CBNo Isolate

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Vivimu’s CBNo Isolate are made for Dabbing and DIY/Formulations. This product can be formulated in your house into tinctures, edibles, cartridges and etc!

Vivimu supplies many household brands that are your go-to source for cannabinoids. Now you can go directly to the source to ensure that your product is tested properly and safe!


  • Total Cannabinoid Content: See COA tab.
  • Delta 9 Content: Below 0.3% THC
  • Ingredients: CBNo


 Consult a physician before using this product. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if
 you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. Must be 21 years or
 older to purchase or use. Must be legal in your state or territory to purchase or use.


  • This Product may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some people. If you have any known or unknown heart, blood pressure, eye pressure, or similar/related issues, do not use this product unless recommended by a doctor.
  • Hemp Product(s) will likely cause you to fail a drug test. Do not use this
 product if you need to pass a drug test.
  • This Product can be intoxicating to some people. Do not drive or operate
 any machinery while using this product. Consult a doctor before using this

86 reviews for CBNo Isolate

  1. Paul Polackin

    I’m very impressed with CBN-O. I’ve been using CBN for a long time and I used 50mg daily. I tried-o yesterday after receiving. I used .10 gram. I was totally relaxed and heavy lidded in 30 minutes. Shortly thereafter I fell asleep. I’m very impressed.
    I’m trying same dose at bedtime tonight and expect the same results! CBN-O is a game changer for me.

  2. Ben VanBrocklin

    Oh wow. I work overnight shifts and have horrible trouble getting sleep at all. I measured out 8mg and chucked it under my tongue and I began feeling very relaxed and felt that classic stoney pressure behind my eyes that lead to a marvelous undisturbed sleep. Excellent sleep aid and general relaxant for sure.


    My CBN tolerance has gotten pretty high, but even at the beginning it never really “knocked me out”. I have pretty bad insomnia and my brain resists most sleeping medication quite easily. This stuff does hit hard and cause sleepiness in 20-30 mins, but I didn’t involuntarily go to sleep or anything. That said, it is quite a bit stronger than CBN. Anyone worrying about it being CBN-O, I wouldn’t be. They basically just cause acetylation by acetic anhydride. This is the same process that aspirin is made from salicylic acid to turn it into acetylsalicylic acid (otc aspirin).

  4. Oscar Rivera

    I really liked Vivimu’s cbn, but this CBNo is something else. Mixed with some HHC and HHCo ( from Vivimu) is new go to at night for relaxation. Thank again, yet to be disappointed by their products.

  5. Justin Jadlowski

    I’ve heard many suggest this causes them to sleep after onset. This was not my experience, however I did dab it with a mix of some other cannabinoids. (Hhc, d8, cbc) this added to my mix gave a very distinct relaxing and uplifting feeling. The onset was not instant, but it was closer to between 15 to 30 minutes like an edible. My SO and I enjoyed it so much, we are ordering more after I write this review 😆

  6. Anselmo Iturri


  7. Jake Pogue

    Mixed this in with the HHC/CBN distillate. Very relaxing and great for sleep.

  8. Sam Santacana

    Came with in depth testing info packet. Only tried dabbing it so far, interesting effects at an under 25mg dose. The jar was weirdly big for 2 grams

  9. Andre C

    Basically a delayed but much stronger version of CBN. Doesn’t “knock me out”, but makes me so warm and fuzzy that it’s really hard to keep the eyes open. Not very recreational but great for my insomnia! Seems to last a while though so gotta work on either dosage or making sure I can get enough sleep. Still an amazing tool.

  10. Matthew Woodward

    Great product. Awesome customer service and excellent package tracking service. There was a slight initial delay in shipping, but I understand that your team was extremely busy during the Saint Patricks Day sale. Even then your team was extrememly helpful and responded to my email quickly and kindly. Will be purchasing frequently!

    Matthew W.

  11. Randall Ulmer

    Easy to use, well packaged and super potent.

  12. Sharon Smart

    Nice product, loving it!

  13. James Dean

    Been mixing this with thc-o. So far it seems to knock me out pretty nicely. Full night of sleep. No hangover next day.

  14. Robin Baldwin

    Absolutely have been loving this stuff. Does wonders for sleep and not much has to be used. It’ll take you by surprise mixed into wax, accidentally took a nap more than once

  15. Timothy Norman

    It’s a little stronger than normal CBN think! Good price though for sure!

  16. xxjackintheboxx xxjackintheboxx

    I just started using this for sleep, it was harsh for me when vaped it but i am a long time smoker and it was mixed with 60% delta 8 and that is harsh to me already. When i mixed it into a tincture i got the best results and take it for bed with cbc, cbt and delta 8. Very great CBNo, and reasonably priced.

  17. Nickolis Bloom

    This stuff is amazing I have horrible problems with going to sleep an this stuff knocks me out in about 30 mins best thing I have had so far to help relax an calm down to go to bed

  18. Thomas Hutchison

    Amazing! Hands down the best sleep aid i have ever tried, i have had trouble sleeping on some nights for a long time, cbn helps but will only help keep me asleep for about 3 hours or so. With cbn-o i am able to fall asleep and stay asleep for much longer. I am able to get about 6-8 hours with cbn-o which is absolutely wonderful. I wake up feeling refreshed and well rested, not much more to ask for!

  19. markhstarling markhstarling

    Fantastic – 10/10

  20. Jesse Sebok

    Being a big time CBN enthusiast…I was quite excited when I first saw this one! This was actually my first purchase from vivimu, and I was very pleased with it I must say, helps knock me out and stay knocked out and catch up on some good ZZZs that and I wake up very calm and relaxed, so happy I bought an ounce

  21. Avajo Gipson

    I like it. It takes hours for the effects to accumulate but when they do, I’m in a powerfully relaxed state that lasts all night long. Will buy again.

  22. Anonymous

    Makes a great PM tincture with some terpenes and MCT oil. Was able to get it to fully dissolve without heat with a good amount of agitation and letting it sit overnight. Seems to be a good choice if you have a higher tolerance to cannabinoids.

  23. Dawn Keel

    This product does what it’s intended to do. Bonus points for fast shipping.

  24. Gabriel Eyrich

    This CBNo lets me sleep and stay asleep.

  25. Sam R.


    The other form (regular CBN, non-acetate version) never did it for me, and it made me anxious when I used amount it took to actually be sedating for me, which kind of negated the whole utility of it.

    With this one, it takes barely anything. And it makes me so sleepy, especially when vaped.

    Note to all: while vaping is ideal, smoking is not. Do not roll it into a joint and smoke it. Combustion (which doesn’t occur with vaping, but does occur when flames are involved) is theorized to be dangerous for acetate versions of cannabinoids (Anything with “o” at the end of the product name, e.g. CBNo or THCo or HHCo).

    The price is the cherry on top. I’m so happy Vivimu offers this.

  26. Alex Wildey


  27. Cody T

    Has almost the same effect on me as some stronger muscle relaxer, I appreciate this cannabinoid very much! 10/10

  28. atomicbeads atomicbeads

    I’m sure this is a great noid for most however I have very bad restless leg syndrome and for some reason this really sets it off. Anyone else? Try by itself first before mixing in a blend as now I have jars of noids that are only good for being baked with uncontrollable legs.

  29. TriggerGTO TriggerGTO

    Go lightly puts me to sleep easier than CBN

  30. bodyandblood004 bodyandblood004

    Great for sleep and pain.i took 0.1 so around 10 mg of cbno and about hour later got very relaxed and my right leg and butt i have been having pain with went away for around 3 hours and is somewhat better now.great price and stronger than cbn.will get again.thanks alot.glad to finally hear about you all.very fast shipping from CO to Columbus Ohio

  31. Scott Berry

    This really does make me drowsy by itself. Adding to a mix really puts a tingle in my body.

  32. Keaton Laver

    Much more potent than CBN for sleep, with a bit longer duration. I wouldn’t call it groggy but expect to sleep for a bit longer haha!

  33. Todd Petty

    I’m still trying this one out. I’m learning how get the right dose. It seems to work pretty good for sleep and relaxing.

  34. Catgirls fourtwenty

    Great for my sleep and anxiety!

  35. relate2this relate2this

    Great product that helps with sleep. I suffer from insomnia and I take this a couple hours before bed and after the lengthy delay, this thing kicks in HARD and before you know it you’re waking up wondering what happened, which is wonderful! I also started recently mixing CBNo with THCo and I really like this combo since both are delayed, but when both hit, WOW. I might try adding some HHCo next.

  36. Paul Larsen

    Great addition for a knockout mix.

  37. will moss

    Great for sleep. Combined with regular CBN it can keep me asleep all night.

  38. labsacred labsacred

    This stuff really surprised us, it’s in all of our nighttime mixes now.

  39. Ricky Bobby

    Fast shipping and no problems but not as potent for insomnia as I thought according to reviews. But still works 👍

  40. James O’Rourke

    Very potent dabbed in a mix or eaten. Deep relaxation and calmness more than CBN with a more subtle come up

  41. jeremyswilson jeremyswilson

    This helps me fall asleep at night. Very impressed with this isolate and this company, I’ll be buying more for sure.

  42. Shannon Slane

    I ordered CBNo Isolate due to reviews stating that it is really potent. While i have no problem falling asleep my issue has always been staying asleep and this looked to be a great solution. A few things ive noticed are compared to some of the other Isolates sold this seems to be a lighter almost fluffy powder and it seems like i use alot more product to get the same exact weight as other cannabinoids, but it does work really well in keeping me asleep. I started adding it to all my night time blends and ive definitely noticec a huge improvement in the overall quality of my products and sleep. This Isolate disolves quickly and easily into oil which is fantastic. The only real issue that i have ran into is that i cannot find any information regarding potential formulas and quantity when using the CBNo there is hardly any information listed on it at all which unfortunately made my first few trys with it all guess work. I started adding it to my product at about 7% in addition to CBN , CBC and CND but in editables for me at least was not enough. Im currently using it about 15% which i think is a good point for me. But i definitely recommend this for your nighttime blends, it seems to take a while to kick in but when it does it helps keep you asleep. Im overall very happy with this product and will continue to buy more and add it to all my nighttime blends.

  43. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    Nice new and strong

  44. Daniella Lovelady

    Wooow, seriously packs a punch! Great head high that lasts! Pair it with cbt, and it’s an absolute knockout

  45. Chris Moniaci

    Doesn’t make me feel overly tired but makes sleep feel like the best option so it’s good for sleep

  46. graalisbeast graalisbeast

    Got this for my dad to help him sleep so far it def helps!

  47. Matthew Staples

    Nice head high and, more importantly for me, lasts a long time. Takes you through the whole night once it kicks in, facilitating sleep and relaxation.

  48. Matt Fiorini

    Great isolate very good addition to any blend

  49. Leah Schwartz

    This is a very interesting cannabinoid. A little harder to melt into other cannabinoids than most. Sets in incredibly quickly but I found that it left my system far too quickly even as an edible/tincture. I don’t think it is bad but I will continue to use regular CBN for most of my sleep inducing needs.

  50. mahonejoe2 mahonejoe2

    It adds a nice indica couch lock if you mix it with your own vape cartidges.

  51. Charlie Workman

    A must if you want to give your mixes a strong indica feel! Especially with THC0 great of relaxing, laughing, and sleep!

  52. Chace Man

    Great product. Very potent.

  53. Shah Masood Roshan

    Great product

  54. Gabriel Sanford

    Sleepy product. Can’t blend well into MCT oil like suggested, though, so I would recommend a more suitable carrier of acetate blend. This won’t energize you the same as CBD or relieve pain the same way, it’s lethargic. Great although it’s not used very much for me.

  55. Vincent Penna

    Very interesting effects especially for “night blends” potency increases unpredictably go slow and low till you get used to The delayed sedation and extreme couch lock

  56. timothy hall

    Good product, relaxing.

  57. Robert Kilcoyne

    Perfect for anxiety

  58. Cody Soard

    This one is a personal favorite. I have been interested in it for a long time , I have a very high tolerance to any cannabinoids but for me I’m really liking this in my blends at about 15-20%

  59. Jon Fernandez

    the hype is real. iv usee CBN for the last year and its really relaxing. trying out CBNo for a few days: its much stronger! sleep powder is what it should be called.
    CBN is relaxing – CBNo is straight up sleep in a bottle. holy wow.

  60. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    Provided some thinning effects for my nightime blend and definitely added sleepiness to it. Useful entourage altnoid.

  61. brentonstringfellow brentonstringfellow

    I use this at night to help me sleep. It’s been very effective so far! I recommend this to anyone who has trouble falling or staying asleep!

  62. Matthew Gregg

    This stuff is really impressive. I have gotten it multiple times now with multiple orders and specifically, I add it at about 50-100 mg per gram of my mixes to vape out the cart. This really adds to the anti-anxiety and anti- depressant effects for thc and it’s relatives in myself.

    It is a whitish/tan-ish powder/crystalline consistency that sparkles and glitters in light. It’s got no odor and no taste is initiated upon entry into my mouth. I have not vape it on its own so I don’t know if that would taste like anything.

    I personally have taken it as is also, weighed out on my microgram scale of course , and I advise any of you who are using or planning to use any of this to also have a MICROgram scale. That is 0.000

    Be precise and know what you are taking . Do not take chances and use harm reduction practices at all times, make it a habit when you are alone so when you are with others, you don’t end up seriously 😳

    That being said, this is safe when respected, ibuprofen is also safe when respected.

    This is one interning cannabinoid if you ask me, it works better for sleep, taking away anxiety, relaxing my muscles and just in general adding a lot to the overall buzz. I love it and always get more to just make sure I never will run out, works better than Ativan for myself and I have both. Don’t really touch my script anymore and that’s the gods honest truth . This is only anecdotal though, and I am not a medical professionals by any means, I merely am a working man of 60 hours a week and know my body/mind well enough and for long enough to speak my truth of this specific cannabinoid that is God’s blessings to us all.

  63. Najee Davis

    Very sedating worth the extra premium if you need a good night’s sleep. I prefer cbn over it though.

  64. BRIAN Sandefur

    Great product much better benefits than regular cbn used it to make a tinture

  65. titotata177 titotata177

    I’d say this one is in my top three it feels really functional for me but it really just kills henshin when you have back pain or inflammation and you just have this calm feeling of well-being this s*** is prime

  66. Adam Shoulders

    Interesting product, a kind of time delayed cbd with a higher potency. Excellent with d9o or d8o for a longer acting more relaxing mix

  67. Brandon Hebert

    I love mixing this with d8 thco! Makes for a super indica high! Love it

  68. susan s

    Very good relaxed feeling. Added more depth to the body high and made the pain relief from the CBD a lot better.

  69. Andrew Hill

    Much better than regular CBN. I was using it for sleep by topping a bowl with it before bed. We ran out of the stronger cannabinoids but we still had a lot of plain CBD hemp flower so out of desperation I decided to roll a Bob Marley joint, lacing the joint with some of that CBNo. That stuff is psychoactive & gave both me & my wife one hell of a buzz. We have extremely high tolerances to most of the stronger cannabinoids so it surprised us that there ain’t more people talking about CBNo. This stuff is great for giving a kick to plain ol hemp flower

  70. Dan Morrison

    It was left out of my order which as you know is prepaid but Sara Jane from customer service replied with a replacement order. However it wouldn’t have hurt your company one bit to over night my order instead of giving me 15 points and making me wait another 3 or 4 days.Having my order is more important an 15 points…but thank you for the quick response and I do like my Vivimu products

  71. Clint Loftin

    Made some nighttime gummies and DEFINITELY felt more sleepy than regular CBN!

  72. Randy Herrera

    Puts my ass straight to sleep. Love this noid and the peaceful sleep I get with it. Also dulls my nerve pain incredibly.

  73. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Just like the regular Cbn isolate the CBNO is great for mixes and a easier to work with powder

  74. Thomas Brumfield

    High quality product with good results. A+ service!

  75. ryanmunshower ryanmunshower

    Packs a wallop at bedtime.

  76. jay corprew

    Strong and great quality! Buying more later for sure

  77. Julio Velazquez

    Add to indica for xtra sinking.

  78. jaycob

    Very, very sedating and used to aid in sleep or getting ready for sleep where it is more potent than regular cbn. ideally eaten instead of inhaling and combined with CRD or other THC related cannabinoids.

  79. Bridget Marariga

    Sttrait fire add to the list of noids for sure

  80. Brandon Holland

    Just got a 2 gram jar of this and it does not disappoint. I use it in my other distillate blends and shake up to mix. It does help to add to the entourage effects and helps mellow the blend out.

  81. Sam R.

    THANK YOU for testing for Hydrogenated tetrahydrocannabinol / Hydrogenated THC / HHC, in CBN-O. These hydrogenated psychoactive cannabinoids are often byproducts of conversion synthesis to CBN and CBN-O, and are leftover residually, if not purged out (which is pricey and worth deciding whether to do or not do) after becoming this product, using the methods used for converting to it (that involve HHC being a byproduct).

    Thank you for being transparent, Vivimu. BIG points, for this one. Not many test for HHC, but I found it in CBN-O from VIVIMU when sending it out to a lab on my own, about a year ago, because they didn’t test for HHC. It came back as 0.1% HHC, so they are doing the right thing by now providing that information from the start, on the product page, itself.

    Not many test for hhc. It needs to be standardized as a cannabinoid tested alongside the rest (just like Delta 8 was), with all cannabinoid products (esp CBN ones), so I appreciate Viv for this honesty and transparency.

  82. Sam R.

    Very dose-dependent. Works best in very small amounts. More does not mean better with this one. The diminishing returns become marginal at best, fast, when raising above 6mg on this one.

  83. J.C

    Order this plus a few other things but my order came without cbnO. I emailed Vivimu about it, and they were quick to respond and quick to fix the issue as well. I received my order again correctly and fast! This is why i keep buying from them. They know how to please a customer and keep one. No where else do they have as high quality of product and as good and quick of customer service!

  84. Jacob Holbrook


  85. luke holbrook


  86. roddyroo10


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