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Strap up and prepare to embark on a cosmic journey; our THCp gummies are rocket ships engineered to send you straight to space, available to those who daringly seek to enter orbit. 

THCp gummies are on the rise, and it’s no wonder why. More robust than any other cannabinoid, THCp effects are 30x more potent than THC. Providing the most powerful high in the cannabis ecosystem, THCp is the go-to derivative for those wanting a new and surprising experience.

What Are THCp Gummies?

Our THCp gummies are candy and fruit-enhanced hemp gummies with THCp infused into them. Every gummy is potent; it offers a fresh way to experience THCp while also evoking possible euphoric and relaxation-supporting effects. 

Discrete and easily used, taking half a gummy will take you from Earth to orbit in 90 minutes or less.

What Is THCp?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THCp, is the most potent cannabinoid derivative available on the market, accidentally discovered in 2019 by a team of Italian researchers. Check out their research here.

Naturally occurring in cannabis plants, THCp presents its potential effects as an intense head and body high, surpassing the strength of ordinary THC. 

THCp has a powerful affinity- 33x times greater than THC- to CB1 endocannabinoid receptors, which gives THCp its remarkably potent effects. CB1 receptors help the brain’s ability to regulate neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

THCp is just like THC, having similar benefits and effects, but THCp has that added dose of potency.

Potential Benefits and Effects of THCp Gummies:

As of today, there are virtually no studies on THCp, so all effects described are anecdotal and based on user experiences. The potential effects will vary from consumer to consumer. 

Using THCp by itself may be a great experience, but we recommend combining THCp with other cannabinoids. Combining cannabinoids is a common practice known as the entourage effect, which states that cannabinoids are best experienced when consumed together. A frequently used cannabinoid combination is THCp + Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC poses a mild and time effect, smoothing out the intense potency of THCp.

Our Best THCp Gummy Varieties

Our THC-p gummies are vegan-friendly, lab-tested for quality and purity, made with natural ingredients, contain no GMOs, fillers, or pollutants, and are made with 100% American-grown hemp.

Our THCp gummies come in four varieties: Mango, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, and Blue Raspberry. Each bottle contains 50 mg per bottle and 2.5 mg per gummy. Keep in mind that we offer THCp gummies wholesale. Reach out to our wholesale team to learn more about our bulk pricing.

Mango: Zesty and Tangy

Feel the zing of our Mango, bursting with the vibrant notes of tropical citrus.

Strawberry: Fresh and Sweet

Like the fruit, our Strawberry THCp gummies taste like they were picked straight from the garden.

Pink Lemonade: Sour and Fresh

It’s like an ice-cold glass of pink lemonade on a warm, sunny day

Blue Raspberry: Sour and Sweet notes

Pucker up; our Blue Raspberry will energize your senses.

Why Should You Choose Vivimu to Buy THCp Gummies Online?

Are you researching where the best THCp gummies for sale are? Carefully crafted with you in mind, our Vivimu THCp gummies offer a trip straight to space. Whether you are a new or seasoned cannabis enthusiast, our THCp gummies are a guaranteed way to enjoy the potent and exciting effects of THCp safely.

Checking for a Certificate of Analysis is essential when purchasing hemp products online. The best hemp products will always come with a COA. A COA will tell you precisely what is and isn’t in your cannabis.

Here at Vivimu, we are committed to quality and transparency. We guarantee that every product we offer is third-party tested for quality, purity, and label integrity and is paired with a Certificate of Analysis so you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

We’ve listened to our community and know urgency is a significant factor. We offer next-day and two-day shipping options for those needing their products now. Safe and risk-free shopping, with a 30-day 100% refund guarantee, is what your purchase offers.  

THCp Gummies – Frequently Asked Questions:

How Is THCp Made?

THCp is naturally occurring but in tiny amounts, so producing THCp requires extracting THCp from CBD via chemical reactions and dewaxing. This process creates a highly purified extract found in many of our products, such as THCp edibles, gummies, vapes, and distillates. 

Are THCp Gummies Legal?

Yes! THCp, a derivative of THC, is legal and naturally occurring in hemp.  The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp containing 0.3% THC or less on a dry weight basis, essentially legalizing all THC derivatives. However, local and state laws have made certain derivatives illegal. It’s essential to check the legality of your situation and research your state and local cannabis laws. All of our THCp products have no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis and are legal. That’s why we ensure a 3rd party COA is available for every product.

Regarding drug tests, consuming THCp will cause you to fail a drug test. Drug tests checking for THC look for what is called THC-COOH, which is the broken-down version of THC. THC-COOH is a by-product of breaking down THC and its derivatives in the liver. If you are going to take a drug test, it is best to stop using THCP and cannabis altogether.

How Do I Use THCp Gummies?

We’ve made our THCp gummies super easy to use. Check the recommended amount on our packaging, measure your piece, and that’s it. It’s important to recognize that THCp is very potent, so start small and measure how you react to its potential effects.

Do THCp Gummies Get You High?

Yes, absolutely. Our THCp gummies produce one hell of a high, and their strength can be surprising. Not only are our THCp gummies effective, but they are also the most potent cannabinoid we offer. Note that everyone’s experience is different, and tolerance affects potency. Using THCp for the first time can be a great experience, but do it responsibly by starting with a smaller dose to see how you react.

How Long Do The Effects Of The THCp Gummies Last?

Well, it depends. Are you an experienced cannabis user or perhaps a beginner? For most people, THCp gummies can last for 4 hours up to 48 hours. Therefore, it is very important to start small and not overdo your first experience. Always start with the recommended dosage and move up from there.

How Many THCp Gummies Should I Take?

Start with the recommended amount labeled on our package. We’ve precisely calibrated the potency of each gummy to ensure a unique experience. If you’re unfamiliar with cannabis or THCP, begin with a quarter or half of a gummy and gauge your response.

How Strong Is THCp?

To put the strength of THCp into perspective, a standard dose of THC is around 10 mg, while the average amount for THCP is around 0.3 mg. The strongest THC-p gummies can have up to 5mg per dosage. Our THCp gummies are dosed at 2.5 mg, offering a potent but safe experience.

Is THCp Stronger Than THC?

Yes. THCp is most definitely stronger than THC. As mentioned earlier, THCp is 33 times more active with CB1 receptors than THC. 

Click Here to View COA.

Indulge in the captivating effects of Vivimu’s THCp Gummies. 

Our premium gummies are expertly infused with tetrahydrocannabinol phorol (THCp), offering a unique and elevated cannabis experience. Meticulously crafted with precise dosing, our gummies provide a convenient and discreet option for on-the-go consumption. 

Embrace the extraordinary effects of THCp – order our gummies now and elevate your experience with our Vivimu THCp Gummies.


We take pride in our swift shipping, ensuring your order arrives at your doorstep with next-day or two-day delivery options. These faster shipping options enable our customers to enjoy the benefits sooner. 

  • The legal age requirement for purchase and use is 21 years of age or older. 
  • Do not operate machinery or drive a motor vehicle after consuming.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • If you have respiratory health challenges, heart conditions, or other concerns, do not use it without consulting a doctor.

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. No statements on this website are offering medical advice**

49 reviews for THCp Gummies

  1. vivimu vivimu

    Heavy duty, very potent stuff

  2. Eric Kloeker

    I’ve tried thcp gummies from several companies and these are the best and strongest by far not for rookies very strong

  3. TC McKelva

    By far the best gummies I’ve tried. I really like the mango flavor. Be careful though, they’re extremely potent and I’m not saying it to build up the company it’s a psa to the novice or experienced user, seriously…

  4. bigdaddyinlincoln bigdaddyinlincoln

    Absolutely mind blowing in such a great way! I have terrible chronic pain and I ordered a bottle for these to use for the 4th of July. With My terrible chronic pain for the last 10 years I about a year ago found out about delta 8 and its been one good thing after another. I have a very high tolerance to all meds. I took 3 of these and was actually able to sit in a chair on the 4th of July and hang out with my family without the excruciating pain. Thank you vivimu…for everyone else PLEASE start with a half and wait 1 hour. These are very very strong. Thanks everyone I hope and pray Vivimu can help you also. 😀

  5. jlongmire420 jlongmire420

    They are stronger than most thp gummies and I am happy with the purchase

  6. adamgatway2012 adamgatway2012

    These are stronger than many D9 gummies I’ve had from dispensaries. Your day will FLY by!

  7. Michelle Ross

    I got this as a sample and was blown away! Warning to those if have never used thcp before. Use half a gummy. This actually made me high for 2 days as i took 2 gummies because i dab a lot. I wasn’t thinking! These gummies are worth every penny!

  8. Patricia Merritt

    Best of all gummies I’ve tried anywhere… Hands down!

  9. Jimmie Shramek

    they are good and shipping was prompt.

  10. Timothy Norman

    Sample gummies were very good!

  11. Travis Swartzentruber

    I couldn’t tell I had consumed anything at all. To say this is stronger than delta 9 is false.

  12. brindled brindled

    I’m Scared. I’m scared to tell you how good these are because I fear the ‘Out of Stock’ sign.

    They help ease pain and take the edge off.

  13. Anonymous

    I came here to warn you all. I’m an experienced thc cbd hhc et all,user and I can assure you 1 gummie to start is *highly* recommended.
    I wake up kinda high the next day. Mainly thick head, gooey eyes, and a panicky fear of not remembering where I left the bottle of the uneaten.
    This is an immensely enjoyable cbd extract. even if you’re ‘old school’ this will delight your senses.

  14. Jeremiah Morrison

    Exactly what i wanted.

  15. Marco Sanchez

    Not as potent as advertised

  16. Carmen Fornarotto

    Love it I am very high tolerance and theses babies are basically for sleep calming and helps my anxiety!!!!! I do have to take 4-5 though gummies out the day and evening
    Great product

    Highly recommend!!!!

  17. 117Haseo

    Good taste, very strong effect even for someone who has a very high tolerance. I definitely recommend halfing or even quartering pieces until you know what amount gets you the desired effect.

  18. Eric Woomer

    Not sure if it’s just me but edibles seem dosed for beginners, I haven’t really felt much from any of the gummies…. Think I’ll stick to the oils

  19. Alexander Saad

    Garbage. I’ve been told thc-p gummies are supposed to be incredibly strong but I worked my way up to taking five of these at once and barely felt anything. Save your money and buy something else

  20. Amanda Hendricks

    Very tasty, almost lasted TOO long for me lol. Great product.

  21. Robert Ortiz

    Please for the love of god FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! One full gummy will carry you at full tilt at 6 hours into the gummy!!!

    I took a full gummy and went to eat dinner. This was 6pm. At 2am the next day my wife’s world was spinning and my mind and body were up!!!!

    This gummy will carry into the next day easily so time your dose in consideration to your work schedule. Respect the dosing! Half a gummy for sure!!!! Full gummy will take you to the moon! DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY OR GO DRIVING!!!! We stayed home for two days.

    Thank you VIVIMU for offering such a potent variation of THCP! I have nothing but respect for your company and will be ordering various products from you in the future!

  22. Brandon Westover

    These gummies are not for me. I fell asleep ok but part way through the night, I woke up feeling horrible. It’s now mid day and I still feel horrible, my head is spinning, my body feels like a dead weight and over all I just feel sick.

  23. Justin Fennell

    I took 1 and it lasted 3 days. I have inly used the rec’d gummies before on this site but these are WAY more powerful. They hit faster and harder. Illegal probably just still with the rec’d gummies.

  24. Shenise Tavares

    Pretty good

  25. Andrew Gurski

    These THCP Gummy‘s are legit. I’ve tried a lot of products from a lot of companies in the THCP space and I can confidently reassure whoever buys these that these things are potent. They’re not for daytime use. Most of the THCP products I’ve had are mostly a head high. These gummies add a ton of relaxation to the body in addition to the head high. I have a high tolerance, and I can feel these gummy‘s take over the experience of whatever other disposables I’ve consumed or whatever. If you’re looking for a potent THCP gummy with a lot of head and body relaxation, especially great for sleeping, this gummy will hit hard.

    And like other reviewers pointed out, follow the instructions. Edibles always take one to two hours before you feel the maximum impact. It’s right when you start thinking “I’m not feeling anything“ then you take a second edible and that’s when you start to feel the first really smack you. So yes, don’t get yourself into trouble by taking too many too close together.

  26. John Sike

    Sadly edibles don’t work on me (i’ve had homemade and other gummies, no dice) even taking 3-4 at a time. However the mango taste is honestly amazing, i wish they made regular candy of this stuff honestly. All 3 people i let sample a gummy got super high for the day tho, so they seem to be really potent

  27. william noviello

    The gummies made me sick to my stomach.

  28. Daniel Lassila

    These are strong! Good stuff.

  29. Nathan Thielmann

    I recently purchased THCp gummies and I have to say that they were really good. The gummies had a nice, fruity flavor and the THCp really added an extra kick to the experience. I enjoyed using these gummies and would definitely recommend them to others. The packaging was also convenient and discreet, which was a nice bonus. Overall, I had a great experience with these THCp gummies and would definitely purchase them again.

  30. Victoria Wellman

    Package arrived promptly and nicely packed/secure. Great product which helps alleviate my neuropathic pain. Highly recommend this seller!

  31. Steven Foster

    This is better than flower and pair it with flower omg!! I have a high tolerance and half of one gets me high for two days! Definitely recommend but beware

  32. Craig Neal

    Solid product but it lingers and takes me 2 to get a bit higher than
    a normal buzz. No serious case of the “munchies,” just a nice gentle bump above the haze.

  33. Jonathan Terry

    They taste amazing. I just wish they would make a stronger MG so i didn’t have to take 3 or 4 at a time. Other than that thcp is my favorite. The customers also love it. We are working together and trying out different mixes but nothing beats this stuff. Also the sale was amazing. Saved alot of money. Thanks you vivimu team.

  34. Kelli hunt

    I tried my first 2 of these and I’m on now deciding which other to try. 2 got me where I wanna be. Save money this way. Shopping now to oder today.

  35. James Yura

    PERFECT for that day off. 😎


    My wife is on some very toxic medication with intolerable side effects as she battles cancer. These gummies are the one product we have found that allow her to tolerate the side effects and remain on the treatment plan. Literally a life saver for us.

  37. Jaylen Cozadd

    I’m amazed at how well these gummies work! I have lots of health problems including chronic pains and usually gummies don’t do much for me but both me and my doctors have noticed a difference with these. I also have food allergies so it’s awesome that they’re not animal gelatin based. It must be pretty potent if it helps knock my aches and pains out so thanks vivimu!

  38. Damarcos Estevez

    Tastes so good I wish they didn’t have THC in them, otherwise I would have a bad time haha.

    They hit hard, but please plan ahead because you can easily feel the effects for a whole 24 hours.

  39. como se posicionar com os homens

    Hello! I want to applaud the website for the article that provided me with new perspectives. You’re doing a fantastic job! 388642082

  40. James Caffrey

    These are great, they last foreverr though so be aware haha

  41. Tammy Arick

    Love all gummies.

  42. Jacob Holbrook

    Very strong

  43. Jacob Holbrook


  44. Jacob Holbrook

    Well worth it

  45. luke holbrook

    I’ve tried thcp gummies from several companies and these are the best and strongest by far not for rookies very strong yes

  46. roddyroo10


  47. gerald roberts

    i’ve been trying to compare the gummies, cause One of them is giving me hella rebound headaches not hangovers… cause the high aint even over yet. only been doin Medicinal use ‘edibles’ for bout 5 yrs and really know very little. (the brain damges helpeth me not) so last night was this puppies turn and the First time trying. the Buzz is still going 24 hrs later. been a Very enjoyable ride… till the hammer hit the side a mu head. heck i can’t tell which give a worse helmet smack at the end but the THCp, by FAR gave a Superior Ride over the D8s or D9s , which are ususlly good too. the THCp has an easy role up and then just keeps getting better . like sittin in the back of a Huge Off Roader with the comfort of a Bentley. like two hippos making whoopy on a waterbed. this is going to be my new Go-To for a nice clean ride through da Milky Way.
    i left all the, most a the, misspelleings to show what 30 years of Chronic Migraine does to the brain. i wish i knew and understood more, but i wouldn’t likely rember

  48. Justin Florio

    great gummies! one gets me sky high and im asleep within 3 hours. highly reccommended

  49. Marz

    I take about 2-3 and they take a little while to kick in, but once they do, enjoy the ride because it keeps you floating for a few hours and then you still can feel it in your system up to 24 hours later. I will definitely purchase again.

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