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Join Vivimu's mission of spreading love and care worldwide with our new program "The 1 Billion MG Compassionate Care Giveaway"! We're giving away a billion milligrams of our pure cannabinoid products for free to change lives. Whether you need relief from pain, anxiety or just want to boost your well-being, we have the solution for you. Join us now and make a difference!

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  4. ENJOY!

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Compassion Program Partners

Making this ambitious giveaway a reality requires collaboration, and that’s why we have partnered with industry care providers. With their collaboration, we are confident that we can achieve our goal and reach individuals who can benefit from our products the most. Our cannabinoids are already trusted and utilized by over 300 industry brands, serving 18 countries and counting. Interested in partnering with us? Complete the form for more information.

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"At Vivimu, we truly believe in the power of compassion and we make sure it reflects in all that we do. We are thrilled to announce a new program we're calling "The 1 Billion MG Compassionate Care Giveaway". Our mission is simple- to share the amazing benefits of our pure cannabinoid products with more people who need it."

– Bret Worley, CEO & President of Vivimu

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