CBD Concentrates

Discover the powerhouse of hemp with CBD concentrate! CBD concentrates, commonly referred to as “CBD Dabs,” are a favored option for those looking to experience the potential of CBD.

Trust the specialists at Vivimu to produce top-notch concentrates. We are committed to creating the highest-quality CBD concentrates on the market. We have everything you need for all your CBD dabs!

What Is CBD Concentrate?

A CBD concentrate is a product made by extracting the cannabinoids, including CBD, from the cannabis or hemp plant. There are three main types of CBD concentrates:

Full-Spectrum CBD Concentrate – This concentrate contains all the cannabinoids from the plant, including THC. It provides the full range of cannabinoids.

Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrate – Contains multiple cannabinoids from the plant but with the THC removed. 

CBD Isolate – a pure CBD concentrate containing only the CBD cannabinoid isolated from the other compounds. It is around 99% pure CBD.

CBD concentrates go through an extraction and filtering process to separate out just the CBD compound or keep a spectrum of cannabinoids while removing unwanted compounds. This results in a highly potent product with much higher levels of CBD compared to regular CBD oils or other products made directly from the plant material.

The concentrated form allows for faster-acting and stronger effects since the CBD levels are so high. CBD isolate, and concentrates are the strongest and purest forms of CBD available.

Potential Benefits and Effects of CBD Concentrate

CBD concentrates offer several potential benefits due to their high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) and other advantageous compounds from the hemp plant:

1. Fast-Acting Relief: 

CBD concentrates are absorbed quickly, providing faster effects compared to other CBD products.

2. Potent Dose: 

With high levels of CBD per serving, concentrates allow users to use a potent dose efficiently. High CBD concentrate products are ideal for users who require a more potent dose of CBD to experience the desired effects

3. Versatile Consumption: 

CBD concentrates can be vaporized, dabbed, or added to foods and beverages, offering versatile consumption methods.

4. Entourage Effect: 

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD concentrates contain multiple cannabinoids and terpenes, which may produce an entourage effect for enhanced potential benefits. The full-spectrum CBD concentrate from Vivimu is a high-quality product that maintains all of the potential advantageous compounds, terpenes, and cannabinoids that are present in hemp plants.

5. Extended Potential: 

CBD concentrates have the potential to have effects that linger for several hours.

It is crucial to remember that even though CBD concentrates may have advantages, moderation, and responsible use are advised. Just like with any other CBD product, start with a low dosage and increase it gradually as needed. 

Our Best CBD Concentrate Products

At Vivimu, we offer a range of high-quality CBD concentrate products designed to meet your needs. Our products are manufactured with the highest-quality hemp and rigorously tested to guarantee purity and potency. Let’s explore some of our best CBD concentrate options.

CBD Isolate

With no additional terpenes or other cannabinoids, CBD Isolate is a pure form of the cannabinoid. It is ideal for those who want to experience the potential of CBD without any THC.

CBDa Isolate

Experience the pure, unfiltered power of CBDa Isolate – the raw, unheated form of CBD known as cannabidiolic acid. This exceptional isolate is packed with CBDa, a precursor to CBD, offering a unique and potent cannabinoid profile with potential that stands apart from traditional CBD. CBDa Isolate lets you tap into the raw, untouched essence of the cannabinoid, bringing you its distinct properties in a powerful new way. Whether infused into edibles or blended into topicals, CBDa Isolate promises a refreshing twist on your lifestyle journey, delivering a truly unparalleled experience compared to regular CBD products.

CBDV Isolate

Unlock the unique potential of CBDV Isolate, your gateway to the extraordinary world of cannabidivarin (CBDV). This rare cannabinoid offers a distinct profile and promising potential, setting it apart from traditional CBD products. Ideal for those eager to explore beyond the usual CBD and THC, CBDV Isolate is perfect for a variety of applications, from great edibles to awesome topicals. Dive into the diverse world of cannabinoids and elevate your lifestyle routine with the remarkable properties of CBDV Isolate. Expand your horizons and discover a whole new dimension of natural support!

CBD Distillate

With a wide range of terpenes and cannabinoids, CBD distillate is a refined form of CBD that offers a stronger entourage effect.

CBDp Distillate

Vivimu’s CBDp Distillate is a premium-quality product designed for dabbing and DIY formulations. This distillate can be used to create your own tinctures, edibles, cartridges, and more, allowing you to customize your CBD experience. With its high potency and purity, CBDp Distillate offers a concentrated dose of CBD for those seeking a powerful and versatile product. Vivimu is well-known in the wholesale cannabinoid space, ensuring you receive a top-notch product backed by expertise and quality assurance.

H4CBD Distillate

Discover the exceptional quality and purity of Vivimu’s H4CBD Distillate, a premium distillate offering a concentrated form of the unique and highly sought-after H4CBD cannabinoid. Vivimu prioritizes strict quality control, ensuring that our H4CBD Distillate goes through laborious extraction and distillation procedures to provide the highest level of potency, purity, and adherence to strict standards. Put your trust in our distillate’s exceptional quality and consistency for the best possible cannabis experience. Our H4CBD Distillate offers a strong and transforming experience that can be customized to your preferred method of consumption, whether you like to dab, vaporize, or combine it with other substances.

Our CBD concentrate products are carefully crafted to ensure quality and consistency. We prioritize transparency by providing Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each product, ensuring you can trust the purity and potency of our offerings.

How To Use CBD Concentrates?

There are several applications for CBD concentrates based on the user’s preferences and desired outcomes. Here are some common methods:

  • Dabbing: Using a dab rig or vaporizer, one puffs the vapor produced by heating a concentrate, such as CBD dabs or CBD concentrate wax, on a heated surface.
  • Vaping: CBD oil concentrates can be added to refillable vape cartridges or tanks and vaporized using a vape pen or mod.
  • Direct Usage: CBD concentrates can be added to everyday items or taken sublingually.
  • Topical Application: Some CBD concentrates can be applied topically to the skin for localized effects.

Due to the high potency of CBD concentrates and their potential for varying individual effects, it is imperative to begin with a low dose and increase it gradually as needed.

Why Should You Choose Vivimu to Buy CBD Concentrates?

At Vivimu, client happiness, openness, and quality come first. Our CBD concentrates are derived from premium, non-GMO hemp and undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity, potency, and quality. All of our products come with Certificates of Analysis (COAs), which let you confirm the purity and composition of our CBD concentrates.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for providing high-quality CBD products, Vivimu is a trusted source for those seeking the best CBD concentrate experience. 

CBD Concentrate – Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD Concentrates Legal?

Yes, federal law in the US permits the use of CBD concentrates made from hemp that has less than 0.3% THC. However, State laws differ, so it is best to double-verify with the relevant authorities before utilizing or buying CBD products. Furthermore, you must be sure that any CBD concentrate product you purchase is from a reliable supplier that upholds stringent quality control guidelines.

How Much Time Do CBD Concentrate Effects Last?

Depending on how it is used, how much is taken, and other personal factors, CBD concentrate’s effects can last between two and six hours.

Does CBD Concentrate Show Up On a Drug Test?

No, since pure CBD concentrate has no THC in it, it should not result in a positive drug test result.

Do CBD Concentrates Get You High?

No, CBD concentrates derived from hemp do not produce a psychoactive “high” effect, as they contain negligible amounts of THC (less than 0.3%).

Can I Vape CBD Concentrate?

Yes, CBD concentrates can be vaped using a suitable vaporizer or vape pen designed for concentrates.

How Is CBD Concentrate Made?

CBD concentrate is typically made through various extraction methods, such as CO2 extraction or solvent-based extraction, which separate and concentrate the CBD and other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant material.

What Makes People Prefer CBD Over THC?

Since CBD does not result in the psychoactive “high” that THC does, it is a more appealing choice for individuals looking for potential benefits without the intoxicating effects. This is why many people prefer CBD over THC.

What Is the Amount of THC and CBD in CBD Concentrations?

CBD concentrates derived from hemp are legally crafted to contain less than 0.3% THC, ensuring a worry-free experience. The CBD content, however, can vary, offering you a tailored potency to suit your unique needs.

Can Someone Who Is New To CBD Try Concentrates?

Yes, people who are new to CBD may find that CBD concentrates are suitable; however, because hemp concentrates are very potent, it is advised to start with a low dose and increase it gradually as needed.

How Much Time Do CBD Concentrates Take To Start Working?

Depending on the way they are utilized, CBD concentrates can have various onset times. Inhalation methods (vaping or dabbing) tend to produce effects within minutes, while oral consumption can take 30 minutes to 2 hours for effects to be felt.

How Much Time Do CBD Concentrate Effects Last?

Depending on the dosage, how it is consumed, and other personal factors, the effects of CBD concentrates can last anywhere from two to six hours. 

Which CBD Concentrate Has the Highest Potency?

Since CBD isolate only contains pure CBD and no additional cannabinoids or plant compounds, it is regarded as one of the most potent forms of CBD concentrate.

How Will CBD Concentrate Make Me Feel?

Although the effects of CBD concentrate can differ from person to person, many claim to feel more at ease, focused, and generally healthier. It is essential to start with a low dosage and raise it gradually as needed.  

Where Can I Purchase High-Grade CBD Concentrate Online?

At Vivimu, we offer a wide range of high-quality CBD concentrate products, including Isolates, Distillates, and various other forms. Our products are made from premium, non-GMO hemp and rigorously tested by independent parties to guarantee purity and potency.

If you’re in need of larger quantities, Vivimu offers CBD concentrate bulk options, making it easy to stock up on your favorite products. We offer bulk CBD concentrate at wholesale prices. Check our Wholesale Cannabis Product Collection or reach out to us through our contact form. We will get back to you shortly.

You can reach us by email at support@vivimu.zendesk.com or by visiting our blog section for more information. You can also give us a call at +1 720-955-1667 if you have any questions. Help is available from our knowledgeable support team here at Vivimu.

Hear From Our Happy Customers!

See what thousands of satisfied customers have said about Vivimu’s wide array of cannabis products!

quaff.legging0v Verified
CBDa Isolate
I pair this with CBGa and THCa and decarb into a vape mix.
On June 3, 2024
CBDa Isolate
Adam Wyatt Verified
CBDv Isolate
Amazing stuff. Uplifting
On May 1, 2024
CBDv Isolate
Adam Wyatt Verified
CBDv Isolate
On May 1, 2024
CBDv Isolate
Jackson rye Verified
CBDv Isolate
So good
On March 23, 2024
CBDv Isolate
Jackson rye Verified
CBDa Isolate
Good af
On March 23, 2024
CBDa Isolate
ss111886 Verified
CBDv Isolate
On February 21, 2024
CBDv Isolate
Austin Hicks Verified
CBDv Isolate
Pairs well with cbc/cbt for extending effects,a sense of well being and like ya got an extra bit of sleep. Not stimulating persay as thcv is.
On February 11, 2024
CBDv Isolate
roddyroo10 Verified
H4CBD Distillate
On November 23, 2023
H4CBD Distillate
roddyroo10 Verified
CBDv Isolate
Good af
On November 23, 2023
CBDv Isolate
roddyroo10 Verified
CBDa Isolate
On November 23, 2023
CBDa Isolate
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