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How is Delta 8 Flower Made

How Is Delta 8 Flower Made

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How is Delta 8 Flower Made?

Delta 8 Flower is a form of Cannabis produced using Delta 8 THC and CBD Hemp Flower. Like Delta 9 THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. However, delta 8 THC is not as psychoactive as delta 9 THC. CBD Hemp Flower contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by weight, so it’s legal in most states. Adding additional THC in the form of Delta 8 creates a more psychoactive flower that maintains the legal status of industrial Hemp.

Delta 8 Flower can treat anxiety, pain, and other medical conditions. Delta 8 Flower is made by extracting CBD from hemp plants and converting it to Delta 8. The extracted Delta 8 THC is then infused into a CBD flower product. Delta 8 Flower can be smoked, vaporized, or used as an edible. Delta 8 Flower is legal in most states in the United States, but you should always check your local laws to make sure it’s legal where you live.

There are two main ways infused Delta 8 Flower can be made. The first is by sprinkling Delta 8 onto the flower with frozen Delta 8. The second way is by spraying Delta 8 onto the flower with either a solvent or heated Delta 8.

Freezing Delta 8

With freezing Delta 8, it becomes rock hard and can be crushed up into a fine powder. This fine powder comprises ultra-pure Delta 8 in the 90-99% range. While frozen, it can easily be crushed and sprinkled onto CBD flower and lightly heated to get it to stick to the flower. Usually, this is done on a smaller scale with a mortar and pestle, frozen, along with the Delta 8.

This process can be repeated several times to reach maximum potency. This method is considered safe as it requires no additional chemicals and only minimal flower heating to get the Delta 8 infused to obtain the best results. Additionally, there is a good amount of control of how much Delta 8 is infused into the flower as it can be weighed while applying.

Suppose you’re looking for the safest Delta 8 flower to consume. In that case, we highly recommend sourcing your flower that has utilized this infusion method or the heated and sprayed method, which we’ll cover next.

Sprayed Delta 8

Sprayed Delta 8 can fall into two categories. The flower sprayed with heated Delta 8 only, and the flower sprayed with Delta 8 dissolved into a solvent, usually Ethanol or Acetone. The preferred method is only to use heat to make Delta 8 sprayable. This method controls how much Delta 8 is infused into the flower without additional chemicals.

Using Ethanol or Acetone makes the process easier, as, with heated Delta 8, it takes higher pressure to spray. Most manufacturers can’t get heated Delta 8 to such high pressure. Instead, they use a solvent to thin the mixture out. This process makes it much easier to spray onto the flower.

Solvent-Based Delta 8 CBD Flower

Using solvents is somewhat controversial. If the manufacturing process is not done with care, a residual solvent can be left in the CBD flower. Depending on the solvent utilized, this can be harmful to the consumer. It is imperative to understand how your Delta 8 flower was manufactured.

Since there aren’t any specific strains developed yet with high amounts of Delta 8 in the flower naturally, it has to be applied or infused. We encourage you only to purchase and consume flower that is accompanied by an official COA. Allowing you to examine for anything out of place in terms of solvents or other compounds you do not wish to consume.

Delta 8 Applied by Heat

Using heat to apply Delta is relatively simple. However, it takes special equipment to get high enough pressures to spray the thick, viscous liquid. Delta 8 remains thick even at higher temperatures and can be hard to spray with standard equipment like air sprayers. Special equipment with mechanical pumps has been developed to make this process feasible.

However, this equipment can be expensive, so not everyone can access this specialized gear. Consumers prefer this method as it allows the application of Delta 8 to CBD flower with any additional chemicals. Which means you’ll have a better end product if you can source your flower with fewer chemicals used in the process.

Things to Consider

Both of these methods will infuse the flower with Delta 8 THC. The amount of Delta 8 THC that is infused will depend on the technique used and the potency of the Delta 8 THC. The best way to tell what kind of flower you have is to look at the COA that accompanies it. That will tell you how much Delta 8 is in the bud and if any residual solvents are left over from the manufacturing process.

Delta 8 Flower is an excellent option for those who want to experience the benefits of THC without as many psychoactive effects. It’s also an excellent choice for anyone looking for an alternative to regular Cannabis. Additionally, you’ll find this flower in more states as it’s still considered Hemp. Therefore it

does not fall into the same category as Cannabis containing high levels of Delta 9 THC and can be legally consumed over more extensive geography here in the United States. As a reminder, local laws are in constant flux, so always check your local laws to ensure Delta 8 is still legal in your area.

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