THCa Pre-Rolls


Vivimu’s THCa Pre-Rolls, are crafted for the connoisseur seeking premium quality and potent experience. Each meticulously rolled joint features a fusion of THCa Isolate and Hemp Flower, meticulously blended to deliver a smooth and flavorful 1-gram joint. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or exploring creative endeavors, Vivimu’s THCa Pre-rolls promise a refined journey into the world of cannabinoids. 

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Discover the pinnacle of smoking perfection with Vivimu’s THCa Pre-Rolls. Each meticulously crafted preroll features 1 gram of premium hemp flower infused with 99% pure THCa Isolate, ensuring an unrivaled potency and flavor profile.

Our THCa Pre-Rolls are expertly designed to elevate your smoking experience to new heights, offering a smooth and flavorful inhale with a powerful punch of pure THCa. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or igniting your creativity, Vivimu’s THCa Pre-Rolls are your ideal choice.

Available in convenient packs of 2 and 4, these pre-rolled joints offer both quality and convenience without compromise. Immerse yourself in the symphony of cannabinoids and terpenes with every puff, unlocking a world of possibilities with each inhale.

Embrace the ultimate fusion of nature’s finest elements with Vivimu’s THCa Pre-Rolls. Elevate your smoking ritual and experience the difference today.


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2 Pack, 4 Pack


Wedding Cake, OG Kush

3 reviews for THCa Pre-Rolls

  1. Oz De La Rosa

    I give this product 2 stars. One, it was hard to hit. After reaching the halfway point the joint wouldn’t hit. It was packed tight. This happened with both pre rolls. I don’t recommend anyone buy this product. Save your money.

    Taste was not there. It smelled great when I opened the package but it tasted like old flower when I lit it. The effects were very mild like delta 8. A slight buzz.

    Everything else y’all sell is 🔥 IDK what happened with this product. My suggestion is, stop selling pre rolls. Sell the THCA flower on its own.

  2. Deebolotti

    Very potent!! Nice product

  3. Moras

    Didn’t really feel like 300mg of Thca but it was kinda strong and pretty worth the money the smoke was really harsh and the flower was brown but overall pretty good experience

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