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Discover the extraordinary potential of Vivimu’s CBG Isolate, a pure and potent form of cannabigerol (CBG) extracted from premium hemp grown in the USA. With meticulous testing ensuring exceptional quality, our CBG Isolate offers limitless possibilities for enhancing your wellness routine.

Vivimu’s CBG Isolate undergoes extensive third-party testing, guaranteeing its purity and safety. Free from contaminants, our CBG Isolate unlocks the full potential of this lesser-known cannabinoid.

Effortlessly customize your wellness routine by incorporating Vivimu’s CBG Isolate. Whether you prefer sublingual administration, adding it to recipes, or creating topical solutions, our versatile CBG Isolate adapts to your preferences.

Crafted with precision, supported by scientific knowledge, and designed to elevate your daily wellness routine, Vivimu’s CBG Isolate is your pathway to transformation. Experience its extraordinary power by ordering now!


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  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice

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60 reviews for CBG Isolate

  1. Andrew Duff

    I’m very pleased with this CBG isolate. It was at a great price, and shipping was fast. It dissolved quickly and cleanly in both MCT oil for a tincture I made for my dad; as well as some d8 distillate to add a little pop of CBG to my blend. Top notch!

  2. Jin Han

    Great packaging! Wouldn’t doubt the quality as usual.

  3. William Jones

    Mixed with delta 10, it really gives a little extra kick to a daytime blend and things down distallate nicely. Much stronger than CBG I got from a very popular vendor. Sticking with Vivimu from now on!!

  4. Donald Noble

    Best choice I’ve found. Makes a would of difference. Quality 10/10.

  5. markhstarling markhstarling

    I made gummy bears from these. Love to take everyday

  6. Alexander Becker

    mother of all cannabinoids

  7. Nicholas Thomas

    Very useful for inflammation. It’s like cbd on steroids for me.

  8. John Cortes

    Great quality. I put it in oils and capsules

  9. graalisbeast graalisbeast

    Def a nice addition to my sativa blends, love it

  10. Catgirls fourtwenty

    Pure and effective, goes great by itself or better with other noids, good for energy 🙂

  11. atomicbeads atomicbeads

    HeyHey Vivimu! I noticed people leaving all kinds of reviews for products they didn’t purchase. Specifically the thcp and other ps. Sorry but I was bothered with the” reviews” bitching about the price.

  12. Scott Berry

    Nice addition to any mix. I find a combo of cbg Cbd helps get me reset and removes lethargy.

  13. Keaton Laver

    Great price, way better than than CBD in my experience.

  14. Paul Larsen

    Phenomenal with CBC and CBD for back pain!

  15. Adam Cameron

    I love adding this to most of my blends for a nice full spectrum. Great pricing and seems like a high quality product. Will definitely be back for more.

  16. Sam R.

    Second most underrated cannabinoid, right behind CBC. If only people would use high dose tinctures, or very targeted CBG or CBC vapes (within high capacity sub-ohm devices like the Vapore*so NRG pod with the Vapore*so GT 0.5 ohm coil/atomizer), then people would truly understand the therapeutic capacity of these two cannabinoids, being amazing for very targeted indications, like IBS or Fibro or GAD or MDD or ADHD or Insomnia or especially *inflammation*. Vivimu’s rocks.

  17. Ethan Barnett


  18. dabigone112 dabigone112

    Goes well with just about anything, and the price is good too.
    Less chunky than some of the other isolates, but they all dissolve with some heat.

  19. Jordan Gent

    Loooove it! I’ll definitely be ordering more! Thank you.

  20. Alex Wildey


  21. sakerocket1 sakerocket1

    High quality

  22. Zachary Davidson

    Perfect. Helps with my autism thank you

  23. Isaac Stoltz

    Bought this to induce hunger and reduce nausea. Works great! It’s spicy though, weirdly enough. Any more than 30mg or so makes me cough (tincture). Be careful if you’re putting this in a mix, as it may mess up the flavor

  24. Max Sobeck

    Pure and quality as always

  25. John Cortes

    This is great to eatstraight out of the container in small bumps of 25-30mg or so. It will diamante your blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and really help those psoriasis outbreaks tame down a lot! Just eat it straight, and never double dip your spoon. Lol

  26. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    Great quality as always 🙂

  27. Derek Boelter

    Great filler for entourage affects

  28. Marcus Gregory

    I really like cbg, awesome for daytime use and mixing into your own distillate. This was my first order from vivimu and it’s as good as my normal vendor. Actually about to place another order!

  29. Adam Wyatt

    Adds a relaxing focus. Like a stimulating but non jittery cbd

  30. Tina Petersen

    Swelling in my knee stared going down the first day.

  31. brentonstringfellow brentonstringfellow

    I use this CBG in tincture form mixed with other cannabinoids. It seems to boost the effects of the other noids. Really enjoy this!!

  32. flooptoop11 flooptoop11

    Cbg can be pretty stimulating. Not super stimulating but it definately awakes you up akin to caffene without the jitters.

  33. Joseph Wyman


  34. Monique “Mokie” Hall

    I’ve purchased CBG Isolate Powder from several online vendors & VIVIMU IS THE BEST! High quality product, most competitive price point, fast shipping & fabulously competent customer service.

    I make my own capsules & take them 3x a day to manage cancer pain/inflammation without any head high. CBG helps me with energy & focus without causing anxiety. So much better & safer than narcotics, for me much more effective without any noticeable side effects.

  35. Leah Schwartz

    I am a very big fan of adding a few .1g of CBG isolate into my mixes to improve anti-inflammatory properties etc. I cannot wait till I need more and can buy a bulk jar!

  36. Nigel Yarnall-Benson

    heavy, heavy d9 daily smoker and dabber. i was interested in CBG so i bought it from my boys at vivimu, dabbed about 70mg and got higher than i’ve been in years. i had been smoking that day but it took my high and turned it into a wild trippy ride unlike usual. only 4 stars because i can’t dab a big rock of cbg everyday- i couldn’t think!!

  37. Sean Flaherty

    No taste, nice uplifting effects

  38. kyle T


  39. Charlie McDaniel

    So far, my favorite of the c noids. It adds a wonderful heady effect to my blends, almost like a comforting internal buzz. I can’t wait to try it with THCv!

  40. Surya Shakamuri

    Has a slight odor to it, seems good but effects are that great compared to other cbg isolate. Color is also not exactly white but a slightly tan color.

  41. John Savovic

    Great stuff. Looks pure and has no noticeable smell or taste.

  42. Chad Battistone

    Fast Shipping – Thank you!

  43. Justin Longmire

    Spilled half out

  44. Lee Vetzel

    Absolutely loved this product. Can’t go wrong!

  45. Omar Sandoval

    I am a fan!!! I have an autoimmune disease and this is amazing! Wish it was cheaper cause I take so much of it but wow. Anxiety relief, pain relief, and peace of mind. I would eat a gram a day is I could

  46. Alex Wildey

    Great product! Very pure!

  47. Hunter Hutson

    Great quality, pure stuff. Great for entourage effects.

  48. Damarcos Estevez

    Another great mood to add to any mix.

  49. Damarcos Estevez

    Another great noid to add to any mix.

  50. Wade Alexander

    Best CBG isolate I have tried.

  51. Jacob Holbrook


  52. Jacob Holbrook


  53. roddyroo10

    Well worth it

  54. roddyroo10

    Very nice

  55. Wade

    Great for blends.

  56. luke holbrook

    Great packaging! Wouldn’t doubt the quality as usual.

  57. luke holbrook

    Best choice I’ve found. Makes a would of difference. Quality 10/10.

  58. Jacob Elliott

    I love this stuff I make THCV and CbG gummies and they’re amazing for day time energy

  59. roddyroo10

    Very good

  60. roddyroo10


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