How To Properly Store Your Cannabinoids With Children In The House

How To Properly Store Your Cannabinoids With Children In The House

Are you a cannabis enthusiast with children or pets in the house? While cannabinoids can be enjoyable, they can be dangerous for little ones who accidentally get ahold of them. In this guide, we’ll share some tips to help you store your cannabinoids safely with children in the house.

1. Lock Up Your Cannabinoids

One of the most effective ways to keep your cannabinoids away from children is to store them in a lockable box or container. You can find various options online that suit your needs, from simple lockboxes to full-on vault-mode safes. Remember to choose a storage system that you can access quickly and easily. If the storage is too cumbersome to open, you might be less likely to use it frequently. Consider whether you need to remember a code or keep a key, and keep them private to prevent unauthorized access.

2. Keep Cannabinoids Out of Reach

Another way to store your cannabinoids safely is to keep them out of reach. Store them in a high cupboard or cabinet that children cannot access, or in a room that pets cannot enter. However, keep in mind that children can be curious and resourceful, so this method may not be foolproof. Consider how your child might access your stash and whether they could climb or find a way into it. If you think they might, consider an alternative method to store your cannabinoids.

3. Hide Your Stash

If you want to keep your stash away from prying eyes, you can hide it in a drawer or closet that’s not frequently used. You can also store them in a small safe or lockbox that can be hidden from plain sight.Remember to get creative with your stash spot and choose a spot that you can remember. However, don’t get too clever with your hiding spot and forget where you put your cannabinoids.

In conclusion, accidents happen, and prevention is key. Keep your cannabinoids safe from curious children and pets by following these easy storage tips. Lock them up, keep them out of reach, and hide them in a secure spot. Get creative with your storage solution and keep your stash safe!

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