HHCo Acetate Distillate

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HHCo Acetate Distillate is a very potent cannabinoid extracted from pure CBD isolate.  Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a minor cannabinoid found in the seeds and also the pollen of the hemp plant. It’s a hydrogenated form of THC that delivers the same psychoactive effects as delta 9 THC, but contains no THC at all. You’re receiving THC free  pure hexahydrocannabinol acetate.

HHC is growing in popularity due to the fact that it contains 0% THC. This opens the door to new markets where delta 8 is banned or prohibited. Vivimu HHC-o Acetate falls into a new legal category while being 1.5x stronger than regular HHC.

  • Total cannabinoid content: 96% HHC-O
  • Delta 9 content: 0% 
  • THC Composition: Hexahydracannabinol

How To Use

Can be used to make edibles, topical rubs, and other hemp products. It can also be vaporized or smoked. It’s popular among medical hemp users to address a wide range of health challenges. It’s used for vaping and dabbing, as well as for making edibles.

  • Highest Quality HHCo Distillate in the Industry
  • Laboratory Tested for Quality, Purity & Label Integrity
  • No GMOs, No Fillers, No Pollutants
  • Thousands of Happy Customer Reviews
  • Super Fast Delivery: Next Day or 2 Days

Important Product Notes

  • Before or right after ingesting this product, avoid operating machinery or driving a car.
  • If you have been diagnosed with a heart or respiratory health problem, are pregnant, or are nursing, you should not use this product.
  • To purchase or use this product, you must be 21 years of age or older.

More Information

HHC otherwise known as the phytocannabinoid Hexahydrocannabinol has been exploding in popularity over the last few months. In 1947 American chemist Roger Adams successfully synthesized HHC using Delta 9 THC from the hemp plant. He was also able to add hydrogen molecules to Delta 9 THC in a process called hydrogenation. HHC has gained so much popularity that chemists have been working on a way to safely synthesize HHCo, also known as Hexahydrocannabinol Acetate. HHCo is similar to HHC in the way the THCo is similar to Delta 8 THCo.

Benefits of HHCo Cannabinoid

HHCo Acetate Distillate is similar to HHC and other Deltas like Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC in the sense that it actually has five carbons in its side chain, this means that HHCo is considered to be psychoactive. Based on research that has been done, the potency of HHCo is in the middle of HHC and Delta 9 THC. It has also been said by customers that HHC feels 1.5 to 2 times stronger than HHC. This cannabinoid may affect you differently than others since everyone’s endocannabinoid systems work differently, which is why we encourage you to dose responsibly.

HHCo is considered to be psychoactive, it is not recommended that you drive or operate any type of heavy equipment while under the influence. HHCo shares many similarities to HHC, so some of the effects are the same.

HHCo Acetate Distillate – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pass a drug test?

Just like its naturally occurring cousin HHC, HHCo will also make you fail a drug test. Depending on your metabolism and endocannabinoid system, this cannabinoid can stay in your system for up to three months.

HHCo can be utilized in several different ways. The main method for consuming the distillate is through consumption. Since cannabinoids do not have the best bioavailability, they are often combined with a fat to increase that. Our softgels are filled with MCT oil to aid in bioavailibilty. The other consumption method is done through making a tincture with MCT oil.

Vaporization is one of the other main ways that many people use to consume HHCo. Vaporization can be done on the go or at home. You can vape through a vape cartridge, pod, or tank. At home vaporization is done through a process commonly known as dabbing. Dabbing is done by placing the distillate into a heated quartz bowl, known as a banger, that is attached to a water pipe, also known as a dab rig. The water in the glass rig diffuses the smoke so it is smoother for you to inhale through the other end of the rig that isn’t being heated. HHCo is actually more bioavailable when compared to HHC. What this means is that when HHCo is consumed it is more available internally when compared to intaking HHC. HHCo is processed through the liver to create a 11-hydroxy variant, which increases bioavailability even more.

What is HHCo Acetate Distillate?

HHCo Acetate Distillate is a cannabinoid extracted from CBD isolate that was derived from hemp flower. The process is done in a lab by experts so the distillate is created safely. HHCo is considered to be the Acetate ester form of HHC. HHCo works on the CB1 receptors in your body like Delta 9 THC, THCo and Delta 10 THC.

Is HHCo Acetate Distillate legal?

HHCo that is hemp derived is 100% because of the 2018 US Farm Bill. That act defines hemp as: “All derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent.” These regulations change on a regular basis, so we do recommend checking with your states current guidelines before purchase. HHC is hemp derived and ours is also compliant having less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Is HHCo Acetate Distillate safe?

Vivimu’s HHCo is made through a safe process in our laboratory. We stand behind our product as well as have 3rd party labs to verify our results in our product. The lab results are available online as well as on a scannable QR code.

How is HHCo Acetate Distillate Made?

The first step in making our HHCo is creating CBD isolate derived from hemp flower. Once the CBD isolate is extracted/synthesized it is then put through a chemical process to create the cannabinoid HHCo in a laboratory by trained chemists.

Is HHCo Acetate Distillate Stronger Than Delta 9 THC?

HHCo may be similar in strength or less potent than Delta 9 THC. Every person has an endocannabinoid system that works differently than the person next to them so it is difficult to gauge strength based on experience. For example, if you gave two people a 25mg HHCo softgel, you would get similar, but varying results. Because HHCp is considered hydrogenated it makes the chemical structure much more stable than traditional Delta 9 THC from a molecular level.

What is HHCo Acetate Distillate’s potency?

The potency of HHCo Acetate Distillate is difficult to determine because potency normally relies on someone utilizing the cannabinoid to feel the effects. We are being told from our customers that HHCo feels anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times stronger than HHC. It is worth noting that HHCo is considered more bioavailable than Delta 9 THC. So if you were to do a test of potency based on edibles, HHCo would win. If you vaporized the distillate, there is a strong possibility that the Delta 9 THC may be stronger.

Can I pass a drug test after using HHCo Acetate Distillate?

From everything we have gathered so we strongly believe you will not pass a drug test if you utilize this cannabinoid. HHCo is the Acetate ester form of HHC, so even though it is not the same thing, it is still an isomer of it. This cannabinoid can also stay in your system for up to 3 months depending on your metabolism.

Is HHCo Acetate Distillate a CBD?

HHCo is not a form of CBD. They are similar because they are both cannabinoids but work differently in the body. CBD is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid that is found in hemp plants. HHCo is not found organically, it has to be created in a lab. HHCo is psychoactive whereas CBD is not and has the ability to help lower the effects of a psychoactive cannabinoid like HHC or Delta 8 THC.

Can HHCo Acetate Distillate get you high?

Since HHCo is the Acetate ester form of HHC, it can get you high. Something to consider when looking at different types of THC from a molecular level is that if it has four carbons or more in its sidechain, the THC can produce psychoactive effects, in other words, it can get you high. Since HHCo has five carbons in its sidechain like Delta 8, 9, and 10 THC do, HHCo does have psychoactive effects and can make you intoxicated.Based on anecdotal evidence, the consensus is that HHC is considered to be 80-90% as potent as Delta 9 THC.

What does HHCo Acetate Distillate do to you?

The experience of taking HHCo is very similar to taking HHC since HHCo is the Acetate ester form of it. According to some anecdotal reports from our customers, HHCo feels similar to a stronger,longer lasting version of HHC, some customers have said it feels 1.5 to 2 times stronger than HHC. We were also told when HHCo Acetate Distillate was vaporized it can take up to 30 minutes to feel the effects.

How does HHCo Acetate Distillate make you feel?

The effects of HHCo have been reported to feel similar to those of other THC’s, specifically Delta 9 THC. These effects can include but are not limited to

  • Intoxication
  • Dry Mouth
  • Stronger than Delta 8
  • Effects may last for 1-3 hours

Can you fly with HHCo Acetate Distillate products on a plane?

You can fly on a plane HHCo Acetate Distillate. Since our HHCo is legal according to the 2018 US Farm Bill, it can be flown to all 50 states. It is recommended to check with the state you are flying into since state laws are updated frequently.

Is HHCo Acetate Distillate synthetic?

HHCo Acetate Distillate is considered to be a synthetically made cannabinoid synthesized in a laboratory by a trained chemist. This cannabinoid is not found in nature and would have to be created in a laboratory. It is important to note that third party labs are a must for cannabinoids so that you can quantify what is in the product you are purchasing.

Where does HHCo Acetate Distillate come from?

Unlike Delta 8 THC or HHC, HHCo is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in nature. This cannabinoid has to be synthesized in a laboratory by a trained chemist. The creation process begins with CBD isolate that is derived from hemp plants. Once the CBD isolate is in hand, it undergoes a process to create HHCo.

What is the age restriction to buy HHCo Acetate Distillate products?

The common consensus for the purchasing age in the industry is 21 years old for HHCo Acetate Distillate and other psychoactive cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC.

174 reviews for HHCo Acetate Distillate

  1. Andrew Duff

    Vivimu’s HHCo pours at room temp and had minimal to no smell; very similar to their THCo. It vapes clean, no undue coughing, and tastes pretty clean unterped. As far as effects, again similar to THCo in that it takes a little while to kick in and there is some stacking. For me, it is a much headier buzz than any other altnoid and the effects lasted longer. I’m very excited to try blending this product with other cannabinoids. 11/10!

  2. James Luker

    My package came in a day early, and extremely well secured. Customer service even followed up to be sure it was received on time! The acetate itself is crystal clear, and has very little smell/taste. Like the other review said, it has extremely good flow characteristics at room temp, and is relatively easy to work with. I keep mine in the freezer for a more convenient texture. Onset of effects was around 30 minutes, and it’s extremely smooth, to the point that I almost didn’t notice the come up until I peaked. It’s a very spacey feeling, focused behind the eyes and in the head. I get warm waves of euphoria, but a distinct lack of true couch lock. There’s a positive…vibe I guess? Similar to the euphoric stimulation I get from d8-o-a. The effects hold up for 2-3hrs, which is fantastic for people with a tolerance. This is by far the most effective alt noid I’ve sampled, and blows d8 and even d8-o-a out of the water. As usual, another home run of a product, and I can’t wait to see what else comes around in the future!

  3. Tyler Rock

    No smell, taste, or harshness on the throat/ lungs. Can be easily pulled into a syringe for measuring etc. Very heady effects that lasted quite longer than anticipated. So I’m glad I took it slow. Awesome stuff!

  4. Chris Mai

    Takes a good 15 mins to hit but then you feel a clear/lucid psychoactive headspace.
    -1 star because it could improve with cannabis/hemp derived terpenes to really shine

  5. John Stowe

    Yes, as others said, very easy to work with, smoooth hits no cough for me. HHC has been my go to for awhile now and this HHC-O adds a whole new level/experience. For me it’s not HHC, it’s got that “O” thing, but I’m really starting to dig that “space.” I’m a videographer/editor/motion graphics guy and this immerses me and holds focus. Sweet. Also as someone else I think mentioned: Not couch lock-ish but some nice body effect with the headspace. Maybe that’s just me though.

    Blended some tonight too. Basically 1:1 HHC-O, THC-O and added .5 of my CBC/THC-O/THCV entourage blend: WOW.
    Learning to blend my own goodness & Vivimu changed my life!

  6. mbreslin1313 mbreslin1313

    Very pleased with Vivimu’s ability to hold their word and provide a clean product at an honest price. It is a pleasure to be able to experiment with these new substances. First hand I am very impressed. Very smooth inhale and exhale with a delayed onset similar but different than thc-o. Entourage effect is quite prominent. Great anti-depressant effects and anti-anxiety. Will order again.

  7. Foster Blackstone

    Ordered 2 grams. Shipped quickly, arrived slightly overweight. Effects are very similar to HHC distillate but come on slower and are a bit more pronounced. The distillate is even less viscous then D8-THC-O Acetate, which makes it a bit harder to work with than regular HHC but also makes HHC-O a good thinning agent for mixing. Overall, very satisfied.

  8. Ben VanBrocklin

    I mixed this with some THC-O about 50/50, stuck it in a CCell Dart pod and it’s got some legs haha

  9. Shane Hodges

    I’ve ordered quite a few products from Vivimu and they have always been top notch. I ordered 5gs of the HHCo and 5gs of the HHC and the product arrived before I expected. It was my first time trying the HHCo so I dabbed it by itself to see the effects. It was very smooth, no cough. The effects take a few minutes to come on and they keep coming on as the time goes by until your highly elevated. I like a more instantaneous effect from smoke to where I want to be so I mixed the 5gs of HHCo and HHC together for a 50/50 mix and WOW. Effects are immediate from the HHC and the HHCo comes from behind like a freight train and the entourage effect is exponential. Mind BLOWN. Will definitely be ordering a lot more.

  10. Bart Chamness

    I mixed Vivimu’s 10 G HHC/CBN 10 G HHC-O 1 Oz THC-O together (used the jars they came in and put them in water in a low wall pan on low heat to make it easily pour-able). It has the consistency of honey and hasn’t separated. I do not own any terpenes unfortunately or I would review those too, however, this mix tasted reminiscent of jolly ranchers – nice and clean on the RPM40 w/ 1.2Ohm RPM Quartz coil. As for the effects, they like to sneak up on you but very clean cerebral and body relaxation lasts for several hours – no smell from vape as to not bother others. HHC and HHC-O check the lab tests out, its why its trending. No mental fogginess, love it. Can’t wait to be able to purchase terpenes like we can these beautiful noids and taste them all.

  11. Derek Boelter

    Great clean super no brainer must have

  12. Randall Ulmer

    Pure and tasty, They ship fast as amazon and they included the lab report in the box. Prime quality service!

  13. Robin Baldwin

    I was slightly wary of trying this since THCo seemed to be useless on me, but some of my friends swear by it. The HHCo is very runnny and easy to work with. I’ve tried multiple sized dabs on different days sober and never get more than a verrry mellow high (which is actually nice by itself) but i feel it is inconsistent from what most people describe. Anyone who does enjoy it seems to enjoy it immensely, so for that purpose I’ll still give 5*

  14. Aaron Peloquin

    This stuff is a godsend. I suffer from fibromyalgia. I only wish it was covered by my insurance….. cause it’s pricey for a person who wants/ needs to consume it on a daily basis.

  15. Robert Sederholm

    Pretty much indistinguishable from regular wax, but with a more hemp-like taste profile. I was expecting something super, knock me on my ass…. but just got…. wax. Perfect for those who can’t get anything in an illegal state I guess.

  16. Frank Damiani

    I bought HHC-O & HHC-P. Used almost 1 gram of HHC-O with 50 mg. of HHC-P with 4 to5 drops of terps. Was surprised athow smooth it was; no coughing. This combo was extremely long lasting and started very subtle. Excellent quality am extremely satisfied.

  17. Andrew Louw

    Great company first off, had an issue with my shipping, I contacted Vivimu and got immediate response and had my product sent out immediately,,, with a freebie of some thcp gummies that were amazing, serious couch lock lol..

    On to the review, I ordered hhc and hhco, both were on point and had little to no smell or oxidantion.
    Great experience and have since placed more orders.
    Thank you.

  18. Anonymous

    Strong and lasts a long time, especially if administered in a MCT suspension. Vaping is smooth in the sense that it isn’t immediately harsh to inhale and the consistency requires fewer terpenes to thin. However, I’d be careful with vaping this chemical considering some of the concerns with Vitamin E acetate. Have fun but be safe!

  19. Brent Scott

    HHC-O is an awesome edition too my hemp box. I mixed it with thc-o, pinch of delta8, 4drops of biscotti terps, cbc, cbt, also cbn-o.
    It made the best cart for me so far. Too many tokes on that in a day an my afternoon is stuck too couch.
    Gona pick up some more hhco an thcp. Wish they would put these expensive distys in a syringe. I really really don’t like the little jars for thcp or hhcp. It’s deff wasteful. It’s good though

  20. David Stanton

    Seems to have even less harshness than THCO. I didn’t feel anything while inhaling it, but a huge cloud came out on exhale. The come up was slow but I felt a nice buzz with a little bit of euphoria.

  21. Austin Fox

    My package was shipped to me very fast the HHC-O has a very clean taste and they gave me a little bit extra which is always a plus.i only wish would be to give free shipping.

  22. Donald Noble

    One of my favorite yet. Just wish d9 thc-p was a little cheaper. Heard its worth trying aswell. Keep up the great work Vivimu

  23. Jesse Sebok

    Having enjoyed HHC as well as THC-o and delta 8 I was very curious what HHC-o would be like, it reminds me a lot of thc-o in that it’s very thin and runny, I was able to fill my carts just using a spoon and dripping it in, effects are on par with HHC just a bit more delayed of an effect that creeps up on you but also seems to last longer than regular HHC similar to how I would compare delta 8 and delta 8 acetate with each other, I do enjoy it =D

  24. Stephen Stone

    Very easy to work with & as always a high quality product!!

  25. William Jones

    First time trying HHCO, I am impressed! Mixed half and half with HHC makes a potent blend for sure!! Thanks Vivimu!!

  26. Brandon Wilkinson

    Very good product, very fast shipping.

  27. ptimmermans200 ptimmermans200

    HHC-O is a great addition to any altnoid collection for several reasons. I keep it around to blend with my HHC to thin it out for ease of use and blending the two increase effects, potency and duration to about the same as delta 9. It is stronger than delta 8-thco so is better used to blend with delta 8 to reduce viscosity. Also hot HHC-O is what I use to pour into my HHC-P jars to dilute and create a HHCp suspension easy to measure in the milligrams. HHC-O I use on its own during the day to not get too stoned

  28. Steven Wilson

    Its good, its very strong and its more energetic than THC-O but really its more like THC-O than HHC, at least for me. I will stick with regular HHC. The review mentioning it for thinning purposes is a damn good idea and worth considering though

  29. Bryce Williams

    This has the strongest buzz of any cannabinoid I’ve tried so far. Takes a little bit to kick in, but definitely worth the wait. Full body relaxation and the type of dab that makes you feel stupid in the best way, I love this stuff

  30. Danny Peckenpaugh

    As with all their products fantastically done wonderfully packaged greatly analyzed although I have to say the only real use I found for this is a strange sensation compared to just hhc, and it is good for thinning out things that are based in that as well as adding to Delta 9 and 10 blends, this is a rather thin oil but not crazy and can be Vaped in a 2 mil hole c cell cartridge without leakage but be careful. Honestly for the price I don’t really think it’s worth it I think you’re much better off getting THC o acetate of either the Delta 8 isomer or Delta 9 if you can get it. I bought this one was on sale for quite a bit off actually and I still feel like I shouldn’t have got it or I should have just bought a small amount for mixing with things I just thought it would be a little bit more like THC o acetate of Delta 9 or at the very least Delta 8 which is still stronger than Delta 9 in my opinion – were talking about the THC version of course not the regulars. I’d give this product five stars for everything other than what you might expect out of the effect and the price and being someone who works in organic chemistry myself I understand the difficulty in producing this and the pricing and whatnot and I would like to rate the product itself for what it is at five stars but just overall I think three stars is the best I can do I’m sorry. However this is not a bad product and it’s extremely well made and I do not want to discourage you from getting it just don’t expect it to be the equivalent of Delta 9 to thco Delta 9 acetate with hhc and hhc-o acetate. That also being said I think it is a very good essential cannabinoid to have on file if you do a lot of blending because it allows you to modify things in unique ways. It’s a price came down on this it would be a five-star product for sure through and through. Even the sale prices are very high percentage made this very expensive.

  31. Arthur Guttadauro

    This HHC-O is Excellent. I find it pleasant & uplifting in a mood boosting way. Dabs/vapes Very smooth at low temps. It’s just like that HHC feel but more potent w a delay It’s been great w just HHC and with other noids. I’ve copped twice and I’m about to scoop up more.
    Also shipping was fast and packaging was tight.

  32. Max Berg

    Clean tasting and clean vaping. Excellent quality HHCo, if not the best. I can’t recommend Vivimu enough.

  33. michael mcgraw

    The Acetated form of HHC, which is HHC-O has very little effect on me individually just like the THC-O did little too me individually. Using the Acetate forms of these in mixture does seem to play into the entourage effect and it is also good to thin other distillates instead of using other non cannabinoid ingredients

  34. Lydia Campbell

    Potent cannabinoid, good couch lock effects.

  35. martinjon16 martinjon16

    Just tested and I believe this is the most disassociated I have been from an alt cannabinoid

  36. Sam R.

    I’m not sure if it was

    • sloppily packed and may have been overlooked before someone changed their gloves, noticing them covered in hhco disty residue, as a one-off blunder of sorts got overlooked (given the rest of all my items have been shipped without any mess — albeit to digress for a statement to insert, suggest, and BEG VIVIMU TO ADOPT A PRACTICE OF UTILIZING BOROSCILLATE GLASS TO PACK ALL SMALL QUANTITIES LIKE 1 AND 2mL OPTIONS, coz all being in tubs…is not ideal. Just making a point, to avoid loss of compounds from sticking to sides of containers, PLEASE, VIVIMU!),


    • an actual intended packing job, and the 1g HHCo is so thin and sticky (and low in volume in such a large container) that it is all stuck to the sides, actually amounting to 1g (almost, at least).

    But I couldn’t test,, coz the tare weight handwritten on label was rubbed off by now. So I can’t find the container rare weight. So I can’t subtract it and check for 1g being the remaining mass.

    So…on another suggestive note, PLEASE VIVIMU I BEG YOU TK ADOPT PRINTING PROTOCOL THAT MATCHES TBE REST OF THE LABEL, PRINTJNG THE TARR WEJGBT ON THE JAR, AS OPPOSED TO PENNING IT IN! THE REST OF THE LABEL ALL REMAINS INTACT, WHILE THE PENNED-IN HANDWRITTEN PART WIPES OFF OR BLURS WHEN BEING PACKED AND/OR SHIPPED AND/OR OPENED! …coz this issue shows that the handwriting is evidently vividly inferior to printed part, to a maladaptive degree, for the customer. I don’t know if I can contact support without a rare weight on the bottle, coz i’m scwred be told I have stored it improperly or something.

    If, albeit (on the other hand), Vivimu sees this review + Reconciles this issue, reaching out to replace the missing HHCo (or spilled HJCo), I will absolutely update this review and change it to 5 stars!

    (TLDR: empty sticky jar received

  37. Alex Wildey


  38. Nick Franceschi.

    Nice to dab and super easy to work with for cooking . The quality is top notch and if you are looking for a thinner hhc alternative this is a great option the effects are similar to hhc but not the exact same so its definitely worth a try.

  39. Timothy Norman

    THIS is the best carrier for other cannabinoids (NOT CBDA, that review was supposed to be here), especially HHCP, D9 THCP, THCH, and D9 THCB!

  40. TriggerGTO TriggerGTO

    Nice and smooth & very runny so mix with something that’s a lot thicker .

  41. breathgorilla breathgorilla

    The hhcp was on the lid, should be a better way to package other than that good

  42. gstewart3469 gstewart3469

    I just received my order and I must say, I’m very pleased. The HHC-O has the same low viscosity as THC-O, which can help thin more viscous noids. The effects are similar to HHC, but definitely stronger.

  43. Schneider879 Schneider879

    I really liked this stuff, it is a lot easier to work with compared to d8 and it hits right!

  44. Derek Longmire

    Nothing I got from vivimu (hhcp, d9 thcp, thco, hhco) provides any worthwile effects. Don’t waste money on this company, everyone else has better prices and products than this awful scam company.

  45. Richard Henderson


  46. kimxxxnoel kimxxxnoel

    Wow 👌

  47. madog1997 madog1997

    Pretty decent at a reasonable price, especially during sales. Takes a little while to start taking effect, but works pretty well when mixed with terpenes and other canaboids.

  48. wendyatlphoto wendyatlphoto

    Very smooth, no smell or taste. Potent as well.

  49. Jared Foster

    Really happy to pick some up while on sale! I enjoy vaping HHC-O, but I prefer HHC-O in edible form. It seems to have really long lasting effects so it’s easy to overdo it!

  50. Paul Larsen

    High potency and low viscosity makes this a great base or additive for both daytime and night use.

  51. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    Like everything just what I ordered

  52. Joseph Simpson

    Can’t wait to try this and the d8thco I have coming. 5 stars cuz I already am psyched!

  53. Brandon Boeglin


  54. labsacred labsacred

    We liked this a lot more than THC-O. It seems to be stronger, and has a more oily consistency that makes it better for using in carts than THC-O imo. Shoutout to vivimu for making us aware of this compound, as I had no idea it existed beforehand.

  55. Eric Woomer

    Very smooth and pleasant vape and plenty potent.

  56. jacksonmclain jacksonmclain

    Very smooth on its own and somewhat of a plasticy taste.

    High is great on its own but even better in a blend.

  57. cam1hub cam1hub

    Great quality and packaging. Fast shipping. Really satisfied with my purchase.

  58. barryvest214 barryvest214

    Hold on and be ready. Making gummies with this sent me to space.

  59. relate2this relate2this

    Blown away by how good this is when mixed with THCO. Combined, these two products are sensational. It takes about an hour to kick in, but when it does, OMG you’ll be ready to order some more!

  60. Robert Kemp

    holy hamsters man this stuff is pretty freakin sweat and iv me smoking the devils lettuce pretty well none stop at times anyways decided on mix 3 -0s together hhc-0 delta8-o and cbn-o with some oj kush terpenes i had gotn else where a good healthy mix of this tried dabbing it and got intensely high down right psychedelic any that just happend so thanks vivimu crazy legit

  61. Willie White

    Great stuff fast shipping

  62. Michael Parise

    Many reviews for various cannabinoids seem to say some are weaker and others stronger. Some people say nothing from hemp compares to d9. First, if you smoke crack, it only makes sense coffee seems “weak”. Also, people do not always want to get a certain blasted, but desire focus/attention/immersion/soaking in hemp derivatives.

  63. Adam Wyatt

    Some seriously super strong shit. Like hhc and thc o had a baby,

  64. leeeyecard leeeyecard

    smoking/vaping this is like inhaling an entire san pedro cactus holy shit it hits so good. a delicacy to be enjoyed

  65. Tommy Robertson

    nice product good quality

  66. borissiroki borissiroki

    Great product, will definitely buy more.

  67. joey barnes


  68. Craig Marshall

    Made very good body effect edibles! Will be ordering again

  69. Christopher Annas

    Fast shipping as always, and the HHC O…. Wow! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Vivimu is a great company!

  70. Chris Moniaci

    Smooth and effective vaped or in edibles

  71. Victoria Jenks

    Purchased this with the delta 8 clear and will be mixing it. Super excited to try!

  72. Conner Isom

    HHCo, oh man I love this stuff. It feels noticably more potent than HHC/D8, and lasts longer. It takes between 10-20mins for it to peak in effects so start small and wait 15-30mins before redosing in case you’re a slow metabolizer. (This is referring to vaped)

    HHCo truly shines in a blend (like most cannabinoids IMO) as it adds a long duration and a sort of 2nd wave/2nd peak. You get the initial rush of D8/HHC/whatever psychoactives you have, then after that rush starts to wind down the HHCo starts bringing things back up again. It’s been a staple in my blend.

    I find I only need HHCo at around 10% in a blend for noticable effects on duration. It’s a thin slightly yellow liquid that blends easily, I could see it being useful for thinning thicker distillates if you wanted a psychoactive to do so.

    Note – Everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids, what I experience may be much different than what you experience. Take what I say here with a grain of salt, I have a high tolerance to cannabinoids and use them daily for multiple reasons.

  73. Gabriel Lugo


  74. Adrian Casanova

    Awesome prices, Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping! Need I say more? Well o.k… since you twisted my proverbial arm! (Smile). To be absolutely honest Vivimu was a pleasant surprise for us. We needed a wholesaler with top notch services & products and we believe that we have found it in Vivimu. Now, in saying that we will have to see if they maintain the same high standards in the long run?? As for the potency and effects of our order of (100g HHCO Acetate), the jury is still out for deliberation as we have not tested for effects yet. But the charity, packaging, and smell was on point. Vivimu staff was exceptional with responding to our inquiries. Awesome experience, for sure! We only graded this order just 4 stars for (2) reason. First reason… no company is without some need of improvement, as we believe 5 stars denotes perfection. Secondly, it appears after some “quick-eye measurements” that we are 4-5 grams shorted in the amount. Which matters. So if you guys have our address and want to mail us out a 5gr. samples, we would appreciate the gesture. Lastly, we didn’t receive a full Lab COA, the ND toxicity level sheet were included which was great but the potency sheet wasn’t included with the order. Which matters again. Overall great experience, great quality, fast shipping! There’s no need to say more! You got our business! Humbly, Adrian Casanova/CEO/High-grades.com

  75. Vonika Vincent

    Amazing!! Fits right in with my hhc,delta 8 and thco!! Shipping was fast, taste is delicious!!

  76. Dakota Conley

    This stuff is absolutely phenomenal. Very euphoric effects after a 20 minutes sesh out of the kandypens flacko 🙂 the taste is quite smooth and nice, however at first the smell was quite unusual and right at that border of being off-putting, but you don’t notice as bad after it gets heated up, and not worth losing that fifth star, keep it up vivimu you’re awesome! 🙂 (p.s. if only wells Fargo could get along with you guys and not smack me with a double charge every time I order)

  77. Heaven Richie

    Always top notch from these guys!! Thank you!

  78. Thomas Ryder

    Literally worth every star

    I’d put five but then it wouldn’t be believable

  79. Walter Smith

    Excellent product and an excellent company. I’ve never been disappointed with their quality. As far as HHCo Acetate I’m very happy. A little slower onset. Good as edibles. Around the potency of d9. Good stuff.

  80. michaelralls23 michaelralls23

    stuff is awesome, stronger than original hhc & last longer & much smoother when dabbed

  81. john.allen2322 john.allen2322

    It’s like HHC but way more spacey with the body feel of thc-o.

    The consistency was similar to thc-o as well as the inhale, taking a bigger hit can give you that hhc cough though.

    Effects tend to take about 10 minutes to set in for me and this is in my top 3 favorites of alternative cannabinoids.

    Now I did receive the hhc-o unterped so the taste was not my favorite but it wasn’t as bad as other unterped cannabinoids.

    When I’m able to try the hhc-o with terps I’ll be sure to update my review!

    Overall 5/5

  82. Patricia Merritt

    Well worth the price. Point… Other vendors charging 3-4x more than here and Vivimungas a faaar better product

  83. atomicbeads atomicbeads

    Similar to thco but more sleepy. Smooth like breathing air

  84. sagetemple1026 sagetemple1026

    Yup 💕🤩

  85. Logan Miller

    Unfortunately I dabbed it all before trying orally but I definitely enjoy it the best mixed with hhc and some terps but the taste by itself mixed with nothing is like air and you can hold it in for ever and then minutes later you get that nice dab cough and I stay fairly high for significantly longer then d9 honestly when mixed with hhc and hhc-o

  86. thomas j

    really liquidity compared to there regular hhc

  87. ed Collins

    Stronger than d8

  88. Jason Steinberger

    Perfect for my anxiety, this IMHO better and more modestly priced than the medical cannabis (I was a medical card holder) .

    I can actually afford to get relief.

  89. Dialy Wheeler

    i made the mistake of vaping this alone and my tolerance went up quick. But its very sativa like. Fast thoughts

  90. ssehie ssehie

    Great stuff, good buzz!

  91. Chace Man

    Great product 👍

  92. Cody Stecklein

    Not as good as regular hhc

  93. Kris Weddle

    This HHC-O really works well in mixes with thco and HHC. Gives that indica feeling start to set in at 20-30 mins in.

  94. Andrew Fowler

    Ok I couldn’t tell much difference from the regular hhc except this is more liquidy

  95. Dylan Bales

    It was amazing! It tasted so good and got me absolutely blasted. By itself too.

  96. guarddog8149 guarddog8149

    Really enjoyed mixing this with other noids. Helped thin out thicker distillates which also helped lighten the acetic acid taste I catch in all acetate esters. Overall, great quality and really great product, will be purchasing more of this in the future.

  97. Gabriel Sanford

    Magnum opus of the semi-synthetic cannabinoid derivatives, really does rock. This alone gets me where I want to be, it’s slightly harsh on your lungs but nothing like HHC. I love HHC but this is hard to beat. HHCo has saved me a lot on D9 distillates.

  98. Mike Spry

    Hhco taste gross, effects are no different than hhc, except onset takes twice as long, just buy hhc ,(vivimus hhc is really quite good )save your money ,and skip the disgusting taste, and 2-3x the price of hhc-o .That’s what I’ll be doing from now on. Can’t believe how I went from highly impressed with hhc, to complete dissatisfaction with hhc-o.Hows that for a honest review? Bet vivimu won’t post this real review

  99. Hudson Enlow

    Taste like absolute garbage and is less potent than the regular hhc do not recommend buying.

  100. Adam Perez

    Strong, high-quality distillate. Perfect for mixing with more viscous distillate to thin it out.

  101. Justin Ray

    These guys rock! Excellent customer service and amazing quality. I’m in the process of reviewing thier hhc o dissilate on my Delta 🎱 Revi£ws YouTube channel. I put some In a empty cart and even dabbed on it!!🔥😀

  102. Vincent Penna

    Very potent effects with slightly longer duration than classic HHC must have for fans of hydrogenated cannabinoids

  103. Heem Khairi

    It was good, but it wasn’t all that. I still slightly prefer regular hhc. This didn’t really get me any higher. However the high was more cerebral then regular hhc

  104. Daniel Miller

    Nice addition to my blend.

  105. Jeremy Sasson

    Product works as described and shipment was fast. HHCO is good by itself but better as a blend.

  106. Ann Perna

    Just tried for the first time yesterday and absolutely love the stuff..It’s effects are definitely for night time use for me.

  107. Catgirls fourtwenty

    What can I say? Smooth and potent, worth it. Just don’t vaporize at a high temperature if you’re concerned about inhaling acetic anhydride. IIRC that’s not even possible at the temperature vape pens go too. Just don’t burn it!!!!!!!!!

  108. steveschooley steveschooley

    Great product! I got exactly what I ordered. I took some advice from other reviews and added HHC to this HHCo and it really is a great combination. It thickened this up a little and get rid of the acetate harshness .

  109. Lester Mabry

    The phone was answered on the first, second, or third call and the product was stellar. Thanks for the plug.

  110. Anthony Ferrara

    I read all the documents on this, went with both cold start .2 dab. And a .3 drop in dab. In the span of 15 minutes. Did not feel anything. Wish I’d of just bought weed instead.

  111. Michael McKay

    Love all my products that I’ve gotten I wished I had the money to try some of the higher potent cannabinoids for pain

  112. mjshea mjshea

    Was expecting this to be more potent than the hhc,but was somewhat disappointed as the hhc was noticeably more potent than the HHC-o.

  113. Stephan Bowen

    Yes, it tastes weird by itself, but O noids just do. Make a blend or deal with it. This shit is fire. I put about half as much hhco in a mix as thco and the O noids add a lot to the experience, but I don’t get much from them by themselves unless in edibles. Infusing flower with them is questionable. Havent had a problem when I did, but I didn’t exclusively smoke the flower I infused for medicating either.

  114. Daniel Valdez

    Amazing product! I was very impressed with the effects and making cartridges was so easy compared to HHC. I would order again for sure.

  115. daniellaird1995 daniellaird1995

    One of my favorite alnoids I’ve tried. The HHC family is excellent.

  116. brentonstringfellow brentonstringfellow

    I’ve really enjoyed this cannabinoid thus far! I don’t smoke it, but consume it orally with satisfactory results.

  117. Kenneth Bailey

    Great effects + awesome stickers

  118. Justin Deleon

    Added to blended vape cart and tried directly on food. Great alternative to traditional edibles like THC-O, but I didn’t notice any longevity or significant potency that I couldn’t chalk it up dosage differences.

  119. Nicole Andersen

    I’m on my third order and I have loved every single one. The hhc is amazing—especially if you use a wax pen like the orbit.

  120. bRADY bAKER

    Effects are good, flavor is bad.

  121. Bella Judd

    Doesn’t get you super high on its own but gives a nice creative and energetic feeling. Lasts longer than HHC, I recommend.

  122. John Sike

    Similar high to d9o, though notably tastes slightly worse (it’s essentially tasteless, d9o is just more bland) and doesn’t smell the best, not very viscous at all, super easy to work with.

  123. Thiago Fontana

    Basically as potent as hhc, and teases a little longer to kick in, it’s also much thinner than hhc so it could work good for carts or making other noid blends thinner and stronger with a delayed effect

  124. Da Kra

    This is the best distillate on the market. Vivimu is a top notch company that gives you all three. Quality,service (great customer service) and price. It is very rare that when you find a company that has all three. I used to do buisiness with the other guys, but now i am locked into Vivimu.

  125. Kenneth Smith

    HHC-o is one of my favorites, along with d9thco and thcA. The stuff is strong, I’ve replaced all my d9 needs with these noids.

  126. Dub G

    This is the best website I ever seen. I love it. It saved my life. No joke saved my life from literally dying not lying

  127. Ed Quiggle Jr.

    Tastes great and more potent than regular HHC

  128. Crystal Wood

    Great stuff to mix in I haven’t tried it by itself but in my own vape cart disty mix with isolates and terps its great.

  129. toneysan93 toneysan93

    I love this company so much. These products are truly amazing. Got my HHCo for dirt cheap. Almost 60% of the r isomer! I’m very pleased.

  130. jahad Jordan

    It’s reliable and a good base and definitely affordable. I really like it overall.

  131. Jason Michael

    Strong with a bit of a “rush” at the start

  132. S Waters

    Excellent, the only downside is a slight taste/smell to it but the potency more than makes up for it. It’s much easier to work with than HHC and this recent batch is amazing.

  133. David Howie

    After receiving my order, the only item that was not double wrapped, had somehow spilled into the bubble wrapped container and a fair amount of medicine was lost. I sent Rebecca a quick picture of the event and she immediately responded and had another brand new bottle of medicine to replace it on the way before the conversation was done. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The products themselves are pure solid and effective and consistent. Delivery is always punctual, and of course customer service is on a level all its own. I am returning again and again

  134. Joshua Cantu

    love mixing this with d9o

  135. Peter Gayduk

    Hits hard in carts even on a higher tolerance you can feel the effects, Slight vinegar oder but thats to be expected with acetylated stuff, Very easy to work with even a bit more runny than delta 9 thc, I didnt even use iso to wipe it off its just paper towel very easy to clean.

  136. Robert E Hart

    So smooth and strong love the creeper effect and pain relief on this mixed with terp infused d9O is off the charts side effects happy pain free and snacky just awesome

  137. Dylan Cohen

    Smooth almost no taste consistencyis very runny but sticks to the dab tool well enough to use. After a few hits you will feel it a little after 10+ hits you will be layed back with your eyes glued shut wondering how your this high. It’s almost like d9, I feel d9 is more of an inner body high. Hhco still gets me as high just in a different way it relaxes my mind and body and is sedating, good for sleep, but the high is more on the outside of my body like radiating off my skin instead of into me like d9. Still would get this again and again hits like 3 times harder than hhc and makes my eyes baked which hhc doesn’t do. They also sent me .4 extra and shipping was on time so 10 out of 10.

  138. Bradley Turner

    Great effects, bad taste

  139. adrian stevens

    great effects, smooth

  140. James Noble

    I bought a 3.5 of hhco distilliate to pair with some d9o. Very happy good body high very clean container emptied nicely no complaints. Great all around.

  141. Conor Mckinzey

    if anybody is wondering this is a good substitute for thco. dont pass it by its good

  142. Kaleb Redenbaugh

    Nice addition for mixes and helps thin out thicker distillates

  143. Angela Birdsong

    mellow buz

  144. Buck Rodgers

    Very nice similar to Thco

  145. Leighton Cunha

    Taste pretty bad but the effects are long lasting

  146. Zachary Yeager

    Was great by itself and blended. Found a lot of synergy between this and their HHC distillate. Would recommend. It comes on slowly at first but steadily build’s around the eyes. Feels like HHC but lasts longer.

  147. Richard Smith

    Great for eatables. A 50/50 mix of this and hhc made a tinksture with it and have enjoyed it so far but dose have a bit of a rubbery scent.

  148. Calvin Jones

    great product

  149. Matthew Ash

    Wow this stuff is really nice feeling! I’ve tried it from a couple places I thought it would be weaker from here but to my surprise it was the strongest out of all the other places I’ve tried. It was much more intense then I remember and it tastes decent dabb or oral I did both lol.

  150. vincent donelson

    I ain’t gone lie ,it’s stronger then the plain Hhc ,nice head high🤯 with a side of couch lock😴,I’m most definitely gone buy alot more of this HHCo ,no cap 🧢

  151. Jeff Gillstrom

    Very good and strong. Very thin great to make cart thinner. Lil less strong than d9 but works well.

  152. Damarcos Estevez

    Hhc but stronger. Cheap as well.

  153. Bryan

    great for thinning . awesome by itself

  154. Wade Alexander

    Great addition to my current blend.

  155. Sam R.

    Fantastic. Clear. Very little taste, for HHCO. Good ratio. No T-noids, so that is ideal. Keep selecting T-free batches of hydrogenated cannabinoids! I dream of a world wherein something like this is always available. But, you know…you never know. I guess that’s all we know, going forth. But dang, Viv, may I ask: if you ever have the slightest wind of thinking you can’t carry something soon, PLEASE LET US KNOW. I’ll stock up, like mad. Also please keep raising that R-isomer amount, as it keeps getting better, the higher the R-isomer ratio!

    Love this stuff. 1:1 with Viv’s HHC is a great base to try the higher power noids at lower ratios / percentages / potencies. Things like HHCP, or HHCH, or even THCH, are ideal to mix with this, for those who can use T-noids.

    Good stuff = understatement.

  156. Gracktastik1

    This one has a really thin consistency, almost like vegetable oil. For an initial test I spread it out on a paper and did myself a spliff with it. The taste was a little funky but I’ve smoked worse. I was expecting to be more high than I was after I finished the spliffs, was doing stuff with my wife around the house. Needed to bathe my dog and then…bam…there it was, an intense trippy sort of buzz that seemed to have a delayed onset. Smoked some with my neighbor on a joint a couple days later and the same thing happened…all was normal and then it snuck up on me like the legendary “creeper weed” from the taled I heard in my youth. Would be 5 out of 5 but the bang for buck factor. Alot of these guys stuff could probably be a bit cheaper. Besides that I got no beef.

  157. lawk41

    VERY happy with this one. HHCo has very nice effects, delayed reaction by about 10 minutes but then slow and steady a very heady feeling comes on. Blending with HHC is great since HHC is so darn thick by itself, adding just a bit of this makes it way easier to work with.

  158. Gracktastik1

    Second time I’ve picked this one up. There was a good sale happening. This stuff is easy to spread and pour, nice and stoney too. By itself, the taste is a little off-putting. But all in all, I like it or I wouldn’t have ordered more.

  159. Sam R.

    Amazing stuff, glad it is t-free and high r-isomer

  160. Scott Chapel

    As always quick shipping of a super product. Not as thick as d8 and regular hhc. Easier to add to the mix. 100 g d8 100 g hhc 100 g hhco

  161. John Cortes

    This said it’s amazing. Great for adding to thick distillates

  162. Jacob Holbrook

    Great product

  163. Jacob Holbrook

    Very good

  164. Christian Townley

    Potent stuff! A bit slow acting, but it’ll really put you in a solid almost psychedelic headspace. Dabbing it is so smooth it’s crazy. I did notice you can build a tolerance to it pretty quick and it’s just a little too runny, but other than that it’s amazing!

  165. Christian Townley

    Hits hard but definitely a bit slow acting. Dabs super smooth and cooks well into edibles. Puts you in a nice almost psychedelic headspace. A bit runny, but would definitely still recommend.

  166. Caleb Strohl

    Not my favorite noid, but pretty good value.

  167. luke holbrook

    Vivimu’s HHCo pours at room temp and had minimal to no smell; very similar to their THCo. It vapes clean, no undue coughing, and tastes pretty clean unterped. As far as effects, again similar to THCo in that it takes a little while to kick in and there is some stacking. For me, it is a much headier buzz than any other altnoid and the effects lasted longer. I’m very excited to try blending this product with other cannabinoids. 11/10

  168. roddyroo10


  169. Lweemes1996

    Definitely a daily driver mixed with some D8, very potent

  170. roddyroo10

    Very good

  171. Amber Garsee

    Takes a while to kick in even smoking/vaping it. This one I had super high hopes for and it’s a very good head high/upper/sativa high but it let me down in potency. The CDT infused HHC is better to me. I found that is A gift from above, so affordable yet so potently delicious. Got an ounce of this been mixing around 50/50 with the CDT HHC which I’ve tried several. Eager to try them all!!!!

  172. r.luciano27

    First time trying HHCO, shipped fast and was well packed, the color is a beautiful amber and has almost no smell. Bought an Oz and considering other sites it is an excellent deal. Hits clean and easy on throat, great head high. I mix it with delta 8 and regular crumble along with thca crystals, which extends the value of the crumble and crystals. I also add it to the top of regular and thca moonrock bowls which also extends the strength and longevity of the bowls. In all I would recommend the use of HHCO for various purposes, especially mixing with other cannabinoids, and I would recommend purchasing from Vivimu for their excellent products and services.

  173. S Waters

    My favorite, it’s a bit more than D8 or HHC but also more potent and easier to work with, quite thin at room temp with minimal odor.

  174. Bryce Wongler

    Great blending noid, perfect way to give a little boost in potency to the cdt hhc.

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