THCa Products Discontinued on February 28th.

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All this HHC/CBN mix, how about some “plain” HHC?(u/SmokinOnSticky)

So this is my first experience with HHC. I’m a daily D9 user for several years and am just venturing into the world of cannabinoids. I started with D8 and am now trying this HHC from Vivimu.First impressions - No smell, minimal flavor (no terps) but comes on in a very similar feeling to D9 dabs. Not as powerful, but definitely a similar feeling. FYI, I use a torch and nectar collector for dabs right now.Comes on smooth and not overly powerful. A clean, “efficient” high I would call it. Elevated my mood without the grogginess sometimes associated with D9. Smoother dabs than D8 which was nice on the lungs.Would like to add this in a cart with my D8 disty (Sour Alien from CC) but lack the tools. May try anyway.

CBDv/THCv blend from Vivimu (u/abolandi)

Wow! I am impressed with the effects from this blend thus far. Tests show ~ 2% CBCv, 37% CBDv, 22% THCv, and 37% CBD. Perfect for a busy day, this stuff keeps me focused without anxiety. Goes well with D8/CBG/CBC. A little extra heat helps when mixing this stuff to melt down those noid crystals.

HHC/CBN blend/THCO Review Vivimu (u/Holiday_Information5))

Made my first purchase a couple days ago from Vivimu. Unbelievable turnaround time on shipping and prices. They actually shipped 2nd day UPS. I purchased an ounce of HHC/CBN distillate and an ounce of THCO distillate. At 150 for the HHC and 99 for ThCO you simply cannot go wrong. I'm even considering an ounce of d10 as well. The HHC/CBN was had a slight orange tint to it. A little less viscous than HHC alone. I thought it would make me tired but so far it gives me energy. Don't understand that part. Hits really well also. Really at this price you cannot go wrong. THCO is great looking. No vinegar smell. I mixed a blend of the hhc and thco and it is my favorite now. Again a little over three dollars a gram. So worth it.Overall the best purchase I've ever made. Highest quality cannabinoids at rock bottom prices. You may have to search Vivimu HHC to get their site to come up while searching.They also just put on their site, they are going to be selling THCp distallate by the syringe. If I can get some of that I will be set for awhile.

Review of Vivimu THCp and HHC/CBN (Erik K)

I was really excited to here that a reputable B2B vendor was moving into retail. I haven’t tried THCp or HHC yet but couldn’t pass up the deal so I jumped on it, but maybe a little too early because I could have saved enough to buy 5grams of their raw, pure HHC as well! At least they still ship to CA. All my favorite vendors no longer ship here :/ Oh well, still stings!The shipping was quick, the owner Bret was really helpful, packaging was nice and professional. I really like the Pyrex media bottles for the ounces. The pricing is very competitive and the product is top notch. I feel relatively safe trying these new cannabinoids by purchasing from a respected vendor.So far I’ve only made a cart of the Rec’d HHC/CBN mix and I was surprised it didn’t put me to sleep right away. My experience was in line with other users in that I actually got some energy and it would be a good mix to use after 3pm when I still need to get things done.I made a 5% THCP cart with the rest being raw RB D8. There was definitely a difference but it’s hard to describe. I can feel it after one hit, but my tolerance is through the roof and off like to try it without 95% D8 and instead use CBC which will arrive tomorrow also from Vivimu. I’m also going to load these into my NRG tank to use on my Swag 2, as that’s what I’ve been using to vape the most lately.I’ll update this review once I have had a chance to try these products a little more. I will also add a review of their CBC and D8. Definitely recommend this Vivimu!Definitely looking for recommendations for how other users enjoy these new products with vape, carts, tinctures, edibles, custom mixes, etc. Any recommended mixes? Thanks!

Vivimu Haul Review (u/Pkellysports) - Will K

Okay, I’m gonna start by saying my HHC tolerance is quite high as it’s my daily 'noid of choice for relaxation. Tried it by itself- and boy howdy was I blown away at the difference in duration. The HHC/CBN is slightly less cerebral than straight HHC and a straight-up body high. It’s a lovely walk on the tightrope between relaxed and couch-locked. It also doesn’t interfere with my falling asleep which is nice because the psychoactive nature of HHC can sometimes do that to me.It's exactly what I need for a 3 PM blend after a busy day but I still have things to do later. Gonna terp this bad boy in some different mixes when I get a chance. That special Vivimu is running is one of the best I’ve seen on the consumer market for high-quality HHC or HHC/CBN blend. Stoked I took advantage as this will be a super great base for mixing up an entourage blend. Also, with the effects lasting longer, it's really nice to be relaxed without getting groggy.Also, I am quite sensitive to THCV but the THCV/CBDV blend is a fantastic balance of focus and energy without getting my heart racing.The Delta 10 came very tightly sealed and hits nicely in my d8 mix I added it to.The HHC soft gels are an amazing option for folks like me who want to take a dose without a glob of sugar along with it. They hit nicely and two was a perfect dose for me!Every lab was included with all products tightly sealed and bubble wrapped.A+ stuff right here! Will be ordering again. And with those ounce deals- it's too good of a deal for me to pass up.Suffice to say, I am a very happy camper!

Vivimu HHC Review (u/UnknownSpectrum)

Alright. Everybody is talking about this company. There's plenty of good reasons. They simply kick ass to start off with. My order was shipped out in less than 24 hours after placing it. Came with all the lab work and seems safe so far. The disty itself is pretty solid like D8 disty but not as difficult to scoop a dab. The flavor is nice when vaped at a low temp. I dont go any higher than 500 F on the banger and turn my DTV4 down to 300 F when using HHC because at higher temps i'll be coughing like I did back in 2012 when I took red hot banger dabs. The high is pretty nice. Very similar to D9 and it lasted longer. Probably due to my bodys tolerance to it. I'm sure if used excessively it'll lead to the same toleracnce issues with d8 and d9. All in all. I don't see any reason not to buy from this company. Great customer service and great product. Thank you Vivimu for being better than your competition! The cannabis industry in general has gotten so weird. So much corruption and greedy bastards out there that don't care if they kill people with the dangerous products they keep selling.


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