HHCp Distillate

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Think of our HHCp like your regular HHC but with an extra kick! It’s for those who want something new in their cannabinoid lineup. Our HHCp distillate is top-quality and made from the finest hemp using the best methods. We refine it carefully to make sure you get the absolute best, with all the cannabinoids just right. Trust me, it’s perfection!

What Is HHCP?

HHCp is short for Hexahydrocannabinol Cyclic Phosphate and you can think of it as a lab-made version that acts a bit like THC but just a little different. Scientists are currently studying HHCp because they think it might help with pain and even assist in protecting our brains.

Potential Benefits of HHCP Distillate

HHCp is giving the cannabis community hope with all of the possible benefits. That being said, we still need more research to be sure of the potential benefits and that it’s capable of helping users. The FDA has not approved this cannabinoid and its usage.

Why Should You Choose Vivimu to Buy HHCP Distillate Online?

Here at Vivimu, we make sure our products are top-notch, high-quality, and consistent. To ensure the quality of our products, we put each new batch through multiple tests, which are completed by an independent, third-party lab, and make the test results (COAs) available to our customers. The ingredients we use and how they are made will always be transparent to you. Plus, buying from us is easy and hassle-free. We’re dedicated to making you happy while following all the rules, so you can always trust us when you buy HHCp distillate from our online store.

HHCp Distillate – Frequently Asked Questions:

Is HHCP Distillate Legal?

Yes and no. HHCp Distillate is regulated by local and state governments, so it just depends on where you are located. While some jurisdictions/counties may allow the sale and use of HHCp, others may classify it as a controlled substance. You should ALWAYS check the specific laws in your area before attempting to purchase or use HHCp Distillate.

How Do I Use HHCP Distillate?

You can use our HHCp Distillate just like any other concentrate that we carry. You can vaporize it, dab it, or mix it into your favorite foods. Always start with a small amount and follow the recommended dosage before increasing the dose. It’s also smart to talk to a healthcare expert for personalized advice on how to use it safely.

Does HHCP Distillate Get You High?

Yes, our HHCp distillate can get you high since it’s psychoactive, just like normal THC. Some folks have told us that it makes them feel happy and chill or, in some cases, even have a new perspective on things after using it. Always start with a small amount and see how you react. Everyone reacts differently, so it’s best to start small.

How Is HHCP Compared With Other Cannabinoids?

Think of comparing our HHCp products to other cannabinoids, like comparing different flavors of ice cream. They’re all ice cream, but you’ll always have your favorite. THC or CBD might have potential effects similar to HHCp, but because of its unique makeup, it could give you a completely different experience. We still need more research to be completed to know for sure how it stacks up in terms of effectiveness and safety. And always remember, these products aren’t meant to treat any illnesses.

Will HHCP Show Up On A Drug Test?

Yes, our HHCp distillate could show up on a drug test since it’s a form of THC. It might make the test come back positive for cannabis, so if you might be tested, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Click Here to View COA.

Experience the exceptional potency of Vivimu’s HHCp Distillate. Our premium distillate showcases the unique effects of Hexahydrocannabinol phorol (HHCp), offering an extraordinary and elevated cannabis experience.

At Vivimu, we prioritize uncompromising quality. Our HHCp Distillate undergoes meticulous extraction and refinement processes, ensuring the utmost purity, potency, and compliance with stringent standards. Trust in the superior quality and consistency of our distillate.

Unleash your senses with Vivimu’s HHCp Distillate. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaporizing, or incorporating it into your preferred method of consumption, our distillate provides a potent and transformative experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

Crafted with expertise and precision, Vivimu’s HHCp Distillate unlocks the full potential of HHCp, delivering remarkable and elevated effects. Embrace the unique potency and power of HHCp – order our Distillate now and immerse yourself in the exceptional benefits offered by Vivimu.


We take pride in our swift shipping, ensuring your order arrives at your doorstep with next-day or two-day delivery options. These faster shipping options enable our customers to enjoy the benefits sooner. 

  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

102 reviews for HHCp Distillate

  1. Nathaniel Shields

    I seem to have a delayed reaction, so at first I thought this stuff was no big deal.

    I’ve found myself to be wrong. Just a small dab brings effects similar to eating a bunch of edibles, and it lasts a longggg time.

  2. Ryan Lowe

    This hhcp is amazing! Hits everybit as hard as thcp! This stuff puts me into zen mode! Amazing headband effect on the first hit! I mixed mine at about 12% with some d8 and sour lifter terpenes. Vivimu is the go to for DIY hemp products!

  3. Derek Boelter

    Premium must dilute 25-100 grams of choice. I cut into 60 grams worth including 16 grams member berry d8, 1.5 grams d10, 0.5 gram hhc, 28 grams hhco, 1gram hhcp, 4 grams thco, 0.2g thcp, 5 grams thcV, 5 grams cdc, 7 drops d-limone, 4 drops terpineol, 5 drops alpha pinene, and 4 drops beta carotene, with 2 drops of pure lotus absolute, 1 drop of harlequin and a partridge in a hemp tree. Seriously all that minus hhco and hhcp is not much until those two where added then it went through the roof instant satisfaction and went through the roof no crash but rollercoaster ride with peak upfront, 200 mph take off! Perfect blend highly suggest this blend if you can. I call it ($traight Ga$) Magnetic hotplate start on low heat low spin with thickest/hardest substance 1st to thinnest last terpenes last minute. 30 min work time. Best to transfer to carts and package right out of the mixer to keep freshest longest and for way easy loading no needle clogs. Enjoy

  4. Matthew Owen

    HHCp is an interesting one and one of my favorite noids. It’s super potent but has a long come up time at around an hour for full effects. HHCp produces a strong, slightly stoney, head rush and has moderate body effects that will have you locked in your couch. The potency is around 10-15x that of HHC. I’ve found making a mix of HHC, HHCo with 10-15% HHCp be to very effective!

  5. Eric Aho

    If you have the money and are considering if it’s worth it, then yeah go for it. I have a really high tolerance and this makes me feel like some of the first times I smoked. Love the product, and Vivimu is an amazing vendor.

  6. Ben VanBrocklin

    Very impressed. Mixed up a tincture ~1.3 grams to 30ml MCT oil, dosed half a milliliter and 40 minutes to an hour later I’m feeling better than classic D9 can take me on it’s own. Gonna be fun to see how this stuff blends.

  7. Kyle Randall

    Hhcp wasn’t sealed well, when it arrived it was leaking down the side of the jar it was inside of.

    Managed to recover most but some lost in cleanup.

  8. James Luker

    My new favorite noid by far. I was worried about the price, but caught it on sale. Honestly though, it’s worth it at full price for sure. Same fantastic vivimu service as always with regards to packing. The distillate is a nice light color, and is relatively easy to work with. After a tiny dab, effects are slow to come on, but are by far the strongest of any legal noids I’ve sampled. It’s genuinely close to a traditional d9 high, but with more of a heady feeling. It’s easy enough to do what you have to, but even easier to sink into a couch. 12/10 for sure.

  9. Eric Kloeker

    Very good two small dabs got very high smooth no taste has a delayed onset at first I was like wtf didn’t feel much hour later I felt fantastic more like a indica high thcp gives me a strong sativa high

  10. Nicholas Pellegrino

    It has been some time since i felt the effects of THC or HHC, this I felt for two days!!!

  11. jonathan lambert

    I’ve bought it 3 times now and I’d say y’all have perfected it, a tiny bit get me friedddd

  12. Frank Damiani

    This HHC-P is awesome! I bought 20 grams of HHC-O & 1 gram of HHC-P. I made carts with a gram of HHC-O & about 50 to 75mg. of HHC-P; WOW! I also made a tincture with over 2000mg of HHC-O, 100mg. of HHC-P and MCT oil. Again, WOW! I am now certified lifelong loyal customer!

  13. Jesse Sebok

    Very impressed! Reminds me a lot of HHC effects wise, in that it’s more of a heady, still a nice body high under that though, but different than HHC it’s a LOT more potent, enough that I can just take a hit or two and be nicely toasted, compared to THCP I will say I enjoy it just as much, just depends on what mood i’m in, but both are very potent one hit wonder noids, absolutely awesome

  14. Toke Toke

    Not exactly what I thought it would be, a little concerned about taste and effect or if I’m just unable to feel it

  15. ptimmermans200 ptimmermans200

    It is amazing to add to mixes to give it longer legs and keeps increasing the effects of the fast acting cannabinoid in the mix. I just figured out The best, strongest, most potent mix for me and even better effects than delta 9 thc and much better than d8/d8-thco/d9-thcp/d8-thcp blend. 10% d9-thcp + 3% d8-thcp doesn’t even come close to 5% HHCp

  16. Nicholas Umlauf

    Effects last tooooo long

  17. Dalton Holt

    Love the stuff. Shipping was fast and the product better then expected. I mixed . 25 hhcp to . 75 thco in a gram cart and wow. Couldn’t be happier. Will definitely be ordering from them in the very near future. Thank you vivimu for your quality and ease in every aspect of my order!

  18. Scott Wade

    Very potent stuff. Believe the hype!

  19. Sharon Smart

    Wow, that is about all I can say. This packs a major punch that I did not see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  20. Timothy Norman

    I will definitely be buying more of this as this is the strongest stuff I’ve ever had by far!!!

  21. Miles Lewis

    A few practical problems
    1, packaging, it’s hard to get it out of the
    2 unclear COA, just an unlabeled spectroscopy diagram,
    3, cost, 200$/g
    Although, 4 parts 28$/oz hemp + .95 parts 28$/oz d8 distillate + .05 parts 5600$/oz HHCp makes 83$/oz 2.99$/g hemp that is pretty much as strong as d9 in my opinion. A bit different. More cognitive. Got tiny .5 gram jar of slightly orange yellow clear slightly runny liquid. Strong. 100$.
    Would reccomend if you have the money and know what you’re doing. Love the company and the product, But, 3 stars for the reasons given.

  22. TriggerGTO TriggerGTO

    Definitely increases medical effects , duration & pontentiates others. Tho I feel it’s missing someone when not paired with D9 THC-P

  23. Patrick Hallisey

    Best one out of the -P isomers

  24. b.e.parker746 b.e.parker746

    Man, this stuff really does hit hard. I have .35mg mixed in a batch of CBC,cbg, hhc, thco, THCV, and d8thc and it livens the party up big time! Pricey but worth it as it makes blends super potent when mixed in amounts 5-10%. I absolutely will be buying more when the wallet allows

  25. Zacheri Uebele

    Very potent.

  26. tfale2008 tfale2008

    Very nice stuff!! Adds MASSIVE potency in very, very small amounts. Talk about a blend transformer… Pop a quarter gram into 4-6 grams of whatever blend is being mixed up and BAM!!! TURNS IT INTO ONE HIT WONDER! 🤣😂
    The vape is the sh!t and more is going to be needed but first my newer purchase of this is going to have to go at least partially into edibles…. I’ll have to clear At LEAST a few hours though, because I imagine the step up between inhalation and digestion will be as much a difference here as it is with any other psychoactive noid and in this case especially, That has GOT to be one hell of a sesh… 😳🤯😜🤪🙀

  27. breathgorilla breathgorilla

    Excited to see how it turns out, have bought HHC-O and had a good experince

  28. Lucas Quintana

    Long handling/shipping time.
    Went on sale the next day or so.
    You guys also inflated your price, to make your 420 sale look better…
    Great cannabinoid, not worth the price.

  29. Montgomery Woods

    Mixed with some of their(SFV) terp’s,, delicious!& potent! Well worth the money!!🤑

  30. Derek Longmire

    After spending a week experimenting with HHCP in mixes from 2.5-20% and even taking a 0.1 dab of pure hhcp I can safely say that this is a huge waste of money for me. Delta 8 literally hits me harder than this. Maybe it just doesn’t work for me, but vivimu’s d9thcp doesn’t do anything for me either, their thco, hhco, or hhc I ordered barely produces any effects…. starting to feel scammed honestly.

  31. Brandon Wilkinson

    Wow! All the hype over the -p’s recently made me want to try both out. Hhc-p is the clear winner.



  33. Andrew Anderson

    Definitely an interesting noid and one best to blend into others. It will make your tolerance rise pretty quick but a total slap and super head rushy in vape and edible.

  34. Samuel Johnson

    This stuff is amazing. Dabbed a .15 at 4pm and was still feeling it at noon the next day. This stuff is crazy potent. Haven’t tried eating it yet although I am going to tomorrow. Only problem is the price although I saw they brought it down. $230 a gram was too much for the average consumer. Only other problem was the packaging. The little 5ml jars leave some left on the lid that’s undabable and remnants in the jar that are inaccessible. For stuff this expensive they should be sending it in glass syringes. Other than that this stuff was amazing and has gotten me far more fried than any other noid so far.

  35. Scott Berry

    Good and strong but not incapacitating. For me D9P is that. This allows me to go about my day with a healthy buzz.

  36. William Jones

    Wow. After trying a tiny dab straight, I had greater respect for this nod. So the next weekend I mixed it with d8 and thco, 45% d8, 45% thco, 10% hhcp (d8 is pre-terped)…I took 2 good hits off sprk2 ceramic cart on a Friday night and still, just like when dabbed straight, I was high for past 48 hours! Woke up Monday morning still buzzing!! Maybe if u take a 1 second puff as a dose, but my next batch will be closer to 2%.

  37. Jared Foster

    Really liking this cannabinoid so far. I made a mix with 5% HHCP, 5% D9-THCP, HHC, D8, THC-O, HHC-O, CBC, CBT, and CDTs and holy crap it’s amazing!

  38. Paul Larsen

    This is only mildly potent alone, but is a great addition to low energy mixes.

  39. Cody T

    This was a nice lengthy buzz not much of one for my tolerance but nice still.
    quality product overall and tasteless which is very nice, very thankful for being able to try this, hope others like it as well. looking forward to trying d9thcp next to compare.

  40. Daniel Reff

    Worth it during sales!

  41. Shawn Spencer

    Haven’t tried it yet will email results w order #

  42. Aaron Isaacs

    Hhcp lasts ridiculously long. One small dab left me buzzed all day. Blasted straight through my very high tolerance. It’s pricey so I’d only buy it again if it was on a deep sale but I definitely enjoyed having it!

  43. Brandon Boeglin

    Probably my least favorite -p. A long lasting buzz though. Expensive for the effects.

  44. Linda Clayson

    The HHC-P seems to be less potent than the delta-9-THCP, which produced a very strong high, with face flush, and long lasting trippy mental effects. But the HHC-P doesn’t seem to be as strong, or at least as noticeable; I can use it and forget I did. Or is it due to using the THCV/CBDV/CBCV focus blend at the same time as the THCP?
    So far I’ve determined that:
    •THCV- intensifies other forms of THC.
    •CBG and CBC- seem to add entourage effects without diminishing the THC high.
    •CBD- Reduces THC side effects, like dry mouth, anxiety, paranoia, and memory loss. Also reduces the psychedelic effects of THC.
    •HHC-P and THCP are best combined with other forms of THC. On their own they aren’t overly impressive. I suspect the ultimate mix would be something like:
    •~30% Delta-9-THCP
    •~25% HHC-P
    •~15% Delta-9-THCV
    •~5% Delta-8-THC
    •~5% Delta-8-THCO
    •~5% Delta-9-THC
    •~5% Delta-10-THC
    •~5% HHC
    •~5% HHCO

    Questions: has anyone tried adding delta-9-THCV to Delta-9-THCP and/or HHC-P? If so, did it greatly increase the strength of effect?

  45. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    I am happy with everything I’ve received. Good service

  46. jacksonmclain jacksonmclain

    Probably the best purchase I made in the 9 months I’ve been using alt noids. 5-15% is all you need, even less if you have a low tolerance. High is 10/10 in a big blend and it potentiates it by at least 3x.

    Highly recommend.

  47. Brian Luke

    Absolutely fantastic cannabinoid to add to any of your blends! Very powerful but smooth with a long duration. My favorite of the “p’s”.


    Mixed @ 2.5% with THCP @ 2.5%, THCo @ 85%, CBT @ 5%, and 5% terps. Great effects, a lot stronger than THC-o by itself, but I have a really high tolerance and will probably go stronger next time, it’s good as it is though.

  49. Joseph Simpson

    Mine’s in the mail.

  50. Daniel Lassila

    Strong stuff! Love this company.

  51. Austin Moorefield

    Very potent great mix of 1 g HHCp/ 28g hhcp. Killer mix

  52. Reina Streufert

    made a mix with 80% d8, 10% HHCp, 5% CBC and 5% terpenes and. wow. my favorite part about this is honestly just how long lasting it is. it is definitely markedly stronger than d9, but im a bad judge because my tolerance is soo high. but it lasts fucking forever, like 12+ hours until youre fully sober its crazy. the price seems like a lot but if you use it in a mix, it’s not bad at all. my mix for example comes out to a little over $20/gram, they’re way better than dispensary carts and dispensary carts where I live cost $50/half gram. in terms of effects they are very sativa-like. for me in medium doses they give me a lot of energy and euphoria, great to take the edge off a work day, but if you use in high doses it *will* put you straight to sleep. no stopping it.

    OH RIGHT and the customer service!!! I forgot to add an item to my order and the literal founder and CEO of the company responded to my email at 9pm on a weekend and fixed it. crazy.

  53. Brittan Keeton

    Product is good quality, shipping was great.

  54. David Stanton

    Very potent, be careful. I scraped about a 1/3 rice grain amount off the lid and added it to some flower. I was extremely high for hours.

  55. Chantz Daugherty

    This is my first time trying HHCP distillate, and it was a wonderful addition. I added it @ about a 10% and I noticed no flavor differences. It had a nice deeper amber red that added a nice color to my more clear distillate blend.

  56. Michael Humphrey

    Mixed .5g with 5g of hhc and hhco and I should probably add another 5g of hhc. It’s very strong, very smooth and clean. So so smooth and clean.

  57. Isaac Stoltz

    Put this in a very small concentration in a tincture with other noids. Kind of wish I had just made a tincture of JUST HHCp, as it was so expensive and I want to experience its unique effects. Oh well. Next time!

  58. Matthew Staples

    Great effects. Zero anxiety or paranoia, but a very long-lasting, smooth, enjoyable feeling.

  59. toneysan93 toneysan93

    So the only reason I didn’t do five stars is cause of how expensive it is. The product is great. I made a mix with HHC and it’s lovely. I think mine oxidized a bit cause it looked red like normal HHC instead of yellow. My only other concern is that it came in a jar instead of a syringe. Although I got most of it but inevitably there was some stuck to the lid.. so yeah I got it on sale and that’s the only way I’d buy it again. It does make the head and body high a bit more intense and definitely lasts longer. I have a massive tolerance so I feel like some folks would probably get too blown. Good buy definitely a novelty item.

  60. Victoria Jenks

    Wish it came in a syringe but loved it

  61. Walter Smith

    Great product. It’s very potent so use caution. The effects are a lot like delta 9 to me but more potent. The price is kinda outrageous. I would recommend only doing it on occasion and don’t build a tolerance because it’ll make it hard to get high at all. Same for any super potent cannabinoid. Vivimu have great service and products. Highly recommended.

  62. john.allen2322 john.allen2322

    What can I say about this amazing cannabinoid?

    First off I never thought I’d feel like I did the first time I smoked….but this…this took me back there and I was throughly impressed. The strength is just amazing and length of time I was medicated was roughly 8 hours straight.

    Keep in mind I took a dab and people might have stronger tolerances but being a reviewer I’ve tried a lot of things, so when I say this stuff is strong I mean it!

    I would like to see some blends in the near future like all three of the hhc with terps. But until then these will do just fine!

    Overall 5/5

  63. Jacob Mollerup

    Pretty decent

  64. alexbrandt001 alexbrandt001

    Truly Potent!. Amazed this is even possible with science. just wow!

  65. Stefan Ceciu

    Honestly wasn’t impressed given the cost and marketed potency. Purchased two half-grams, each left me equally disappointed, but maybe they were from the same batch.

  66. Conner Isom

    Previously purchased 0.25g to test and was pleasantly surprised with the potency and duration of effects. I was dissappointed it came in a jar since there’s a small bit that’s nearly impossible to get out though.

    This small gripe has been solved, either the 1g orders of HHCp (my most recent purchase) come in syringes, or all HHCp does, not sure… and I only plan to buy 1g’s in the future, it’s that good lol. I emailed customer service a month or so ago and they mentioned they’re working on getting it all transferred over to syringes, so I’d say definitely grab some if you have the spare money!

    At 5-15% this really kicks a blend into high gear, and dabbed straight it will get you heavily medicated. Great service, will be ordering again. Thanks once again Vivimu team for an amazing experience all around!

  67. Justin Coutre

    Blending this with HHC made my blend next level. Potent and on point!

  68. Brian Roach

    I have a decent tolerance, but gotta say this stuff is very potent! I love that it came in a syringe, I sandwiched some in between some D8 hemp and was surprised as to the length of the high! It’s definitely a creeper from my experience, but a great addition to any cannabinoid mix!

  69. oldraver86 oldraver86

    Holy God damn Lord this HHCp stuff uh really just punches your Dick off it just really really just punches you goddamn Dick off then dig off and makes you feel like you’re on a micro dose of datura, except not deadly.

    I only tried a little bit like like I only tried at once and and destroyed everything I thought I knew about the universe. It was so God damn strong I I’m a 1000% positive the HHC p Will Most definitely make me so God damn high for the next 55 times I do it it’s enough to make a Catholic stop believing in God …or an atheist start believing in God just so he can scream and holler in dismay and confusion as to how a God could possibly even exist that he would ever endeavor to make such an incredibly potent product such as this very HHCp! I mean like…. I don’t believe in God … At all , but I’ll tell you 1 thing, it certainly made me believe in God just long enough to curse him out For this incredible chaos and mayhem that hes unleashed upon being reached upon the universe so at least that I can stop leaving in him. That doesn’t even make sense but it does but it really doesn’t and that’s what HHCp is.

    you’re going to want to have a proverbial diaper on hand because you’re gonna shit your brains out … or brain your shits out —-Metaphorically obviously.

    DO Believe the hype! Fool, I’m not getting paid for any of this. I wish

    But yes far as the diaper reference and the feeling like a toddler : its gonna make you stupid and sleepy , and everythings gonna Seem so big and whimsical and dreamy n surreal…. buy this before it’s illegal. . I

    I don’t think I need the regular weed now.. even though it’s legal here. “normal” marijuana dispensaries can screw themselves. This is what weve all been looking for in a phytocannabinoid PERIOD. GET yourself this space gravy, this stupid galactic goo from the future. THANK KNE LATER. tell em StrangeFlow sent ya lol.

  70. Dylan Bales

    I was very surprised at the potency of this product! Seriously medicating and very helpful for my friend, who has chronic back pain and is a paraplegic. I “highly” recommend it!

  71. Casey Brown

    beyond excited to receive this. so much so i overnighted it! have this, thcb, thch, thcpo, cbno, d9thcv and d9o all on the way to top off w some blue cheese terps!!!! cant wait to finally make some carts that put the most pristine d9 to shame!!!!!

  72. Daniel Miller

    Not sure if it’s worth the cost, but even a small amount was noticable in my blend.

  73. Adam Wyatt

    Very very potent. Like a super hhc on steroids. Last a long time

  74. Josh Wixon

    I wasn’t the happiest with this one. Mixed 10% with hhc. Maybe it was the hype, but I expected it to blow me away. I was rather disappointed..

  75. Daniel Klevisha

    Seems amazing pain relief

  76. Kenneth Bailey

    Fantastic Molecule with Superb medical value.

  77. Caleb Anton

    Hhc was fine, but 2 day shipping took 5 days total. I get there’s a weekend, but I ordered on sunday morning

  78. Taylor Martin

    Another great Distillate from Vivimu. Go very low % when mixing it with other noids, definitely is potent and has long legs, very nice effects when mixed with other noids; effects last much longer. Love how it now comes in syringes instead of jars.

  79. Alexander MacLellan

    This product is amazing with instant and long lasting effects! Very happy!

  80. Brendon Delgado

    This stuff is insane! For reference, I have a ridiculously high tolerance to delta 9 THC as I live in a legal state, and often will dab 0.3g of D9 wax every night for sleep. For edibles I need minimum 250mg to really feel it… so that gives you an idea of how high my tolerance is.

    THIS STUFF BLEW THAT OUT OF THE WATER! I took one small dab which was a literal speck in my bowl and 35 minutes later I started getting incredibly stoned. This continued to peak for 4-5 hours and 10 hours in I was still very stoned. I then went to bed and got the best sleep I’ve had in literally 15 years (I have awful insomnia caused by my ADD, and nothing ever helps me sleep, so this says a lot), When I woke up the next morning I was still a little hazy.

    All of this off one SPECK of HHC-P. I got a gram of this thinking it’d go quickly, but now I’m not sure how much of this to even dose lol. This stuff is truly wild.

  81. Sean Flaherty

    Very strong with an interesting headspace

  82. brandon prazmowski

    Definitely strong, not sure where to place it. I feel like this is still overpriced but you definitely need to try this because you won’t be disappointed! Great quality and feeling

  83. Mikela Clemmons

    So I dab more wax than any human should, no problem. 1000mg thc edible, no problem. 1g dab bring it on.

    3 small dabs of this, .05ml max, and all i could see for hours was a rotating El Camino, and it was really tricked out. would do that exact experience again.

    enjoy, but have a buddy.

  84. Jasen Adams


  85. Zack Hocker

    some strong stuff. if you have a high tolerance this is great as a 10% mix

  86. Kelli hunt

    Fire potent smooth but creeps up

  87. Buck Rodgers

    Awesome just need a little

  88. Richard Smith

    I have made some mixes with this at about 5% and it defently adds some umph. Going to try at 10% to see what it can really do but impressed so far.

  89. Caryn Hester

    First time trying this one and i love it. This is nice for someone with a high tolorence however one puff was too strong for my husband. Very much willl recomend and buy again.

  90. Joshua Petkovic

    This stuff really adds something strong to my blend, I’ve tried thcp, thch, thcb, and hhcp, This is easily the best

  91. michael mcgraw

    Don’t get me wrong it’s good, but I personally liked HHCH more than this HHCP. Also liked ThcH a lot more than THCp.

  92. Kelli hunt

    Potent by about 3 times as much as d9 even reg.hhc. It always helps with pain mood and sleep. Expensive but worth it.

  93. Bryan

    nice strong product. I preferred THCp better, but this close.

  94. Wade Alexander

    Very strong. Will order again for sure.

  95. lawk41

    VERY powerful and long lasting noid. Adding in small percent to a blend really kicks it up a notch.

  96. Gracktastik1

    Well this stuff is potent. It also comes on a little slow and lasts a long time so be careful with dosing. Gave me a light, uppity, almost psychedelic sort of feeling. I woke up the next day still feeling pretty groovy. Glad I didn’t have to do anything too fast.

  97. Jacob Holbrook

    Good af

  98. Jacob Holbrook


  99. luke holbrook

    HHCp is an interesting one and one of my favorite noids. It’s super potent but has a long come up time at around an hour for full effects. HHCp produces a strong, slightly stoney, head rush and has moderate body effects that will have you locked in your couch. The potency is around 10-15x that of HHC. I’ve found making a mix of HHC, HHCo with 10-15% HHCp be to very e

  100. Ryan Philbrook

    Strongest and longest lasting cannabinoid I’ve ever tried. Wonderful vaporized or added to edibles. A little goes a long way!

  101. roddyroo10


  102. jack rankin

    Great product… Mixed 5% with HHC as tincture provided 12 hour stone. Keep up the great work Vivi !

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