Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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When we make our Cannabis Derived Terpenes, it’s like bottling up all that goodness from cannabis and putting it into tiny, magical drops. Whether you’re kickin’ back, cooking up a storm, or just chillin’ with some aromatherapy, these terpenes are here to help you level up. We’ve put a whole lotta love into crafting these babies so get ready for some amazing smells and flavors.

What Are Cannabis Derived Terpenes?

Cannabis Derived Terpenes are these cool organic compounds we get straight from the cannabis plant. They’re like the secret sauce that gives cannabis its awesome smell and taste variety. Our terpenes aren’t just hanging out in cannabis all day; they’re also versatile little things. You can toss them into all sorts of stuff like essential oils, makeup, and even your favorite snacks to amp up the aroma and flavor. Talk about a tasty upgrade.

Our Best Cannabis Derived Terpene Strains:

Here are the strains we have for our Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Check them out and have fun choosing the right strain for you.

  1. Blue Cheese
  2. Chem Dawg
  3. Blue Dream
  4. Skywalker OG
  5. Durban Poison
  6. Death Star
  7. Green Crack
  8. Huckleberry Haze
  9. OG Kush
  10. Runtz
  11. Trainwreck
  12. Tangie
  13. Sour Diesel
  14. Grape Ape

Why Should You Choose Vivimu to Buy Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Online?

First off, we’re all about quality. We make sure our terpenes are extracted using the best methods so they stay as natural as can be. Second, we’ve got a whole bunch of different terpenes for you to try out. Whether you’re into fruity, earthy, or something in between, we’ve got you covered. Third, we’re all about transparency. We spill the beans on where our terpenes come from and how we get them, so feel free to take a peek at our COAs. And last but not least, we’re all about making your life easy. Our online shop lets you kick back at home and order your terpenes with a few clicks. It’s like magic, but better.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes – Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Live Resin Stronger Than Terpenes?

So, when you ask if one’s “stronger” than the other, it’s a bit like comparing cats to dogs. Live Resin packs a punch with lots of cannabinoids, making it super potent, but our terpenes are more about enhancing the flavor and vibe of hemp goodies. Sure, live resin might have more cannabinoids, but don’t sleep on the terpenes! They team up with those cannabinoids for what we call the entourage effect, making the whole experience even better. It’s like they’re the dynamic duo of the hemp world.

What Are the Benefits of Terpenes?

Not only do our Cannabis Derived Terpenes make cannabis smell and taste amazing, but there’s also the possibility that they may help you feel better. Think anti-inflammatory and pain relief vibes, though we can’t say for certain that you will experience those effects. Don’t forget that when they team up with cannabinoids, it’s like unlocking a whole new level of goodness.

Do Cannabis Derived Terpenes Get You High?

No, you will not experience any kind of high from our cannabis-derived terpenes. They are not trying to get you high; all they are about is giving your experience that extra pop of flavor and aroma. So, feel free to enjoy the aroma without worrying about any unexpected adventures.

Are Cannabis Derived Terpenes Legal?

Yes, our terpenes are legal in most states because they’re THC-free and just there to make things smell and taste extra awesome. That being said, some places have rules about anything related to cannabis, even if it’s THC-free like ours. So, before you dive in, just double-check your local and state laws to make sure you’re good to go. Safety first, right?

What Is the Difference Between Cannabis Derived Terpenes and Natural Terpenes?

So, when it comes to cannabis-derived terpenes versus natural terpenes, it’s all about where they come from. Our Cannabis Derived Terpenes come straight from the cannabis plants themselves, giving them the special aroma and taste of different cannabis strains. Natural terpenes are like a flavor/aroma explosion from all sorts of plants, like pine trees, citrus fruits, and lavender. Both types can make things smell amazing and might even have some good-for-you vibes, but our cannabis-derived terps are like a direct line to that classic cannabis scent and flavor. It’s like bringing a piece of the plant right to your nose.

Which Has More Terpenes – Sativa or Indica?

Sativa usually packs more terpenes than Indica, which just means it smells more like classic cannabis.

Are Cannabis Derived Terpenes and CBD the Same?

No, they are not the same at all. Terpenes are all about making things smell and taste amazing, like adding a little spice to your life, while CBD is a whole other story. It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is known for its therapeutic potential. So, while terpenes are all about the sensory experience, CBD is more about giving you that extra wellness boost. Two different superheroes but the same awesome team.

What Is the Effect of Cannabis Derived Terpenes on the Cannabis Experience?

Our Cannabis Derived Terpenes are just the flavor boosters of the cannabis world. Mix them with your favorite cannabinoids, and boom, you’ve got yourself a sensation that’ll knock your socks off.

Searching for the perfect Cannabis-Derived Terpenes? Look no further than Vivimu, where our comprehensive collection is designed to satisfy diverse preferences. Our team is readily available for inquiries or additional product details. Call +1 720-955-1667 or email, and let our experts help guide your choice.

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  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

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174 reviews for Cannabis Derived Terpenes

  1. Maciej Zukowski

    I just got CDT terpenes from Vivimu. I went for SFV O.G. and RUNTZ. First – I asked them, because I couldn’t find anywhere on the description what extraction process are they using – and that is steam distillation. Both of these terpenes have strong earthy taste but they are totally different. SFV is mostly earth flavors with strong pine notes. On the other hand RUNTZ is packed with sweetness (like candy plus fruits) but the earth tones are still there! I haven’t tried these flavors of terpenes before and I’m amazed by the tase. Runtz is very similar to Gelato I tried before. They came in syringes, which is great – I will never have enough of them! Overall 10/10

  2. Randall Ulmer

    The flavor from this product is unparalleled. It is a must have when making any custom mixes

  3. Patricia Merritt

    Amazing Steam Distilled Terpenes!! Best I’ve tried hands down.

    I tried “Animal MintZ”, & “RuntZ”.. both absolutely captured the essence of the Strain pefectly, wa nice balance of Sweetfruityfloral vs skunkdankfunk taste (whichever applie to the specific strain in question).

    I very highly recommend these to anyone on the fence(as well as anyone who isn’t:). They were very concentrated and the 1ml glass syringe wcap is the perfect way to dispense (especially wthe addition of a 14g blunt tip needle).


  4. Nathaniel Shields

    Wow! I received both Dosilato, and Animal Mints and they are both very very close to the actual flowers! Aside from that, these are probably some of the loudest terps I have ever had, and for the price point extremely tasty.

    Dosilato is super creamy and sweet, and Animal Mints has way more of a dank punch to it

  5. Sandra Whitacre

    I didn’t see the slider option to pick different terps so I bought the default Animal Mints. Not very happy. Other than the neat syringe, which I think needs a blunt tip screwed on the end to work better, the terps I did not like. I knew I probably wouldn’t love that flavor to start out with so people who like that sorta flavor go for it. I just wish I would have ordered the purple punch

  6. Willie Thackston

    Got the runtz terpene profile. Used it to terp an hhc thcp blend and the taste is down right fowl… So disappointed 😞 love my blends effects but can’t get past the taste of the terps…

  7. dylanraye28 dylanraye28

    Terpenes were good, albeit I have no experience. I will say though the syringe was only filled to 0.8 (or leaked) and I ended up losing the majority of it because it did leak as the twist-on cap was broken. Could’ve been a shipping issue or user error but seems unlikely.

  8. Reed Duong


  9. Brent Scott

    Great tasting terps, I’ve only ordered the biscotti and I only got 1ml beings I am just now learning an incorporating my own terps for my mix’s. I have all the best 4-7 side chain noids an also use lots of cbc cbt an cbn-o, cbn, I really like cbt aswell. Also tried the D9-p for first time an the biscotti terps really brought it all together. I like so much I turned around n got some 4days later. SFV-OG I really like that og taste so really looking forward to that, after the biscotti I have zero doubts that I will deff not be disappointed. Do yourself a solid and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed 🔥

  10. 1426email 1426email

    The flavor of these terps is great, tastes like the actual strain and doesnt have any harsh taste. I’m using 5% of the Runtz terps in an HHC cart right now and am really satisfied with it.

  11. William Jones

    Got the Runtz flavor, its candy sweet and earthy at the same time…very tasty!

  12. phear phear

    Good terpenes, I ordered the RuntZ and SFV OG both taste really good. Looking forward to trying more down the road.

  13. Giovanni Carrasco

    Would recommend, nice taste

  14. Zachary Taylor

    Great quality products!! Especially for the price. Haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet but really enjoy the aroma

  15. spankylawl spankylawl

    Very earthy, natural taste, good but I would’ve preferred a fruitier terp. New to this so I will try out more. Good product!

  16. Danny Peckenpaugh

    Oh my God the runs chirping is to die for it doesn’t go quite as far as you’d like it too with how delicious it is but a plus the only problem here is the price obviously you can get good cannabis distilled terpenes like this 4ml size or 5 mil pretty easily other than that I do plan on keeping this one definitely and try and maybe a couple if there’s sales of their other ones and keep them in my kit right now I’ve got to rinse one in there with just over one tenth of a mill left

  17. Garth LeMessurier

    Tasty high quality CDT especially the flavor

  18. Andrew Anderson

    Tasty for sure, but slightly hemp tasty instead of actual weedy in taste like other high quality CDTs. For price not for me but some may enjoy the tastes. I bought the Platinum Purple Punch and 2ml to terp the Oz of D8 but unfortunately was slightly let down.

  19. gstewart3469 gstewart3469

    The gorilla glue terps I ordered were AMAZING. I could smell it as soon as I picked up the syringe (they’re really nice glass ones btw). The taste and smell are 100% authentic and the subtle changes in effects from the terps profile were very nice

  20. Richard Henderson

    I had gelato it tasted like hay and cut grass I’ve had better for cheaper

  21. michelle.moore222 michelle.moore222

    Thank you for quick responses to orders!!

  22. Todd Petty

    I got animal mintz and dosilotta terps. These are some of the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot!! These are those candy or piney tasting crap! I can’t wait to try some more!!

  23. Keith Murdock

    Truth realy 5 stars lol I’m doing this for the poïnts but I realy do love the 28 grams of delta 8 I got it was realy strong and I will be buying 4 more 28 grams of it so I can also get 4 of their pretty awesome terpenes 10/10 recomend to friends and love for life

  24. Frankie Tavares

    Got trainwreck, it is very piney and reminds me of the original strain from back in the day. It is very strong and helps break down thicker dist under some heat. Mix with other noids from here, do not do alone !!

  25. Nathan Butler

    I get they’re steamed but The gorilla glue on the most recent order was the only disappointment among everything in the order. There was no fragrant aroma when I cracked the seal on the little bag with the syringe inside. I put 123 drops in into my 1st g, then I basically dumped the whole 1 mL into a to gram mix and lately he’s is it stirred it on there and then the want it got to a nice dick consistency I am put the strips in and nothing I can’t taste it all in and out I was certain that cook them on and I didn’t taste anything smell anything nothing so I know that’s unusual and people keep telling me that I need to holler at you so you can make it right so I just placed another order I don’t think it’s made it further than the shipping label been created if you could do another you know couple ML’s of him some good cd Ts I would appreciate it. It would gladly be at the review

  26. Victoria Jenks


  27. Bryan Snyder

    Really great company!

  28. dabigone112 dabigone112

    Alien O.G. has a nice mild flavor to it, huge fan. There was sweetness with a bit of herb. Good balance.

    Platinum Purple Punch was alright, but had a thick earthy and planty pungency that i could only handle so much of. Lighter concentrations or mixed with other terps it adds a nice bite that isnt too heavy.

    I’ll be getting more as soon as possible, eventually i’d like to try them all. I’ll try to update the review as i go

  29. Drew Horton

    SFV OG terps were very good. Best tasting delta Delta 8 I’ve had so far.

  30. Mart Stubblefield

    I pretty much only order from Vivmu, reason is, the products they sell are top self. Terpenes add to the experience to the products they offer.
    I added mine @ 1 gm, per 28oz. of material. I mix my own experience. I am digging the personality of distillates, adding flavor/boost is awesome.

  31. Will Gamble

    Was fire especially as a freebie during the sale rewards here I come !

  32. Catgirls fourtwenty

    The terpenes from Vivimu are the best I’ve had. Some are absolutely delicious like Dosilato and Flavor Crystal’s. Of course I won’t like the flavor of every strain but the effects yes. As long as vivimu keeps offering superb terpenes at these prices…really, is there any reason to get them from anywhere else? Keep leading the way Vivimu!

  33. Chris Moniaci

    Train wreck is deeply earthy with a touch of gas. I’m slowly collecting more too.

  34. Adam Wyatt

    Got the biscotti and it was fantastic. I won’t get terps anywhere else.

  35. Shawn Rivas

    Bought Alien O.G. and its very lemony like it should be. Very tasty and definitely worth grabbing during sales.

  36. Ethan Krueger

    Tried the Alien O.G. The smell nearly fooled me. Doesn’t smell like I would expect and not nearly as clean as lab made terpene blends. But damn. Put this in a cart and it’s the closest to actually tasting like the real thing. Good stuff.

  37. Nick Franceschi.

    The train wreck terpenes are great they taste amazing and are really smooth but I do hope to see slightly better syringes or another options for the type of container for the terps to ship in .

  38. timothy hall

    Great value. Perfectly balanced and aromatic

  39. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    Good quality and clean tasting

  40. Scott Krone

    Pretty impressed with the quality of these terps. Been buying terps from the beginning when there was really only one option. These are up there in quality and the price is much easier on the wallet.

    I hope this company sticks around as I really have no need to support anyone else. The D8 you sell and these terps are perfect and all I need.

  41. Christopher Guarino

    tastes good, product arrived in good condition. mixed with some d8 and cleaned my house.

  42. Isaac Stoltz

    Really took my mix to the next level. Very important for rounding out your high. I will be buying again.

  43. delessio98 delessio98

    Great taste and quality

  44. Advocatus Diaboli

    Awesome terps!

  45. Jaime J

    Strong smell

  46. Stefan Ceciu


  47. Matt Fiorini

    Wonderful terps, amazing flavors.

  48. toneysan93 toneysan93

    I got the biscotti and boy what a lovely sweet cannabis like flavor. So good!

  49. Conner Isom

    I’ve tried 4-5 different strains now end every single one has been amazing, taste and smell! One order they were out of stock on a strain I’d ordered, so they promptly messaged me and let me pick a replacement. The package showed up with the supposed out of stock strain + the one I’d picked, so I guess they found an extra and hooked me up with an extra!

    I do 5%-8% depending on what I’m mixing for most terps, then cbc/cbc/hhco/thco to thin more if needed for carts. For dabbing up to ~10% depending on the terp is doable, any more it gets too harsh for me

    Something I’ve noticed after ordering ~9 or so of the 1ml terps, maybe 5-6 of the 8~9 were only filled to 0.7ml-0.9ml or so which sucks when it’s so expensive. Not sure if I’ve been unlucky or what, cause a few have been exactly 1ml or even a bit over.The freebie I got makes makes up for the short ones over the past few orders anyways lol, figured its worth a mention though.

    That said I still give 5 starts due to quality/shipping/customer service etc. The Vivimu team will take good care of you, I promise!

  50. Jacob Mollerup

    Used this to mix some distillates I bought. Pretty decent flavor alien og is.

  51. atomicbeads atomicbeads

    Makes these super clean distillates actually taste like cannabis

  52. Chantz Daugherty

    These terps are the bees knees! I even suggested them to a candle maker intending to make candles because of how pungent and cannabis-like the marshmello OG strain was. Absolutely fantastic.

  53. tbhq tbhq

    marshmallow OG & gelato were excellent

  54. Armando Sanchez

    it tasted way too concentrated but i think i fucked up the ratio

  55. Norman Kinsey

    Got the cherry on top , had a sweet hemp smell with rosey tones, def was amazing with CBda + HHCo+ D8+ THCO . Bon Appetit’

  56. Logan Miller

    I give the blue dream 5* and the o.g kush a 3.5 not that there’s anything wrong or bad about it, the quality of the terps are great I just thought o.g k would be better tasting since the blue dream was legit like when I grew it in my closet and its exactly on point

  57. ed Collins

    5 stars if it wasn’t so expensive.

  58. Cody T

    runtz was great. nice and sweet and floral when at 3%

  59. John Betz

    A few drops added to some rosin made a perfect vape oil. I’m I would definitely buy from Vivimu again.

  60. tbatienmm tbatienmm

    Terpens match the flavor listed exactly. Very excited to try more. and you CAN NOT beat the price and quality. Amazed!

  61. Kris Weddle

    Gorilla Glue is one my personal favorites, very grassy.

  62. pjkrk36 pjkrk36

    Terps were fire. Kept it low to add just a hint of flavor to my disty. Thanks Vivimu.

  63. Morgan V

    Excellent CDT terpenes! I just wish you could keep the Blue Dream and Alien OG in stock. Otherwise absolutely perfect.

  64. Joseph Slifer

    Good flavor. Added to some to D8 distill and use the remaining when cleaning my rigs….

  65. Andrew Fowler

    Blue cheese takes me back to younger days

  66. bmeek9607 bmeek9607

    Very high quality terpenes. I’ve tried 2 kinds so far. Just waiting for some others I want to try to come in stock.

  67. James Hammond Jr

    Great taste and aroma would definitely buy again

  68. Jerry Blair jr

    Great stuff will buy again

  69. chase daemon

    Smell is strong but flavor is almost bitter or mildew after taste not happy with the terps

  70. Jasen Adams

    Just mixed in cherry pie terps with some disty and deathstar( hdt/bdt mixed ) terps from another company. Hard to notice flavor this early considering it’s mixed, but have had sunset sherbet terps from vivimu previously and really liked it, it just took some time for the flavor to develop. For steam derived its great, will order more soon without mixing with other terps (hopefully marshmallow og or alien og when in stock )

    Please come out with Co2 derived cdts as well!

  71. flooptoop11 flooptoop11

    The San Fernando valley tastes very purple and is one of my new favorite Terps to add for flavor.

  72. Spencer Taylor

    Wonderful aroma, cant wait to try

  73. Matthew Gregg

    Just got a handful of different terps from Vivimu in a few different orders, been really busy the past couple of weeks but needed to let you all know how for real these guys are. Trust them completely. You won’t regret

  74. Kevin Lefler

    Great flavor, will be buying again

  75. Josh Wixon

    Your terps are the shit. They smell and taste amazing. It’s like sticking your head in a pillowcase full of goodness 🙂

  76. Adrian Casanova

    Awesome shipping time as always. I will have to say that our choices of terpenes were very unique. We purchase 1ml of Runtz & 1 ml of Venom OG. Now, just for informational purposes the Runtz Terps didn’t really have any tropical or fruity notes. Which was a surprise to me but rather was “musky & herbal!” While the Venom OG was kind of “dank & pungent” which is perfectly fine as it is what you’d expect from the name sake. Overall great quality, with all new surprises! We will see you guys on the next purchase. Happy Holidays! Adrian C.

  77. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    Got the animal mints. Smells really floral and earthy. Very dank and potent. Love it in my blend.

  78. Sam R.

    Very good — But note to all T-free workers (state, hospital, construction, law enforcement officers, etc) who cannot risk T-positive drug testing at their jobs — it has trace THC!

  79. Tammy Aston

    Outstanding terpenes
    I love how the syringe makes it easy to add terps to distillate . Smooth flavor/ wonderful benefits . All around amazing prouduct for the price 🙂

  80. caleb jonas

    runtz taste amazing!

  81. VenomX Nate

    Great taste!

  82. Jake Pogue

    Great taste and adds that little something extra to my mixes

  83. Laine Leavelle

    Excellent Terps, Adds a nice taste to my mixtures.
    Good shipping, good service, quick delivery as usual.

  84. Jason Atkins

    Really very decent terps, priced well, you get a good bang for your buck. They come in new metal plunger 1ml darts which are pretty cool packaging. They are not nasty or unpleasant at all like other terps in this price range sometimes are. Not quite boutique level, but some of them really do border on that. Blue Cheese was surprisingly amazing. That one pops, and when they pop, man it’s nice. Venom OG is sour sour stinky lemon, exactly like it should be. It didn’t quite pop like Blue cheese, but it’s all about preference, they have a good selection and they mostly stay in stock, so once you find something you like, order more of it. The flavors I’ve tried all taste clean and smooth. I wish they would get some of the signature old school strains back in stock like Trainwreck and Blue Dream bc the quality is there and I know they would be good to try. They are keeping my costs down and my carts are still boutique level which is a big win. A very good offering.

  85. Richard Schlichting

    Added 1/2ML San Fernando Valley to 28G of Delta 8 Clear Distillate and it was a smooth taste without too much smell. It was very good and I cant wait to test out more!

  86. Marcus lattin

    Terps tasted okay. A tad artificial. Biggest concern was getting a .7 in my 1 gram syringe…

  87. Joseph Wyman

    Awesome flavor, great terpenes

  88. Brandon Haines

    Tried Cherry Pie, blue Cheese, and Runtz. All delicious and all varying effects like you’d expect. Sucks they ran out of blue dream like, shortly after placing my order. I would’ve grabbed it in place of cheese, had I known, since thats still readily available even now.

    Cherry Pie – Very soporific and sedating but only after being very uplifted and heady first
    blue cheese – Lots of euphoria, mild on soporific effects, good for day time
    Runtz – All rounder, gonna get you super heady but also super sleepy after a couple dabs. This is due to the sheer amount of strains that were crossed to make Runtz.

  89. Woodroxius Battle

    I gotta have some more very strong taste great with everything

  90. ellathespookykid ellathespookykid

    Love the cdts from vivimu. black friday deal is epic.
    Runtz is fire

  91. Jaxon Thomas

    The flavor isn’t as strong at 6% as I would’ve imagined though it’s still pretty good. The up close smell is very strong and will burn your nose but when smelling it through a cart it smells like a sweet plastic-y skunk (sounds unappealing but its actually very pleasant) the taste is almost pure generic skunk with a creamy sweetness to round it out, unfortunately nothing specific. It’s not bad per se but I’d be lying if I said it met my expectations. On the bright side it is incredibly smooth, I cough but only because of the d8 and its not one of those cough so hard you build too much pressure in your head and see blood vessels for a second and start to wonder if its the end for you. Overall pretty good just next time I’m going to get a more in your face sounding flavor like mango tango or cherry pie.

  92. sbaker877 sbaker877

    I got Venom OG and it tastes like burnt rubber. The Dosilotto I got before that was really dank. That one and Blue Cheese were really good not sure what happened with this one. I had to mix it with other terps to make it tolerable.

  93. jake dodge

    Sum pf the nest terps I’ve had all around

  94. Brian Walker

    Wonderful smells. Awesome cdt.

  95. Sarah Fajardo

    Great for thinning out distillates and they have many good flavors. Preferring the non-fruity flavors can be difficult but they have multiple very hempy tasting options.

  96. Sean Flaherty

    Good price. 7% runtz and I’m happy

  97. Robert Sederholm

    Great quality terp feel. Definitely great in addition to non cdt infused oils.

  98. Seth David

    Tasty. Runtz is like smooth citrus vanilla smacks. Mango Tango is well, a kick in a syringe, like Tang. It’s definitely capable of masking some of those more “earthy” cannabinoid flavors.

  99. Elias Shannon

    great product

  100. Robert potts

    I love the terpenes. Ultimately it is the effect of the distillate rather than just flavor. It’s how the molecules are manipulated into effecting you the way that specific strain is known to. It tastes like the plant and the effects are on point. Don’t add too much tho. Always remember 1-2 drops per gram of distillate

  101. Travis McDonald

    I have shopped around quiet a bit, and vivimu has the best quality of terps at the most reasonable price. They will take your mixes to a whole new level. Awesome costumer service and timely shipping. A true one stop shop for everything alt. cannabinoids.

  102. Joshua Keck

    Smells good.
    The whole idea of flavanols adding anything more than that to a blend is all placebo in my opinion.

  103. kg4ejd kg4ejd

    The first terpenes I’ve purchased that I like!

  104. Jonathan Greever

    SFV OG terps were potent and tasted great!

    Sunset Sherbet seems to be only a fraction of the potency–perhaps 10% of the SFV OG

    I’m looking forward to trying others.

  105. Jared Lanzer

    Smokes very smooth
    good deal for the money
    I wasnt a fan of the taste but thats just me

  106. Cooper Stertz


  107. Peter Gayduk

    Amazing, I got Runts, Animal mints both where amazing, Runts had a sweet scent like candy an kush with some other hints of wood an earthyness, Animal mints was fire as well you can taste the mint for shur as well as the flower with hints of apple.

  108. Josh C

    Very good terps for the price. I would buy again

  109. Shawn Snellen

    The terps where amazing! Potent and powerful, very strong scent! As usual with vivimu the service was amazing and will definitely order again!

  110. Brandon Conacher

    Amazing flavor will buy again for sure

  111. Chase Mclaughlin

    The gelato taste is spot on, so good and very dank!

  112. Surya Shakamuri

    Runtz was A+. Be careful with how intense the terps are. Extremely tastey and great effects.

  113. Tyler Jones

    Solid terps, took the entire syringe for 28g of disty

  114. steveschooley steveschooley

    I have purchased several different flavors and I continue to repeat purchase the flavors I like. I prefer these over the hemp derived flavors

  115. stephen730 stephen730

    This is the best stuff known to man. It is so delicious and I am just in heaven here. REAL CDTs!

  116. Crystal Wood

    Spot on point smell is perfect I got the SFVog it’s good I’m gonna try more I can promise you you should not be disappointed with this terp I think I’ll go with ALIEN OG next for my disty cart mixs,also good for mixing with thca isolate for a DIY badder, I loved it,

  117. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Gas asf, made my mix smell like some dispensary live resins

  118. Timothy Bauer

    Best tasting terpenes I’ve tasted vivimu did it again another great product tasty doesn’t make me cough.

  119. Nathan Gibeault

    Sent wrong item, which was Gelato instead of Biscotti. Didn’t occur to me until it was too late, and not too much of a fan of the Gelato. Unfortunately put it into an entire ounce so thats a wash. 2 stars because they said they’d send me the terps I asked for…

  120. Matthew Kohmann

    To be honest the biscotti terpenes weren’t the best flavor, tasted almost like fish oil pills. But the others I’ve tried have been great such as the runtz and animal mintz

  121. Sean Yarber

    Tasted very amazing strong cheesey terps added it to 7 g of isolate

  122. Luis Ortega

    Amazing taste

  123. Chris Tashiro

    Great flavor/ aroma.

  124. Jacob Elliott

    Is super awesome I got a free alien OG with it they messed up my order for the best The animalments tasted amazing one of my favorites right now made some carts with it made some dab blends highly recommend it so clean tasting even at 7% just amazing overall highly recommend this flavor and alien OG was really good too just really good turfs really clean really smooth

  125. Damarcos Estevez

    I didn’t find the taste to be too great for grape soda. It tastes like a mixture of grape and dust.

  126. Julio Velazquez

    Very potent. A drop goes a long way.

  127. Stiphiven Villanueva

    Definitely authentic cannabis terps but wish there was more fruity or candy terps in the runtz

  128. Isaac Ray

    Tastes like burning rubber. Just awful.

  129. Andy Morgenstern

    Strong citrus scent that was slightly gassy and herbal. The citrus flavor was a really good addition to the edibles I made. Also It was really convenient that the terps come in a glass syringe.

  130. Rocco Langieri

    ive only gotten a few different terps, but these are the ones to get for sure, i only wish there were more sativa options

  131. Steven Wilson

    Smoothest terps I’ve ever had. I’m mixing a higher terp ratio without any harsh hits and a ton of flavor. Cherry Pie is delicious and Sunset Sherbert is absolute fire 🔥

  132. Chad Battistone

    Brilliant CBTs delivered in excellent syringes and protective plastic tubes.

    Amazing scents and flavors. If you are looking for “The Goods” this is it. I will never use a botanically derived product again. CBT all the way!

    Would like to see Pineapple Express added. 🙂

  133. Tyler McMillan

    Great terps for the price, not as gassy as I mightve wished but maybe its the strain will try more.

  134. Pablo Rodriguez

    the Vemon O.G has a great earthy pine smell. Way more complex than BDT.

  135. Jeff Dundon

    Bought a bunch on sale but I’ve only tried the Blue Dream and Runtz for now. Blue Dream: 4/5 taste, 5/5 effects and Runtz: 5/5 taste, 4/5 effects. Some of the best quality terps I’ve bought and at a great price.

  136. Omar Sandoval

    Although I didn’t keep it as I thought it was preblended with HHC (my own mistake not vivimu) the smell of the terpenes was incredible! Almost wish I kept them and blended my own!

  137. Cyrica Hook

    perfect to add to the disty for amazing taste profiles and entourage effects

  138. Robert potts

    Green Crack was on point and amazing to add to the mix I’ve got. I’m rocking 13 strains atm with 2.5 Oz. I’m stoked to keep it evolving. Half the high, you don’t even truly know what to feel. You just think and manifest it, at this point. The energy was missing. Green Crack fixed that. Terps are the effect to what’s smoked.

  139. Robert potts


  140. Damarcos Estevez

    Add to any carts, you need these if you don’t want rubbery flavors.

  141. panders_uneven.06

    Chemdawg stunk up the place in the best way.

  142. Cyrica Hook

    the runtz and sour diesel cdts are 10/10

  143. Bryan

    packaged nicely, great product. I mix 0.25g terp to 5g sauce.

  144. Zkap1372 Zkap1372


    Some of the worst terps ive ever had the misfortune of using.

    RUNTZ: Smells like an actual bag of mowed grass and tastes like how A Stink Bug smells. Seriously, this stuff is god awful and certainly didn’t come from any Runtz worth extracting.

    TANGIE: Horrible. The aroma of years old terpenes. These must be atleast 2 years old and have been stored in awful condition. Degradation is apparent. Turned my Distillate extremely cloudy and rendered it unusable. The flavor…. well, ew. It’s disgusting and is 100% not from Tangie flower.

    I tried a few HDT options as well. Both were far better, however still absolute garbage. The goat cheese also turned my Distillate cloudy. Whats up with the silicone oil and water contamination guys? What a joke.

    Lastly, these were not vacuum sealed and the package smelled of cannabis and hemp. Very strongly. What an absolute shame it is, the lack of care put into packaging is ridiculous. The same goes for storage conditions apparently.

    I do not recommend these terps at all. Stay away. You’ve been warned.

  145. Wade Alexander

    I purchased the Runtz and enjoy it. Look forward to trying some of the others.

  146. lawk41

    High quality and tasty terpenes. Syringe it comes in makes it very easy to use.

  147. William Kennedy

    RUNTZ WAS BOMB Great taste mixes well <3

  148. James Caffrey

    Got the Dogwalker and the SFVOG, loved the Dogwalker in particular but both were great (i’m just more of an indica person)

  149. Sam R.



  150. Crazyhorse1200

    I am new to terps so I do lack knowledge. Got Skywlkr Og and it was piny, I added a lot of drops to D8 dist, smooth with the distillate, not too harsh even with the amount I put.

  151. Jacob Holbrook

    Perfect flavor

  152. Jacob Holbrook

    Must have

  153. Jacob Holbrook

    Great buy

  154. roddyroo10

    Good product

  155. Kit

    Good price. Unsure if it was the strain (Sour Diesel), but it didn’t really taste like sour diesel. More like hemp terps.

  156. Caleb Strohl

    Solid stuff

  157. Caleb Strohl

    Very strong terps

  158. Wade

    Great stuff.

  159. Wade

    Great terps.

  160. luke holbrook

    helped with my pain

  161. roddyroo10

    Very good stuff

  162. Lweemes1996

    Best terps I’ve found. Skywalker OG is amazing!

  163. Everett Brocka

    Hands down, these are some of the best Co2 terpenes available on the market. I tried all the old flavors, looking forward to new batch, also, i have tried all the previous flavored hemp terpenes, and they were better than some of the regular ones. Quality for the price

  164. Austin Hicks

    Packaged well tastes true another knockout from Viv. A sampler mix would be fantastic!

  165. pb87awesomeness

    One of my favorite CDT terps. VERY GASSY

  166. ss111886

    On point

  167. holdenellis

    Good but needs more % terpenes

  168. Jackson rye

    Very good

  169. Helpeople

    Blue dream was a perfect choice for my mix. Got rid of a chemical scent from it and not terribly strong. Highly recommend and will order more in the future.

  170. Amber Garsee

    Ehhh. Your thc/hhc ‘s are ALL on point. A1.Ok so To Me, all your terps tend to favor one smell and I’m sorry, I’m a huge Vivimu fan and family. But your Terps smell like pine-sol. This is the third or fourth time using your C.D. Terps with your thc’s and hhc’s and you are sh**ting on most everybody in the game right now. But yall gotta get your terp game up bruh

  171. quaff.legging0v

    I really like the trainwreck CDT. however, I need to use around 10% in order for a full flavor vape mix. I’ve gotten a bunch of different CDTs here and from other vendors and a lot of them kinda just smell the same. I’m not complaining, it’s just an observation that CDTs seem to have a lot of common base profiles. Just don’t mix too little or too much. 8-12% with thick distillate seems to be the sweet spot. lower than 8% and flavor is bland, and over 12% its so loud that you can’t tell what flavor it is (and it makes me sneeze like crazy at that percentage). If you’re looking for decent CDT, you can trust that vivimu has quality stuff. They even preload it in a syringe for you.

  172. Daniel Chandler

    Blue Dream is great. Tried OG Kush too. There is nothing but goodness here.

  173. Eric Woomer

    A must have for any distillate if you want any type of flavor other than just a bland oil taste. A few drops per 5 grams of oil works well.

  174. Drew Tesch

    Smell great! Looking forward to making blends with them.

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