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How To Properly Store Your Cannabinoids With Children In The House

How To Properly Store Your Cannabinoids With Children In The House

, by Vivimu Blog, 3 min reading time


Cannabinoids are excellent until your kid or pet gets ahold of your stash. Nothing says bad time like a trip to the ER or Pet Hospital with your child or pet in tow. Especially while high. Let us help you think critically about the best ways to store your stash to keep those who shouldn't have access away. We'll share all the unique ways we know to keep your cannabinoid stash safe in this guide.

First and foremost, it's crucial to find a storage system that works for you and your specific situation. If you have children in the house, chances are they will be curious about what's in those pretty jars Mom and Dad are always using. So how do you keep them away from your stash?

Lock Up Your Cannabinoids

One way is to store your cannabinoids in a lockable box or container. This will ensure that little hands can't get into your stash and make a mess or, worse, consume something they shouldn't. There are nearly endless online options, so finding one that suits your needs should be relatively easy

A safe is a great way to keep stuff locked up. There are tons of options, too, from simple lockboxes to full-on vault-mode safes. One thing to consider is how frequently you'll be accessing your safe. The more cumbersome it is to get into it, the less likely you'll use it often. 

One thing you might want to think about is whether or not you have to remember a code. It sure would suck if you had to break into your own safe, which would most likely destroy it. If you happen to write your code down somewhere, keep that code private. The last thing you want is for your kids to find the code without your knowledge. The same goes for any keys used to lock up your stash. 

You could even create a "smoke box" if you want to get creative with your cannabinoid storage, you could even make a "smoke box." This is simply a box or container that has been designed specifically for storing cannabinoids. They often come with child-resistant locks and are made from sturdy materials.

Keep Cannabinoids Out Of Reach

Another way to keep your cannabinoids safe is to keep them out of reach. If you have kids in the house, this may mean storing them in a high cupboard or cabinet that they can't access. Or, if you have pets, it may mean keeping them in a room that your pet can't enter.

Don't forget that little ones like to explore. That includes climbing in, on, and around stuff, too. So just keeping things out of reach may not be enough. Try to think about how your little one might find access to your stash. If you think they might find a way into it, you may want to consider another solution. Whichever method you choose, ensure that your cannabinoids are properly out of reach.

Hide Your Stash

Lastly, it's always good to keep your stash hidden away. This may mean keeping it in a drawer or closet that's not frequently used. Additionally, if you have a small safe or lockbox, this is ideal for storing your cannabinoids, especially if you can hide them. 

Don't forget that some hiding places may get found. So be prepared to get creative with your stash spot. Another concern is forgetting where you hid your stash. Don't get too clever, or you may never find your cannabinoids again! Whatever method you choose, ensure that your cannabinoids are adequately hidden away.

Get Creative And Stay Safe

Remember, accidents happen. Doing everything you can to prevent them is imperative. Don't let poor decisions be a buzz kill. Following these easy tips to store your cannabinoids with children in the house should help you keep your cannabinoid stash safe from little hands and paws. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative – there are endless ways to keep your stash safe!


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