H4CBD Distillate

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Discover the perfect harmony of wellness and relaxation with Vivimu’s H4CBD Distillate. Crafted with precision and purity, our distillate offers a gentle, yet effective, way to experience the benefits of CBD, promoting balance and tranquility in just a few drops.

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Discover the exceptional quality and purity of Vivimu’s H4CBD Distillate. Our premium distillate offers a concentrated form of H4CBD, a unique and highly sought-after cannabinoid, for an unparalleled cannabis experience.

At Vivimu, we prioritize rigorous quality control. Our H4CBD Distillate undergoes meticulous extraction and distillation processes, ensuring the utmost purity, potency, and compliance with stringent standards. Trust in the superior quality and consistency of our distillate.

Unleash your potential with Vivimu’s H4CBD Distillate. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaporizing, or incorporating it into your preferred method of consumption, our distillate provides a potent and transformative experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

Crafted with precision and expertise, Vivimu’s H4CBD Distillate unlocks the full potential of H4CBD, delivering remarkable effects. Embrace the unique benefits and power of H4CBD – order our Distillate now and immerse yourself in the exceptional benefits offered by Vivimu.


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80 reviews for H4CBD Distillate

  1. bigdaddyinlincoln bigdaddyinlincoln

    I have ordered about 15x from Vivimu…and every time has been a really great experience…one time after another I’ve ordered almost all if not all cannabinoids offered, I can say without a dought I am SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT H4CBD…Ive had horrible terrible excruciating chronic pain from 4 failed back surgeries over the past 14 years. Out of ALL the opiod pain meds they’ve had me have really not worked to help with the pain…I literally most nights cried myself to sleep…..but now with all of the amazing cannabinoids coming that are LEGAL it truly makes me cry with tears of happiness!!!! I want to say I was given nothing to write this post and this was all my own opinion. For those looking into Vivimu..YES THEY ARE A GREAT COMPANY AND YES THEY HAVE AMAZING PRODUCTS AND SHIP VERY FAST!! one last note. My personal favorites..I make a tincture using high quality MCT OIL in a double boiler but warmed very slowly and low along with some sucrose for sweetness and food extracts for taste…here is my go to for pain CBG,CBC,THCP,THCO,THCPO,HHC,HHCO,HHCP,CBD,THCB, that makes and truly amazing and helpful tincture that helps my pain tremendously! And for sleep I LOVE Cbd,Thch,hhc and CBN truly awesome!

    BTW if you have read this far I am so excited about the new LEGAL D9 THCO AND I am hoping that soon Vivimu will bring in THCJD and I also recently found out about HHCPO 😲 yes please! Thank you vivimu..sorry for the crazy long review. 😆 ❤️

  2. Dylan Bales

    Very fine distillate! Looks like a relaxing and strong experience


    This is very interesting. I’m getting relief I would normally only get when using THC, and I’m not high right now, but I am much more relaxed than normal CBD can do. Very exciting new product!

  4. Kenny Reed

    Love the effects but coughed up a LUNG!!

  5. Collin O’Connell

    take a decent sized dab at low temp and i coughed for about 15 minutes. eyes were so red and i was extremely high pretty much all day. strong stuff, get this if you want a strong and comfortable feeling high. don’t get this stuff if you only take cbd stuff or can’t handle your thc highs.

  6. abramhammes abramhammes

    Too spacey but some may like it. Best in a blend

  7. Kenneth Bailey

    Interesting noid, relaxing euphoria. Just a warning it’s honestly a little harsher than raw delta 8. Not for everyone.

  8. Jack Rushinsky

    I have yet to consume this on its own but it’s a perfect mix for thinner clear concentrates. For example d9o is extremely clear and runny, after mixing in 20% h4CBD I had a beautiful thick golden blend.(You could probably achieve a similar result with about 10%)

  9. Gabriel Sanford

    Very potent, but it does physically hurt to vape for me, so I blend it. Puts me to sleep for 4-5 hours with other noids.. I ordered this to get the threshold for the mystery gift with 100+ purchase, and sort of regret it, as I never received any extra mystery gift, and the syringe doesn’t function correctly.

    Better luck next time?

  10. chaplainkathleenotley chaplainkathleenotley

    I made this distillate into an alcohol tincture to use against chronic pain due to lupus. it has a pleasant uplifting feeling, and it is more effective against discomfort than regular CBD. It works especially well when mixed with CBG and CBC.

  11. Zachary Yeager

    It wasn’t what I had expected but that doesn’t = not good. It just isn’t for me. The taste and the smell were less than desirable and the effects were minimal but again that doesn’t mean this product won’t work for you.

  12. Ryan Vest

    H4cbd did the trick and seems to be really great for my inflammation.

  13. Nick Kuhn

    What you hoped CBD would be

  14. Kurt Ralske

    Tossed in trash, because of online allegations of impurities. Changes in COA are worrisome. Not sure if I will purchase from this company again.

  15. Donna Burgamy

    Great stuff

  16. Andre C

    While this stuff is still quite pricy (hope it comes down a LOT over time) it is nice…basically what I always thought CBD should be. CBD alone barely does anything to me, just a background calmness but also tends to make me tired if I take enough to be effective.

    With H4CBD, I tried a small dab (less than my normal psychoactive dabs) and…the calmness was much more noticeable than normal CBD. There’s also a slightly altered headspace, like I’m not high/impaired but I notice something is a little different with very slight euphoria, unlike normal CBD. If this stuff gets more affordable I think this will be the next big thing for people that want to feel it but not get fried.

  17. Robert Kilcoyne

    Very unique and interesting cannabinoid to add to any blend!

  18. Gabriel Biss

    Excellent product, this may be my favorite cannabinoid now.

  19. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    Definitely psychoactive on it’s own. I have it in a blend with HHC as the basis. Shit is extremely harsh, even when mixed with smoother cannabinoids. I love it though. It adds such a serene sense of calmness and peace.

  20. flooptoop11 flooptoop11

    H4 Cbd seems to come on fast and feels more like thc that has a very strong affinity for gaba receptors. Seems to relive anxiety but always leaves me with rebound anxiety the next day. Tastes like silly putty smells and is very harsh, it may be best to dissolve h4 cbd in oil and take sublingually though i have yet to try.

  21. Jon Fernandez

    This H4-cbd is more red than all the other H4’s iv seen. looks like HHC distillate – the COA shows a high R isomer content(the good stuff): i dabed a small amount and it feels stronger than all the H4’s i have ever tried. very high quality distillate as everything i buy from vivimu is!! superior company. period.

  22. Jared Foster

    This seems to be good for relieving tension and giving me a slight mental happiness boost. If I have too much it does make me sleepy, which is great for a nighttime mix.

  23. Seth Fleharty

    Good but harsh, no real taste at all but packs a bit of a punch espy for acbd but in a great way!

  24. Sam R.

    Definitely a treat for T-free people who can’t risk drug testing due to jobs. Very harsh if vaped but very nice if made into a tincture. Doesn’t take much, if using MCT and sunflower lecithin!

  25. michael mcgraw

    if you like CBD you’ll love this, especially when combined with HHC or THC although it has some psycho activity on its own.

  26. Leah Schwartz

    I have fibromyalgia and cannot remember the last time my pain was below a 5/10. I was able to experience pure bliss of a level 4 in pain by using H4CBD as a third of a blend that included CBD BHO and CBDV/THCV. I was able to get stuff done and not be in as much pain as usual after starting my day in a 8/10 pain. So excited to get more!

  27. Tammy Aston

    Very focused and calming effects.
    Need just a little terpenes if you don’t like basic flavors . Definitely an amazing product for the price as usual this company is awesome 🙂

  28. VenomX Nate

    Harsh! Great for adding to a mix.

  29. Cody T

    Interesting it makes my arms very heavy, relaxes me pretty heavily comparable to cbno for my endo system. for the price you might aswell try it.
    preferably in a overly flavorful mix because raw does not taste so hot.

  30. Shaun Hoke

    Very interesting noid. I have chronic pain and get good pain relief from CBD. I find that the H4CBD not only gives better relief but has anti-anxiety properties. Going over 10% in mixes tends to overpower the effects of THC, HHC, ETC…In small amounts it adds to the effects of psychoactive noids.

  31. Alexander MacLellan

    It’s amazing! It’s everything I wanted and more! Very relaxing. A bit much flavor wise on its own but nice at 10-20% in a blend. Stuff is my new base material.

  32. Nicholas Woyshner

    Stuff tastes terrible without terps, and not much better with them…made a cart with this and I found myself regretting wasting the terps. The high is kind of strange too…the only thing I think this noid might be good for is possibly making a blend that won’t cause someone to fail a court ordered urinalysis. Also, every time I hit this cart, my airways began to constrict, causing me to have to use a rescue inhaler multiple times. Would not recommend for dabbing…just edibles…it is fairly potent. My lungs felt very congested the morning after using this too, I feel as though the irritation lead to chest congestion, felt like I was drowning ..fair warning.

  33. Basheer Shahbandar

    Taste isn’t the best and it’s not very smooth. But it feels good. Don’t expect to be high. It’s like a very slight change. Overall it’s not bad it would be better if you add some terpenes.

  34. Brian Walker

    Best form of CBD I’ve felt this far. Much more noticeable relaxation and mood improvement

  35. titotata177 titotata177

    honestly great and affordable real nice rounded high that produces an over whelming sense of calm it makes me feel like im enlightened and loveing i get super focused and poised with this its a great addition dont over do it the euphoria can make your eyes roll in the back of your head

  36. ssehie ssehie

    This is potent, best cbd out here

  37. Matthew Ash

    Wow really like this stuff it really helps me relax and my blood pressure and heart rate seem to improve with this stuff A1!!!

  38. Joshua Keck

    I love it, but all the weights on my orders were wrong.
    “total weight with lid… 6.24”
    Well, it weighs 32g on my scale, now.
    Works great. I love it. I wish I had an easy way to tell how much was left. But, you can’t have everything I suppose.

  39. Lori DeGraw

    My boyfriend loves this product. He mixes it with other distillates like HHC and Delta 8 to make it last longer. He can’t say enough good things about the H4CBD. Will keep buying for him.

  40. Amy Rutherford

    This helps me with muscle pain when taken as an edible. It seems to provide relief faster and more reliably than the Rx steroid pills I was given. There is also mild calming effect.

  41. James Hamilton

    Very harsh to dab with at low temp but, helps very well with my pain. I am going to try mixing it with other cannabinoids and terpenes that will definitely smooth this out. It does what I need it to do. 5 stars and recommend.

  42. Joshua Cantu

    adds a richness i can’t really describe but i always buy this instead of cbd

  43. Jeff Sparto

    I mix this with your thc-o for very calming effects. Thank you guys great product I only shop here

  44. David Stover

    Good stuff!

  45. Cyrica Hook

    10/10 great noid nice quality syringe couldn’t ask for better

  46. samuel Logan-Warshaw

    This stuff is amazing

  47. Brett Stowers

    A great add-in noid. Great with HHC and a little THCo

  48. Nicholas Katz

    Provides a strong buzz free from any kind of anxiety. Mixes well with all noids. Noticeable taste, terp appropriately.

  49. Diane Lau

    H4cbd is great for anyone who enjoys cbd but is looking for a little extra relief. Very good in edible form. Very hard consistency.

  50. Joseph Simpson

    One of my staples in my collection.

  51. Jason Steinberger

    Exactly as advertised

  52. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Good addition for the “entourage effects”

  53. Carlos Givens

    Just as everything ever I’ve gotten here. Best product at the best price.

  54. Mike Jenkins

    GREAT product! Quality, price and shipping are the best around!

  55. Britton Childers

    It is a great high by itself or added!

  56. Trever Stovall

    Fantastic stuff! It esky us “CBD that you feel” and definitely helps with body aches and pains.

  57. Sandra Whitacre

    Never really was much on cbd but I like this mixed in with my d9 tinctures

  58. Tristin Bauer

    Its CBD need I say more.

  59. Chris Moseley

    I use a lot of cbd daily in mixtures or just under the tongue. I saw this and decided to try it, since I’m never disappointed by Vivimus products. It’s what everyone wanted regular cbd to be. It’s stronger pain relief with a bit of a psychoactive effect. Great for mixing or just filling a cart by itself. As always it’s clean and smooth. Another banger from Vivimu.

  60. Pablo Rodriguez

    Great for edibles, the effects remind me of low thc-a cbd bud.

  61. Edward Loeffler

    H4 is a phenomenal product. Medicinally, it works fantastic! I would compare it to like if you mixed cbd and ∆8 3:1 respectively. It has a very light feeling. My eyes are heavy off of one dab though. Shoulders are relaxed and a slight mood lift occured. The taste is like a *super heated* broad spectrum CBD if that makes any sense 🤘😁 vivimu always comes through with the highest quality products!

  62. Anonymous

    Stronger CBD.

  63. michael mcgraw

    I like the effects but I can’t stand that hot vinegar feeling in my lungs!

  64. Cyrica Hook

    perfect noid to add to some stuff you want a energetic burst of pure happiness too 10/10

  65. jaycob

    try this cannabinoid when taking breaks from other cannabinoids with withdrawals. seems to increase effects of thc when taken several hours prior to thc.

  66. dotwell

    This is what CBD should have been like from the start or had earlier. This is my daytime UPlift edible ingredient. cbc/CBG, D8, D9, HHC, and H4CBD and I will be up and going for hours. It makes me high like I smoked the old school real deal, but makes me energetic and want to be functional, not couch-locked. Perfect additive to anyone making edibles who want that smooth daytime caffeinated feeling in their relief.

  67. dotwell

    H4CBD is a wonderful product to use as an ingredient in daytime edible blends. Very uplifting and energetic. Goes well with 8 9 HHC alone. But CBC/CBG can make better. Lasts a long time when blended and eaten in the right doses. But never overwhelms.

  68. dotwell

    Best thing to add to a daytime edible. Wake ya up and makes ya go go. Very uplifting. It sorta brings all the noids together in synergy via edibles with this added.

  69. Robert


  70. lawk41

    Warning, its very thick and harsh, keep it in low percentage. But its nice to add some entourage effect.

  71. Tony Johnson

    This has been the most powerful pain relief I’ve ever had from any cannabis product ever. I’m a daily smoker, took a dab, felt great.. Didn’t notice my back pain was gone until I was up walking around a few minutes later. Great stuff.

  72. Phil400

    This is an exceptional both as a stand alone, for certain situations, or I like to combine with my homemade CBD flower oil with 1 pct thca mixed strains, a perfect combo.

  73. Sam R.

    This stuff is the good stuff.

    Buy it when the R-isomer is high, on the batch’s labs — just like other hydrogenated cannabinoids!

  74. John Cortes

    This noid is fascinating, and has proven to be very useful for anxiety and pain control. I use a small pearl, twice a day, and I can use much less flower and THC products when I have work or difficult tasks. It doesn’t interfere with my beta blockers either, compared to CBD isolate

  75. Jacob Holbrook

    Good potency

  76. Jacob Holbrook

    Must get

  77. Noe Disz

    No effects on dry herb vape .minimum on joint lay back ,not worth the smoke .cbd kief provides better feeling and worth the smoke .

  78. Anonymous

    Clean synthesis and the price is fantastic. Comes in a glass 1mL dispenser for refilling cartridges or making edibles. I don’t recommend vaping any compound so I can’t review that aspect of this. The effects when taken in edible form are similar to a very long lasting, somewhat psychoactive CBD. It may be helpful for those who suffer from aches and pains.

  79. luke holbrook

    Very fine distillate! Looks like a relaxing and strong experience


  80. roddyroo10


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