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What is CBN

What Is CBN?

, by Peter Corstjens, 6 min reading time

Is CBN a Super Melatonin?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a phytocannabinoid naturally found in Cannabis sativa. It occurs mostly as a nonenzymatic oxidation byproduct of THC. As can be seen in the figure the difference between CBN and THC are two hydrogen atoms.  THC has two more hydrogens than CBN that are subject to degradation (oxidation) this can be from light, air or heat. After the loss of the hydrogens two double bonds are formed in the upper cyclohexane ring. Interestingly enough, CBN was the first cannabinoid to be identified and isolated from cannabis in 1896. As to the question is CBN “psychoactive”? It is generally designated as non-psychoactive but in many ways this is not entirely true. It does bind to CB1 although more weakly. The true value of CBN lays in its potential medicinal qualities.

What Does CBN Do?

We will get into the numerous medicinal qualities of CBN but will speak on general impressions of people who use CBN as a main part of their cannabinoid mixes. Generally it is thought to be able to produce sleepiness, noted that sleepiness felt from certain cannabis was the result of CBN being present and almost contributing to the “couch lock” effect noted by many users especially in the early days when cannabis was not fresh often leading to higher amounts of CBN. It is also noted that when included in mixes, it adds to the entourage effect as attested by a majority of users on social media. The often note that it substantially made their mixes feel more rounded and stronger instead of the flatness of singular cannabinoid. The most common reason why consumers use CBN is its ability to help with sleeping problems. This is based upon generalities in user’s experiences and everyone can have slightly different effects but CBN is known to assist not only in falling asleep but most people report a better night’s sleep as well.

For over a hundred years scientific investigation into the medicinal properties of CBN dates back into the late 19th Century. During this time CBN amassed quite a diverse list of purported positive effects that can result from CBN. Numerous studies have been conducted demonstrating potential anti-convulsant (1,2) effects of CBN. Another potential effect of this unique cannabinoid is the munchies, in that in numerous rodent studies (1, 2), CBN was found to increase feeding behaviors which likely carries over into us. Some studies found that CBN had similar but mild behavioral effects as Delta 9 THC when bioavailability was increased by intravenous administration. To add to these lists and by no means exhaustive are neuroprotection, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-MRSA and topically for some skin conditions.

Melatonin is the most prominent “natural” sleep enhancing supplement available at every pharmacy nationwide. While melatonin is produced endogenously in our pineal gland, the actual absorption of melatonin when taken orally is probably around 3%. The actual ability of oral consumption of melatonin is minimal at best. CBN will likely have a bioavailable rate similar to THC, where from best to worse; vaporization, tincture/sub-lingual, and last edibles. CBN offers better bioavailable rates than melatonin and according to many users CBN works significantly better when it comes to helping with sleep issues. So on top of CBN’s superiority with sleep, it also has the numerous other benefits found in studies above. So indeed CBN with its many other benefits is a super melatonin.

Difference between CBN and Delta 9 THC

Vivimu has become the literal cannabinoid supermarket by offering the widest variety of high quality cannabinoids at market leading prices. Vivimu has several products that contain CBN if you feel like it may be able to help you? The mainstay is CBN isolate, which is an incredible 99.9% pure and comes in a powdered/granular form, usually off-white in color. The isolate is versatile, it can be added to your favorite vape mix, or just as easily make a tincture or edibles with it. A product only available from Vivimu is a HHC/CBN distillate blend. The distillate offers a 60% HHC and 30% CBN blend, which has the strength of HHC and is bolstered with the power of CBN. The distillate is ready to mix with your favorite terpenes to have a vape ready mix without the need of thinners as with isolates. Another unique and powerful newcomer to Vivimu’s lineup is CBN-O isolate, which is an acetate version of CBN. Just like THC-O, the added acetate increases the bioavailability of the CBN significantly. The CBNo will offer the same qualities as CBN isolate but with the increased bioavailability will make it seem much stronger.

Where Can I Purchase CBN Knowing That It Is Safe, Effective and At A Fair Price?

This is one of the most important decisions in purchasing CBN. When considering possible vendors for purchasing CBN it is very important to check details such as claimed concentration versus testing results, and try to avoid vendors known for questionable products and give misleading information in products description. In this case a search of social media with reviews of products sold by the vendor will also quickly narrow down the choices. An example of a reliable vendor is Vivimu, who has been producing THC-O for longer than most, and in combination by researching social media you will find their products consistently receive stellar reviews. Try to avoid vendors known for questionable products and give misleading information in products description. Look to ensure there is a 3rd party C.O.A. or lab results available for each product you are considering. It should have clean results for solvents and metals and state the percentage of cannabinoids present when tested.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that CBN is a super melatonin; offering what many consider as significantly better help with sleep problems. In addition to sleep there are many other purported benefits including anti-inflammatory and pain relief. CBN is a phytocannabinoid but is most likely the result of THC oxidizing to CBN. A certain amount of any THC product will oxidize into CBN when it is exposed to light, air or heat. Vivimu offers CBN to consumers in both distillate and isolate form in addition to their brand new and groundbreaking CBNo, heralded for its significantly stronger “CBN” effects. If you feel CBN is for you, look around but you will find Vivimu has the best quality cannabinoids for the price with few parallels in the industry.


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