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A Day in the Life of THCV

A Day in the Life of THCV

, by Vivimu Blog, 2 min reading time

So you may be asking yourself, what is Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)? I know I did when I first heard about it. How does THCv feel? How long does it last? Well, I’m here to give you my experience and hopefully help shed some light on what I consider a magical cannabinoid. As we all may or may not know, everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different, so please understand that your experiences may differ somewhat from mine. Most of you should enjoy the same effects I did, however.

THCV Has Special Properties

THCv has some very unique properties. It’s not precisely like THC; it does not carry the same psychoactive effects on its own. A 2020 study by the Journal of Cannabis Research shows THCv can reduce appetite, increase energy, repair the nervous system, and even regulate glucose, for example. Interestingly, when combined with other cannabinoids, its effects can be compounded. Take our Focus Blend, for example. It has THCv, CBDv, and CBD. These three combined have amazing effects. 

Effects Throughout The Day

I like to take one to two of our Focus Softgels in the morning with my coffee. I only drink a cup a day, so I still get a little energy boost from my coffee. When I add a Focus Softgel on top, though, everything gets much better. When I say everything, I pretty much mean everything. I’ve noticed my day go by much faster as I stay busy. My mood is lifted. I found myself telling my wife I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I can certainly see why THCv is referred to as the diet compound. It definitely helps you feel less hungry, kind of like you just ate. 

These come on fast on an empty stomach. I’d say within 30 minutes; it starts to kick in. After consuming mine, I like to eat a fatty snack (it helps with absorption). I always feel it in my head first, like a slow head rush coming on. Slowly, you will feel calm rolling over your whole body. The energy is smooth. It slowly builds and stays for a few hours before tapering off gradually. During the week, I usually only take one. I’ve found that taking two can increase the effects quite a bit and may be borderline unpleasant for some. So be careful. I always recommend starting at the lowest effective dose.

THCV Overall

In general, this is more than just a recreational compound. It’s fun to enjoy, that’s for sure. However, THCv seems to be so much more than that. The benefits I found, especially as someone recently diagnosed with adult ADHD, are profound. These (like their namesake) truly help me stay focused. I can push aside the clutter in my head and get my tasks done.

On top of that, the additional benefits studied, like controlling hunger and protecting the nervous system, are extremely promising. More information should be on the horizon as this compound is further explored. If you’re curious, I’d say go for it. Try starting out small and work your way up to the effects you prefer.


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