Delta 8 THC (Clear) Distillate

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What Is Delta 8 Distillate?

A distillate is an extract that has been created through the process of distillation. Delta 8 THC distillate is a high-viscosity distillate that contains high levels of Delta 8 THC and other minor cannabinoids, depending on the process of distillation. Distillates are one of the most potent concentrate forms available. During the distillation process, all terpenes, fats, lipids, and sometimes other cannabinoids have been removed.

Top Benefits of Taking Delta 8 Distillate

Delta 8 THC has several advantages over traditional Delta 9 THC. One of the biggest differences is the availability. Delta 8 THC is legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill. As long as Delta 8 THC distillate is hemp-derived and has 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less, then it is legal. Whereas hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is legal in up to 0.3% concentration. Otherwise, you would have to be in a state where cannabis is legal, medicinally or recreational. Delta 8 can also be used in place of Delta 9 THC because of its lower psychoactivity. 

Why Vivimu Is the Best Option To Buy Delta 8 Distillate?

We at Vivimu continue to stand out by having some of the best products in the industry. Our products are all lab-tested and well-liked by both customers and retailers.

Delta 8 Distillate – Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Delta 8 Distillate Federally Legal?

Yes, our Delta 8 gummies are 100% legal because we follow the guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill from the Department of Agriculture. That act defines hemp as: “All derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent.” In short, as long as Delta 8 is hemp-derived and has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in its lab results, then the distillate is considered to be legal. These regulations change on a regular basis, so we recommend checking with your state’s current guidelines before purchasing.

How Safe Is Delta 8 Distillate?

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid like Delta 9 THC. The biggest difference when it comes to comparing their natural occurrences is that Delta 9 THC is way more available than Delta 8 THC. This is why we strongly recommend buying Delta 8 THC with lab results. That way, you have confirmation that the Delta 8 THC was safely produced.

Can You Eat Delta 8 Distillate?

Yes, you can totally eat Delta 8 distillate. It does not have the best taste, though; we recommend combining it with an edible item that has a higher fast content. Some of these items with a higher fat content include peanut butter and baked goods, or you can infuse them with something you are creating that has oil or butter in it.

Does Delta 8 Distillate Dissolve In Water?

Unfortunately, Delta 8 distillate does not dissolve in water. There are products available that contain Delta 8 THC that is water soluble, but it is not Delta 8 distillate.

Does D8 Distillates Last a Long Time?

The effective time can last a long time, but it depends on some circumstances. The first is how often the consumer uses Delta 8 THC. The frequency of use can reduce the effective time. Consumers have reported that they build a tolerance for it with daily use.

What Is the Best Way To Use Delta-8 Distillate?

Delta 8 distillate is very solid at room temperature and not easy to work with. If you receive it in a syringe, that can make it even harder to work with. We recommend a hot water bath to soften the distillate so it can be workable. Other consumers use an alternative heat source, like a hair dryer or candle warmer, to get the distillate to a workable state.

What Color Does Delta 8 Distillate Have To Be?

Most Delta 8 available come in clear or amber colors. Delta 8 distillate can also oxidize and change color over time. Consumers have reported hues of pink and purple in the distillate once oxidation starts to occur. Oxidation occurs when the Delta 8 THC distillate is exposed to oxygen and heat.

Is Delta 8 Distillate Safe To Smoke?

Yes, lab-tested Delta 8 THC distillate is 100% safe to smoke on its own. Consumers have said that vaporizing the distillate without terpenes can be a little harsh on the throat. Most consumers infuse our own Delta 8 distillate or purchase distillate that has already been infused with terpenes.

Can Delta 8 Distillate Always Be Clear?

No, Delta 8 distillate is not always clear. Sometimes, it can have a pinkish hue due to oxidation, and some distillates are even an amber color. The most important thing to look at before purchasing Delta 8 THC distillate is to verify that the source has lab results to go with it.

Is Delta 8 Distillate Possible To Put in a Cartridge?

Yes, it is completely possible, as well as easy, to put Delta 8 THC distillate into a cartridge. The first thing that you have to do with Delta 8 distillate is to get it to a state that is workable. Most Delta 8 distillate has a high viscosity that requires a form of heat to lower the viscosity enough to fill it into a cartridge. Some people have the distillate in a sealed container and use a hot water bath. Others use a blow dryer or candle warmer to lower the viscosity of the distillate. Once the distillate is at the right temperature, it is drawn into a warmed syringe, which then quickly transfers it inside a cartridge.

What Is Full-Spectrum Delta 8 Distillate?

Delta 8 THC distillate has an extremely high concentration of Delta 8 THC in it. It is almost at such a high concentration that it is almost considered an isolate. Full-spectrum Delta 8 contains a spectrum of cannabinoids that are often not seen in regular Delta 8 distillate. Some of these cannabinoids may include CBD, CBG, CBN, and more..

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Discover the clarity and potency of our Vivimu Delta 8 THC (Clear) Distillate. Our premium distillate offers a pure and refined form of Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), delivering an exceptional cannabis experience.

At Vivimu, we prioritize quality and purity. Our Delta 8 THC (Clear) Distillate undergoes meticulous extraction and distillation processes, ensuring its clarity, potency, and compliance with stringent standards. You can trust in the superior quality and consistency of our distillate.

Unleash your creativity and versatility with our Vivimu Delta 8 THC (Clear) Distillate. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaporizing, or adding it to your preferred method of consumption, our clear distillate provides a potent and seamless experience that can be customized to your liking.

Crafted with expertise and precision, our Vivimu Delta 8 THC (Clear) Distillate unlocks the full potential of Delta 8 THC, offering a transformative and elevated cannabis journey. Embrace the clarity and power of Delta 8 THC—order our (Clear) Distillate now and immerse yourself in the remarkable benefits offered by Vivimu.


We take pride in our swift shipping, ensuring your order arrives at your doorstep with next-day or two-day delivery options. These faster shipping options enable our customers to enjoy the benefits sooner. 

  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years of age or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns, do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

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299 reviews for Delta 8 THC (Clear) Distillate

  1. Carl Busby

    Really nice quality distillate very pretty to look at and it kicks to, thanks for the superb quality products

  2. Maciej Zukowski

    Very good quality of the distillate, no taste or smell. Very viscous, once warmed up, easy to work with, gives a great high and enhances my mixes with other cannabinoids while smoked. Couldn’t be better, for sure will continue buying as long as its still legal!

  3. zacharybachelor zacharybachelor

    This is a great product! I would definitely recommend. Shipping was fast and process was easy. Definitely ordering more soon..I mean now. You won’t regret your purchase.

  4. Nick Franceschi.

    Really great quality and service . And this mixed with their purple platinum punch terps is awesome definitely recommend.

  5. Randall Ulmer

    This is some of the best Delta 8 I have ever had.

  6. Sam Santacana

    Great, clear, potent distillate. As always.

    What I’m not happy about, is the fact that the distillate I was sent is only 88% D8, which is obviously not the advertised 94.2% batch. If I had previously known that, I would have considered purchasing a different product.

  7. Edward Loeffler

    the product is fantastic. the welcome package is dope. the shipping, once sent out, arrived on the second day. one negative, the website shows clear ∆8 at 94.2%, the product I received was 88%. not a big deal… but 6%. anyway, product works as advertised and the price is right there. nice job guys 🤘💨💨

  8. charlesbolin20022 charlesbolin20022

    I bought 3×28 gram clear jars and they came rose colored, very beautiful color. I took a. Hit and the affects were very nice actually. I also got some of the cannarillo blunts, they hit very nice as well and were actually very potent and tasty, I also ordered some of the dogwalker and platinum purple punch terps and I’m gonna be honest they aren’t the greatest terps. Shipping was very fast and I am pleased with my product

  9. ewilkinsoniv ewilkinsoniv

    Ship time was 2 days! It says its 94 percent but the labs say otherwise but that’s okay! No oxidation at all pure clear! and it was 30 g!

  10. Jaxson Greenwell

    Good product, removed stars for processing speed. Would be 5 if they could ship your item at a normal speed. Took them almost a week to process my order and send my package to USPS (not deliver the package, just ship it to begin with). All in all it was 2 weeks from the date of purchase to delivery.

  11. Mike Liller

    Thanks guys! Fast delivery, great product too! D8 distillate. And it weighed in a little heavy so thanks!

  12. Kenneth qualls

    Good stuff

  13. germancho1287 germancho1287

    Great product great price

  14. Seth Fleharty

    Definitely happy with the service and quality, will for sure use again.

  15. dylanelf dylanelf

    This d8 is very good for mixing with other cannabinoids that might be little too runny for your liking and makes it thick again! My cbg/hhc mix i got was a tad runnier than expected but as soon as i mixed in half of this d8 distillate in with it became thick and stable in the jar like i prefer then added a whole 1ml of runtz terps 🙂 THANKS VIVIMU

  16. Christopher Greenwood

    It says 94.1% but the lab analysis says 88.5 % other than that it is the best deal I’ve ever gotten. I wish vivimu would sell empty carts and liquidizer and batteries… Overall very satisfied

  17. glenn dyson

    Always get what I order pretty promptly so I’ve been a regular customer for a while now. Product always matches the description.

  18. xdluckydoo xdluckydoo

    awesome product. great shipping speed & packaging. great customer service. i can’t wait to try other products. A+ all around. keep it up!

  19. Patricia Merritt

    Absolutely fantastic, only vendor i will buy any bulk disty from 👍👍!

  20. Alex Eirhart

    Loved the bottle the distillate came in, worked very well for what I’m using it for. Also appreciated all the extras, will definitely order again here soon.

  21. Anthony Telego II

    Ty so much it was amazing and delivery fasr af.

  22. itsalecross itsalecross

    Great price, nice discrete packaging, definitely needs a mixer

  23. Ryan Whelan

    Shipped right away and received quick, really good packaging, and really good quality. The best price too. Would recommend and will be back. Thanks

  24. Jon Gram

    This d8 is shatter compared to some of the other d8 I’ve tried. Like I can roll balls of it between my fingers without it sticking. I’m not sure if it’s any stronger but it gets me where I want to be pretty damn quick. I highly recommend it

  25. Reed Duong

    eat it!

  26. rc41008 rc41008

    Fantastic product! On par with more expensive distillates. The customer service was great. I will get more of their their other products as sales come and go.

  27. bestbudssmoke2022 bestbudssmoke2022

    Best vendor I’ve ever had. 10x better than any competitor and I’ve bought from many many many places don’t know if I can name them but one of the top dogs that’s starts with a 3 and ends in a chi is completely bunk compared to this place and the prices are looney. The oil is premium, I make carts and this oil is very easy to work with. Plus there great amount of verity is crazy! I see a lot of bad reviews are over the hardness but To fix this add TERPS!!!! Come on people how don’t you know this. Terp less oil is super gross and no where near as strong, terps drive the high. This place is 20/10 and so happy I found it.

  28. Thomas Hutchison

    Crystal clear, very clean and potent product, I have tried many vendors/manufacturers of d8 over the years and vivimu’s is by far my favorite. Much smoother than other d8 out there and feels very clean. Less coughing than i’ve had with other suppliers. This place is the go to!

  29. Devin Eyringq

    Its good but 88% is a little low for delta 8 distillate and no other cannabinoids show up on the test so it has 12% unknowns

  30. michaelvodinelich michaelvodinelich

    Quality Good Ol’ Delta 8 at an unbeatable price. So many delicious edibles out of one ounce

  31. Colin Costner

    I ordered 3.5g to try and it was delivered 3 days later. The distillate was great and i’ll be ordering more soon.

  32. rubenknight2020 rubenknight2020

    This is so much cheaper than spending 30 bucks a cart. And it’s just as good. Mine came with a pink tint but that’s just oxidation. No terps have been added so it’s just pure D8 and I appreciate that. A lot of times for me personally, terps will make a distillate way more harsh than it would have been otherwise. I bought 28 grams. Received a tad over 28 which is nice of course. My tolerance is monster high and I can still get high on this distillate. Wish I could get bulk D9 distillate. I can’t afford that dang D9 THCP dang it. Regular D9 vape oil bulk would be nice.

  33. cdpietrowski1999 cdpietrowski1999

    I’ve had many experiences with these things online over the years, I don’t say this lightly but Vivimu is at the top of the food chain regarding noids.

    Price, hands down the best you’ll find without sacrificing quality. Shipping, lightening fast. No idea if you guys just live next door but I was impressed (Pharma companies take note). Product, clean and potent. I’ve been using D9 for about a decade or so and these products always get me there reliably.

    Regarding the product itself, amazing. From what I received/what I’ve seen online the quality control is on point. Seems to be the same batch/quality. Consistency is identical to shatter.

    It’s completely clear, minus a pretty purple/pink hue on the top of the jar where the oil oxidizes (harmless). Tastes like nothing (nothing some terps can’t fix ;)) and gets me cooked.

    With all of that in mind, It’d be a mistake to pass these guy’s over if you’re in the noid game. Thanks a ton V! You guy’s got my loyalty!

  34. EricEdberg87 EricEdberg87

    Awsome servive fast email respomce potent product oh did i mention the extra goodies

  35. Kevin Daughtry

    Great product great prices, and lighting fast delivery.

  36. RJ RIch

    This is some of the strongest shiiiiii 😂 10/10

  37. Amy Agosto

    I just received this product. And wow! Amazing product. Shipping was so fast and very discreet. You can’t beat that price! You won’t regret it! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  38. Charlotte Lindsay

    Excellent quality delta 8! Can’t wait to try out some of the other distillates.

  39. David Soto

    High quality

  40. Taylor Croxton

    Very good quality for the price. Zero hassle in shipping. Everything was great. Very pleased with this product. Very much liked receiving the lab results as well

  41. J.Michael McDowell

    This is my second purchase with Vivimu. Very happy with the product itself. Love the fast shipping and prices.

  42. blxxdspvn blxxdspvn

    smoothest and most potent d8 ive ever bought online.

  43. Bryce Williams

    Potent and able to melt about 7g per cup of butter easily. The small dab I took was very smooth and had all the delta-8 effects I desire. Found that it works best in edibles though

  44. mtaicao mtaicao

    Great Product. I like the tool that came with it!

  45. Raleigh Dunn

    So gooooood best legal markett

  46. toneysan93 toneysan93

    The viscosity is a bit difficult but product is good. Just ordered a couple more goodies with the sale going on. I’ll bet those we’ll be great also.

  47. Terria Plunk

    I love it. Arrived fast. Will buy again.

  48. jacobwak47 jacobwak47

    Loved the products good price an fast shipping can’t really ask for more

  49. Jimmy Greathouse

    Amazing quality oil! Clear as glass and so viscous it’s almost solid, great product and will order again.

  50. matt matt

    Great customer service, fast shipping and a great product! Thank you!

  51. Justin Ross

    Very prompt shipment and one of the best deals on the web for delta 8

  52. James Curtiss

    Good product, quick shipping and a fair price .

  53. dylanraye28 dylanraye28

    New alt-cannabinoid user here. The Delta-8 Clear Distillate is great. It’s pretty thick so recommend terpenes or mixing with a less thick distillate. Overall, vaped great. Nice and potent, very smooth. No doubt in my mind that you’re getting exactly what they state. Shipping was extremely fast and packaging was spot on. Vivimu was my first choice and I don’t think I’ll every try another store!

  54. Michael Vardsveen

    Great product

  55. Darius Price

    Great quality. Completely tasteless and clear. Effects were as expected and came super fast. Order from Vivimu and you won’t be disappointed!

  56. Jon Brown

    Awesome product. awesome 420 sale.

  57. Danny Peckenpaugh

    It’s extremely viscous to warn you but hands down this is the best deal to 8 I’ve ever had It’s hard to believe it’s only 88% I think from synergy from the other minor can have annoyed make it that wonderful but it’s nice to have it so thick to make it easy to delete down with other things It’s very workable and one of the best if not the best now it is the best out there A+ no other way of saying bravo guys fantastic by this! I just bought 250 grams today and I was so impressed with my initial 28 grams most of which I still have

  58. Joshua Peltan

    Very viscous and great price.

  59. Charles Vanhoozer

    Consistent quality

  60. Alain Yara

    Great customer service they had an error on my order with the amount and quickly fixed the issue without hassle. Not even a day later i had all my order and i got to say some top quality distillate

  61. Andrew Anderson

    Bought on sale and never would I have thought I’d be buying an Oz of D8THC for $30

  62. gstewart3469 gstewart3469

    Recently received my order. I’m very impressed with the product as well as pricing. As we all know, delta 8 is the best to mix the more potent noids so pricing is important. It’s very viscous and easy to dab/load into an open coil pen. Zero smell or flavor, as it should be, and I’m looking forward to mixing some of the terps I got!

  63. Tyler Jones

    I have tried several other places disty, but Vivimu has been my favorite so far! Nothing beats their shipping… 2 days from order is awesome! New returning customer here!

  64. gjvaulter gjvaulter

    Would definitely recommend, very smooth for good bulk D8. Definitely buying all my needed distillate from here!

  65. cj Cj

    Awesome pricing awesome product awesome terpene flavor no complaints at all that shipment a day or two faster it’ll be nice but it’s okay

  66. Nicholas Simmons

    Was a little hesitant for my order, I did a little bit of research and found satisfied reviews. I placed my order that night.. Few days later my package showed up sooner than expected; very well protected “due to being fragile”
    Would recommend to a friend or anyone looking to move forward with an order!

  67. kimxxxnoel kimxxxnoel

    Just tried some of this product my buddy had amazing can’t wait till my own shipment comes thanks vivimu

  68. madog1997 madog1997

    I love the prices on their delta 8 and it’s pretty good stuff. Potency is pretty high to, especially for those that don’t have a high tolerance already to d8 thc.

  69. Christopher Garrison

    Came faster than expected (that’s what she said) quality is fire, packaged good and all of the analytics you could ever want. Am def gonna order again

  70. Victoria Jenks

    Arrived super fast. Great price.

  71. Ethan Barnett

    Is good

  72. Paul Larsen

    Great clearity and minimal taste, I only buy D8 from Vivimu now.

  73. stephenstralka32 stephenstralka32

    It’s truly amazing to be living in a day and age, in that a gram of very pure THC can be bought at a dollar a gram or so.

    Delta 8 is cool because it’s a very quick acting compound that isn’t as mind trippy as Delta 9. It’s more medicinal to me and very forgiving if I gone overboard.

    I prefer HHC and it’s Os and Ps, lol. But eight is always right for the occasion. I like to mix but love to keep separate with a bong, hemp flower, and a collection of terpenes. Actually prefer it to nine flower sometimes as it’s more functional but a pain to prepare.

  74. Ian Phillips

    Awesome D8. More on the rose coloured side but still super clear. Will be buying again and only be buying my d8 from Vivimu now!

  75. Keith Murdock

    Truth realy 5 stars lol I’m doing this for the poïnts but I realy do love the 28 grams of delta 8 I got it was realy strong and I will be buying 4 more 28 grams of it so I can also get 4 of their pretty awesome terpenes 10/10 recomend to friends and love for life

  76. Will Gamble

    Amazing deals perfect disty for those terps you wanna taste

  77. Bryan Snyder

    Awesome sauce

  78. Kate Maloney

    I love Vivimu and the delta 8 distillate I purchased. I especially love the price and purity levels. Friendly service, not wads at all. Quality and culture is worlds above 3chi, and at 1/6th the price for some stuff! I restock every two weeks or so and my orders have been processed and shipped very quickly, arrives super fast too!

  79. William Ray

    I mixed it with Alien OG terps and it was pretty fire,but I had left over thc o ,an I mixed it bout 10gs from last order an the blend will have couch locked🤯🤯🤯💯🎉

  80. Christoph Ranson

    Very good will be ordering again

  81. Kelly Celmer

    Great product fast service thanks 👍

  82. john kellems

    Awesome price for an awesome product! Fast processing and shipping! Definitely recommended!

  83. Tommy Samosuk


  84. boogy3570 boogy3570

    The flavor is mostly non-existent, as it should be. I’ve had some from other companies that tasted kinda like glue when dabbed. Slightly colored from oxidation, but that’s not out of the ordinary so it’s not really a negative, just noteworthy. All around good product.

  85. dabigone112 dabigone112

    Can’t beat these prices, and the distillate is top tier. Blows disposable cartridges out of the water at every level.

    This stuff is painfully thick, but terps, thc-o, or some of the cb- distillates can help thin it out and increase the effects.

  86. Andrew Winkler

    This is my 4th or 5th time ordering from Vivimu and they’ve always been rock solid. This D8 is high potency and quality and the price was fantastic. Will order again in the future

  87. Christopher Bryant

    Really good stuff right here 😊 no complaints at all and the price is what will have me as a customer for life

  88. Curtis A Seal

    With a percentage increase in purity by %10, I’ll be leaving my old store. There is dope in humanity!

  89. Taylor walker

    great distillet only give four stars is bc i wish vivid would sell oz with terps too unless i may have not seen it the product is 5 stars tho smooth even without terps or my batch is and was 92% instead of 88

  90. Joseph Simpson

    Best d8 I’ve ever had. Thinned it out just a lil with some thco and made a pretty nice mix. Also mixed d8 with hhc and thco which was great


    The Delta 8 from Vivimu is clear for the most part, with brown matter that floated to the top. It’s as hard as candy, so I do wonder how they get this stuff in the bottle.
    But I’ve never had anyone disappointed with anything from Vivimu. That quality speaks for itself.

    Vivimu’s sales reps, and customer service reps are top notch and pleasant to work with as well. It’s rare to find such companies today, that have workers that are friendly, dedicated, and it should not go unmentioned.

  92. Jordan Madden

    not gonna lie, i expected meh out of this delta 8 since it’s federally legal, this shit actually hits good off a rig, i’d recommend some terps for flavor and viscosity because this shit is THICK

  93. Adrian Vildosola

    I ordered 3.5 grams of delta 8 thc distillate and received a empty jar that was fully sealed and had nothing in it.I was very excited to get my order but nothing came…

  94. James O’Rourke

    Crystal clear delta 8 at the best price. Vivimu stays consistent with their products so I will be shopping again

  95. Scott Krone

    First time trying this company. Very impressed overall and will be back for a liter. Such nice D8 you have!

  96. Oz Fisher

    Very impressed with shipping speed,it’s kinda deceptive getting 3.5g in a bigger jar,it doesn’t look like…Good strong smooth not much taste if any really,will be buying more this week!

  97. Sam R.

    I’m impressed, definitely. Especially for the price.

    I absolutely hope Vivimu/MC will begin to raise the purity of their D8 distillate, soon.

  98. Declan Kowalski

    Great price first of all. Very surprised by the effects; strong and quite sedating. With the animal mints and runtz terpenes, more energetic effects were produced. Overall great product.

  99. jacksonmclain jacksonmclain

    8.5/10 Effects

    Feels like premium delta 8 and has been getting me pretty dang stoned these past couple days.

    7/10 Smoothness

    I tend to cough more compared to my usual disty but nothing horrible.

    8/10 Quality

    Overall great and it was pinkish

  100. Adam Wyatt

    High quality medicine. Works greater than expected. Though I’m starting to expect that, ha.

  101. Michaelangelo Verdetto

    The price of this was amazing, I’ve purchased the ounce of concentrate. It came pretty clear, and it was pink due to oxidization, but it doesn’t change it in any way. I have it in my cartridge atm, and I’ve added 4 drops of some Sour OG sauce terps from amazon (live resin) to 2 grams of concentrate. It’s pretty good, and it’s a good price for the potency! I would 100% purchase again.

  102. cpad9305 cpad9305

    Very good product thanks vivimu

  103. mphillips55 mphillips55

    Exceeded expectations

  104. Masey Money

    I’m so impresses by this company I love yall so much. I’ll be a customer for life.

  105. ptimmermans200 ptimmermans200

    The D8 clear distillate broke all my expectations by far. The stated 88% purity almost made me pass on it. I’m not sure why they advertise 88% when my 14g d8 order was just under 94% pure Delta 8. This clear version was good to work with and blends in great with other noids. After this good experience with Vivi delta 8 disty will be added to most of my blends as a base for the blends along with HHC.

  106. sakerocket1 sakerocket1

    Great price and easy to work with

  107. Zach Payne

    This is by far some of the best and cleanest delta 8 I have tried for the price. Flavorless and powerful, exactly what I was looking for.

  108. gavinmcglaun1 gavinmcglaun1

    Oil came exactly as described and is great quality. Will be ordering from you guys again.

  109. james bacon

    Weighed over and very good distillate.

  110. joey barnes


  111. Danna Goodin

    Great product fast delivery bd sweet communication on there end with me
    Definitely be a repeat customer

  112. Jeremy Wheatley

    The bread and butter of alt cannabanoids. D8 is a perfect alternative to d9 for people like me that are made anxious by d9. D8 may be more mild but it’s also much smoother.

    You could get d8 cheap anywhere, but, once again, the prices quality and customer service at vivimu can’t be beaten.

  113. Yuk! Beats

    Really good sstuff

  114. Logan Lathren


  115. Desi Banks

    Bruh.. this stuff is amazing, I’ve tried from a lot of D8 companies and this one is definitely top 3 , this is the cheapest and highly quality you can get. This is my go to from now on. It shipped so fast I couldn’t believe it. I ordered and 1 hour later it was on the way .. TOP NOTCH!!! 11/10 WOULD RECOMMEND

  116. Tucker Mendoza

    Amazing quality for the price.

  117. jacob damen

    Amazing product!

  118. Chris Moniaci

    Prices were just raised but still very worth it. Perfectly clear delta 8

  119. topcatvibe topcatvibe

    yooo this shit gas fr dawg on ma mama

  120. Chace Man

    Great product fire dabs

  121. Heather Lasalle

    As advertised, excellent quality, presentation, shipping & handling, Thank you. Will recommend.

  122. Zachary Davidson

    I love it great for mixes

  123. therealbruhmomento1 therealbruhmomento1

    Fantastic for cheap, homemade edibles!

  124. Dr.wayne145 Dr.wayne145


  125. Richard Schlichting

    Works like a charm. I am very satisfied 🙂

  126. guarddog8149 guarddog8149

    Supreme quality distillate for the best price I have found while browsing around. Took 4 days to arrive but was also over the weekend and I attribute more to the parcel service. Showed up at 94.6% and slightly over weight. Will definitely be back soon.

  127. Jared Lanzer

    quality distillate at an unbeatable price. love it.

  128. Advocatus Diaboli

    What a deal! Just got my first oz of this stuff I’m sure I’ll be back fore more. Definitely gonna want to get some terps or a thinner distillate to blend with if you’re going to be vaporizing it because this stuff is thick! I blended 1:1:1 with THCo and HHC (also added the flavor crystal terps). Vivimu’s THCo is an awesome thinning noid and you sure don’t lose any potency 😉

  129. John Wusterhausen jr.

    smokes great lasted forever and even got a little extra

  130. Thomas Haddix

    Super high quality dabs. Ordered 3 ounces so far and it’s been consistently amazing. Cannot beat the price anywhere else too. Definitely look forward to ordering more. I’d be interested in seeing some terpene options added

  131. jonathanlozano87 jonathanlozano87

    High quality dabs from this, I added terps and it hits so smooth. Melts down easily to mix with other concentrates.

  132. Jaime J

    Looked cleanly made.

  133. Jamie Crabtree

    Good stuff.

  134. Jan Engelbrecht

    Really good extract. Not nearly as thick as some others, blends well with the other cannabinoids

  135. Nicholas Domanski

    Competitive quality at an even better price – I love this Delta 8 for tinctures!

  136. Melanie Howell

    It’s very clear, potency was as expected. It’s a good buy for nice, clear d8. I bought it to make edibles.

  137. mahonejoe2 mahonejoe2

    Very high quality distillate, and stupid affordable. This stuff is a godsend. I’d suggest using terpenes as this distillate is completely flavorless and odorless.

  138. Erik Perry

    In the very beginning I doubted Delta8 a lot, and had a lot of “watered down” d8 products that compared to d9 made me think it was useless, but i pulled the plug and this is not the first time ive ordered Delta8 from Vivimu despite having basically FREE high quality D9 available, yes you heard me right, no shill! d8 is awesome, the reasoning I and some of my fellow researchers like it is simple as this, if youre used to using Delta9 you get this unproductive headfog when used during the day, delta8 is as creative if not more than d9 and doesnt cause this fog and laxidaisical effect, also i cant attest for the amber stuff but this clear D8 from Vivimu is EXCELLENT!!!! It’s literally as potent if moreso than most d9 distillate out there, definately worth it!!!!!

  139. Jesse Kelly

    Fast ship and good product good price

  140. Landon Osmondson

    purchased for making edibles and carts alongside d10 hhc thc-O cbd cant wait to add the cbd to my mix as i just ordered it today, has no flavor or smell, also I add a little d8 to my morning coffee each day! only thing I don’t like is the cheap plastic caps, feels like they are gonna break into pieces when i try to remove them.

  141. kadenmorse3 kadenmorse3

    ive gotten this from another place and it blasted me off but this i litteraly couldnt even tell if it hit me or if i just thought it was hitting. felt nothing

  142. Drew Ponkonin

    Love the clear d8, cant wait to try the amber d8 next!

  143. Kris Weddle

    Great Delta 8 disty. Clear, potent and smooth. Any D8 has some harshness but overall smoothest I’ve tried yet and smacks!

  144. Bryce Wongler

    A staple of the stash, always good to have this on hand, really thick tho.

  145. Vincent Penna

    Only 4 stars because of the deep pink almost pink lemonade color from the advanced oxidation and the slight harsh taste/throat hit from the start of degradation I’m guessing but overall I still would greatly recommend vivimu the packaging and product quality issues are definitely a first and they guarantee their quality and are very quick to respond to anything and everything you could possibly need to know to make the best most informative decisions

  146. Max Butler

    Worked great for sleep

  147. Matthew Staples

    Solid pricing, good labs, and I know I can count on the quality. A staple.

  148. Landen Thoma

    really thick but if you leave it on a candle warmer for a while it will be good

  149. Joseph Slifer

    Great price Great product. Thanks alot. Definitely worth it and real D8…. Just like the real thing….

  150. Giovanni Canales

    this stuff is the real deal man, if you wanna go anywhere for delta 8 get it from vivimu, ive gotten carts, edibles and wax from all kinds of places and sites but this is by far the best, cleanest and safest, especially with the lab results! 10/10

  151. Boyde Armstrong

    It is great stuff and cheap 👍 and I bought some more and will continue to do so 😀 😊

  152. Jay Burrows

    Vivimu has great customer service and delivery doesn’t take weeks and weeks with you wondering. It’s simple. Make a purchase, get a tracking number and in a few days it’s right in the box. At first I was skeptical but the quality of the product was on point and delivery only took 3 days. Vivimu is the way to go.

  153. mcpheecameron0 mcpheecameron0

    pretty good high, and fast shipping

  154. Kenneth Smith

    Great for edibles, strong stuff.

  155. Matthew Ash

    Is pretty clear very slight color but clearest ive seen very stron great for mixing im very satisfied.

  156. Jaxon Thomas

    was listed as clear but is slightly pink but a little oxidation never hurt nobody. i bought a syringe but im kinda afraid to put the part with the plunger in the oven and am yet to use it because of that, also because they didn’t give me a needle to use either and theres no way i could fit the stubby end of the syringe into a cart so im having to spend an additional $10 on amazon for a kit as they are not sold individually.

  157. Gabriel Sanford

    Great for the price, not so fresh by itself. Taste awful, like a strong chemical taste, smoked or used in an edible it is somewhat noticable and detracts from the experience. Your lungs will be sorry if you decide to vape it, but taking in solutions taste bad but it eliminates the irritating cough. If I could rate this 3.5 stars I would, because you CAN get somewhere with this.

  158. Zkap1372 Zkap1372

    Some of the best clear avalible, undoubtedly.
    If you’re trying to decide between the amber distillate that smells like a porta potty and this… pick the clear! It’s taken a long time, but MCN finally has clear on par with HCL or possibly slightly better. This has almost zero smell other then the normal somewhat “plastic” smell that all distillate has and hits incredibly smooth.
    This is some extremely clean disty.
    Great product all around!

  159. Celeste Menzano

    I got a refund on the delta 9o that reeked like vinegar but after filling my carts with a blend of the delta 8 distillate and the hhc i noticed syringe lube in my cart 🙁 not happy. its literally a cloudy white little blob.

  160. Mark LaSalle

    As advertised, Excellent customer service, Fast shipping.

  161. Jason Ritzema

    Good stuff, have gotten two ounces now. I add an entire syringe of terps and mix well over a candle warmer then store in the fridge and take little amounts out at a time

  162. David Fonsi

    Amazing, used them in my carts. Will get more 🤩

  163. Traci Glazner


  164. Ann Perna

    Crystal Clear upon arrival. Absolutely smell and tasteless. Fantastic product.

  165. danielle1013 danielle1013

    One of the smoothest delta 8s I’ve tried. I mixed it with some terps and put it in a vape and I am very happy! Will
    Order again. Thank you!

  166. Spencer Taylor

    Gold standard for people who are into thc but not big on anxiety or being so blasted they cant do anything for the duration, almost too perfect.

  167. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    Stuff is basically rock hard below 80F. Easily resolved by sticking the container in some simmering water until it’s fluid enough to go into the blend.

  168. Chase Miron

    Stuff is A+, been buying from Cannaclear, Highlyconcentre8, Loudhouse hemp, Reefers bay. Almost too good to be true, since I have been paying $104 some bucks on 100ml. These guys are leading the game with their 40% off sales, no other company is doing that. I paid just 69 for 100ml this time.

  169. Jen Ross

    Very good product for your money. Ships our very fast & got here quickly as well.

  170. Chris Melbihess

    Great product easy to work with Stoney as heck

  171. David Guerra


  172. Alexander Solem

    High quality stuff deff will be buying again
    Friendly and helpful staff. Great customer service.

  173. Travis S6

    Prices are really good and quality is even better. Clear delta 8 Is really good. Will be back for other noids

  174. Stephan Bowen

    Best d8 I’ve tried so far. No taste at all, no pain, no smell. Pretty rosy color. After dabbing this alone, I realized that I may be sensitive to terpenes, because this was so smooth and I can’t dab any type of terpene infused d8 by itself cdt or not. Was able to make a nice mix with other noids to last me a while because of the sales and got everything raw. Effects 10/10 alone, experience without terpenes 10/10, might have to search around and find the right terps for me. I forgot to take photos before I made a mix, but the whole jar was mostly clear with a pinkish tint. Im cool with that because to me it just means the disty went through less/no color remediation processes. No ill effects yet. For me, this is the best way to stay medicated and spend maybe a dollar or 2 a day if you can keep your tolerance down.

  175. Josh Wixon

    This was my first time trying clear delta 8. Excellent quality. Would definitely recommend.

  176. Jacob Rieffel

    Delivered fast and i’m highly satisfied. Would and will recommend to a friend.

  177. Blake McCarty

    Seems good.

  178. Javin Hembree

    I never received my order they said to check around the mailbox or wait a couple days it has been months and nothing has happened I never even got a refund

  179. Caleb Anton

    Great for tinctures. Very very cheap, and good for people who aren’t looking for a huge high

  180. Cody Kerby

    Vivimu delta 8 distallate

    I would 100% recommend using for any d8 or other cannabanoids.
    High quality products at an even better price.
    You will always get a good product from

    I have tried the Clear D8 and the Amber D8. They both are great distallates with almost no difference but color.

    D8 works well with terpenes added into cartridges.
    D8 works well in edibles
    D8 also mixes well .

  181. caleb jonas

    very good!

  182. Ashley Pattengale

    Nice and clear with a slight pink hue on top. The quality from Vivimu is consistently great for Delta 8 distillate. Would recommend for sure.

  183. Sara Sutton

    Great product, very high quality. Plan to continue purchasing my noids from Vivimu.

  184. Curtis Seal

    D8 clear I love you mmmm if I weren’t married I’d buy some pnút butter flav terp and dip my ba…. Ok maybe that’s getting out of hand but I’d let my dog have some too.

    No but really it’s my fav distillate but honestly it’s more rose in color than I’d ignore enough to call clear. Maybe a name change is in order, it would be unique by name at just your vendors.

  185. Laine Leavelle

    – Raw D8 Distillate
    – Does exactly what you’d expect
    – Does it good
    – Clean product
    – Great shipping, Great service

  186. KC G

    Some of the best prices I’ve seen on an oz of D8. Decent product.

  187. Caden Cook

    Pretty good, got me smacked and lasted long. 10/10 would buy again

  188. nicholson4170 nicholson4170

    This is a great way to thicken up any mixture for carts. Delta 8 is like shatter consistency. Good mellow buzz on its own too. It oxidizes like a moe foe though. Lol

  189. Brett Hamlett

    Great price! Great product and fast shipping

  190. Giga Chad

    very cheao gets me high great to fill up and sell

  191. Christopher Hodges

    Great qaulity and an amazing price!

  192. Myles Jarvis

    perfect for edibles and dabbing

  193. Robert potts

    Former usmc opinion: for someone who has lots of acronyms for the lovely things that don’t work right in my head, besides eating top quality crayons, smoking “noids” has been the go to since about 7 years ago now.

    My personal no BS opinion, it’s phenomenal. Yes we all want the lovely d9 feel blah blah. Yet nobody realizes blank molecules(having no strain) are blank molecules across the board. You must manipulate the molecules with terpenes (properly) to “create” the strain etc etc. And although it must “steep” for a little bit to bond I have 2 mixes. 1 is 1oz of this stuff here, d8 clear with 1/2 Oz of D9O
    Same batch twice, two different strains.
    I got a little impatient and decided to load my ccells, wanting to try both. Did a fast wicking method, waiting about 10 Mins, hit a warm up on the battery and took a rip. (Few hours in between trying strains)
    And I’m just saying… my whole goal was to save money and master my own medicine.

    The mixtures and potentials are far beyond the number of strains in today’s knowledge. But this business at least does whatever they’re doing, right. Everything is consistent, real and idk… you can’t fake effect. When you’re stoned, you’re stoned. So… just saying… t totally honest… I don’t see me bouncing to any other business’.

  194. Leonid Nemlsovich

    The D8 clear distillate is a great quality at a great price.

  195. Jason Wright

    Cheap price for what you get.

  196. Alexander Matthews

    Price is right and the effects are on point.shipping is a little slow but it’s the holidays

  197. Jaxson Druse

    Not very strong but great for the price

  198. Amanda Pickett

    BUY IT. I MEAN IT. I’ve been able to wow im so stoned formulate different recipes and create epic stonage from the distillates and isolates these guys provide. Im currently on

    h4cbd 120*
    cbd 20
    cbg 60
    cbc 75*
    cbt 20*
    HHC 1000*
    HHCO 750*
    D9O 400*
    HHCP 150*
    asterisk are from VIVIMU.

    im at 13% terpenes HDT BDT (I know they recommend less than 5%)

    I have added terpenes from a source and this stuff slaps. While were talking about terpenes, VIVIMU DOGWALKER IS SLAP SAUCE. No more dispensary for me. I keep saying wow, maybe I should go get some spency to compare to this. Then I just get too high. Completely absurd ow it hurts im so high. I have no idea what I’m doing anymore.

  199. Jullian Burton

    Couldn’t be more satisfied, and you can’t beat the prices!

  200. CALEB siegel


  201. maddox_matson maddox_matson

    Perfect for making edibles. Very affordable

  202. Ed Quiggle Jr.

    Vivimu’s clear delta 8 is high quality and potent. Will definitely be ordering more soon.

  203. Joshua Anaya

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 very good

  204. Elias Shannon

    flippin amazing. shit 30 dollar get you a OZ. need i say more. And shit to say more potency is pretty top notch.

  205. Dominik T

    Vivimus delta 8 is some of the cheapest there is, but the price doesn’t reflect the quality. It’s great and there’s really no reason not to order some.

  206. Joshua Keck

    It’s pinkish. Which is fine, it kinda looks cooler that way.
    The weight on the container is wrong.
    I’ve used about 3 grams out of 7, but according to what is written on the container I’ve only used about .2 of a gram.
    Works great. Can’t complain about the product itself.
    If I needed to use accurate measuring this would be a huge cause for concern. I’m not, though.

  207. Kyle Haywood

    Worked great

  208. Crystal Wood

    D8 is great as always and the best deal I’ve found anywhere so rest assured you will love it makes for a great dab are cart mix

  209. Joseph Rich

    this delta 8 distillate honestly shmacks super hard for the price. $30 for 28g is a steal of a deal. This mixed with delta 9 THC-O and/or delta 10 with your selection of CBx noids is a super nice high.

  210. Christopher Guarino

    Super fast shipping, perfect packaging and great customer service. Delta8 is some potent stuff. Definitely does what you’d expect it to do without any of the paranoia or anxiety. Difficult to work with and gets stuck on everything, have gloves and iso on hand. The effects are sedating and its hard to do anything but relax, at least for me it’s not great for productivity There are some minor side effects like lethargy the day after.

  211. Gina Dobelman

    Always great product and service

  212. Sebastian Soliz

    amazing pricing and very fast shipping. clean d8

  213. Dub G


  214. Tamara Gaines


  215. Amy Rutherford

    No weird smell and hits hard. Very economical for someone new to making their own custom mixes. It’s early on but I’m happy with my purchase and will come back for more.

  216. Vaughn Wallace

    Potent and pure!! I fucking love it! I got 3 oz’s!

  217. V Dub

    Fucking great ! Potent as hell and cant beat the price whoo!!

  218. Matt Snellen

    Arrived fast and as described. Added some terps and sent it…Thank you

  219. Jeff Gillstrom

    So amazing taste is just like some real cannabis dabs. I can’t complain very good deal and potent.

  220. Travis McDonald

    Great company for clean high quality distillate. Perfect for making d8 simple syrup, tinctures, eatables… Definitely a trustworthy company with quality products

  221. Paolo Martinez

    Not very terpy, but nice on its own. Not too harsh. Good for the price. PLURR FOREVER!!!

  222. Adam Stantz

    Different some pull and snap. Has a light smell of cannabis and taste and super smooth. Good to use as a base or itself. Price is out of the world. Lol when I first opened it I thought it was empty very clean. That picture is my mix it’s 1/4 live resin delta 8 to clear distilled delta 8

  223. Kevin Sweet

    Really good for making bulk edibles with minimal costs. Very thick, but can be made less viscous with terpenes. Ordered on Thursday, received on Monday. Was with USPS two hours after I made my order. Excellent job guys, I would like to see a more recent COA or at least monthly COA’s before making another order though. Looks like some oxidation happened on the top with degradation into amber CBN for the first 2 or so Mm of the surface in the jars. Doesn’t feel like it when you take it in edible form, though. I would liken the edible effects to delta-9 but with much more sedation and without the anxiety of D9 and my homegrown buds.

  224. Kelli hunt

    Very happy with the consistency. I like how this lasts throughout the day how easy it was to get into the cart. Can’t beat these low prices thank you keep the THC thco THC thcp CBD cdt all is well worth it.

  225. Raymond Louvier

    Outstanding service.

  226. Robert E Hart

    Better for edibles smoking kinda harsh like most

  227. Anthony Tidrick

    Great value not quite as effective as hhc or THC but still good bang for your buck, works best when blended with a combo of hhc, cbn and your favorite terpenes

  228. ruhnotv ruhnotv

    Best distillate and at a great and affordable price, I have ordered many times and never have found anything to complain about. Great Product.

  229. Justin Neville

    This stuff smacks! Odorless and tasteless, great if you need to be discreet! Will buy again!

  230. Robert Koehrsen

    Amazing potency for the price. Far exceeded my expectations as always. There’s no reason for me to buy Delta 8 anywhere else besides from vivimu.

  231. Traci Glazner

    Awesome for eds

  232. Don Fehr

    Best quality distillate I’ve gotten I recently switched from cannaclear to vivimu and I don’t regret it

  233. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Clear clean and orderless

  234. Angela Birdsong


  235. gabriel stanaszek

    great stuff always and great customer service

  236. Garrette WoodmanHouse

    Shipped fast and discreetly, love to use this in edibles. Some good smoke too. Just buy some terpenes if you plan on smoking a lot. I like to mix 1ml of terpenes to 24g of distillate. Packaging quality has gone up.

  237. ryanmunshower ryanmunshower

    The perfect daily driver. Reasonably priced and high quality D8.

  238. Gabriel Diez

    The distillate was A+ quality , 100 percent worth jt

  239. Amber Crane

    Better than expected. Delivery was nice and quick.

  240. Killian Hornibrook

    Package never arrived, was returned via USPS and I never got my money back.

  241. Jason Glucksman

    Clear & clean. Quality stuff.

  242. Tristin Bauer

    Great stuff use it to mix with terpenes very affordable in comparison.

  243. Trenton Burrell

    Disty wasn’t that bad it’s self only issue I had was i ordered 14 grams and only got 10 grams other than that it wasn’t bad decent taste and smell was going to buy a 1000liter but if you can’t even send me the 14 grams I ordered…..

  244. Denise Smith

    I really enjoy shopping at Vivimu I love everything about Vivimu products, I enjoyed talking to Hanna she’s one of the best customer service person I encountered she’s exceptional. ThanK yOu again Hanna for ur service.

  245. Donald Palazzolo

    Good stuf!! Great price!!!! highly recommend

  246. David Frank

    Great price.

  247. skylerbrecht860 skylerbrecht860

    Gas ⛽️

  248. Clint Loftin

    Excellent quality and super fast shipping!

  249. Chris Moseley

    Out of all the Delta 8 I’ve tried, out of all the companies, this is my go to. The smell and taste is clean. The effects are quick and powerful. It’s all around the best bang for your buck. Shipped fast and securely. A+ every time.

  250. jacob hines

    Clear yup straight forward product

  251. Jeff Dundon

    great price and quality

  252. Caryn Hester

    Very smooth. Much smoother than what i usually get. Interesting faint pink color. Nice effects.

  253. Enso

    Good quality D8 Distillate, arrived very clear with a very very slight amber hint, barely noticeable. It was very viscous, need to heat it up to get any movement, good thing though. Can’t beat the quality, especially for the price.

  254. mike beard

    By far the best delta 8 I’ve tried. Crystal clear vapes smooth and great in gummies. If your looking for potent delta 8 with great customer service look no further. I’m a customer for life.

  255. Caleb Peterson

    Great quality

  256. loganlehman0006

    Amazing quality and fast delivery.

  257. Damarcos Estevez

    Super cheap, mixes well.

  258. Andrew Licht

    Amazing stuff as always. Vivimu my one stop shop for sure.

  259. jaycob

    A must try for any cannabinoid lover, easier on the mind than delta 9, not quite as stimulating as hhc. best in combo with other cannabinoids.

  260. Alexis Collard

    Always get Everytime I run out, love this stuff.

  261. Bryan

    no better bang for the buck

  262. Bridget Marariga

    Always the best of the best with vivimu

  263. Bridget Marariga

    Nothing but the best

  264. Crystal Wood

    I really enjoyed it 14 grams for a great price great product

  265. Claudia

    Super good D8 and at a great price!

  266. Lucas Bouchard

    Great for filler in different mixes

  267. Robert potts

    One of the coolest things about it is cooking it at 400 degrees, in a heat resistant glass for x ammt of time, degrades the 8 into nine and cbn if for too long. Random insight. Want it stronger, degrade it into d9. Weird science thing.

  268. kkstoner

    high quality delta 8 distillate (clear) convenient seal inside jar that allowed me to put on before the lid each time to make sure distillate doesnt leak onto the inside of the lid which happens a lot to me when i buy this stuff in bulk. Good price alternative to D9 products (cause we ballin on a budget baby)

  269. Gracktastik1

    I ordered the 28 gram jar (hell of a deal for 30 bucks) it came shipped with a strap of tape around the lid to prevent spillage if the post had gotten hot. It looked like an empty jar because thos stuff is so clear. It has a gummy consistency at room temperature which is perfect for a spliffster like me. Readily rolls into a little snake to wrap in paper and plant matter. I was blown away by the complete lack of taste and odor. Could be easily concealed in a cigarette for covert public smoking if that’s your jam. The effects are pleasantly stoney. Smokes like a good hash minus the taste and smell and at a fraction of the cost.

  270. Tony Johnson

    Great! Clean, pure, potent. Can’t beat it! Super thick.

  271. Leonid Nemlsovich

    The D8 is of an excellent quality. I have purchased multiple times, and it’s been a great experience with fast shipping.

  272. William

    High quality product, as with everything I’ve ordered from here so far. Purchasing more as I write this. Cheers!

  273. James Caffrey

    high quality!

  274. Tony Johnson

    Potent, pure, perfect.

  275. Vanessa Doan

    Am I high yes. Is there a syringe I ordered no.
    I’m happy with the clear delta 8 distillate I got I believe it’s 94% or 88% but I gave it a 3/5 because I usually heat the distillate and put it in a cart with a syringe. but there wasn’t a syringe so I didn’t feel like making a mess too put it in one so I used something to scrape some of it out and ate it on something and it got me high. So happy with distillate but no syringe.

  276. Jacob Holbrook

    Very potent with a light flavor

  277. Jacob Holbrook

    Good potency light flavor

  278. Jacob Holbrook

    Very good

  279. J.D.

    Nice and clear, also great price. Arrived on time

  280. Christian Townley

    Great stuff, very potent. No taste, definitely will make you cough

  281. Heather Woosley

    Love the packaging, quality seems good and hits very smooth. The high is very mellow and relaxing.

  282. Caleb Strohl

    Not as strong as the HHC but very good value.

  283. luke holbrook

    very high quality with very soothing and relaxing high. 10/10

  284. Michael Fallon

    Clean and very potent!

  285. Noe Diaz

    Not worth it . Smoked .4/ .8 on dry herb vape ,on reg vape nothing either with minimum results to thc . Only to be put to sleep is good. I’ve tried delta 8 flower with better results then this one ,even cbd kief. Hhc is the only cheapest distillate that actually gets you and worth . With .2-.4 dry herb vape and on reg vape

  286. Wade

    As advertised. Fast shipping.

  287. Caleb Strohl

    Best customer service I’ve ever experienced– by a lot! Across multiple orders! Always above and beyond!

  288. Capey305

    All the D8 distillate I have ordered is really good! Thanks Vivimu

  289. luke holbrook

    i love this prroduct, high quality ddiostalate

  290. luke holbrook

    Really nice quality distillate very pretty to look at and it kicks to, thanks for the superb quality products


  291. roddyroo10

    Good product

  292. roddyroo10


  293. Mohammad

    Ok so I bought 14 grams of the Amber but got the clear it’s fine it’s just the color so I tried it and it gave me a pretty good buzz like I get from d8 the smell was kinda pissy but the affects were pretty good I’m about to finish this and bought an oz already

  294. Cody Hauser

    Exactly as expected. Cut 5% with CBC.
    Perfect. little to no odor.

  295. jules101

    Great quality and service

  296. r.luciano27@yahoo

    Great quality distillate, clear and odorless, great value, has a strong kick and last long. Would definitely recommend it. Will repurchase when I start to run out.

  297. S Waters

    Great stuff, it’s pretty thick similar to HHC, really shines when mixed with something to thin it out a bit.

  298. Bryce Wongler

    Perfect for when you’re in a bit of a pinch financially.

  299. Bill Bondy

    I love the Delta 8. The clear & amber. That’s the 1st cannabinoid I bought from Vivimu & now I also get Delta 10 & HHC & I love them all !

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