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Just A Little “Dab” Will Do!

Just A Little “Dab” Will Do!

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Lost in the foggy mists of pre-history is the story of humans discovering and beginning to domesticate Cannabis sativa. Since these early times humans have invented new ways to administer the cannabinoids derived from the cannabis. One of the most popular and fun ways to partake in your favorite cannabinoid is called “dabbing". Dabbing is the vaporization of concentrated cannabinoids for the purpose of inhaling the vapor. This method can be traced back to the early 70’s where it was typical to take a small piece of hash and heat it up to vaporization and inhaling the smoke which was quite different in those days as flower predominated. As dabbing had its likely mainstream in hashish, in more recent times since concentrates have become readily available, the method and art of dabbing has evolved into a diverse and effective method in partaking in your favorite cannabinoid.

The Basics

To better understand how dabbing works, we should go over a few chemistry basics. THC, CBD and CBG originate in the plant in a carboxylic acid version such as THCA.  THCA is non-psychoactive and to convert it to THC heat is needed. The full decarboxylation occurs around 248-266 degrees Fahrenheit.  When you combust flower, say in a joint as it burns it removes the carboxylic acid from the THCA just before vaporizing the THC at around 311 degrees.  Below you can see a table with the boiling point of common cannabinoids.  Boiling point is very important in that this is the temperature that a liquid will turn into vapor which can then be inhaled. The general guideline is to attempt to heat it just enough to fully vaporize but also avoiding excessive temperatures such as combustion (450-600⁰f) where more dangerous byproducts could result.



Boiling Point in Fahrenheit

THCA(decarboxylation), CBG




Delta 9 THC




Delta 8 THC







What forms of cannabinoids can be dabbed may be your next question and the answer generally is any form of concentrated cannabinoid.  While its origins began with hashish and maybe some earlier distillates, the sheer number of dabbing products are overwhelming. Any cannabinoid distillate oil, resin, wax, sugar, shatter or isolate can be dabbed. The standard classic “dab” or “oil” rig consists of a glass bubbler that looks very similar to a water bong, this typically has glass attachments for vaporization of concentrates using a torch to heat it up while inhaling the vapor through the water for cooling and filtration. While this is the classic setup in recent years the rigs have become quite diverse in materials and form. Dabbing has been traditionally an at-home activity but with the advancements in portable dab rigs and e-nails have made dabbing a possibility anywhere.

Dabbing vs Smoking

Dabbing instead of smoking cannabis is a healthier option. The possibility of dangerous byproducts substantially increases by the temperatures required for combustion to occur when smoking cannabis flower. Especially the newer electronic dabbing devices allow you to set a temperature just above the boiling point of your cannabinoids preventing any potential byproducts. Most of all dabbing is a fun way to consume your cannabinoids. You can make your own mixes of any cannabinoids just the way you like. You can say a little dab can do as typically the size of a dab will be about the size of a rice grain.

Where Can I Get Cannabinoids For Dabbing?

Now we can talk about the fun part if you have decided to take up the art of dabbing. Vivimu who has been setting the standard in the cannabinoid marketplace offer an immense number of quality products that can be used for dabbing. One dab ready product from Urb Finest Flowers is sugar wax designer dabs, a wax with Delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG and CBC under their Focus line. Another dab ready product available on Vivimu.com is Urb’s Saucy Diamonds, a dab concentration made with Delta 8 THC with CBD diamonds suspended in a 1:1 ratio and available in three different delicious strains. There are even two more available ready to use dabs at Vivimu and both include CBDA.  One is called Lush Diamonds and the other Space Sauce, both designer dabs, composed of Delta 8 THC, CBN or CBG, CBC and CBDA. These ready dabs really take the guess work out but if you want to really have fun buy all of your cannabinoids from Vivimu and make your own dab mix. An example as done by the author is to purchase HHC distillate, CBG isolate, THCV and cannabis derived terpenes all from Vivimu and make your own small batch mixes to find what concentrations are best for you.  

One of the most important decisions in deciding where to purchase your dabs is where can I purchase it knowing that it is safe, effective and at a fair price?  When considering possible vendors for purchasing either dab-ready mixes or making your own it is very important to check details such as the reputation of the vendor, social media if filled with reviews of most vendors. An example of a reliable vendor is Vivimu, who has become the Amazon of cannabinoids and years of experience in production of cannabinoids. The dangers of purchasing from an unreliable vendor is cut or misrepresented products or just products of inferior quality. Once you have narrowed down your desired cannabinoids always ensure there is a 3rd party C.O.A. or lab results available. These reports will give you all the information needed to make a fair assessment on the quality of the product. For all products you want to ensure it contains less than 0.03% D9 THC and ensure that solvents and heavy metals were tested for in the test results with none detected.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that dabbing is a relatively new but extremely popular form of partaking in cannabinoids. Its history has origins in hash but has evolved into a diverse number of forms all within the dabbing umbrella. Dabbing can be safer than smoking or combusting of cannabis and typically producers a more flavorful taste. What you decide to dab can take many different forms and mixes, either buying dab-ready products or making your own personal mixes.  Dabbing can now be done at home or on the go, offering a fun and effective means to consume your favorite cannabinoids. Last of all get your cannabinoids from a reputable and safe vendor like Vivimu with competitive prices for almost every cannabinoid available on the marketplace. 

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