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Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum

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Often consumers of cannabis products will find themselves confronted with product descriptions such as Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum. We will define and explain what these labels mean and how they are important for the consumer swimming in a sea of technical terms. The easiest way to show this is through the analogy of tea leaves. When you make tea from leaves, you are getting all the antioxidants and caffeine; this is a Full-spectrum. If we in turn use decaffeinated tea leaves, we will have all the antioxidant benefits but not caffeine, this is a broad spectrum. We will discuss in detail what this means with cannabis products.

What is Full Spectrum?

Many cannabis products today will be denoted with full spectrum on the label but we will explain what this actually means. When Cannabis sativa plants, for instance hemp is processed to extract all the vital compounds located within the plant. The ideal extraction will include all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in ratios similar to the original plant. This is not the easiest to do as during extraction often there will be some loss of terpenes and flavonoids. So what are the benefits of full spectrum? The entourage effect, an idea supported by research, shows that there are often synergetic effects when using full spectrum extracts versus using cannabinoids in isolated forms. So full spectrum extracts will offer you the complete beneficial spectrum of the original plant, possibly offering effects that are stronger and better-rounded. It should be noted about THC content and full spectrum hemp extracts. Farm Bill compliant hemp is required to contain less than 0.03% THC. So if for instance the hemp plant had 0.01 THC, it is still compliant with federal laws. A full spectrum extract will also contain small amounts of THC. But by consuming this small amount although you do not really feel it, you will accumulate enough THC to not pass a urinalysis.

What is Broad Spectrum?

Many cannabis products today will be denoted with broad spectrum on the label or product description but we will explain what this actually means and how it is different from full spectrum. As we have learned, full spectrum is a complete extraction of all usable components of the plant. The main difference typically with broad spectrum is the removal of any THC. Sometimes a broad spectrum extract can be made fuller by the addition of other compounds. For instance if CBG was not in the original extract, it can be added afterwards.  Generally broad spectrum will not necessarily reflect the original material and may even be made better by other cannabinoid additions that offer a stronger entourage effect. In most broad spectrum extracts any Delta 9 THC is removed.  This offers the consumer little worry in jobs requiring urinalysis while still allowing the medicinal effects of cannabis extracts.

How are Full/Broad Spectrum products better than pharmaceutical equivalents?

Dronabinol, is the FDA approved medication that is equivalent to Delta 9 THC.  This is the main ingredient in pharmaceutical cannabinoids such as Marinol.  The biggest complaint is that the medicine provides little in relief compared to a full spectrum extract. Another example could be where if you were to consume isolates alone, they often seem to be missing or not as effective. Using a full or broad spectrum product will offer a much more effective medicine as attributed by most consumers. As science is demonstrating that the entourage effect is true, it is common sense that a wider spectrum product will offer better benefits.

What full spectrum products are offered by Vivimu?

Vivimu offers some great full spectrum products for retail consumers.  One is the REC'd Delta 9 Gummies. They are made with full spectrum hemp extract that includes Delta 9 THC and CBD. The ratio is 3 to 1 with 30mgs of CBD and 10mgs of THC to each gummy. They offer an extremely easy way to enjoy a full spectrum gummy and it tastes great. The only con is to meet the requirements of the Farm Bill, if someone is tolerant to THC; it may take a few to feel.  Another full spectrum product we offer through Nature’s Purpose is full spectrum CBD Salve. The salve is made from non-THC containing hemp and offers CBD, CBN and CBC as cannabinoids in the salve. The entourage effect works just the same with transdermal or skin absorption. The salve offers a great pain relief product with a spectrum of cannabinoids in a pleasant smelling salve. The only disadvantage to salve is that it only works on a localized area, such as a sore muscle.

How to Choose the Best Place to Buy Full or Broad Spectrum products?

The best place to purchase spectrum products are vendors who are known for quality products and not cutting corners. One thing to always look for is laboratory issued Certificate of Adequacy. This should show the cannabinoid content and is especially important in ensuring that there is no THC if that is an issue. Vivimu has a stellar reputation among cannabinoid online communities.  We have reports from accredited labs to ensure the consumer knows exactly what they are getting.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the entourage effect is a real thing and the synergistic effect of a spectrum product will be much more effective than individual cannabinoids. If you are worried about THC content look to broad spectrum products to offer you the fullest benefit. If you prefer the full ratio of the original plant, full spectrum is the way to go, mirroring the plants full medicinal potential.


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