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How Long Does Delta 8 Stay In your System

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay In Your System?

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How Long Can Delta 8 Stay In Your System?

When consuming cannabinoids, especially psychoactive ones, one of the more important questions a consumer can ask is: How long does X cannabinoid stay in my system?

Many consumers are afraid cannabinoids can be detectable on drug tests for a long period of time after the cannabinoid is consumed. The answer to this question depends on a variety of things and for that reason we’ll be diving a bit more into depth into what can contribute to a cannabinoid staying in your system for long periods of times.

In this particular case, we’ll be looking into how long can delta 8 stay in your system.

What's The Difference Between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC?

The difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is ever so slight when viewing the chemical structure of both you can clearly see them as being nearly identical.

While they are so close in structure, there is quite a bit of difference in the effects between the two. As shown in figure 1, we can see that the position of the double bond in the color blue as Delta 8 THC, while the double bond in red is the position for Delta 9 THC.

The carbons are numbered when naming hydrocarbons and in Delta 8 the double bond is between carbon number 8 and 9, while in Delta 9 it is between carbon 9 and 10. This is the only difference between the two. This difference alters the shape of THC slightly and this alteration has influence on how it binds to the endocannabinoid receptor cb1.

Research has measured how strongly both bind to the cb1 receptor, with Delta 9 THC having range of reported Ki values for CB1 as 5.05–80.3 (nmol l-1) while Delta 8 THC had a range of 44–47.6 (nmol l-1). The lower the number means the stronger binding ability at the receptor. Typically as shown by the measurements, Delta 9 THC binds to cb1 more strongly, this typically is shown with stronger effects and a longer duration.

Delta 8 and Delta 9 Molecular Structure

Is There A Possibility Delta 8 Can Stay In Your System For Too Long?

Delta 8 THC will stay in your system, relatively the same as Delta 9 THC. When you introduce Delta 8 THC into your body, just as any other cannabinoid only a small amount makes its way into your bloodstream depending on many factors. Once in the bloodstream it will find its way to the receptors, where THC will bind to cb1.

As the THC will only stay on the receptor for a shorter period, it is a lipophilic substance which means it is attracted to fat. So a good portion of the THC is stored in body fat and this is the reason your body slowly sheds the THC. Testing will be discussed below.

How Long Do Delta 8 Effects Last?

As was noted previously Delta 8 THC binds to the endocannabinoid receptor cb1 in a similar way that Delta 9 THC but its strength is not quite as strong. Although how strongly they bind does not give a scientific answer as to how long the effects last. It is best to go by personal experiences to get a good idea.

Also it must be kept in mind factors such as tolerance, method of consumption, metabolism among numerous others all have a factor in how long the effects last. Most people notice a rapid onset when vaporized with a duration lasting anywhere from 45-90 minutes. When taken as an edible, you can expect a delayed onset averaging about 30 minutes, with the duration sometimes exceeding 120 minutes.

How Delta 8 Affects Your Body?

To simply state that Delta 8 THC is a lite version of Delta 9 THC is a misnomer. In some ways the effects are described rather than quantified. Again each individual may feel Delta 8 THC slightly different. Most users describe it as more “body” type of feeling or a more typically termed indica buzz. When vaporized the effects are very rapid where often users note a pleasant pressure behind the eyes as the THC starts to flow through your blood.

Other typical THC effects such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and euphoria are all possible with Delta 8 THC as well. Delta 8 THC really shines as an edible. Many people do note that Delta 8 THC when taken in an edible form can have effects almost similar to Delta 9 THC edibles. So beginners might want to be careful with edible dosage.

One interesting documented result from Delta 8 THC studies is that it may be responsible for the munchies from cannabis we are all familiar with. One paper showed that Delta 8 THC had caused a demonstrated increase in food consumption, which could help those suffering from low appetite.

How Strong Is Delta 8 THC Compared To Other Cannabinoids?

Although Delta 8 THC is often referred to as THC lite, generally this is true although oversimplified. When vaping Delta 8 you can expect the effects to be about half of Delta 9 but again this is highly variable. As an edible Delta 8 shines as the body’s metabolism converts Delta 8 into 11-Hydroxy-Delta-8-THC, which the effects are closer to metabolized Delta 9.

As we have shown Delta 8 does not bind to cb1 quite as strongly as Delta 9 THC. It has to be discussed that there is some individual variability with how strong the effects of Delta 8 may be. If you do not have much tolerance with any THC, Delta 8 may be much more comfortable to start off with. Some users find Delta 9 almost too strong if they have no prior use and Delta 8 fills this void pretty well.

It does not mean those with tolerance should ignore Delta 8 as it has some unique qualities such as better functionality while under the influence etc. Some users who experience anxiety from Delta 9 also find Delta 8 to be much more palatable without that dreaded effect.

If Delta 8 THC is legal will you pass a urinalysis testing for THC?

The definitive answer is you will not pass a urinalysis if you have used any form of THC in the previous two months, including Delta 8. The chemical structure of Delta 8 is very close to Delta 9, enough so that a false positive for Delta 9 would result.

Another factor is that sometimes there are very small amounts of Delta 9 THC under 0.03%, in Delta 8 products. If you were to regularly consume Delta 8, the Delta 9 metabolites would continue to store in body fat eventually shed and shows up in urine. Often more definitive test pasts the initial screening may show that it was Delta 8 THC but why get to that point if you do not need to.

Some testing procedures and estimated limits of detection:

Saliva test: A saliva test can only detect THC for about 24 hours after consumption. Not a reliable test and may be easier to challenge.

Blood test: Like saliva tests, blood tests are common and conversely not very reliable. Due to rapid metabolism from the blood, the tests only detect THC for about 3-4 hours after consumption.

Hair test: A longer term test for THC detection, but yet again not always accurate. This test can detect THC for about three months after consumption.

Urine test: A urine test is considered the industry standard in employment testing, it is fairly accurate and reliable. A urinalysis can detect THC for about 48 days after consumption.

What to do if you have an unexpected urinalysis test coming up and you consumed THC?

So you think you may not pass a mandatory test coming up what should you do to help increase your chances of passing. First and foremost the process of shedding stored THC out of your system by flushing with liquids and staying super hydrated will help speed the process up.

Another potential action that may speed the cleaning process is exercise, the effects of speeding metabolism and burning fat should also speed the natural process along. There is not proven easy cure other than trying to flush your entire system up and speeding up natural metabolism. This is of course if you are going to take the urinalysis with your own urine as sometimes there are observers during certain tests.

By trying to increase your metabolism and by hydrating with flushing you can speed the cleansing process and most of all is free. A good idea is to buy THC urine tests at a dollar store and every couple days take it in the morning until you pass, it’s not foolproof but an inexpensive way to know you likely be okay with the test.

Final Thoughts: How Long Does Delta 8 THC Stay In Your System?

Delta 8 THC is a versatile sibling to Delta 9 THC, although it does not quite muster up to the strength of Delta 9, it does offer some very positive benefits. The natural metabolism of Delta 8 THC follows a route similar to all THC’s.

A percentage of consumed THC makes its way to your blood stream where it may show itself for up to 4-5 hours after consumption, then it makes its way to fat stores where due to its lipophilic nature readily sticks to fat. Depending on your own personal metabolism the total length of time it is stored can be up to 48 days until it is finally urinated out.

Of course the only surefire way to pass a urinalysis is abstaining but what fun is that, but if you may be subject to drug testing it is best to know that it will result in a positive in planning out your consumption.

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