Hemp Drops: Peppermint | Tinctures 1000mg (CBD)

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Terpen CBD Oil Drops are a superior product in every way. Our cold pressed hemp seed oil leaves all the healthy natural fats, vitamins, nutrients from the plants natural elements without using gases, solvents or heat. This process creates a much more bio available oil thats loaded with all the natural elements your body will love. Pure raw and 100% all natural without any man made ingredients or preservatives.

Available in Natural or Peppermint.
Apply topically, diffuse, or blend.
Suggested Use: Shake before use. Start with 5-8 drops (13-20mg) 1-2 times per day. Drop and hold for 20 seconds. Adjust amount as desired. Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 
Serving Size: 1 Full Dropper /1.5ml= 75mg
Servings Per Bottle: 20

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3 reviews for Hemp Drops: Peppermint | Tinctures 1000mg (CBD)

  1. Sam R.

    These were actually surprisingly way more effective for my bowel issues than any isolate tincture I’ve made myself — even when including my own favorite vendor’s usda certified peppermint oil. Couldn’t recreate the good effects I got from this, when I received it as a gift!

  2. Jacob Holbrook


  3. roddyroo10

    Very good

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