THCa Diamonds

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Experience the brilliance and potency of Vivimu’s THCa Diamonds. 

Our premium diamonds present the pure crystalline form of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCa), providing a unique and elevated cannabis experience. Meticulously crafted through advanced extraction techniques, our THCa Diamonds ensure purity and potency. 

Whether you prefer dabbing or vaporizing, our diamonds deliver a potent experience that can be tailored to your preferences. Unleash the extraordinary effects of THCa – order our Diamonds now and immerse yourself in the experience of our THCa Diamonds by Vivimu.


We take pride in our swift shipping, ensuring your order arrives at your doorstep with next-day or two-day delivery options. These faster shipping options enable our customers to enjoy the benefits sooner. 

  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

92 reviews for THCa Diamonds

  1. Christoph Ranson

    Kinda pricy, need a bulk option

  2. Matthew Rose

    I was extremely impressed with the buzz and overall quality. These are the REAL DEAL! Couldn’t believe they came in the mail in just 2 days. Thoroughly pleased, already bought more!

  3. Jonathan Cummins

    Makes bowls way better

  4. Patricia Merritt

    Mixed wterps, & Vivimu D⁹THCo, + Diamonds = :)!!!

  5. Kevin Miller

    I love this product. Smooth and the buzz is great.

  6. Brian Roach

    Another great product from the best company! I’ve added this as a topper or sandwich it between hemp, a great combo with the THCa buds! Adding to your distillate mix definitely adds a big punch to the overall effects.

  7. Teresa Hill

    Real deal thca diamonds. Very faint smell of the real thing too. Gotta have one of those noses that can sniff it out, yall know what I mean. I encourage those who are skeptical to do some research of thca vs thc total %’s and your mind be put at ease. This is HUGE for the industry!

  8. Jay Chapman

    Good product. I put mine in some HTFSE and live resin for a terpene boost. Definitely potent.

  9. Foster Blackstone

    Very potent. Like the isolate but higher quality

  10. David Sitter

    Love these diamonds very pure and very strong. Great for mixing with some stickyer dabs or even dabbing them straight up.

  11. ronold wahl

    Through the wonderful loophole of a hemp farm bill act, we can now obtain diamonds sent to your home via the mail? And they are chemically indistinguishable from diamonds you would buy in a West Coast dispensary? What a time to be alive!

  12. Angel Yi



  13. Abram McCreary

    Would recommend you buy now, add it to any blend it all tastes great and hits smooth, very obviously pure, too. Best price on the market, honestly.

  14. Preston Mercer

    Definitely exactly what you’re looking for. Pure Thca diamonds, no CDT /TERPENES of any kind. Zero flavor, as you exhale your throat will get caught, you see in the banger it melts down into a cannabis oil of a beautiful yellow. Potent effects.

  15. Aidan Popovec

    Order this, before the FDA catches on

  16. Brian Baker

    I don’t know what more to say…..V’Mu does it again! I’ve spent many sessions since the diamonds were released, getting familiar with them. Raw, terped, blended, cartridges, torch-rig, e-rig…every way, and as far as I’m concerned, these “gems” are without criticism. Genuinely, thank you V’Mu. Y’all are providing a product service that is honestly helping a lot of people increase they’re quality of life, and enhancing the recreational activities of everyone else.

  17. John Vanderpool

    This was my first purchase of THCa diamonds but they are amazing and instantly became my favorite cannabinoid. Will definitely be buying again.

  18. xxaustinohalloranxx xxaustinohalloranxx

    Was a decent head high but mine came mostly crushed to bits, only had about 5 decent sized diamonds.

  19. Riley Liedtke


  20. Cody T

    Excellent quality of diamonds you really can’t go wrong with any of vivimus thca, it’s all been super potent alone and great addition to other cannabinoids & terpenes.

  21. Jared Lanzer

    10/10 , I had the crushed form, and I like it better than the isolate sometimes.

  22. Crystal Wood

    It’s got a true effect but I was expecting bigger diamonds not mostly crushed I would buy the crushed for the discounted prices and been waiting in it but I was hoping for at least some .15 are .20 but all I got was mabey .05 and crushed its good but still I’m a regular customer and this company has it together all there distillates are great there flower is delicious and will kick your a## u know what I mean but just disappointed in this package expecting more but minvu they are a great quality company weight is on the money always.

  23. titotata177 titotata177

    very relaxing very delta 9 feeling this is what i use to show my friends

  24. Daniel Valdez

    I’m really digging these diamonds!

  25. Joshua Hester

    Ok, I am a 25+ year smoker. Went to prison for 3 years for selling lbs of tree. I KNOW my chronic basically. I also know all about decarbing and so on. I must say… I am VERY happy with my purchase in every way. I use a Switch so it’s super easy to drop a diamond in a cup. But for me, they are some of the best dabs I have ever tried. I’m talking everything, i have gotten care packages monthly from an out west dispensary, so I’ve had lots of stuff. These flavorless diamonds, for me, are hands down the best way to medicate. Trust me, GET SOME. It’s an incredible experience, made me feel like I was 15 again and smoking my first J. Yeah. 😂

  26. Jeremiah Johnson

    These are hands down the best THCA diamonds I have tried this far. Not a but of some THCA dust with a few crystals in a canister like some others I have purchased. I would recommend getting these if you want quality diamonds.

  27. Chris Foldesi

    I only received one of two grams I ordered. What gives?

  28. Courtney Gaddison

    Really hate that this will be discontinued on the site, so good.

  29. Justin Watford

    Raw diamonds with no taste is what I ordered and that is exactly what I received. Quick shipping, small diamonds though which is a little disappointing as I ordered a quarter and the biggest shard was .3 grams

  30. Evan Bradley

    Dabs cleanly. It doesn’t taste like much, but the cough isn’t bad and it hits hard.

  31. adrian stevens

    Dabs cleanly, gets me medicated

  32. Dylan Giffin

    Great product…Cannot believe they are going to stop selling!

  33. Daniel Gray

    Great! 👌👌👌

  34. justin Taylor

    should have just bought the isolate looked about the same

  35. Ashton Austin

    They are a really good product. Sad to see then go at the end of the month, really trust vivimu over a lot of brands

  36. George Flores

    Sad to see it go, great stuff

  37. michael mcgraw

    These are off the chain! Too bad they won’t be around much longer

  38. Brian Nelson

    Nice effect. Like the isolate netter so I may just melt this down and use it like that

  39. Brian Ruggiero

    Great and gonna miss when gone

  40. Kevin Wright

    Amazing quality! Even better than Isolate.

  41. V B

    Great product. If you have high tolerance grab these. Add some cbd sauce or terpenes and you’ll br great. Highly recommend and sad they’re going away.

  42. Raymond Franklin

    I’m surprisingly impressed and plan to purchase again!

  43. Michael Tiner

    Amazing product, please change your minds on cancelling it!

  44. Jonathan Terry

    5 stars. Good stuff. Nice and clean. They mix well. Decarb well. So upset I will have to go somewhere else for all thca needs. Vivimu is trustworthy and take care of us. We also appreciate the heads up and sales and not just login and see it’s gone. Amazing store. So glad I accidentally found vivimu.

  45. James Denton

    Thca is legit stuff. If you have a high tolerance I promise this will get you there.

  46. Caryn Hester

    Lovely. A little harsh but all in all great priduct

  47. Tyler swieringa

    Glad I was able to get my order in, amazing stuff


    Super fast shipping. Clean, potent product. Good weight. Two thumbs up.

  49. Mary Pedley

    Best quality THCa I’ve had in a bit. Highly recommend for a nice relaxing day.

  50. Isaac Ray

    Exactly what they say.

  51. Shawn Snellen

    Technically I’m giving a 4.5 out of 5 because this is the first time my diamond looks a little “off”. I don’t know if it’s the bottom of the batch since I ordered so much (100g) but compared to the previous 1oz I bought, these ones are coated in the remaining “dust” almost as if they were mixed with isolate. The first oz was clear diamond no dust build up. Regardless they are still super potent diamond, a little goes a long way, as well as perfect for decarbing to make carts. 4.5 out of 5 because it looks since they’re all mostly small chunks and powdered but still fire and super potent 🤙🏽

  52. Ben Truempi


  53. Dustin hedberg

    Great stuff Great value!

  54. Zachary Kelly

    The letter to law enforcement needs to be updated to include THCa on the list of what the package may contain

  55. Julio Velazquez

    Murky, almost off white. But potent as f***. Also all diamonds are bitter so I add them to your fave. I use a bunch of d8 urb terp sauce I got for the cheap.

  56. Crystal Wood

    I got the diamond and it’s slapping you can’t beat this for the price I don’t think anywhere it’s what you need to kick up the strength of thca smoke that’s a little low are make your own carts ,sauce,are just crunch it up and add it to whatever but be sure to b activate it with heat because of you don’t say smoke it are dab it are use it in carts it won’t effect you say as far as feeling the effects it’s got to be activated by a hot source to be psychoactive read up on it it’s great stuff if you don’t want psychoactive effects just some of the beneficial uses without the high use it without activation.

  57. Joseph Creel

    Simply amazing effects. Awesome clarity. Almost no residue.

  58. Nathan Delaney

    Way better than expected

  59. Ben Van Ness

    I ordered Thca diamonds and received Thca isolate

  60. Matthew Kohmann

    If I could rate this site 6 stars, I would. Great customer service from Hannah and I will continue buying my concentrates from here. Great quality products as usual.

  61. Andrew Wright

    I had a package get delayed over the weekend and was worried my package wouldn’t get here in time, and a few minutes after contacting them, Hannah responded promptly and fixed all my issues right away! Hands down Vivimu has the best customer service out of all the vendors I’ve used. They got a regular customer out of me! Thanks vivimu!!

  62. Denise Smith

    Vivimu Thca Diamonds are one of the best out there.for me it helps me to sleep.since using Thca Diamonds I sleep like a baby for real Thanks to you again Vivimu for having such a great product.

  63. James Moorman

    Like Shawn P, directly below this, I got isolate, as well, but…it’s *much* worse. This is an entire 7g of what was supposed to be diamonds, with barely a solid piece in the jar. Months back they sold “diamond shards” which were about the same price as their isolate, which were way more solid than what I received as full price diamonds. I got duped back in February when they said they were discontinuing THC-a by 3/1/23, and I bought way more than I ever would have if I knew they weren’t and still haven’t discontinued them as of 4/7/23, and this is what showed up (7g of isolate quality powder maybe a gram of which is in the form of a couple of small shards, here & there). I immediately contacted Vivimu, via a response to the original sale email, then through the messaging system online in the “contact us” section — I’ve wrote both probably a dozen times since receiving this order, that I placed on 2/8/23, and they haven’t so much as responded, once. I was being overly cordial and respectful for the first month — they had absolutely no reason to just completely ignore me. I was writing once per week or so, giving plenty of time for responses.

    I don’t know if they’ve never had functional customer service (since this was the first time I’ve ever had an issue), or if they’re purposely not replying to people that bought that particular batch of “diamonds,” or if there’s something about me, personally, causing them to completely ignore me, but let’s just say it’s been pretty aggravating. I’m really doubting they’ll even allow this honest feedback to be posted, but I’m giving 3 stars, only because if I put 1 or even 2, I can almost guarantee it wouldn’t even post. So, this is absolutely a 1 star review.

  64. Andy Morgenstern

    Better than dispensary quality in my opinion and you can’t beat the price. Got some pretty nice larger crystals and Im so glad I found some diamonds without sauce.

  65. Joshua Parton

    Clear product with quality effects and fast shipping. Large chunk for the gram


    Used my diamonds to make a blend with d8 hhco thcp,thcpo from highly concentr8ed and thca diamonds from vivimu excellent product doesn’t take much to get you high

  67. Joseph Kendall

    Great product seriously wow! Get it while you can people!! Yeah it took my package a few extra days to get here but I’m most definitely satisfied

  68. Terry

    This is a Fantastic product. High quality and packaged perfectly. Its good dabbed but better on a bowl of whatever you have. It Doesn’t matter, it makes it better.

  69. nibroc850

    They are beautiful, I’m really impressed with the quality, I received really nice diamonds that close to the size of a pinky nail as well as some finer crystals. Can’t wait to add a little Terps to it

  70. David Porter

    I swear these folks are the best. I ordered a 7g bucket of diamonds and received a 3.5 . I emailed customer support and she said she would take care of it. Well 2 days later I have my diamonds. I love a person that can do their job well, anyway this is about my 4th or 5th diamond order and I am extremely pleased with the company and the diamonds. The diamonds are fire and they get you all twisted. Maybe in the future they will have thca flower and I can have one stop shopping. Oh yeah, the hhc x cbn blend is awesome and the hhc is as good. The terpenes are awesome as well, I’ve used the sour elektra terps to mix with the diamonds. Forget about it 👍

  71. Alex Wildey

    Nice FAT diamond!

  72. Cutthroat Bill

    Straight up FIRE!!

  73. David Porter

    I thought I had given a review but I guess not,anyway I really like the diamonds, hhc distillates, hhc/cbn mix , cannabis terpenes, hemp terpenes. All are quality products. I had ordered 7 gram diamonds but when they arrived I received 3.5 grams. Someone had put the wrong sticker on the jar. Anyways I contacted customer service and told them what happened and 2 days later 7g arrived and the 3.5 was a freebie. Awesome folks, awesome products only place I shop for diamonds and distillates.

  74. Nate Benson

    Very good. Even better than my expectations

  75. Shane Stoltzman

    Absolutely incredible legal thca. Great taste as well. Will be back for more!

  76. Shane Stoltzman

    Spendy but three times as much in most shops and my god is it nice. Good job on these!

  77. Shane Stoltzman

    Spendy but three times as much in shops and it’s fire

  78. Andrew Licht

    My most purchased product from them is these diamonds. Always super consistent with the product quality. I use these to mix with other distillate and noids for my custom blends. I don’t know what I’d ever do without these. A++ 100%

  79. Bryan

    I was expecting larger crystals. Idk why but I was.. also received isolate and had to return to get the diamonds, and that experience was a mess. 5 stars for the product and 1 star for the wrong item and the headache that followed. The crystals are potent.

  80. James Herrick

    Great stuff, fast shipping, helpful employees – can’t recommend these diamonds, or Vivimu in general, enough!

  81. Wade Alexander

    Very potent, and smooth I think. This and the isolate are always in the arsenal.

  82. nauticalstar1984

    You’re here reading this. This is what you want ! I love this !!

  83. mrZeevil

    Very good stuff! Super potent!

  84. David Porter

    I have been buying diamonds for a little while with vivamu and the company is awesome . There quality is always 100%,effects 100%,shipping 100%. There transparency is always 100%. Example:I ordered 14 g once and received less than ordered. They asked for photos and I sent them a shot of the weight on a scale. Well they sent a replacement 14 g and let me keep the short order. Who does that? Vivamu does that. They go above and beyond to correct any problems period.

  85. Jacob Holbrook

    Worth ittttttt

  86. Kit

    Decent price, good quailty.

  87. luke holbrook

    Kinda pricy, need a bulk option?

  88. Morgan H

    Best diamonds on the market. 🔥

  89. mrZeevil

    Super potent diamonds this might be my go-to

  90. roddyroo10

    Amazing product

  91. mattheww

    Another product from Vivimu… Doesn’t ever disappoint!! Great diamonds!!! Worth every cent!!! Fire!

  92. Andrew Tanner

    Got 14g on sale and not disappointed! Massive diamonds and work well, highly rec.

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