Crystal Resistant CBD

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Discover the purity and potency of Vivimu’s Crystal Resistant CBD. This premium product showcases a high-quality, crystalline form of cannabidiol (CBD) that is designed to deliver exceptional results.

At Vivimu, we prioritize uncompromising quality. Our Crystal Resistant CBD undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its purity, consistency, and compliance with stringent standards. Rest assured, our product is free from impurities, providing you with a superior CBD experience.

Unleash the versatility of Vivimu’s Crystal Resistant CBD. Whether you prefer incorporating it into your favorite recipes, adding it to beverages, or creating your own personalized formulations, our Crystal Resistant CBD seamlessly integrates into your wellness routine.

Crafted with precision and backed by scientific expertise, Vivimu’s Crystal Resistant CBD is meticulously designed to elevate your well-being. Experience the transformative power of pure CBD – order now and discover the remarkable benefits of Vivimu’s Crystal Resistant CBD.


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27 reviews for Crystal Resistant CBD

  1. Jon Fernandez

    Very runny and I doubt will crystallize ever. Has a very slight woody, slight sweet scent to it. It is absolutely not harsh to vape like a lot of full spectrum CBD distillates can be. The COA shows a wide spectrum of several cannibinoids like a lot of CBT – some CNB,CBG,CBC,CBL,CBDv ect… so the effect is very strong for being a CBD distillate. I would recommend this for sure if your looking for a high quality and solid CBD distillate!! Strong, clean and not harsh with great effects along with a good COA – not much more to ask for in a CBD distillate.
    the only CBD distillate Iv seen that is better is extract labs and that stuff costs many, many times the amount more and it’s honestly not even that much better than Vivimu!! Very close with effects of Vivimu being stronger.

  2. Vincent Penna

    Best CBD distillate I have ever had hands down so pure and natural with the terpene profile being the true essence of the plant five stars and I have never given any CBD product five stars not even live resin so that really says something

  3. Sam R.

    First, I love this, since CBT is a pricey one.

    Secondly, even after the recent discounting across the site, this is still massively pricey compared with other sites that have the precise same product, down to the batch.

    That being said, the product itself is great!

  4. Abram McCreary

    I’m so glad I got this. It’s liquidy enough to syringe into my vape. The vapor’s smell is slightly woody/piney, very pleasant. It isn’t harsh and works well. The price makes this a steal of a deal. Vivimu coming through again with the best most top notch stuff in the game. I didn’t expect anything less.

  5. Adam Wyatt

    Absolutely love it. Has a great minor cannibinoid profile very full spectrum. Doesn’t recrystalize ad advertised. It’s thin enough to tilt the container In room temp and slowly pour it out, so thin. What I love is the amount of cbt. Can’t complain about that. Add vivimu has never done me wrong. Shipping time is always phenomenal same day. And I know if that’s where it’s coming from, than the quality needs no question

  6. Zachary Yeager

    Top notch. Tastes a bit woody and earthy. Effects are great. The minor noids present add a lot to the overall experience. Highly recommend.

  7. Cody T

    Great addition to thin out mixes while adding some of the best minors to the mix like high cbt and some terps. hope you guys can keep improving on this one i like it as is but, it could be better on flavor.

  8. Richard Hambrick

    Good quality

  9. Nigel Yarnall-Benson

    it’s the perfect consistency, thin but stays on the dab tool. it smells amazing too, some dank dank herb you had once upon a time- it’s got a good amount of terps or the cbc has an odor. dabs really good gets you feeling like you smoked some flower without the ‘stoning’, just relaxed and uplifted but sober mind.

    I’ll be getting more. gonna start dailying this in my puffco and smoke the real stuff more rarely – my tolerance could use it

  10. Joseph Wyman

    Great add in

  11. kaplexy kaplexy

    Amazing vape material. Great pine taste that is almost sweet and effects my body great. I never had luck eating CBD but now the medicinal effects smack me hard!

  12. Aaron Acker

    Love the cannabinoid profile, but I didnt enjoy this product.

    The taste is like burnt plastic and it wrecks my throat and makes my lungs ache.

    Perhaps it works in mixes where its not the main component, but, by itself, I dont like it. I added some terps but didnt add enough to cover the taste.

    Either a got a bad batch, or perhaps this mix needs some kind of revision. I know CBD distillate can be a bit harsh, but this stuff is just too much on its own.

  13. Jared Lanzer

    Great for making your own batches.

  14. Surya Shakamuri

    Works well. Has a pine and earthy taste to it. Good stuff for cheap

  15. Amy Agosto

    Absolutely amazing to make carts. It really didn’t crystallize at all. I had tried to do carts with isolate and it cristalized easily. But I am also new to making CBD:Delta 8 carts so it may have been user error. This was perfect though. Thank you Vivimu.


    Good stuff !!!

  17. Richard Smith

    Good for adding minor noid to the mix and no falling mixes ending cloudy and crumbly from recapitalization.

  18. Omar Sandoval

    Taste wasn’t very good but the effects were amazing. I have an autoimmune disease and this helped flare ups 100%! Been mixing my own blend of HHC, CBD and CBG lately so I won’t get this again but still a great product as far as effects.

  19. Amy Rutherford

    I was sold on the effects of CBD after trying some isolate but it’s a bit pricey in powdered form. This version stays liquid and has a similar effect when mixing it into pain relief rubs or infusing food. It’s a nice cost effective alternative. Definitely getting some more when the time comes.

  20. Jason Balencia

    Great flavor and vape ability

  21. jaycob

    very, very thin, good for thinning, has terp flavor unique for hemp.

  22. lawk41

    Great to thin out a blend and add some entourage effect.

  23. Sam R.

    I miss the stuff that was 20% CBT, back when this was released. That stuff was amazing. By comparison, this still is t-free, but doesn’t offer the same sedating punch that really couchlocked those who would incorporate it into their blends. Bring back the 20% batches! Let’s figure out what made them come out with so much CBT, and make it happen again! I know you guys can do it ^_^

  24. roddyroo10


  25. roddyroo10

    Good product

  26. Caleb Strohl

    Great value

  27. titotata177 titotata177

    great stuff as a base for mixes lots of minor noids

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