if you labeled containers rather than just the bag it comes in. Quality CBC though.

  85. Clint Loftin

    This was so easy to work with for gummies! I can already tell it’s improving my normal CBD edibles. Super fast shipping and all around great buying experience.

  86. Charlie McDaniel

    It’s thin, it helps synergize other noids together and it doesn’t cost too much or take a whole lot to round off a blend.

  87. Brian Ruggiero

    One of the best cannabinoids. Easy to work with, no heating required. Add to other delta noids to make raise viscosity. Even thins hhc.

  88. J A

    Solid product, not disappointed whatsoever. Works great blending with their HHC distillate. Thins it out nice and smooth for carts, and even enhances the effects of the HHC a little bit. Will be back for more!

  89. Kelli hunt

    This is pure great quality product. The ease of this site and shipping is fine it was 5 days the last shipment. Packaging always simply sturdy. I’m ordering again today I love this so much.

  90. Surya Shakamuri

    Great additional noid. Has a slighr effect on it’s own. It’s a great noid for anything, there’s a reason why everyone adds a little

  91. Tim Musso

    Came with 1.2grams , never tried this one by itself only in blends and I’m very surprised how well it works. I have a bad back and I’m surprised how comfy this can make me at the right dose. Will buy again

  92. Ryan Ward

    Great to mix with HHC or d8. It really helps bring out the effects and make them last longer. It doesn’t take much

  93. Beth Weech

    My health issues and body are very sensitive, so it’s nice to find cannabichromene that’s effective and doesn’t give me that telltale contaminant headache. Thank you! I like adding this to my custom hemp capsules but have also found it boosts pain relief when added to a CBD topical.

  94. Johannes Davidge

    Great quality, super fast shipping

  95. Chad Battistone

    Fast Shipping & A Great Price – Flawless Transaction

  96. Jason Steinberger

    Perfect, no issues

  97. brandon sisk

    Great for thinning out distillate

  98. jacob hines

    Absolute need for any mix


    Works great as a thinner !!!

  100. Dylan Giffin

    Adds depth to any noid blend! Great stuff…Bring back the Thca!

  101. Zach Thornhill

    Best natural hemp/canna alkaloid for pain imo, excellent enhancer ,, slightly joyous long term effects perhaps? goes in every blend for everyone ik. *) Really gotta have that full spectrum y’all.

  102. Richard Smith

    This seem to help with the psychoactive compounds. A blend of this with d8 hhc and thca defantly is better than the same mix without cbc. Has a bit of an aftertaste but a good potenater.

  103. Eric Boll

    Excellent stuff

  104. David Frank

    Great for rounding off a mix.

  105. Eric Andresen

    Great effects and helps thin out mixes.

  106. Chris Moseley

    I’m always skeptical when trying different noids but I’m never disappointed when ordering from Vivimu, so I gave it a try. It’s great for use as thinning out mixing due to its consistency, and adds time length to other noids. It seems to extend the high or pain relief. Definitely worth the price and adding to any mix.

  107. Brett Eggemeyer

    Thinned out my distillate nicely. Very little taste.

  108. William Ray

    Great quality, packaging, shipping time as always.

  109. adam manchook

    High quality cheap price, used at 5% in a mix and had a clear difference in feeling

  110. Hunter Hutson

    Great stuff for mixes, add 3-5% to any mix to help thin out even the thickest of distillates.

  111. caleb jonas


  112. caleb jonas


  113. Damarcos Estevez

    Makes my noids better in tinctures, bit of a bitter aftertaste though.

  114. jaycob

    unique color consistent with other vendors. very thin liquidy, great for thinnig. considered a potentiator.

  115. Henry Neuse

    Excellent all around thinning agent for any blend, use at 5-20% in conjunction with terpenes to control viscosity. Can’t go wrong with it.

  116. lawk41

    Great to thin out a blend and add some entourage effect.

  117. Jacob Holbrook

    Good buy

  118. roddyroo10


  119. Anonymous

    Great price and the synthesis is clean. It may be helpful when taken in edible form for aches and pains. May increase the “entourage effect” but I’m not a neuroscientist so who knows… ;-}

  120. luke holbrook

    ver good 10/10

  121. luke holbrook

    highly recomend everyone get this 10/10

  122. luke holbrook

    i recomend everyone try this

  123. luke holbrook

    high lastedd so lo9ng

  124. luke holbrook

    Really good price for CBC, and definitely does what I wanted it to do, I can notice an increase in strength in mixes with the CBC added. The jar it came was unnecessarily big but that’s not a big deal at all

  125. roddyroo10

    Very good

  126. Nicholas Dobie

    Best place to buy cbc. It’s hard to find good quality stuff. I’ve enjoyed their product many times and it’s superior over the others!

  127. Austin Hicks

    Tastes great a must add for every formulation. Lowers viscosity and extends noid durations.

  128. ss111886


  129. S Waters

    Great to add to blends to give them a bit more kick, dark brown color and sort of a earthy or wood smell. Worth it 5/5

  130. SR

    Very upset with the massive raise in price — from $120 to $150 per 14g, — and — from $198 to $250 for 28g.

  131. Jackson rye

    Very good

  132. Ryan Chappell

    Great quality and price for CBC. Great at thinning most blends while adding to the entourage effect and without sacrificing potency.

  133. Ryan Chappell

    Good quality CBC for the price. Good at thinning blends while adding to the total entourage effect and without lowering potency.

  134. Paul Larsen

    Great quality, and a good noid to have around. I use this to clean the very expensive ones out of their jars, no dab left behind!

  135. Moras

    Runny but it’s great for hhc and thca

  136. Moras

    Good for blends at 5-15%

  137. Moras

    Great at 5%

  138. quaff.legging0v

    Great for distillate vape mixes. CBC and CBT are the great for thinning distillate and providing full spectrum effects. I combine this with CBT (each at 5%). Anything higher than that and it gets a little funky like dirty socks.

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